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A piece of rainbow for [livejournal.com profile] nande_daiyo Part 2

Title: Ara Zoo
Pairing: Ohno Satoshi/Ninomiya Kazunari, Sakurai Sho/Aiba Masaki
Rating/Warnings: PG, shape shifting, AU-setting
Summary: Arashi works in and for a zoo. Aiba, Sho and Jun are zookeepers and work with specific animals mostly while Ohno is an artist who works as a freelance painter. He paints most of the cards and posters of the zoo and is often there to keep Nino company. Nino is the nephew of the owner and will inherit the zoo in the future. At the moment he works in the little souvenir shop of the zoo which is located directly in the aquarium. Toma is an actor who will act in a drama as a zookeeper and now stays at the zoo for a week to see how life as a zookeeper is. As Nino doesn’t want to show him around Jun has to put up with him. Did I mention that Ohno and Sho also can change into animals?
Notes: Dear [livejournal.com profile] nande_daiyo, I thought for a long while as to what I should write since I liked most of your prompts and couldn’t decide which one so I combined some. Writing about Toma and Jun is a first for me and I really hope you’ll like it. And a big thank you to the mods for giving me the chance to take part in this Exchange.

Part One
It was early morning, and already people were standing in front of the big iron gate with the pictures of some of the most famous animals the zoo had ever exhibited. Nino knew that the gate was a new one and not as old as the owner - his grandfather - made the visitors and employees believe. The original one had been much older but no less beautiful. It had had wires forming the figures of humans interacting with and changing into different animals. But his great-grandfather had changed it shortly after he inherited this zoo. The only remnants were the walls in the aquarium which depicted people turning into fish.

That was a long time ago, and most people had forgotten about the clans that were humans and animals at the same time. There had been a lot more of such families in ancient times, but wars, hunters and mixing with people without those powers made them nearly extinct.

Nino’s family remembered those times since some great-great-great-grandmother of his had been interested in their family history and had tried to track it back as far as possible. She had found the stories about those clans and their family as protectors of some.

Nino had thought for years that those were only bedtime stories told to him by his grandparents since he was small enough to sit on his grandfather's knees and to listen and to remember the stories. He had never met anyone who could shapeshift so he thought it a lovely but impossible story.

So one could imagine the surprise he was in for when he met Ohno for the first time when he was thirteen years old. He had just changed school because he had been bullied in his old one and his parents stopped thinking it harmless anymore when he came home covered in bruises and most of his books torn apart. They had spoken to the teachers first, of course. They had tried to find a solution where he didn’t have to change schools to the another neighbourhood.

Luckily Nino had been able to persuade them to let him change schools. He didn’t mind that he would have a longer journey to and from school as long as he was safe from them. They agreed, and that was how he found himself in an unknown neighbourhood and a new school.

The first person he met there had been Ohno, an older pupil that was in charge of showing him around, and Nino felt strange in his company but couldn’t pinpoint why. When he got older, Nino had realised that he felt the way he felt because of two things: Nino had developed an almost instant crush on the older boy - and Ohno had been the first shapeshifter he had ever met in his life and in his sub-consciousness he could sense it.

He had felt similarly when meeting Ohno’s family the first time - and this time, Nino knew for sure that he wasn’t crushing on his whole family even if they were incredibly sweet and kind to him - but because of the second reason. Not that Nino knew of that then.

It had taken a few years, to be exact till Nino was 16, for him to realise the extent of his feelings of Ohno. Even if he was extremely shy he couldn’t keep silent in front of Ohno who was nice and so sweet to him most of the time. But Ohno hadn’t reacted as Nino had hoped. Ohno was silent all of the sudden and withdrawn. He was a different person, and Nino didn’t understand why. Ohno was normally straightforward and fast to reject feelings and clear things up if he had to. Nino had hoped that Ohno would feel the same way, but he could have coped with a rejection nonetheless because it was Ohno. He hadn’t thought for one minute that everything would change.

But it did. It took Ohno weeks to call him, still insecure and sounding like he didn’t know what to do. They got together after a few more weeks after that call, and Nino couldn’t understand why it took Ohno so long to confess.

Still, he hadn’t known about Ohno being a shapeshifter then. Nino wasn’t sure if it would be different if he hadn’t accidentally stumbled on Ohno shifting back in his human form one afternoon in their college days. They had moved in together as soon as they could and now Nino didn’t know how Ohno managed to hide his true self for so long.

Nino had contracted the stomach flu that day and had to leave for home earlier than planned. Just as he got through the door he had felt violently ill and stormed into the bathroom. Neither Nino nor Ohno had been shy around each other anymore so he hadn’t cared if Ohno would be there. He hadn’t expected seeing him shifting to be honest, but he hadn’t as surprised as he should have been either.

After Ohno had overcome his shock and put Nino in bed and cleaned away the sick, they sat in silence in their bedroom. As long as Nino could take it, at least, which wasn’t very long, to be honest.

“So you are a shapeshifter?” Ohno nodded mutely and fidgeted nervously in his chair. “As is your whole family?” Again all he got was a muted nod and Nino laid back against the cushions feeling a little light-headed.

“And you didn’t tell me because?”

“I was scared you would leave,” Ohno mumbled, and Nino sighed deeply. He could never imagine leaving Ohno. Nino tugged at Ohno’s wrist and gifted him with a tired smile.

“Come ‘ere, you idiot,” he mumbled sleepily and waited till Ohno obediently nestled against him under the sheets.

“That explains your love for being with fishes and fishing and your hate of eating them,” Nino added, and Ohno giggled a little.

After Nino had recovered, they had talked more thoroughly about all that but it never really changed anything between them.

Now Nino knew that there were people who could change their form but didn't show it most of the time. He sometimes felt a little itch when he was faced with some of them, but his sense was so tuned with Ohno’s shapeshifting that he mostly only felt his presence in the back of his mind.

Voices from outside the gate shook him out of his reminiscing. The people waiting in front of the still-closed doors were mostly parents with children of almost all ages, even if there was an excess of children between the ages of three and twelve. Nino remembered that the summer holidays had begun just a few days prior. A few teens were looking decidedly bored beside their little siblings or were moaning about being up so early for such a dull activity. The adults mostly ignored them or were grinning, amused, since they knew that the teens had been just as excited as the little ones just yesterday when they sat over the plan of the park and decided what they wanted to see and where they would take their breaks.

The small children were all excited, hopping up and down at the hands of their parents or running around playing hide and seek between the adults, ignoring the reprimands their parents sent their way. Most people didn’t care if children were running around them so the parents gave up soon. There were even a few elderly people alone or in pairs waiting to be able to get in and enjoy a walk around the greenery and sitting on the benches that offered the best view. A few were checking their cameras if their battery was full and if there was enough space on their memory cards.

Nino looked at the big old clock across the gates and straightened when he saw that there was only a minute more to go. The parents were able to catch their freely running children now as the other employees around Nino found their posts.

Nino took a deep breath when a deep, loud gong sounded and his partner of this morning, Rika, opened the gate in front of them. He put on his most welcoming smile and went to stand beside them to control the tickets of the people that were queuing in front of the big gates.

“Good morning and welcome to Ara Zoo!” he said brightly while he stamped the tickets of a family and grinned when he saw the special card for birthday visitors in the hand of a little girl. She wore an adorable pink dress and smiled a little shy at the attendant.

“Happy Birthday to you. I hope you’ll have the best day today. If you show this card in the restaurant and souvenir shop you’ll get little presents,” he promised, and.she nodded excitedly.


“Really. I promise,” Nino said and gave her the ticket back. “So be careful not to lose it, ne?”

She nodded again and ran after her family into the zoo to get the most out of the day. Nino stayed a little bit longer at the entry before letting out a sigh.

“Maru is late again,” he mumbled to himself and looked at the clock again. Nino would be late if he didn’t hurry. He helped out wherever he was needed, but normally his job was to manage the little shop in the aquarium. He was lucky that it opened an hour after opening hours in the zoo and closed an hour earlier, too, because that way he actually could do other little jobs to know more about all of them, but it sucked when his replacement was late like now.

Rika’s eyes followed his line of sight, and she laughed a little. “Don’t worry. The rush is over. I can manage alone just fine. I am sure Maru will be here sooner than later.”

Nino nodded and rolled his eyes. He hoped so. “Okay. I have to get going, or boss is going to have my ass,” he waved at her, and she giggled a little because everyone here knew that their supervisor mostly had a soft spot for Nino even if almost none of them knew that he was the grandson of the owner.

“Greet Nagase-san for me!” she called after him, and he gave her a two finger salute before jogging off in the direction of the aquarium.

Just in time he arrived there and smiled sweetly when Nagase made a show out of looking at his watch and then raised an eyebrow. “I thought we agreed to come ten minutes before opening?” he asked, and Nino nodded.

“You said so last time, yes. I’m sorry, something happened,” he mumbled and bowed in apology. “Please don’t hit me?”

Nagase rolled his eyes and pushed Nino inside. Today nobody was here yet. Nino knew most wouldn’t come in before midday since the weather was perfect for a walk around the grounds in the early mornings. Visitors would find their way inside when the heat would become too much around lunch time.

Nino greeted the staff that was already inside the building and making their last rounds while he strolled towards the little shop. Karina had the last shift yesterday, and Nino was sure that everything in the shop would be spotless. He liked Karina because she was a tidy person and he didn’t have to worry that there was anything out of place whenever she had the evening shift.

He greeted the kois that were situated directly in front of the shop. Half of their basin
was inside, the other outside. Then he opened the door to the shop to count the money and got everything ready for the day and the first few customers.

The morning was as slow as predicted and Nino wished that Ohno would show up. But his lover was nowhere to be seen, and Nino was utterly bored because of that and a little worried. He had only four customers so far, and one of them was the little girl from this morning who was allowed to choose one of the stuffed toys from the display and left happily with a white baby seal in her arms. The others bought a few cards and two posters Ohno had drawn of their animals and left shortly after.

Nino looked at the beautiful cards Ohno had designed as he did so often when he was bored. He was happy that his grandfather had agreed that they wouldn’t use photos of some foreign photographers that only came for a few hours to take the pictures but the drawings his lover and other art students did whenever they came for school projects to the zoo. They also had a few selected photo postcards but they were few and far in between. And by using the pictures of local artists they were able to change the designs regularly. There were even visitors who would come every time they changed them to buy the new ones. In fact, there were so many questions as to when they would change them and if they would inform them that it was now featured in their newsletter to let their interested customers know when a new batch was produced. Ohno was the only artist who drew continuously for them even after he finished his studies and Nino was glad for it since it meant that they could spend more time with each other this way.

Half an hour later Aiba entered the little shop, and Nino almost cried tears of joy. Finally, someone to end his boredom! But as he never would tell Aiba how happy he was that Aiba visited Nino whenever he was on a break, he faked a little huff. “Why are you here Aibaka?” he asked, and Aiba grinned as he came closer and sat down behind the counter where Nino was situated.

“Finally some cold air!” he cried happily and leant against the cool wall behind him.

Nino smiled, a little amused while he watched the older man who had his eyes closed in complete bliss. Aiba worked in the predator house and sometimes had a different schedule from the others.

“Tough morning?” he asked and reached for a bottle of cold water for Masaki who gulped it down shortly after.

“Yes! The new boy freaked out when Keira moved in her den and couldn’t continue. She didn’t even do anything. She just lifted her head. And she was secured,” Aiba mumbled and opened his bento to begin eating. “Not that she would hurt anyone even if she weren't secured. She is such a softy…”

“She is an adult tiger, Aiba, not a pet.”

Aiba shrugged and continued eating. Nino rolled his eyes and smiled, amused at his antics. If he weren't completely sure, he would say Aiba was able to talk to the animals he cared for or was a shapeshifting tiger. Their bond was something special. Of course, Aiba knew how dangerous they were and was a little scared from time to time, but whenever he was with them, it was hilarious for everybody looking.

And Keira was a particular case since Aiba brought her up with a bottle and had sung her lullabies. A fact he knew from Sho who had watched both of them with a silly lovelorn expression on his face. Aiba and Sakurai were so sappy, most of the time one would think they hadn't been a couple for almost 15 years. They had met in school and were sweethearts ever since. Even deciding to both work for the zoo so that they could spend more time together and work the same hours.

Nino blinked when he realised that Aba still retold him his happenings of this morning and concentrated on the rest. “So I had to do the rest alone. I don’t think he will stay with us. The boss will look for another post in the zoo for him, I’m sure. I don’t understand why so few people would want to work with us,” Aiba pouted, and Nino laughed out loud.

“Because you work with dangerous animals. They could kill you! And it’s humid in that damn house. Also it stinks,” he said and shuddered as he remembered all the times he had helped there. If the new guy will end up somewhere else, Nino was sure that he himself would be back there sooner than he wished for. Goodbye to sleeping in a little, leaving without reeking like an animal and spending most of his day with Ohno. He sighed.

Aiba stood up after checking his watch. “Sho’s break will start soon,” he chirped and grinned. “I will visit him till mine is over. Have fun Nino-chan!”

Nino rolled his eyes and shoved him a bit. “Fun? Of course,” he mumbled and rolled his eyes. Aiba laughed out loud and left with another wave. Nino checked his watch and sighed. Hopefully, Ohno would show up soon so they could have lunch together.

Ohno came in one hour later looking sleepy and a bit out of it. Nino waved at the man while he answered a few questions of a visitor. It didn’t take long for him to finally decide on a toy for his grandson and Nino helped him out of the shop to put up the “Closed”-sign.

“Hi,” Ohno finally said when they were alone, and Nino grinned happily when he was kissed on his cheek by the older one.

“Hi. How was your day?”

Ohno shrugged and scratched at his neck where Nino could see a speck of colour. He rolled his eyes good naturally and decided that Ohno’s eyes looked content enough so that it probably went well enough.

“Hungry?” Nino asked instead, and Ohno’s eyes brightened at the prospect of food. Nino smiled and took his hand to tug him along as he exited the shop and closed it before pulling him along to the restaurant. Ohno looked around while they wandered through the park, till they reached their destination and Nino ordered the daily special for both of them after checking it didn’t include any fish and brought them to the table Ohno had chosen. It was luckily in a shadowy place, and Nino fell on his seat sighing in happiness. Finally sitting down after five hours of standing or running around in the little shop.

He began with his meal, as did Ohno. Ohno ate happily across from him, and it didn’t take long for Nino to stretch his legs and catch one of Ohno’s in between his feet. Ohno looked up shortly, before smiling and stroking his cheek lovingly.

“How was work?” Ohno asked, and Nino groaned a little.

“Tedious,” he answered, and Ohno giggled at the words.

Nino grinned at his adorable boyfriend and watched Ohno finishing his food before he pointed at the rest of his food. “You can eat that too. I’m not hungry anymore.”

Ohno watched him for a moment, deep in thought, before deciding that Nino had eaten enough for that meal and nodding before finishing his food off, too.

“What will you do for the rest of the day?” Nino asked, and Ohno gave a little hum, deep in thought. He hadn’t thought of that yet. Ohno hadn’t brought his drawing utensils with him so that was out of question.

“Staying with you and the kois for a little while,” he answered, and Nino giggled a little.

“How generous.”

“That’s what I am,” Ohno answered proudly and held his nose high in the air. Nino watched him for a moment before beginning to laugh loudly. His boyfriend was ridiculous!

“Let’s check on the others,” Nino said when he had finished his coffee, and Ohno nodded.

Ohno brought the trays back and took his hand when he came back. Slowly they made their way through the park and watched Sakurai tending to the elephants for a while. Today was their bath day and the little children loved watching them playing with the water. Nino grinned when Sakurai slipped on the wet floor and almost fell face first into the mud if not for Nala, the oldest elephant here, who stopped his fall midway with her trunk. Ohno giggled at that, especially when Sakurai thanked the elephant and the children laughed and clapped along. They thought it was all just for show.

“You would think that, after five years of working with them, he knew what he was doing,” Nino mumbled with amusement clear in his voice and eyes and Ohno shrugged.

“They are relaxed around him,” he said, and Nino watched him for a moment before he nodded.

“Yup. Let’s see if Aibaka managed to kill himself yet,” he mumbled, tugging him along.

Nino watched the visitors having fun watching the different animals and was careful not to take the paths he knew would be full of people by now because of the schedule of the feeding shows of the different animals.

Ohno watched the people around them too, and Nino knew that he would take all of it in and store it somewhere in the back of his head to draw it some time later. There would be new pictures in his scrapbook soon, and Nino would look at them delighted while moaning that Ohno always drew the same things.

Nino loved Ohno’s pictures with all of his heart and was more than happy that Ohno enjoyed being here as much as Nino did, even if he would never say that aloud. He knew that Ohno knew of course, but it was easier to play dumb.

They arrived at the predator house, and Ohno tugged Nino along to where he had seen Aiba. Aiba was telling a few visitors all he knew about lions and Nino smiled when he saw the entranced faces of the children and a few adults who were interested how the zoo made sure that the animals felt safe here. It wasn’t that easy of course, since the lions were born to live in wide open land, but the zoo did their best, and it was a bit easier for the little ones that didn’t know anything else than living here.

The children bowed when Aiba finished his lecture and a loud chorus of “Thank you, zookeeper-san,” was heard when they scurried off to look for at the big bird house situated in the same area. Aiba happily watched them leave and then recognised Ohno and Nino.

“Hey,” he grinned and jogged up to them. “I was just about to finish for today. My work hours ended a few minutes ago,” he smiled brightly, and Nino was a little surprised when he checked his watch. They had been gone for longer than he had thought. He had to go back soon for the second part of his shift.

“We just wanted to check if you are still alive,” Nino said and groaned when Aiba slapped his shoulder a little harder than exactly necessary.

“I missed you, too. How about dinner? Sho invited MatsuJun over, too, we could celebrate the start of the summer months or something like that?”

Nino was about to decline when Ohno shot him a look and nodded.

“Sure sounds like fun,” Ohno answered.

Aiba smiled brightly at that. “Then eight o'clock at ours?”

Nino nodded after a moment of thinking. “Okay. We’ll be there. Just make sure that you have something edible this time,” he demanded and Aiba was laughing as he nodded.

“Of course. Sho is afraid to cook at the moment. He burned a pot of water the other day somehow; the silly man cried the whole evening because he wanted to make a surprise. I was surprised,” Aiba grinned brightly, and Nino decided that Aiba would most probably get killed by Sakurai before any tiger or lion could get him.

He shook his head and sighed. “See you then. We have to go, or I’ll be late. Bye,” he said and walked back to the aquarium. He knew Ohno didn’t exactly have to follow him, but he felt better if he could look after him and Nino was more than happy when Ohno followed him without any arguments - as he did most times.

As predicted the aquarium was full of people when they got back. Nino hurried through the mass of individuals to get to his shop and open it once more. He had lost Ohno at the entrance and would probably see him again only in half an hour or even an hour, after Ohno had visited all tanks to look at the fishes and greet them, silly as it was. Nino was even sure that Ohno had named them all and could remember each name. He smiled lovingly at that thought before tying his apron once more and standing behind the counter to greet the first customers of the afternoon.

He spotted Ohno once or twice outside of the window of the shop before he vanished again. It was okay that he was left alone right now though because he became seriously busy with all the people coming in this afternoon. Not everyone wanted to buy merchandise; some asked questions about the zoo and Nino was more than happy to help as much as he could. At least he wasn’t bored anymore.

Still, he was more than happy when the loud announcement was heard that the aquarium was closing for the day and all visitors gradually left the shop. He heard the rest of the staff doing their rounds and ushering people out of the aquarium and smiled when Ohno sidled into the room.

He frowned when he saw the wet hair, sighing as he came to a stand in front of him and ruffled that wet hair.

“Your hair is seriously getting long, old man, you have to dry it properly,” Nino chided and looked for a towel in his backpack to give to Ohno.

“Where did you even go to change?” he asked, and Ohno shrugged a little.

“Into the backroom. And I forgot my bag here.”

Nino looked at him for a moment silently waiting for more.

“There were too many people by the kois,” Ohno continued in a pouting voice, and Nino giggled a little.

“You should come in the morning then.”

Ohno pouted a bit more before he nodded. “I will next time!” he declared, getting a laugh from Nino.

“Will you help me clean up? We’ll be late for Aiba’s get together otherwise.”

Ohno nodded and took up a brush to help Nino cleaning while Nino tidied the shelves and counted the money. Ohno sidled up to him and kissed his neck lovingly, tickling Nino with his still wet hair a little bit. Nino hit his shoulder a little absentmindedly while he concentrated on the money and put it away in a safe. Tomorrow a security would come to bring it to the bank.

“Ready?” Ohno asked, and Nino nodded.

“Yup. Let’s go. I’m hungry. Let’s hope for the best.”

They were almost out of the zoo when Nino’s phone rang and he swore in a quiet voice after taking the call and listening for a few moments. “Sorry. It’s my grandfather. He wants to see me,” he said to Ohno and kissed his cheek. “He is still in the office. I have to hurry. You should go ahead; would that be okay?” he asked, and Ohno nodded, a bit confused.

“No problem. But I could wait for you.”

“I know, but I don’t know what he wants. And how long it will take. Just go ahead and I will catch up with you. Tell them I’m sorry that I’m late and save anything edible for me, please?” he asked, and Ohno laughed loudly at his sad face.

“Got it! You won’t starve when you arrive. But please hurry up?”

Nino nodded and sighed when his phone buzzed again. “See you!” He waved at Ohno who only smiled in answer and watched him jogging off before turning to go to Aiba’s home.

Nino knocked on the door of his grandfather's room and smiled when he saw the old man standing in front of the window. He knew it wouldn’t be long till he would probably inherit this place but Nino loved what he did right now and wasn’t quite ready to give it up just yet. Luckily, neither was his grandfather.

“You called?” he asked, and the man turned around to look at him.

“I got a call from a big corporation. They want to make a new movie about a boy working in the zoo and finding the love of their life there,” he began explaining, and Nino’s brow furrowed thoughtfully. “They asked if we could show the main actor called Ikuta Toma around and give him some jobs so that he could get a feeling for working in a zoo.”

“And you said yes?”

“Of course. It’s good money, and it could be interesting,” the old man grinned brightly.

“It would cause a ruckus though. There could be rabid fangirls running around, and he could destroy any order we have here.”

“Maybe but I don’t think so. It will be most entertaining, and I would propose for you to take Ikuta under your wing. Then you can be sure he won’t cause any problems.”

“No way in hell, pop! That doesn’t even make sense. I am no real zookeeper. Assign him to someone else,” he mumbled.

“Do you have anyone in mind?”

Nino was lost in thought for a moment before he grinned. He couldn’t imagine assigning an actor to most of his friends - but it had to be a friend so that he could keep an eye on him. Aiba would most probably scare him away or cause a scandal because of his affinity to getting bitten by tigers, all a show of their love to him of course, and Sho’s job here was too boring.

“Assign him to Jun, pop,” he said in the end. “He doesn’t work with any dangerous animals, but Ikuta-san could get the hang of the work here. Jun is so meticulous that I think he has the rules better memorised than even you or me.”

And it would be fun to watch Jun getting worked up about having to show a newbie the work around here and hilarious when he had to show him how to care for other animals, since all animals here seemed to hate Jun. The only exceptions were the turtles and snakes and one adorable goat in the petting zoo for the kids. It was kinda sad if you kept in mind that Jun loved all kind of animals and wanted nothing more than to be close to them.

“If you think so. I will tell Matsumoto in the morning then.”

Nino nodded, stood to say his goodbyes and went to join his friends for dinner.

Part Two

Jun didn’t exactly know how he should feel about all this. Just as Nino had said the last evening, he and Nino went into the office of Nino’s grandfather the first thing next morning. Nino hadn't told him why he was needed here, but Jun was used to that. Nino seldom told them what his grandfather wanted from them even if he knew and most of the time was the reason behind the summon of the man.

So Jun expected a lot - but not this!

“Ikuta Toma will join you at your duties from Monday on,” the old man explained and Jun choked. He knew of course who Ikuta Toma was. The man seemed to be in most of the dramas that aired at the moment, and Jun had even a little (perhaps more than little) crush on the actor. And because of that, he thought of strangling the smirking Nino in the corner of the room. Jun took a deep breath through his nose to keep calm and looked at his superior again.

“Why me?” he asked slowly - more to Nino than to his grandfather, and it was Nino who answered now, moving to stand beside his grandfather behind the big desk.

“Because of a couple of reasons, actually,” he began, “one, you are my friend, and I trust you actually to make him do the work. Two, you know all the rules and can teach him what to look out for without endangering him. Three, I can keep an eye on him that way. Four, you are scary when you are annoyed so fangirls won’t get in your way. Finally, you work almost everywhere and can show him around the other areas without us having problems to replace you somewhere else.”

“Other areas?” Jun repeated, unsure, and Nino nodded once more.

“His management asked us to show him as much as possible. Apparently, it isn’t clear yet what his role will do. You will be in the tropic house on your first day, since you are the most comfortable there. You can also explain the most important things to him while you work without fearing him getting hurt. The day after you will work with Aiba at the predator house and bird house so that we get that out of the way. Aiba will be mad if I ignore his area even if that would be the safest option. The third day will help at the “great steppe area”: camels, giraffes, antelope and so on. The fourth will be petting zoo and apes, fifth “icescape area” and pachyderm, sixth aquarium and the shop. On his last day, you can manage the entrance or anything you want to do or Ikuta wishes for,” Nino explained and handed him a plan with the schedules. “All managers know when you will be there and will help you the best they can so don’t worry too much. I’m sure it will be fun.”

Jun rolled his eyes and sighed. Sure it would be fun, for Nino and the others. He would be lucky if he survived both his crush and the work.

The following Monday found Jun waiting in front of the bureau for the actor, ready to show him around. Said man was inside with Nino and his grandfather and two managers, talking about the contract. Jun was glad that he didn’t have to stay inside with them, more so when an angry manager left followed by Nino who looked slightly annoyed.

“Good riddance,” Nino mumbled and looked at Jun. “You can go inside and introduce yourself.”

Jun nodded mutely and entered the room bowing deeply in front of the three men inside.
“Nice to meet you. I’m Matsumoto Jun,” he introduced himself and smiled a little when Ikuta did the same. At least the actor wasn’t snobbish.

In fact, Ikuta jumped up and stretched a little. “Let’s start. I am curious and don’t want to keep you from work.”

Jun inclined his head and looked at the owner of the zoo who nodded and waved them away.

Outside Jun looked curiously at Ikuta. “Did you have a tour already?”

“No. The last time I was here was when I was a child. So I would be happy with everything you have in mind.”

Jun nodded once and led the way outside. They wandered around the compound and Jun tried to explain every area of the zoo Ikuta was going to visit while ignoring his pounding heart. It wasn’t an easy task, but somehow he managed.

After almost three hours they arrived at the tropical house, which Jun secretly called his second home, and Jun showed him the back entrance.

“Here are our lockers located and it would be best if we could meet here first every day to change and put away our personal belongings.”

“Sounds good,” Toma nodded and changed into a jumpsuit Jun handed to him and Jun fought his blush while he turned around to change into his own.

“We have different locks over there. You can choose one to lock it and put the key I to your pocket. When your shift is done, hang the lock back so that the next person can use it. If you are uncomfortable with that, you’ll have to bring your own lock,” he explained and again Toma nodded and closed his locker safely.

They sat in the backroom, and Jun decided to go over the rules first. He got out a plan of the premises and sat across of Toma.

“I will give you this plan later,” he mumbled and marked all entries and exits they had. “It’s important that you know all the ways out if there is a panic or a problem in the park. We have to make sure to get the visitors out safely and of course, it’s necessary for your safety as well.”

Ikuta nodded and watched the marked parts carefully. “Was there ever a problem since you work here, Matsumoto-san?”

Jun shook his head. “No, thankfully not. But you’ll never know what might happen.” Ikuta nodded again, and Jun showed him to the main entrance.

“You can get tickets only on this side. The ones with seasonal cards and such things can use the other entries. Whenever you are stationed here or anywhere where you interact with the visitors you have to be friendly and polite. A smile never hurt anyone, too. They are here to have fun and pay money to get in so that’s the least we can give them in return.” He looked over at Ikuta, who was watching him now.

“Got it,” the man smiled, and Jun nodded.

He continued to explain their schedule for the next few days and what they had to do in the different parts of the zoo. He only stopped when there was a knock on the door, and Nino’s face peered inside. Ohno was right behind him and waved a little.

“Just a friendly reminder that it’s lunch time. Come out and get some food,” Nino said, and Jun nodded, surprised. He hadn’t realised how much time had passed already.

“I have to prepare the feed for this afternoon,” he mumbled and Nino shrugged.

“You have help and can do it after lunch. Come on,” he said and stepped inside to tug him along. Ikuta thankfully stood up as well and followed the other three.

At lunch, Ikuta got to know his other friends and Jun was glad that they seemed to get along well. His heart beat a bit faster at the thought of his friends liking Toma, and he scolded himself silly. That didn’t mean anything.

Jun looked up in time to notice the calculating and curious looks Nino and Aiba threw him and averted his eyes as fast as he could. He couldn’t wait for this meal being over.

“Ikuta-san how was your first day so far?” Nino asked curiously, and Jun barely held himself back not to kick his shin hard. “Did J show you around?”

Toma nodded fast, and Jun had actually to smile at that. “Matsumoto-san was very helpful and explained everything to me.”

“I’m sure you are allowed to call him Jun, like us? In fact, I think it’s nicer if you would see us as friends - for this week at least?”

Jun glared at Nino for a moment, which was ignored, and then nodded awkwardly when Toma looked at him. “Of course, you can,” he answered stiffly.

Toma grinned thankfully. “Only if you call me Toma. Pleased to meet you all again,” he replied cheekily, and Jun fought hard not to blush.

Luckily for him, Ohno whispered something into Nino’s ear. After that Nino hopped from his chair and both men left after a few waves. Jun checked his watch as did Sho and they stood up as well.

“We should head back otherwise we might be late in preparing the food for this afternoon,” Jun mumbled, and Toma followed him back to their workspace. In silence, they made the food, which was mostly cutting vegetables and fruits and putting them into bowls to bring into the different rooms for the animals to eat. Afterwards, they cleaned them all out, and Jun stretched his arms above his head.

“That’s it for today. We are free to leave when the staff of the late shift appears. They will close everything down today,” he explained, and Toma looked around nervously.

“Would it be okay for me to look a bit around?” he asked and Jun nodded, surprised.

“Of course. I have to update our records anyway, and it will be boring for you to sit beside me and watch me write,” he mumbled. “So feel free to look around as much as you want. The others will arrive in around an hour. It'd be good if you could be back by then so that I can introduce you and we can leave together.” Toma thanked him calmly and left him to work.

Jun watched him leave and closed his eyes. His heart beat faster than usually, and he heaved a sigh when he realised that even now with Toma gone his thoughts were completely on the last smile Toma showed him as he left. He rubbed his eyes and groaned deeply. The next few days would be hell. Even more so now that he was sure Nino and Aiba both recognised his crush on the actor, and they wouldn’t stay silent. He only hoped that Ohno and Sakurai would be able to hold their lovers back as much as they could.

With another sigh, he opened his eyes and began to update the files on the animals in his care as needed, trying to forget for the moment all about Ikuta and his own so-called friends. Sadly Jun didn’t have much to add to the files since almost all of his animals were healthy and didn’t show any sign of distress.

So he was back to his thoughts about Toma sooner than he would have liked. Jun tried to distract himself by going over his schedule for the next week and making notes for whoever would replace him. Something that wasn’t needed since there wasn’t anything too complicated to look after and he was sure that someone who replaced him every time he was ill or on holidays would do so this time too. But it helped to divert his thoughts for the moment.

After that was done Jun looked at his watch and stood to look for Toma when he saw that the others would come in about 15 minutes.

“There you are,” he said when he found him finally in front of the big tortoise. It was their oldest and Jun’s favourite since she was mostly friendly to him.

“Is it time to go back?”

Jun shook his head and sat beside him. “Not yet. Aiba asked if you want to join us in a bar or something to celebrate his first day here,” he said slowly. Aiba didn’t, but he was sure that he would play along quickly.

Toma bit his lip and shook his head with a little apology. “I can’t. I’m sorry,” he mumbled, and Jun nodded in discomfort. He felt sorry for asking now, but he shrugged and tried a smile.

“It’s okay. Perhaps some other day then.”

Toma agreed on a little uncomfortable and watched the tortoise in front of him for a little while.

“What’s its name?” Toma asked to break their awkward silence, and Jun watched the slow way the tortoise took to get closer.

Jun carefully stroked its head and smiled. “Her name is Caliana. She is our oldest here and already 120 years old,” he explained.

Toma stood up to stand beside him. “She is beautiful,” he mumbled and smiled when he shyly stroke her head too after Jun nodded his permission.

“She is,” Jun agreed. “Come on, we should head back before they look for us. And you have something to do afterwards, right?” he said.

“Yes. You are right,” Toma looked back once more and then reluctantly followed Jun out of the enclosure.

“I always liked the turtles best. Whenever we visited the zoo when I was little I had to come here,” Toma admitted, and Jun hummed a little.

“I see. Most people think they are too boring to stay around, though.”

“Yup. It was a plus to be alone in here,” Toma grinned cheekily, and Jun watched him, amused. They changed out of their work attire, and Jun looked elsewhere while Toma cleaned himself and put his clothes back on.

As predicted Aiba wanted to go out with them but Jun was fast enough to tell him that Toma couldn’t join them without the actor realising that he lied a little to him. Aiba blinked a little confused but nodded and said something about ‘next time then' before they all left the park to go their ways. In a way, Jun was glad that he didn’t have to sit in between the two couples and watch them being in love or listen to Nino and Aiba asking him about his crush on Toma. He was mentally too tired to fight them off today. On the other hand, he was sad to go back to his lonely flat and not being able to ask one of them for a piece of advice.
Jun hoped a long bath and a good book would do the deal in making him feel better and getting his head cleared up. He shouldn’t be depressed just because Toma couldn’t go out with him today. At least Toma was sweet and didn’t outright reject his company. That way he could at least hope for more. Jun groaned at that thought and rolled his eyes at himself. This wasn’t a goddamn drama, and he hoped his head would get the message soon.

Part Three

Aiba was nervous the next day and almost left his and Sho’s flat an hour before he had to go. Luckily he had Sho to stop him.

“Why are you up?” Sho asked, and Aiba blinked.

“Why aren’t you? It’s already late,” Aiba replied, a bit panicked, and looked for his bag.

“It’s not, Ma-chan. We have one and a half more hours before we even have to leave the house to be on time. The only people at the zoo for at least one more hour are the people from the night watch. Come back to bed and let’s cuddle till the alarm rings, please?”

Aiba looked at Sho and then at his clock and gave a strangled moan. He had totally misread the clock. That at least explained why it was so dark outside.

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled, ashamed, and Sho shrugged a little.

“It’s okay. Now join me.”

Aiba followed him into their bedroom and soon found himself in the embrace of his lover. He sighed deeply and leant against his chest.

“Why are you so nervous?” Sho asked.

“Toma will join me today. Toma and MatsuJun,” Aiba explained and closed his eyes when he felt soft fingers at his side. “I want to make sure that everything is alright.”

Sho nodded, and Aiba giggled when he felt the lips on his neck.

“You will do fine,” Sho promised, and Aiba nodded when he felt a calmness wash over him. Sho was probably right, and he was just being weird.

“Did you see the glances Jun threw at Toma yesterday?” Aiba changed the subject and thought back to yesterday. He had never seen Jun that flustered. It was strangely cute on him.

“It has nothing to do with you,” Sho said warningly, and Aiba pouted.

“Won’t you be happy if Jun was happy?”

Sho groaned and Aiba turned around on his lap to look into his eyes, suddenly serious.

“Of course I would be happy, Masaki. But you can’t tell if he has indeed feelings for Toma just from watching one meal.”

“Of course I can! I have a sixth sense for such things. And I tell you now that Jun and Toma would be perfect together. Look at them. They look good together.”

Sho rolled his eyes and watched Aiba for a while. “Don’t do anything dangerous, promise me,” he said in the end, and Aiba nodded, smiling brightly. He would never do anything to endanger a precious friend. And that was what Jun was for him.

Aiba was sure that Toma would like Jun if he gave him a chance. Jun was lovable, a little dorky but at the same time he cared for his friends and did everything in his might to help them and make sure that they felt good.

Whenever one of them felt ill, it was Jun who realised it first and who would come to work the next day bringing them medicines or self-made food so that they would feel better. If there was a heartbreak, he would be the first to invite them out for dinner and talk it out.

Yes, Jun was, to Aiba at least, a very precious friend and he would do anything he could to make sure that Jun would get what he deserved for once. And Aiba was confident that Jun liked the actor.

Aiba and Sho stayed in their embrace for a moment longer before their alarm rang and Sho got up to get ready. Aiba lounged in the bed for a while longer before he went to the kitchen to prepare them breakfast. He felt his nervousness about today return, but Sho was right. He had planned out everything yesterday already and got the okay from his superior and Sho. It wouldn’t be too dangerous for Toma to help clean out the cages and then check on the baby lions and the birds they housed. Everything would be fine and if Jun was too uncomfortable he could prepare the meat for today.

They were early at the park, and Aiba thanked the staff when they were allowed inside. Today Sho walked Aiba to the predator house and not the other way around. Usually, Sho used the few minutes before every worker began their shift to stay with the animals and Aiba would sit by and look out for others.

Aiba smiled and kissed Sho’s cheek when they had arrived. “I’m sorry.”

Sho shook his head and kissed his forehead. “It’s fine. I can survive a day without being able to change,” he promised, and Aiba smiled brightly at him.

Sho was a shapeshifter, as were his grandparents. He could turn into an elephant, and it was a little complicated for him to change on a regular basis. Aiba was certain that there were other shapeshifters who were able to change more regularly and easier. But Sho’s family was able to make it work. His grandparents had a big house with an even bigger garden, and it was hard to look into. So Sho had lived with them for most of his younger years to be able to change as often as he had to, which had been more often than now.

Aiba played with his fingers and kissed his hand once before letting go. It was hard at first to accept that Sho could change, but Sho explained everything early into their relationship, and now it was as normal as everything else. They would come earlier to this zoo or leave later so that Sho could spend a little time with his animal friends while Aiba would look over him and when they had a holiday or Sho was ill they would spend the time with his grandparents.

“Be careful,” Sho reminded him, and Aiba nodded.

“I am always cautious,” he mumbled and kissed him once more before they went their seperate ways.

As soon as Aiba entered the house, he felt his nervousness return once more. At the same time, he felt oddly calm. He knew all nicks and corners here and of course each of the wild cats situated here.

“Yosh! Let’s prepare,” he shouted loudly to himself and changed into his work outfit and checked on the big cats and that the gates were closed so that Toma could help him cleaning the cages out without being endangered.

After an hour or so Toma and more reluctantly Jun entered his enclave, and he smiled brightly when he greeted them.

“There you are. Are you ready to work with these beauties?“ Aiba asked, and Toma shrugged a little bit nervously, while Jun did his best to stand as far away from every cage as he could. He didn’t get on with most of the animals and even if many ignored him – like the kangaroos – or nibbled on his stuff – like the llamas – the ones in here could be dangerous if he angered them. Sadly Jun couldn’t pinpoint what exactly enraged the animals, so it was the safest option if he just stood by the side while Aiba showed Toma around.

Aiba looked at Jun encouragingly and patted his shoulder. “Don’t worry,” he said and looked at Toma. “We will first hose out the cages and clean them out. When it's clean, I will open the doors for the animals. Afterwards, we’ll clean out the cages of the smaller wildcats. They will stay with us mostly so you have to wear protective clothes. Matsujun will prepare their meals in the back. After lunch we’ll check on the birds,” he explained and watched Toma as he nodded gravely.

“Sounds like fun,“ Jun mumbled and rolled his eyes, clearly wishing to be back at his workplace. Toma, on the other hand, looked intrigued and happy.

“Thank you for this opportunity. Those cats always look so beautiful and elegant. And the babies are always so cute.“

Aiba laughed and decided that he liked Toma even more after those words. “They are cute, yes. But also dangerous if not handled right. We should get started. The cages have to be clean before the visitors are let in.“

Jun nodded wordlessly and left them to get to work without him getting in the way. Aiba looked at him and smiled a little before he clapped his hands and led Toma away to give him the protective gear.

“No quick movements and be careful not to look directly into their eyes. They might think you are challenging them, and that might end badly.“

Toma nodded and put on the gloves Aiba gave him. They entered the first cage and Toma took the broom to clean it as Aiba instructed. Aiba walked around to check if everything was safe and in order. It wouldn’t do them any good if there were loose screws or broken interior where the cats could hurt themselves. Out of the corner of his eyes, he watched Toma watching the beautiful big cats lying peacefully in the opening to the back where they could go out into the sun if they wanted or into the back if they wanted the calm.

“How are you and Jun-kun doing?“ Aiba asked suddenly, and Toma looked up. He hadn’t realised that Aiba was standing beside him.

“Good. Matsumoto-san shows me everything he knows and is a good instructor.“

“One would think he wants to take over the zoo sometimes,“ Aiba nodded, amused. „But he is just worried about everything. He is a perfectionist.“

Toma nodded and smiled for a short moment. He had realised that himself already.

“And he is a good friend. Don’t you think?“ Aiba asked further, and Toma shrugged a little.
“Don’t know - we aren’t friends now, are we?“

“Don’t you want to be friends with him?“

Toma shrugged thoughtfully. He didn’t care if he was honest. Toma wasn’t sure if he wanted to get to know Jun better. They had met only yesterday, after all! “Right now he is my superior,“ he finally answered, and Aiba frowned.

“Do you think so?“

Toma shrugged again and nodded then. “I don’t know why you have to know, but yes. He says what I should do, and I follow. Nothing more. But I like working with him so far. He seems to be fair, and he is nice to me,“ he finally answered, and Aiba watched as his face closed off afterwards. Apparently, Toma didn’t want to speak about it anymore, and Aiba decided to respect that. At least for the moment. It was time for lunch after all, and they would have a few hours more in the afternoon to talk about everything again.

They entered the back room, and Aiba opened his jumper to toss it off, telling Toma to do the same. Toma seemed to be relieved to be able to do so.

Aiba was only a little surprised to see Nino in the back with Jun. The smaller man sat on the table and was swinging his legs back and forth while he talked to Jun about his work as Jun’s replacement.

“Satoshi helps me a bit so it’s manageable. We might have an increase in tortoise pictures, though,“ he adds, and Jun laughed. It was always funny that Ohno was mostly wherever Nino was, and that Nino had to force Ohno mostly to go somewhere else to draw and do other things. And most people thought Nino was the clingy one of the duo.

“Won’t he get bored?“ Jun asked, and Nino shrugged.

“Dunno… I believe he wants to make sure that I don’t drown or something like that. He refuses to go out while I’m in there. But he’s also feeling a little ill, so he is clingier than usual. That way I can have an eye on him at least… Hey Aibaka, Toma.“

“Speaking of which. Where is Ohno-san now?“ Aiba asked, and Nino hopped from the table.

“He was getting Sho when we left. Oh-chan said they would meet us outside of the Cafeteria. Today there is fish on the menu, and he refuses to get in. So I have to buy for both of us,“ Nino explained, and Aiba nodded shortly.

That was the strangest thing ever, if you asked him. Ohno loved watching fishes and could spend hours talking to and watching them in their tanks in the aquarium. But he despised people eating fish. And Ohno refused to go anywhere near the kitchens if they had fish on their menu. Luckily it wasn’t that often. And fortunately for them, Nino didn’t like fish that much from the beginning and couldn’t eat any sea foods, so it was easy for him to abstain.

“Then we should go,“ Aiba decided, and they left the place together to walk the short distance to the restaurant. They bought their meals before going outside where Sho and Ohno sat already at their usual table.

Aiba smiled as he sat beside Sho and looked once at Toma and Jun who automatically sat next to each other. It happened naturally even if it was mostly because he sat beside Sho and Nino sat beside Ohno all the time and the last two chairs somehow were the two in the middle for Jun and Toma to sit next each other.

He was sad that Toma seemed to close down as soon as he talked about him and Jun being friends, but he would try his best to bring them at least closer to today. That was after all his goal for this day.

“Is everything okay?“ Sho asked a little while later, and he looked at him a little confused.
“Yes. Why?“

“You are silent today. You didn’t talk half as much as usually, and you didn’t get any dessert. You got me worried,“ Sho explained and played with his hair.

Aiba watched him in confusion for a few more minutes before he smiled brightly. “Everything is alright. Really,“ he promised and after a moment Sho nodded.

“Okay. Just tell me if you need anything.“

“Of course.“
Sho smiled happily at that and kissed his forehead lovingly before he sighed.

“I have to go. Sorry. I will meet you later?“

“Yup! I will wait for you after my shift is finished,“ Aiba promised again, and Sho left the group behind to go back to work first. Aiba watched his boyfriend go with a soft smile. He then took a deep breath and looked at Jun and Toma again.

“Ready for the work in the bird house? It will be warm inside, and we have to be careful not to disturb the birds,“ he explained, and Toma nodded.

“Do they breed in the zoo?“ he asked curiously, and Aiba shrugged before he nodded.

“Of course. Just like every other animal in here, too. Or most of them at least. But we don’t look for eggs. We check their nests to check that they are not robbed, but that’s all we do. When there are new birds we’ll know and chip them.“

Toma nodded full of interest and drank the last bit of his coffee. “We should go,“ he mumbled, and Jun nodded. They stood up, and Aiba jumped up too.

Nino looked at his watch and sighed. “We have to head back, too. Oh-chan, let’s bring the trays back?“ he asked, and Ohno nodded sleepily. Aiba smiled and waved at them as they left the table to return to their respective work spaces for the rest of the afternoon.

Aiba watched Jun and Toma work together and thought that they worked and looked good together. But they were also distant to each other. More so than this morning and Aiba felt sorry for seemingly pushing Toma too far with their talk.

Aiba caught the many glances Jun shot Toma and was surprised at the amount of longing he could sense in them. He wasn’t used to seeing Jun like that. Aiba knew that Jun had the problem that he fell fast and hard if he ever fell in love. Because of that, the younger man had had many heartbreaks, and Aiba was scared that this would be the same. He wished he could do something more to make sure that they got closer in this week. Even if they didn’t confess at the end of the week, it would help if they stayed at least friends and would see each other regularly.

First Aiba was so focused on Jun that he didn’t realise immediately that Toma looked at Jun too. Toma stole little glances at his friend, too, he realised. Glances that he could understand because Jun was good looking. In another life, Aiba was sure that Jun could be an actor as well as Toma, with many fans swooning over him. So why did Toma avoid them every time he tried to bring Jun and Toma closer? And Aiba did try more than once since this morning.

Aiba watched him carefully and sought to decipher what secret Toma was hiding. Somehow he reminded him a little of Sho. Sho was indifferent and cold to him when they first met, too. But in the end, their feelings were greater than Sho’s fear of his reaction. And now, they worked out perfectly. Yes, they had their fights and problems, but those were just regular quarrels between partners. They worked through them fast and were back to lovey dovey without a hitch. The only pair Aiba knew that were more harmonious were Nino and Ohno, who never seemed to fight. If they fought, it seemed more for the spark in their relationship and the makeup sex than any real misunderstandings between them.

Aiba sighed when they had finished and Toma vanished before he could even attempt to invite him out. He pouted, and Jun squeezed his shoulder.

“I know what you are trying to do, and I am thankful. But I don’t think he is interested in me,“ he mumbled dejectedly and Aiba shook his head with his eyes blazing.

“Not true. Toma looks at you every time he thinks he can get away with it and is happier if he can work with you! He is just scared. Perhaps because of his actor status? We have to convince him that you are the best that can happen to him! And that he doesn't have to be scared to date you because you would never put him in compromising situations. You wouldn’t, right?“

“Of course not, idiot! I would tell nobody and make sure we aren’t seen together,“ he mumbled and fought his blush. „Do you think he looks at me?“ he asked then, more shyly, and Aiba nodded with a bright smile.

“Yup. I can sense such things, and I have never been wrong before! Actually, in school, I was the best matchmaker you can imagine, and I brought many pairs together,“ he boasted and grinned brightly.

Jun laughed a little. He felt more lighthearted now after that promise. Aiba smiled at him and hugged his friend close, swearing once again to make sure to bring them together. Just so that Jun was as happy as they were.

Follow the link for part 2

Date: 2016-09-04 01:10 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] nande-daiyo.livejournal.com
Hey! İ just wanted to let u know that İm travelling 4 a couple days and wont be able to read until İm back home. Just know that the summary made me SO happy. İ can teii İll love it

Date: 2016-09-05 02:04 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] nande-daiyo.livejournal.com

Okay I am breaking up my comment because I've been taking notes of my feelings and it will be an essay if I try to post at the end.

Ohno and Nino's relationship develops so tenderly and Nino liking Ohno's family too. Agh they are so great here. I like stable Ohmiya and I like that their relationship in the beginning was uncomplicated and even Ohno's big reveal being almost intuitive to Nino and Nino's easy acceptance. Oh my heart goes to this couple.

I really like that you took so much care to develop and set the scene of the zoo and describe the patrons and what everyone does in so much detail. Makes the story come alive easily.

I love that you put in nagase and Maru. Aaaah I love them so much. Also you just know my heart because AIMIYA BFFERY AND NINO BEING MEAN TO AIBA AND (not so) SECRETLY LOVING HIM!!!! (Also loving Ohno's art but complaining about it!! Secret marshmallow ninomiya!!

And bumbling Sho is my absolute favorite!!! How do you know my heart so well?????

JUN SECRETLY CRUSHING YESSSSS. I don't know if it's just me but shy Jun is so rare and so precious agh!!! And I feel that Nino did this on purpose to torture him???

When Nino is explaining the schedule I'm sitting here grinning like an idiot and thinking extended zoo daaaate!!

I love thins angsty puppy Jun. Stoo piercing my heart!!!

Agh I am so happy going into part two because I am getting the feeling of established ohmiya and sakuraiba being happy housewives and meddling in jun and Toma's life!!

my ABSOLUTE faaaaaave!!! ONTO PART 2!!!!!!


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