May. 26th, 2016

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Hello everyone!!

Did you miss us? We hope you did :D
We for sure missed all of you and can't wait to start this exchange again!

The last months were full of Arashi love. We had concerts, and single releases, and doramas, and Jun was a guest at Abunai Yakai (did that really happen!?) So, let's celebrate the stormy, sparkling love again!

We are here to announce that we'll start our third round of Japan's Next Topmodel Arashi-Exchange!
And we hope lots of you are ready to return to this exchange. We would also love to see new faces participating of course! Don't be shy!! <3 The more the merrier \^_^/

Our schedule will be the following:
- Sign-ups begin: May 28th
- Sign-ups end: 18th of June
- Fics due: August 27th
- Fic posting begins: September 3rd
- Reveals: One week after posting

Fur further information, you can go here:
Rules post

In case you have a question, you can send us an email to arashimod [at] gmail [dot] com.

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