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A piece of rainbow for [livejournal.com profile] inaudible_d Part 2

Ohno tries not to be embarrassed by Aiba and Nino peeking through the door and watching how Jun passes Ohno’s apartment and walks towards the elevator.

“Why the hell is he dressed like that?” Nino complains.

“And he really said you should find it out by yourself?” Aiba asks curiously. “After you had sex.”


“I don’t get it,” Nino huffs. “I mean, he is fucking rich, isn’t he? He lives in the penthouse. He could probably just call the Hugo Boss shop and tell them to open up for him exclusively on a Sunday evening.”

“Maybe he has, you know, a scar or he’s missing a limb?” Aiba offers.

“No,” Ohno says casually. “There isn’t even a scar on his body. I checked on it.”

Aiba sighs slightly before he closes the door carefully and pats to the kitchen. He has brought some salad for them, while Ohno prepares the fish.

“It’s rare for you to invite us officially for dinner,” Nino says. “You seem to be in a very specific, good mood.”

Ohno swallows at this comment. Nino, this brat, how did he know? How did he know he actually likes Jun? He throws Nino a begging glance, and to his relief Nino nods reassuringly and smiles warmly. When Aiba hurries to his own apartment to get some spices, Nino approaches him though. “You like this dude, don’t you?” he asks. “Why?”

“I don’t know why I’m attracted to him, but there is something… First I really wanted to get to know the man beneath these weird clothes. There is his addiction to read these books, and he uses the laundromat though he has tons of money and could just call someone to do it for him. He was kind enough to pick me up from the corridor and make me sleep on his sofa. He has a beautiful laugh, and he is a tease. He has made the one or other sarcastic comment. I assume he holds back though. And…”

“And?” Nino asks curiously.

“When I kissed him and I felt him kissing me back, I knew the whole ugly duckling thing is only a façade. I just don’t understand what for.” Ohno smiles dreamingly. “I want to get to know his secrets.”

“Who knows?” Nino chuckles. “Maybe he even shares the one or other weird sexual thing with you? I know your dirty mind.”

Ohno chuckles softly, but doesn’t answer to Nino’s teasing. He needs to read 50 Shades of Grey though. He has looked up a summary, and it sounds interesting…


Sakurai Sho-san is a pain in the butt. He is good-looking, serious and pretty arrogant, much to Ohno’s annoyance. He is glad that Nino is there to do the talking.

“You aren’t MJ, are you?” Ohno asks pretty undiplomatically.

Sho lets out a sigh, like he’s talking to a little annoying child. “No,” he says calmly. “I’m his manager.”

Ohno and Nino like things casual, hence they invite their business partners into their homes and don’t meet in restaurants. It’s an unusual approach, but they are both the type for it and it works. Sho was not particularly excited to meet them at Ohno’s place but once he stepped into Ohno’s – now perfectly cleaned , thanks to the cleaning lady– apartment and eyed the many pictures on the wall, he was impressed. “Your pictures?” he asked, and Ohno nodded.

They invite people interested in arts to Ohno’s place, and those into music to Nino’s, who despite his stinginess owns a piano, a guitar, a flute and a huge collection of around 2000 CDs, and the same amount of Blu-rays and games. They know how to get their clients and possible business partners.

“You know,” Sho muses. “First I was against meeting here, but I see now that it’s perfect. Editors work close with authors, and probably see them a lot at their homes, or their authors visit them. Your home is also your working place.”

Ohno is actually a little impressed. That arrogant dude is definitely not an idiot.

“So,” Nino starts. “Did you think about our offer?”

“Well, Macchan has lots of current projects and work, but we admit that your collaboration sounds too interesting for us to decline. However,” Sho points at some documents. “We want an exhibition and an event too.”

Nino blinks. “You mean you want us to organize an event for the authors to read and for MJ to show his pictures?”

“Advertisement,” Sho points out.

Ohno frowns. Too much work, really. To his shock though Nino seems to be into it immediately. He knows that face of his friend. It’s his million dollar look, he has smelled money. “Perfect,” Nino muses. “If done correctly this could be a huge chance. We are not going to carry the expenses by ourselves though. We will accept your fee for MJ-san, but not pay for the whole event.”

“The event is a collaboration of course,” Sho points out and takes a piece of the perfect sushi Ohno bought from the expensive restaurant around the corner. “We’ll share the expenses. I’ll discuss the details with Macchan later, and I think the both of you should too. We can meet all together then.”

Macchan. He calls the artist Macchan. So…it’s a girl. “Excuse me,” Ohno smiles. “MJ-san, is it a man or woman?”

Sho laughs, and for the first time his face seems to loosen up and he looks less stressed and strict than before. “A man. Basically our age. A little younger.”

“And you call him Macchan?”

“Yes, but he hates it.” Sho smiles warmly, and something about this smile is so beautiful that Ohno feels warm inside. Sho obviously really cares for his MJ.

It’s when he guides Sho to the door to let him out that Sho turns around again. “You know, Ohno-san, for the next meeting please let’s meet up in an official restaurant, to our conditions.” Before Ohno can complain, Sho raises his hands in defence. “Really, I like it here, but Macchan can be a little moody. I don’t know how I should break it to him that we need to meet at an editor’s personal apartment.”

Ohno grins. “Artists,” he says knowingly while he opens the door. He remembers how Kiko always wants almond milk, and Toma only eats fish from one certain supplier from Okinawa.

Sho laughs heartedly. He steps outside, apparently miscalculates his steps and stumbles. Ohno catches him last second before he drops to the ground. His arm is wrapped around Sho’s waist, and Sho grabs his arms, he is laughing even more now. First impressions can sometimes lie, Ohno thinks when he sees Sho’s open and silly expression. Who would have known that this stiff guy is actually fun?

Ohno lifts his gaze, and freezes. He looks directly into two dark chestnut-brown eyes. Since when is he here? Why is he here right in front of his apartment? Before he can say something though, Jun throws him an inscrutable glance and walks away. Ohno has the weird and uncomfortable feeling that Jun has just misinterpreted something.

He tries to look for him later on. And the next day, pretending to have tons of laundry to do in the laundromat, but to his disappointment Jun doesn’t appear. And now? What is he supposed to do? Having Sho lying in his arms and giggling sure looked weird to Jun, didn’t it?


He and Nino follow Sho’s wish and meet MJ-san and Sho in an established, high-notched restaurant for soba. “He likes soba,” Sho explains, when they meet up a bit earlier to go through a few formal things. MJ is going to come any minute though, and Ohno looks at the door expectantly.

The first thing Ohno actually sees is a nicely shaped butt, clad into the tightest black jeans possible, the second thing is the man’s slender waist, an insult to every woman, when he leans over to ask the waitress something. When MJ turns around, his lips and the moles strike him immediately. And Ohno understands several things all of a sudden: The initials MJ, the fact that Ohno’s eyes didn’t betray him and the man beneath the clothes is indeed beautiful – too beautiful almost – and that Nino was probably right: he calls Hugo Boss to tell them to open for him exclusively. What he doesn’t understand though is that a man dressed like that runs around like a scarecrow at home.

He has to give Jun credit though for looking seriously shocked when he looks into their direction. He didn’t expect him. Still, something inside Ohno twitches. He knows it’s childish, but he feels a bit betrayed. He has expected Jun to be someone with a trauma or with a weird fashion sense, low self-esteem or whatever, and not lead a double life and be this radiating, fashionable guy in reality. Ohno has a good eye for arts and colours, and appearance. And he knows, a person dressed like this, with accessories chosen so carefully, hair perfect, and beautifully shaped glasses (he probably also owns contacts) does like fashion. What kind of weird game is he actually playing?

“May I introduce you,” Sho says, while he gets up to grab Jun’s arm and pull him to the place next to himself. “This is, MJ, or rather Matsumoto Jun. As priorly settled you’ll keep the name highly confidential.”

Jun bows his head politely, his long eyelashes fluttering nervously when he looks at Ohno. Ohno is glad that Nino does the talking – he is better with that anyway. And Jun is good with it too. Well, considering Jun’s little snarky replies from their little meetings before, it isn’t much of a surprise. What bothers him more though is how Sho attends to Jun, forcing him to eat something and arguing with him that he thinks Jun isn’t eating enough. Sometimes Jun bickers with Sho in a silly way and throws annoyed glances at him, something Ohno hasn’t seen in Jun’s eyes ever before. Something inside his stomach stings. Fuck this, really.

He is almost relieved that they don’t have any moment alone to talk to each other. It’s only after Jun and Sho excused themselves and left that Nino grabs Ohno’s arm. “Is THIS the Matsumoto Jun out of your apartment?”

So he made the connection too. Ohno nods. “How did you know?”

“Your weird reaction, Satoshi, and he looked like he knew you.” Nino lets out an impressed sigh. “To imagine he looks that hot! You were right. But why the hell is he hiding under these crappy clothes then?”

“I have no idea,” Ohno grumbles.

Nino looks at him in confusion before he rolls his eyes. “Really Satoshi? Don’t be such a child,” he huffs, and again Ohno is surprised by his sharp mind and the way he can make a connection between things immediately. “You met him in the laundromat before you knew each other and before you even exchanged one word. He was already dressed weirdly there. Being mad at it now is ridiculous.”

Ohno knows he is childish but he feels pissed and betrayed, and freaking jealous of this stupid Sho who obviously is way too close to Jun.


The next weekend Ohno spends with sulking, ignoring Nino’s messages and only doing the most necessary work for that stupid collab, day-dreaming about Jun’s tight ass in those incredible black jeans and eating chocolate ice-cream.

When there is a knock at his door, he ignores it successfully at first, before it gets more insistent. Hello, person out there! Get the message already! When the person doesn’t get the message and hence doesn’t leave, Ohno gets up with a sigh, dragging himself to the door. Well, it could be an emergency, who knows. To his surprise he finds Jun at the door. He apparently just came back from work because he is wearing a black jacket and hat, there are raindrops sparkling on his shoulders. Did it really rain today? Wow, he seems to be out of it completely.

“Jun-san,” Ohno mumbles nervously, not sure what to say.

“I.” Jun pauses, shifting his head. He isn’t wearing glasses this time, probably contacts instead. “I know it sounds weird and pathetic, but it’s not like I wanted to hide something from you.”

“I don’t like to be lied to,” Ohno points out.

“I’m sorry.” Jun smiles nervously, his dark eyes are looking at Ohno beggingly. “I didn’t mean to.”

“But what did you mean?” Ohno insists to know. “Was it just a game to you? To see that you can get a guy even when you are ugly like a scarecrow?”

“What!?” Jun is so obviously taken aback that Ohno almost regrets saying what he just did. Jun’s cheeks are flushed, but Ohno takes a guess it’s not out of embarrassment but out of anger. “How dare you,” Jun huffs. He looks hurt all of a sudden, and Ohno has to fight the urge to hug him. He feels that he should definitely say or do something now, but while he is still thinking, Jun throws him a glare. “You don’t even know me! How can you accuse me of such things? Apparently I have wasted my time!” he adds, and stomps off. Ohno sighs, wondering for the hundredth time why he always needs so long to actually find an appropriate reaction. Everyone always walks away before he can say something.

He sighs again, patting back to his sofa, and dropping down there. He thinks about Jun, and about the way he looked at him out there at the corridor, he thinks of how it felt to hug him and make love to him, and the stinging feeling when he saw Sho being so close to him. At one point Ohno falls asleep, and it’s around lunch at the next day when he wakes up again. His phone vibrates. It’s more out of an instinct that he takes it and reads the incoming message.

YOU IDIOT! Nino sends him with capital letters. First of all, you don’t call the person you like ugly, even when dressed like a scarecrow. And second, stop the fucking drama and accusations!

Ohno is shocked. How did he know? How did Nino know? The question burns in his mind, so he asks.

Sho-san told me, gladly he doesn’t know that you are the stupid idiot who hurt his beloved artist. Jun went jogging for like two hours, and Sho had to basically throw himself in front of him to stop him from running.

I didn’t know what to say.
Ohno answers. Didn’t want to hurt him, but at the same time I want to know what he thought about me all this time.

Then how about you fucking ask!?

Ohno sighs. Too late.

What is wrong with you?
Nino wants to know. Don’t tell me it’s the old story again?

All colour gets basically drained from Ohno’s face. How did he possibly know? How did Nino understand so fast? He can be freaking scary! You know what happened the last time I trusted someone. He types. You know how I was lied to.

It’s not even the same.
Nino argues. Someone dressing like a nerdy freak in his free time can’t be compared with someone who cheated on you all the time. Don’t be ridiculous. Maybe J just likes to dress casually at home or whatever. This is the most stupid conversation I’ve ever led!

He knows it is ridiculous, but he can’t switch off his mind. You don’t understand, Kazu.

Nino doesn’t give up though. Of course I do. I understand perfectly. Who are you kidding? If you ask me it’s not about being lied to or not. You just needed an excuse NOT to end up with him, not to like him. Any excuse would do for you to run away from him.

The truth stings. Really. Nino is always blunt and direct, but it’s rare for him to be that harsh in his choice of words. Ohno understands it though, he really does, but it’s difficult for his mind to accept it.

Nino sends him a few more messages packed with annoyed looking emoticons. Then he does something so sly that even Ohno is taken aback by it… he sends Aiba to his place. No one can be unfriendly to Aiba. No one!

He owns a key to Ohno’s apartment, waltzes inside without ringing and basically tugs Ohno from his sofa. “You should really eat something,” he chirps, rummaging in his kitchen. “I’ll cook something for you. Meanwhile do your laundry.”

Ohno frowns. “But…”

“Just go! And please shower before you do so, you look horrible. When you are back you’ll have perfect vegetable and chicken ramen in front of you.”

Well, the thought of something so delicious to eat basically gives him the kick in the butt he needs. Hence he stumbles to his shower first, then downstairs to the salon with the washing machines. He yawns slightly while he puts his dirty laundry inside, switching on the machine. In his bag with the detergent, he eyes a book. Oh. He has almost forgotten that. 50 Shades of Grey. He wanted to catch up on what Jun reads… What is he even supposed to do now?

“Do you think I’m good-looking?”

Ohno spins around when he hears the well-known voice behind him. “Jun-san,” he breathes out. “I-“

“Do you think I’m hot?” Jun interrupts him.

Jun is wearing jeans this time, broad enough to underline his slender waist, while he is wearing a white and tight tank-top shirt. One of his wrists is covered in a broad leather bracelet, and there are a few eccentric looking rings gracing his long beautiful fingers. He is wearing elegantly shaped glasses that underline the strong features of his face and give him a sophisticated look. His hair is perfectly styled. He also has his bag in his hands, probably on the verge of going outside. “Yes,” Ohno says, because everything else would be a brutal lie.

“And can you imagine how many people hit on me just because of my looks?” Jun continues. He grabs his bag tighter and approaches the door. “A few months ago, I just had another very disappointing relationship. Another person that promised me love and affection but actually just wanted to fuck me. The reason I ran around in sweatpants and weird shirts recently is to…” His voice trails off, but Ohno knows what he wants to say anyways.

“… to protect yourself,” he continues quietly.

“I know the kind of man I dated up to now.” Jun looks at him thoughtfully. “Now I just wonder what kind of man you are. I’m sick of making mistakes in my choice of partners. So tell me… are you? A mistake?”

So, he was disappointed too, he was betrayed too, Ohno thinks in surprise, and a sudden wave of sympathy hits him. They were both disappointed with their previous lovers and relationships.


“Okay,” Ohno raises his arms in defence when Nino leans at the door frame of his apartment, arms crossed. “I over-reacted a little.”

“That’s the understatement of the year,” Nino grumbles, but he has to grin even a second later. He points with his head towards his living room. “Come in. I hope you brought something to eat and drink.”

Ohno can’t suppress a smile. “Well, it’s you. So of course I did.”

They settle down on Nino’s sofa and dig into the two huge ramen bowls Ohno brought along from the cheap next-door Chinese food store they both love so much. They drink beer out of a can.

“Jun-san is classy,” Nino smirks. “You might want to treat him to finer food.”

Ohno smiles dreamingly when he thinks of how Jun felt in his arms and of his beautiful fingers. “He is delicate,” he muses.

“Ugh,” Nino giggles. “Spare me details of his luscious body and the hot sex you had….”

“… on a washing machine,” Ohno continues with a little sigh.

“On a washing machine. Awesome. I won’t ever get that image out of my head.” Nino rolls his eyes.

Ohno ignores his complaint. “What should I do now?”

“Maybe have sex in a bed?” Nino offers.

Ohno throws a pillow at him which Nino dodges with a grin. “Kazu, seriously.”

Nino sighs. “Go to his place, knock at his door, with something awesome to eat, with a huge bucket of expensive flowers and with an even better excuse and explanation. He will understand once you tell him everything.”

“He is not at home much right now,” Ohno sighs. “Working for the presentation.”

Nino blinks. “How do you know?” A slight blush crawls over Ohno’s cheeks, and Nino grins openly. “Well, well… spied on him.”

Of course he did. He was just too much of a chicken to approach Jun. Hence he only watched him secretly. Much to his embarrassment he has realized that Jun still dresses up weirdly when at home, probably afraid to get hit on by another idiot. His conscience really made his heart clench. Damn it, this here could have been a lot simpler.

“Next week is the whole presentation and convention. We’ll be there together.” Ohno nods to himself like he wants to reassure himself. “I’ll talk to him there.” He tilts his head. “I hope he still wants me. I hope he actually really wanted me to begin with.”

Nino smiles slightly. “I’m pretty sure he does.”


Nino grins, and hands him a little package. “Here, a present from me. How about you read it.”

Nino doesn’t let him open it right there. Only when Ohno is finally at home, does he have the chance to rip the paper off the book. 50 Shades of Grey. Exclusive edition with pictures from the movie. Right, the last book Jun read. On it there is a note from Nino. The book is garbage. But the fact that he read it right in front of you, probably only for you, says enough already. Read it :D

So, Ohno does.


Jun is looking so juicy and pretty in his decent black jeans and his white long-sleeved shirt with buttons that Ohno has to fight the urge to jump him right there. But it would probably be the worst timing ever as Jun just presents his photographs of the authors to the press. It’s a great project, and to be honest, Toma and Kiko have never looked better than on Jun’s photos. He has shown a vulnerable, approachable side of them, yet made them look beautiful and attractive. He knows Kiko already had one of the photos at home, probably looking at it happily every day.

Once the presentation is over, the authors get the stage, and start with presenting their short stories and novels. Jun is listening too, leaning against the door frame, head slightly tilted and revealing his delicious neck. Ohno bites down on his lips. Actually he has never felt that intensely for someone, and never that passionately, so that he could basically shove Jun into a storage room, rip his clothes from his body and make love to him.

Hm, he frowns, not a bad idea actually.

When Kiko starts reading the adventure of Harumi-chan and Tomoya-kun, who wash ashore on an island and have various juicy erotic adventures and reaches a lengthy description of Tomoya-kun’s pulsating erection, Jun leaves the room, and Ohno follows. He apparently goes to where the office is. They have rented a huge official hall for vernissages and presentation, with a few offices to prepare everything.

Before Jun can pass the room though, Ohno grabs his arm from behind and pulls him into one of them.

“WHAT!?” Jun turns around and tries to kick him away, halting when he sees that it’s Ohno. “What are you doing? You almost gave me a heart-attack, you idiot. You-“

Ohno shuts him up by surging forward and kissing him. Jun resists him first, obviously trying to push him away, then however he gives in, kissing Ohno back. Ohno’s fingers dive through Jun’s hair, happy that he apparently lets it grow now. It’s only when his hand slips under Jun’s shirt, touching his muscles that Jun draws back all of a sudden.

“What are you doing?” he stutters. “What is this?”

“I’m sorry I was an ass,” Ohno mumbles against Jun’s cheek, smiling inwardly when he hears how Jun sighs at his touches. “I’m just like you. I got disappointed, I was hurt and I immediately thought you hid something from me on purpose.”

Jun pouts. “You think I’ll forgive you that easily.”

“I was jealous,” Ohno continues, ignoring his complaint, while his finger brush over Jun’s arms. “Because you are so close to Sho-san.”

“You mean my childhood friend Sho? The one who is like an older brother for me?” Jun grumbles. “It was you who held him in your arms!”

“It was a business meeting and that idiot stumbled,” Ohno explains calmly.

Apparently his simple explanation takes the wind out of Jun’s sails because he just stutters something incomprehensible. Ohno draws back with a smile and takes his hands. “Let me do it your style,” he says softly and without any teasing. “My lovely Jun-san,” he starts. “I really like you, from the first moment on. I was attracted to you and your sharp mind and your witty personality, no matter if you were wearing an ugly shirt or not, because to me you were and are always pretty. I’m sorry I immediately thought of the worst when I saw you dressed so prettily, and I’m sorry for pushing you away when you came to talk to me in my apartment.” Jun smiles while he talks, his hands suddenly wandering up to Ohno’s face and brushing over his cheeks, while Ohno rests his own on Jun’s hips now “I know you are a kind and honest guy, and I promise to always treat you with respect and that I don’t want you for sex only. I would like to go out with you, take you out on dates, cook for you or let you cook for me, cuddle on the sofa for a stupid cheesy romance movie and have steaming hot sex. So, please give me the incredible honour to go out with you.”

He pauses, looking at Jun warily and expectantly. “So what do you say?”

Jun nods, cheeks flushed. “Of course I say yes,” he says softly. “I want to do all this together with you.” He leans into a second kiss, softer this time. “That speech though… You read too many romance novels,” he whispers teasingly.

Ohno chuckles. “You were the one feeding me with them, young man,” he jokes. “And I hope you know what I do with you after you made me read that garbage Shades of Grey book.”

Jun smirks against his lips. “Oh,” he mumbles. “I hoped you would be smart enough to catch on.”

Ohno smiles when he hugs Jun, feeling his heart beat against his chest. This is right, he thinks, it’s finally right.

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From: [identity profile] inaudible-d.livejournal.com
Ooooooh! I will come back later (soon!) with a proper comment after I read this, but I'm just going to let you know that I'm here! I saw this! And I've read the header and I'm excited with what I read! I hope I'll come back real soon!

I didn't come back soon enough, did I? xD sorry for that, anon. A lot of things came up so I have to deal with those first.

So! Continuing from the previous part!

Ooooo Ohno talked with Nino and Aiba about his concern.. I'm glad how this doesn't end up really seriously, these guys. :))

Oh! Sho is here! Of course he's MJ's manager :)) I'm amused at how he seems to be a serious person with his business but then stumbled and almost tripped in front of his client. Watch your step, Sakurai! xDD and OOOO did Jun see that? Will he be jealous of his own manager because of just that?

THEY MEET FINALLY! LMAO this MJ guy sounds like he looks so good afsadjkhjk anon you know that I like Jun the most right? Your brief description of him made me asdjhfdsa I KNOW RIGHT, OHNO? HE DOES LOOK SO GOOD. And OF COURSE Nino would notice that weird ambiance in the air when Ohno saw Jun hahaha can you hide anything from Nino, really.

Ugh they fought :( Ohno it's not nice to accuse a guy like that :( Oh of course Ohno is worried, he had a past :(( poor guys :( Ahahahaha I love it when Aiba starts his intervention! Will this lead to a resolution tho I don't like prolonged drama OH IT DOES! Oh nooo :( Jun's reason is sad too :( (but Jun really I bet you still look cute in those clothes and besides you shouldn't go and kiss whoever you like if you're afraid to get hurt again but hey it's your life not mine LMAO do what you want, you cute guy!)

I love all these conversations Ohno has with Nino every time he hits road block.
“Maybe have sex in a bed?” Nino offers. <- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
And OMFG Nino actually gave Ohno a copy of 50 shades book I CANNOT POOR OLD MAN.

I'm so happy that despite anything else, the work they have together still goes smoothly. It's relieving to read that the both of them can stay professional despite the awkward situation that I imagined. And I'm so glad to read that they finally reach an understanding in the end. I hope this won't end in yet another broken heart for them, AND I ESPECIALLY WISH THAT THEY'D DO BETTER THAN WHAT IS AVAILABLE IN 50 SHADES LMAO

Okay so I have tried to be coherent in commenting but I only managed to be halfway... well anon then please forgive me. But it means you have done a good job. Thank you very much for going with my laundry setting prompt, and thank you for the final story you came up - which is even more than that. I had fun reading this. Thank you.
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lilly0: (Juntoshi kiss)
From: [personal profile] lilly0
I was soooo happy and relieved to read your comment! When I read your sign-up post, I was thrilled, really. And somehow this laundry AU bascially jumped at me. I'm so happy you liked it ♥ I had a lot of fun writing it!
(and did you guess it was me? :-))

Date: 2016-09-25 05:33 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] inaudible-d.livejournal.com
You've wrote for me before but I still couldn't guess that it was you. So I was pleasantly surprised when the reveals came! ;D

Date: 2016-09-04 02:39 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] nicefinalbeam.livejournal.com
I love how bold and blunt Ohno was in this story. It was a refreshing take on his character. It was also sort of exciting to see him as the pushy one, as I think Jun takes that role a lot in fiction, so that turned on its head also felt new. It works, too, because Jun does give off a more teasing, slow seduction kind of vibe to me :)

Part of me sort of wishes Jun was wearing those clothes simply because he IS a nerd and we all know it! LOL I loved your descriptions of his outfits it sounded amazing :D Giving them both a background of having some trust issues made all the hesitance make sense, and I'm glad they eventually were able to work all that out.

Plus sex on a washing machine! I'm here for it! ♥

Date: 2016-09-04 03:56 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] arashikuro.livejournal.com
Quick note for the mod: The link from part one actually links to part one, rather than part two.

This fic was really good! Sex on a washing machine is always good in my book. X'D
Poor Jun constantly getting hit on for his looks. Being attractive has it's downsides! Glad Ohno finally understood that and that he and Jun ended up together in the end.

Date: 2016-09-04 04:35 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] astrangerenters.livejournal.com
I'm glad we can all agree that 50 Shades of Gray is trash LMAO. I am amused at Jun going from Austen to Bronte to THAT hahaha. I'm also amused at Ohno the Editor being largely unfamiliar with some classic literature, although they're all western books so I don't hold it against him really.

I liked their misunderstandings - these two have very strong personalities and I can see where their mutual stubbornness would lead to arguments. I'm glad they'll both be more honest and open with each other moving forward. Jun and all his ugly clothes, finding out the real reason was kind of sad!!

Date: 2016-09-04 07:50 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] bleu-skies.livejournal.com

That was me when I saw Juntoshi cuz YAYYYYYYY. Aww this whole story was so cute. I love misunderstanding fics, cuz I love to see the resolutions. At first I thought Jun just dressed like that but I like the reason you gave for his weird fashion sense. This was really cute, writer-san <3

Date: 2016-09-07 07:55 am (UTC)
yukitsubute: (Default)
From: [personal profile] yukitsubute

Oh, that was really a great story ❤❤

Sex on the washing machine? *lol* they are so random.

They both seem to have a bad past, poor boys, but I am happy that they find together in the end. Oh, and with reading 50 shades of grey....*lol* I want to know what they are doing now...

Jun is always hot, no matter what he wears!!! ❤❤ and Ohno sees this immediately :)

Thanks for this anon-san, I enjoyed reading this

Date: 2016-09-07 11:38 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] helenmaldon.livejournal.com
OMG I loved every single outfit description in this fic SO. MUCH!!! I love imagining Jun and Ohno in these scenarios xD And Jun's love of classic literature was the best too :DD LOL this is so cute I would love to read even more of this AU!

Date: 2016-09-15 03:06 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] nande-daiyo.livejournal.com
I made the grand mistake of reading this while in lecture and let me tell you I couldn't stop laughing. It was the worst!! (the fic is amazing!!)
The humor hooked me to the fic and Ohno's characterization was a breath of fresh air (though I like passive Ohno too) but it was great seeing him take the lead and assault Jun on the washing machine. Your descriptions of Jun's clothes was also very masterful.

The tenderness in the second part was heartwarming and I'm glad they gave each other a shot. I think they'll value the other the way they've wanted all this time.

Date: 2016-09-18 05:56 am (UTC)
phrenk: (je: let me down)
From: [personal profile] phrenk
Ahhh, the premise of this fic is so fun, and the characters of Arashi in it are so fun too!! I love picturing Jun in each and every outfit--and almost as much I love picturing Ohno's face as he tries to take it all in. :D And then sex on a washing machine, fsafjlksdfjlaks, and then unexpected emotions!! DELIGHTFUL. Thank you for sharing! ♥


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