Sep. 11th, 2016

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A piece of rainbow for [ profile] lover_youshould

Title: Work In Progress
Pairing: Ohno/Jun, Ohno/ Aiba, Ohno/Jun/Aiba
Rating: R
Summary: It all started when a fashion design student entered an art student’s world.
Notes: I did my best, but I think I could give more than this. I’m really sorry. Hopefully, you still like this. Thanks to mod-san for lots of understanding.
Work in progress )
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A piece of rainbow for [ profile] learashi Part 1

Title: Sunshine, Darkness, Stars
Pairing: Jun-centric (mentions of Jun/Arashi pairings, but especially Jun/Aiba)
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 (to be safe with this theme). Character death, suicide attempt.
Summary: What to do when you lose sunshine?
Notes: Dear learashi, I couldn't choose where to start, so I ended up doing a little bit of everything. I hope you like it. Dear mod, I'm terribly sorry about my tardiness, thanks for your patience. Dear beta, thank you!

Sunshine, Darkness, Stars 1/5 )

Follow the link for part 2
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A piece of rainbow for [ profile] nino1711azuki

Title: The Stranger
Pairing: Ohno Satoshi x Ninomiya Kazunari
Rating /Warning: PG.
Summary: Nino found a stranger outside his shop. And he is lost. Nino help him to found the palace. Historical AU.
Notes: Dear my recipient. First i need to say sorry I coudld't make a very angsty story. I like all of your prompts, but I made this instead. This prompt really made me want to write it. I hope you like it.

The Stranger )
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A piece of rainbow for [ profile] rainbow_teatime Part 1

Title: Convergence
Pairing: Sakumiya
Rating/Warnings: PG-13; R for mentions of underage smoking/alcohol consumption; mentions of sex and mentions of domestic violence (triggering)
Summary: The first time model student Sakurai Sho has to participate in imposition is also the first time he meets the school's misfit Ninomiya Kazunari. When their first conversation consists of Sho scolding Nino for smoking, it is clear that they won't get along. But the better Sho gets to know Nino, the more he is drawn to the boy and soon he even finds out his worst secret…
Dear [ profile] rainbow_teatime, to be honest, when I read your sign-up, I had no idea about a plot, but knowing your love for Sakumiya I allowed myself to pick one of my ideas and write it out for you. I hope you like the result. I have to admit that it became deeper than initially planned. As always, huge thanks to my mental supporters and my beta!

Convergence 1/4 )

Follow the link for part 2
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A piece of rainbow for [ profile] tal3s

Title: Dancing for love
Pairing: Sakumoto / Ohmiya (side-pairing)
Rating/Warnings: R
Summary: After years and years of hard-work, Jun has finally landed his first main role. Settled in this arrangement with his friend and dance partner, Ohno Satoshi, Jun tries to find what love means while battling to keep himself afloat. He meets choreographer, Sakurai Sho and his presence comes with indefinable feelings. But is he ready to give up this arrangement in favor of moving on to something that could fail?
Notes: Hey [ profile] tal3s! Hope you enjoy this! I had a hard time coming up with an idea so I just took all of yours and threw them into the melting pot. And here I am, one incantation later with this. There wasn't need for the kink list in the end (sorry!) since the story required a certain type of affection for it to go forward. This isn't what I'm used to writing but it was very fun to write even though I did have some hardships with it. Hope you like it! Enjoy!

Dancing for love )


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