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A piece of rainbow for [livejournal.com profile] silverdoll14 Part 1

Title: Buried in oblivion
Pairing: Sakumoto (mentions of Ohmiya), and everyone from Arashi as guests (plus Shun and Nagase)
Rating/Warnings: R
Summary: With 30 years Sho is one of the youngest assistant professors at college. Although great at his research and a genius at work, he can’t connect to his students. He is scary, and strict, his expectations are too high, and he sees them as inferior. He hasn’t always been like this though, but his past made him change. Matsumoto Jun is a freshman at college, and because his family is rich the rector assigns Sho to tutor him. Knowing it might just be his last chance to find the spark he lost again, he tries his hardest. Though haunted by his past Sho gradually learns to see Jun as a person with feelings and dreams. But unfortunately he can't stop being himself. Meanwhile Jun hides a secret too…

Just for information. With:
Ohno: as Sho’s friend and co-worker. Assistant professor at the department of arts
Nino: as a 2nd year student, and Jun’s roommate
Aiba: as the students’ president with a special connection to Sho
Shun: as Jun’s childhood friend and co-student
Nagase: as the rector
Notes: Dear [livejournal.com profile] silverdoll14, I hope sooooooo much that you will like this. I had so much fun writing to you! All your prompts were SO GREAT, and I could hardly choose between them!! I did take several of the prompts and quotes you offered and mixed them together, and I hope you will like this.

He has learned that, even if someone promises him he won’t leave, one day he will. No matter how much he clings to this promise. Everyone will leave. It doesn’t matter to him anymore though, at least that’s what he is telling himself. It’s been a long time. He is a different person today.


The first image Sho has of Jun is that he is a lanky, a bit nervous looking freshman at college. Just like all the other young guys that he greets at the hall of the dormitory now. He is not good with these young guys, he barely remembers the name of the students he tutors. The only reason he actually knows who Jun is and knows his face to his name is because his family is influential and he got paired up with that troublemaker kid from the 2nd year as a roommate. This Ninomiya, he has nothing but troubles in his mind, and as the academic head of the students’ dorm he needs to watch out that a potential good kid won’t get involved too much with a difficult one.

He greets them shortly, trying to be as casual as possible, knowing that all they actually want is to go to their rooms and to the huge welcome party. “My name is Sakurai Sho. I’m teaching at the department of economics and maths, and I’m your tutor here. In case you have questions, don’t hesitate to come to me or to Aiba Masaki, the student’s president. I’ll be your assistant professor for business arithmetic and general mathematics, so I assume I’ll have the pleasure to meet some of you throughout the year.” He sends them a half-hearted smile. Gladly the newbies don’t seem to mind as they chat and laugh, and even clap, which is more than he got last year. Apparently he managed to improve his speech.

He hates welcomes. Seriously. Ever since he was a student himself, he hated them. He can do five hours of lectures, explaining everyone the game theory, but welcoming the new students is a little awkward. No surprise the vice director lets him do it. He is the youngest within all the professors and lecturers. So the rather unpleasant jobs – like watching over this dorm – fall upon him.

There is a party for the new guys, held by the 2nd and 3rd years, and Sho takes the opportunity to take his leave. He is almost out of the door when there is a voice behind him.

“Excuse me, sensei?”

Sho turns around, eyeing the figure in front of him. It’s Matsumoto, the new roommate of this unfortunate Ninomiya. He is indeed lanky, not yet fully grown into his bodily and facial features, but he soon will. From closer it strikes Sho that he has some beautiful distinctive features. “Don’t call me like that.” Sho can’t help a smile. “I’m not a sensei yet. Not fully. So, what do you need?”

“I’m looking for my floor.”

Jun’s eyes are dark. He has a pair of the most intense eyes Sho has seen up to now. Give him a few months to adapt to college life and some time to find his confidence, and the female students will be all into him. His smile is a little crooked, but weirdly charming, and he has white and straight teeth. Also he doesn’t seem half as awkward as the first glance made it seem. He comes off a little shy though which is probably going to awaken the protective feelings in his co-students soon.

There feels nothing weird about these thoughts to Sho for now, it’s like he analyses every person around him. He would have never thought that it would be this a little awkward but pretty guy that will go under his skin so much that Sho will make some of the worst decisions ever.

“Your room is on the 2nd floor. Just pass this corridor, take the elevator. Then go to the left. It’s one of the bigger rooms,” Sho explains shortly. “For now though why don’t you enjoy the party?”

Jun bows politely, and nods. “Thank you.”

No, he doesn’t know it yet, that he just met the person that will turn his life upside down.


“You look drained,” Ohno comments casually once Sho meets him on the top floor, confined to the teachers only. Sho throws him a glare. For one because it’s such an unnecessary comment – Ohno despises welcome speeches even more than Sho does, and he is a lot worse at it. In general Ohno isn’t the best talker. Good for him he teaches art. And second, he was supposed to accompany Sho to the entrance hall and help him guide the newbies.

“Very funny,” Sho huffs.

Ohno smiles soothingly. “Sorry, Sho-kun, really, but these events are worse for me than for you. I just can’t handle them.”

“I know, that’s why I’m doing it instead of you,” Sho grumbles. “At least don’t make fun of me then!”

Ohno laughs. “I didn’t make fun of you, Sho-kun! Relax.” He clasps Sho’s shoulders a bit, and before Sho can complain further, he tugs him along towards his room. Tea. He probably prepared tea for them. Once they settle down in Ohno’s little apartment, he really offers Sho tea and cookies… and picks up the previous topic. “Really, Sho-kun, don’t get mad at me now. But you are always reading too much into things, overanalysing them. You need to relax a bit. No surprise your students are tense around you.”

“They don’t hate me!” Sho argues and bites into one of Ohno’s dry cookies. They don’t taste bad, but he isn’t the world’s best cook.

“Yes, because luckily you are hot,” Ohno points out casually. “You are young and good-looking, which is why they forgive you some things, at least at the beginning. It won’t stay like this forever though. So, yes, they don’t hate you, but do they like you? They are scared of you.”

Sho pouts, but before he can say anything Ohno shoves another one of his dry cookies into his mouth. “NeksthtimeI’llbye…”

“What?” Ohno blinks.

Sho swallows down the dry cookie and takes a big gulp from his tea. “Next time I’ll buy some cookies,” he coughs.

Ohno chuckles. “Well, cooking is not my strength.”

“Mine neither.” Sho says. “So, I shouldn’t complain.”

“Sho,” Ohno says earnestly. “You know, I don’t want to hurt you or anything, right? You are great in what you do, your research is perfect. But you need to remember that you are interacting with humans sometimes.”

Sho sighs gloomily, and takes another cookie. He chews on it, his thoughts drifting apart. He does a fine job, he knows that. His professor and the rector approve of him and also the other professors think highly of him. He just doesn’t seem to get any connection to his students. “I like research more,” he admits silently. “I enjoy researching and working on my postdoctoral thesis. But I’m just not a good educator, I can’t teach-“

“You can teach,” Ohno points out, smiling warmly. “You are actually great in explaining things. You just need to soften up. When someone asks you a question, you get frustrated with the other person easily. Don’t forget that you have been studying this subject for over ten years now. Give the young ones a chance to at least understand what you are doing. They are not insulting you by not understanding things.”

Sho continues his chewing. True, his students don’t get anything at all. Their grades are horrible too. “You mean, I have too high expectations?”

“There is the rumour going on that no one can pass your classes with a better grade than C. Whoever gets a B is already a champion within the students.”

“They just don’t try hard enough,” Sho points out. “They are not concentrating. They think of partying and whatever.”

Ohno giggles. “You sound like an old man! You could go out more often too.”

“I’m just saying-“

“You are too strict,” Ohno interrupts him casually. “It’s as simple as that. I get it that you enjoy your research more, but teaching is part of the job too.”

Sho looks up from his cookie, eyes wide. Did Ohno just hint that he is unprofessional if he won’t try harder in getting a better relationship with his students? “How do you do it?” he wants to know.

“Teaching still makes me nervous,” Ohno admits shyly. “But I see it like this: I just share something I like with others.”

“But when you teach contemporary dance you’ll also teach students coming from classic ballet classes and alike. Students who need to do your class, but don’t like it,” Sho points out, thinking of the many students that do his economic classes because their curriculum says it. They lack passion.

“If at the end of the term 1/3 of these students took some knowledge out of my class and could broaden their horizon already, I feel like I won,” Ohno says calmly. “Not everyone needs to be super-passionate about what I do. But they are passionate about something, and if I’m able to connect my class with this something, I can connect to them, and they try harder.”

Impossible! Sho stares at Ohno for a while, wondering about his words. It sounds so simple out of Ohno’s mouth but almost impossible to Sho’s ears.


“Is that your schedule?”

He and Nino should hate each other. Really. Like opposites of a coin – that’s what they are. Maybe at another time in another place they really would have despised each other. It just so happens that right now, right here, they hit it off immediately.

“You really take your studies seriously!” Nino exclaims, and rolls on his back. He has grabbed Jun’s schedule a while ago, and stares at it in horror now.

“Excuse me,” Jun snorts dryly. “Mind if you slip to the side a bit so that I can sit down on my bed?”

He has met Ninomiya only two days ago, after that firm-looking assistant professor told him where his room was. They spent the first evening with a weird videogame and with Nino filling him up on a ton of gossip and with Jun helping to find a good outfit for him for his approaching sex date, with someone he still keeps a secret.

“You know,” Nino sneers. “Better be thankful that I like your bed and you.”

“Are you trying to hit on me?” Jun jokes.

Nino laughs. “Is it easy to get into your pants?”

Jun kneels on the bed, robbing closer in his most seductive way. For a while he stares into Nino’s eyes deeply, then Nino winks at him and they both break down giggling.

“Not bad though, J,” Nino points out leisurely. “I wonder how you will be able to pull it off in one year. Probably like a pro. I just like you too much for a sex date.”

“So you would rather sleep with people you don’t like?” Jun wants to know, feeling weirdly happy about Nino’s compliment, while he grabs a bottle with fresh peach juice.

“Hm,” Nino hums. “That’s not it either. But… I like them in a different way I guess? Also, friends are a no-go for one-night stands.” Jun nods, and Nino continues with his previous question. “So, why are you having so many classes in your first term already?”

“Tradition in my family,” Jun answers shortly.

“Tradition?” Nino wants to know. “You have… like… super-rich parents, don’t you?” he asks, eyeing him curiously.

Jun shrugs, and takes his organizer in his hands, pretending to skim through it. He is glad that Nino drops the topic, apparently realising that Jun can’t talk about it, or rather: doesn’t want to. “So, any advice for my classes?” Jun asks, merely to shift the topic.

Nino frowns and eyes the schedule once more. Then his eyes widen. “Horror-alert,” he says, rolling his eyes. “You are in one of Sakurai’s classes.”


“Yeah, the dude who welcomed you new guys to the dorm.”

Jun grins. “You mean the guy who only wasted like five words to welcome us.” He chuckles. “Never received such a warm welcoming before.”

Nino giggles like mad. “Yeah, that’s him. He is a genius in his field, super-young for an assistant professor, only 30. But he hates all students.”

“Why’s that?” Jun asks curiously.

“He thinks we are stupid. The best grade you can get, and only if he is in a good mood, is a B. He has impossibly high expectations. An ass, really.”

Jun blinks. “But his class is full.”

“Yeah, you saw him, didn’t you?”

Jun frowns, his memory shifting back to the young man he met at the entrance hall. Sakurai Sho had intense eyes, plump lips, a beautifully shaped body and nice features. “I see,” Jun sighs. Awesome. So in his first term, he has to deal with a professor who basically tortures his students, and on top of that teaches a subject Jun doesn’t even like.

Nino eyes the sheet of paper in interest. “You are going to a dance class too? I thought you’ll do economics and maths.”

“I like dancing, not sure if I’ll have the time for that class though,” Jun answers quietly. He has always been good at it too, even went to a few top-notch classes. But he only ever let it stay a hobby for him. He doesn’t linger on this thought too long. He has learned to deal with burying his dreams.

“You should go to Ohno-sensei’s class then,” Nino points out. “He does contemporary dance. Not sure if you are into that though.”

“Is he good?”

“He is great. And a nice guy too.” Nino smiles warmly, his eyes glimmering in a warm caramel-brown. “I know him from when I was a kid. He used to earn some money by babysitting me when he was a teenager. Poor guy, I probably tortured him a lot back then.”

“Hm,” Jun hums. “I’ll think about it.”


The only person from his old school that chose the same college is his old friend Shun. After school they went to New York together for one year, and now they are here together too. Shun is in another dormitory though but on their first day of classes they meet in the cafeteria for breakfast.

“Why do I have to come too?” Nino complains.

Jun grins. “This is Shun, my oldest friend. And this-” He points at Nino. “-is my roommate. Ninomiya. He is a sulky brat.”

Nino smacks him but can’t help a laugh. Shun smiles a bit. “Lucky you, Jun-kun, you so easily make friends.”

Nino chuckles. “Yeah, I thought he wasn’t normal to begin with. No one normally befriends me. There is something wrong with you, J.”

“Yeah,” Jun snorts. “I obviously like to collect stray cats.”

Shun grins. “That’s true, you know.” He turns to Nino. “When I met Jun in primary school I was bullied. He basically picked me up and saved me from my social downfall. So, I guess the ones with the problem is us.”

“Hm,” Nino muses. “Possibly. I am not so good with human interactions.”

“If you don’t like human interactions, what do you like then?” Jun wants to know.

“Games and books, and movies,” Nino points out honestly, and something about the way he says it makes Jun’s heart warm up.

“A cup of tea and a book,” he sighs. What a romantic thought.

“You got it.” Nino nods happily.

They settle down for one of the empty tables, and soon Jun feels the gazes of a few other students on him. Some girls on the table next to them whisper with each other and smile at him. He returns it shyly.

“Oh god,” Nino sighs dramatically. “They already like you. No surprise by that shy smile of yours and the tight jeans you are wearing. How can you even squeeze your butt into it? It has to be exhausting.”

“Beauty knows no pain,” Jun points out casually. He likes styling and clothes, he knows it’s unusual for a guy to be into that stuff, but he enjoys picking good and interesting looks, finding accessories, trying new haircuts and alike. Most of the time he goes for a middle way though, not daring enough to wear what he really wants to wear. He would love to look fancy and well-dressed, and actually put these things on he chooses so carefully, but he feels too uncertain to do it. Still, it’s a hobby, just like others like football he likes clothes. His styling advice is never off.

“If you need to go on a date, Jun-kun’s advice will definitely save you,” Shun points out like he read Jun’s thoughts.

Nino tilts his head, a thoughtful expression on his face. “I’ll remember that,” he says much to Jun’s surprise.

They keep chatting for the next hour, making plans for the weekend. Jun and Shun will attend the huge welcome party for all the freshmen at college, thrown by the student president - a certain Aiba Masaki. The name alone made Nino grin. That dork as a president. Miracles happen, it seems. Jun doesn’t get it, but doesn’t question it either. He doesn’t expect to catch up with everything immediately.

He is relieved that Shun will go to similar classes though, and they are both in Sakurai’s class. A relief as it turns out, because in the first lesson Sakurai-sensei makes it clear what he expects from them. It starts with deadlines, work and goes up to classical behaviour like no cell phones, no talking and alike. Shun raises an eyebrow at all this. Meanwhile Jun keeps watching Sakurai. It’s true, he is over the top. Just like Nino said, he seems to think they are all stupid because they are not the same genius as he is. He expects too much, he wants too much and he is way too strict. No surprise he has that reputation. It’s just… something about the way he talks and how he starts his lecture strikes Jun. He has never seen someone so dedicated about his subject before. When Sakurai talks about maths, his face lights up beautifully like he is finding absolute fulfilment. Something inside Jun’s stomach stings. Watching someone who is so dedicated makes him envious and sad. He wishes he would be like that too.


“The Matsumoto family pays a huge extra fee for this college because one of their young ones is here. They donate quite some money for us to fix the library, and they purposely said to use some of the money for the arts department. Apparently Jun-san’s hobby lies in that area, and they want him to be able to attend to it,” their university rector explains. Sho blinks when he hears that. He knew Matsumoto is a wealthy kid but to imagine his family even donated money to the college because his son is here means he is super-wealthy.

“Did they voice any other conditions to their donation?” Aiba wants to know. As always the student president just voices his thoughts without thinking. Sho is just glad he doesn’t have to deal with him in one of his classes again. He was there once in his second year, and didn’t care at all for Sho’s weird rules. Still, it’s difficult for Sho to stay angry at him.

The rector smiles. “No, they didn’t. Still…” he pauses. “I want you to keep an eye on the young guy. He is in your class Sakurai-san, maybe you could invite him to one of your tutor lessons? Help him to catch up with the more difficult subjects of your class, and with what he might need for the next term.”

Sho nods. He could certainly do that. It’s not like he is really excited about it, but his contract involves counselling lessons too, even though up to now it was not necessary to do them. It would be a first.

“Maybe you could watch out for him too, Aiba-san,” the rector continues with a thoughtful expression. “I’m sure you’ve planned quite some activities for the students this year, so…”

“I don’t think he will have a bad time here,” Aiba points out casually. “All this extra stuff sounds totally over the top to me. I saw him in the cafeteria today with Ninomiya-kun.”

“Ninomiya left his room?” the rector jokes along.

Aiba grins. “Unbelievable, I know. And Matsumoto was happily chatting with him and another good-looking friend.”

“How do you know it was him?” Sho asks in surprise. He thought he was the only one who saw a picture of Matsumoto before.

“As always Sakurai-sensei has no idea about what’s going on in the students’ hearts and souls,” Aiba teases, taking advantage from the knowledge that although Sho pretends to be annoyed of him, always, he is also a childhood friend. “Some of the girls and guys of his same age group already discuss involving him in the unofficial fanclub.”

“Fanclub?” Sho asks.

“Yeah, there is one for the pretty and good-looking guys and girls. And they add the promising ones too. Apparently Jun-san falls into that department.” Aiba grins. “Word spreads fast, and some of the older students got interested too. So, I was curious.”

“And?” the rector asks casually, much to Sho’s dismay. How could he even chat along and join such a silly talk.

“Well Nagase-sensei.” Aiba grins happily. “He is still a bit awkward and shy. But when I saw him I knew immediately that we’ll have lots of broken hearts soon. Wait for him to grow more confident. He will be interesting.”

“Really?” Sho is a little surprised when hears that. He saw Matsumoto too on the day of his arrival, and although he found him cute, he wonders about the sudden fuss that’s going on.

Nagase smiles brightly. “You probably saw him on the day of his arrival. His family is living in New York at the moment, so he had a long flight to Tokyo, and then came here immediately.” The man laughs. “You are working so much, Sakurai-san, you need to take a look at your surroundings too or you’ll miss too much.”

“Exactly,” Aiba chirps. “You won’t grow any younger, you know?”

Sho is fine with the rector giving him advice, but not with this annoying kid. “Aiba-san, I don’t think I need to take any advice from you,” he says coldly.

Aiba shrugs casually, as always not applying to any formalities. “Then don’t.”

Before Sho can argue, Nagase intervenes, throwing an arm around Sho’s shoulder and grabbing Aiba’s arm too, leading them outside. “You can continue your banter in the cafeteria,” he says jokingly. “Some people need to work here, you know?”

Aiba chuckles, while Sho isn’t quite sure what to say. Is it okay to joke with the rector or should he stay serious? But Nagase made a joke, so he should probably laugh about it, shouldn’t he? Before he can even react though, he is already standing in the corridor and Aiba turns to him, surprisingly earnest. Sho blinks. “Is there a problem, Aiba-san?”

Aiba swallows. “Sensei, please don’t misunderstand this.”

Awesome beginning. Sho sighs. “What happened?”

“Could you do something so that the students won’t freak out when they are in your class? Everyone respects you for being very dedicated to your work but during my counselling hours your name drops the most.”

Sho sighs tiredly. First Ohno, now Aiba. “I’m not doing anything, Aiba-san.”

He must have sounded pretty tired because Aiba shakes his head firmly. “Of course you don’t. Everyone knows you are great in what you do.” He smacks Sho’s shoulder, twinkling slightly. “Don’t look like I’m your enemy, Sho-chan, it’s me, Masaki. Don’t forget you changed my diapers!”

“I never changed your diapers,” Sho argues, but can’t help a smile.

“Watching out for me and helping me study while my parents were out is basically the same,” Aiba says wisely. “Although it was in vain, I never became a good student.”

“You have a lot of other qualities though,” Sho admits quietly. “It’s just… I don’t know how to connect with my students.”

“It’s because you don’t have fun teaching them,” Aiba says, and as so often hits the nail on its head. “You expect them to do horribly and to not like them from the beginning on. And that’s the problem. You need to find the same dedication you have for your research for teaching. See them as people with interests and different characteristics, not as a nuisance. I don’t get it, you always liked to pass on knowledge. Didn’t you want to become a teacher in the first place? You just need to find that love for teaching again.”

Love for teaching? It’s not that easy unfortunately. He has buried that love long ago. “But how can I do that?” Sho wants to know, remembering Ohno’s advice too.

“Start with Matsumoto-kun,” Aiba offers. “He is only one person. Try to understand him as a person while you teach him. Try to find his strengths and weaknesses, try to get along with him and understand him. Don’t jump at him for mistakes.”

“Well,” Sho mumbles. Something inside his stomach twists a bit, like an intuitive notion. “I could at least try. I’m just glad that I’m only holding two classes this term.”

Aiba giggles.


For the first minutes that Jun does a math task Sho gave him, Sho can only stare at the young guy in front of him. He slowly understands what Masaki and the rector have told him. Matsumoto definitely has an interesting look. He has long eyelashes, the longest Sho has ever seen on a guy. He has long fingers, small wrists and strong forearms. When he met him for the first time, he came off as tired and nervous, and spent, but now it seems he has adapted to his surroundings, well-dressed, with nicely styled hair and a very polite behaviour. He has seen him laughing with his friends and chatting with others, he doesn’t seem nervous or self-conscious at all, but weirdly enough he doesn’t treat Sho like that. He seems a little detached, nervous and shy almost, and it irks Sho to no end. What did he do that this guy feels uncertain in front of him?

“I’m sorry,” Jun says all of a sudden, sounding nervous and eyeing Sho with those intense eyes of his.

“Hm?” Sho blinks, and blushes slightly. Did he see him staring?

Jun bows slightly. “I’m really sorry, sensei, but I don’t get this part here with the algorithm.”

“Why are you apologizing?” Sho frowns.

Jun blinks. “Because I’m probably too slow,” he stutters.

“Stop this attitude,” Sho huffs. “It’s-“

“What Sakurai-sensei wants to say,” Ohno interrupts him, and not for the first time Sho is glad that he and Ohno share their office. “It’s just natural that you can’t grasp everything at once, and he’ll happily and…” He sends Sho a warning glance “… patiently help you.”

Sho turns his face to the side slightly, so that no one can see that he feels embarrassed. God, he almost yelled at this guy for being shy and wary around him. No wonder he is like that when his teacher is obviously pretty intimidating. Sho tries to focus, tries to search for this feeling deep inside him, the one Aiba tried to remind him of, and the one he forgot long ago.

Before he can do or say something, Jun sighs. “Trigonometry and algorithm are really just not my strength. Unfortunately. I’m sorry, I’ll probably give you a hard time, sensei. But I shine with integrals though.”

Sho smiles at that comment. To his surprise it really comes from his heart. “It’s just like Ohno-sensei said, Matsumoto-san, don’t be afraid to make mistakes.”

Jun looks up in surprise, his eyes wide for a moment, then they shine warmly, and something inside Sho’s stomach jumps. He helps Jun with his exercise, then they talk a bit about student life, and Jun’s other classes, about New York and Sho’s work, and to his surprise Sho has fun. When Jun has left, and Ohno clasps Sho’s shoulders without saying anything, Sho knows he did it right, and the best part of it is: He did it without real effort.

It’s later that night when he is in his own little apartment on campus that he roams through his stuff, and finds an old staple with colourful empty post-its. He has almost forgotten them. When he was still a student himself, he used these a lot to write little notes. Should he? Wouldn’t it be weird?

Well, whatever. Everyone thinks he is weird anyway. He takes a yellow one, scribbles Don’t dump trigonometry yet. If you promise that, I’ll give this book to you as a present. on it, sticks it to a book he talked to Jun about and places it in front of Jun’s door.


“You are still alive!” Nino squeals. “I’m so relieved. When the rector forced these tutoring lessons on you because you are just so important to the university, I was really worried.”

Jun smiles brightly. “It wasn’t that bad. Actually Sakurai-sensei was pretty nice. He only yelled at me once at the beginning, then he got into it all of a sudden.”

“You are kidding? He didn’t make you cry?” Nino says, sounding like Jun just told him he robbed a bank, with Sho as his accomplice.

Jun nods, and takes the book he found in front of his door. He brushes his finger over the post-it, trying not to blush. “He even gave me this, because I told him I like photography.”

Nino’s eyes are wide. He looks at Jun for a long while, just staring at him, and Jun isn’t quite sure what he sees. “Is that so?” Nino smiles. “Well, maybe you’ll be his cure.”

“Is he sick?” Jun asks in surprise.

“Hm, not physically,” Nino points out carefully. “I don’t know anything though. But Masaki, the student president, is one of my friends. He got drunk once with me and blabbed something about Sho-chan’s traumatic past, and that in reality he is a kind and sweet guy. Masaki is so delusional. Seems like they are childhood friends though. That’s all I know.”

“Hm,” Jun hums, and lets his lips brush over the book. He smiles a bit when he remembers how enthusiastically Sho tried to help him with that stupid algorithm. His eyes were sparkling then, and finally really underlining the beautiful face he actually has. Jun doesn’t like math much, but there is something about Sho’s dedication that makes his heart flutter a bit.

When Nino isn’t watching and instead messaging someone whose name he keeps a secret, Jun takes one of his own post-its. Thank you, I’ll continue trying, he scribbles on it and then takes one of the fridge magnets out of his drawer. He collected them, and one of his favourites is a funny and sweet chibi-teacher who looks angry and cute at the same time. Should he? He grins. Well, if Sho gets it wrong, he can always change classes.

He puts it in an envelope and leaves it in front of Sho’s apartment. He isn’t sure how Sho takes it, and for the whole weekend he is nervous and tensed. Nino tries to tickle it out of him, to get to know why he is like that, but he is unsuccessful. Then however Monday morning Sho passes him in the corridor. He is with Ohno, and they greet each other politely, but before Sho is passing him, his lips tug, and he winks at Jun.

Something inside Jun’s stomach tugs and jumps. He is happy for the whole upcoming week.


Sho cracks a joke in class – something about partying and maths. He doesn’t even realize he did it, it just came naturally, and he only is aware of it when his students laugh and nod in approval. Sometimes his gaze shifts to Jun, who is sitting in the third row together with his friend. He scribbles his notes down in high concentration, his face wearing a cute frown. Sho grins inwardly. Jun’s progress in maths is already visible in his marks and he even heard how some of his co-students asked him if he would study together with them for the upcoming test.

To his surprise this day it’s one of the best lessons he has ever held, mainly because most of his students actually listen to him.

“You don’t say,” Ohno says lazily when he tells him about his experience. “You were finally approachable and people listened? Jeez, what a surprise.”

“I’m so happy that I can always rely on your sensitive comments,” Sho answers sweetly.

Ohno chuckles. “You really are in a good mood recently, aren’t you?” he analyses. “Normally you would have snarled, but to tease me back… that’s actually a new development.”

“Is that so?” Sho asks in surprise.

“Hm.” Ohno nods. “Seems like the cute, shy guy really got down to you. It was a good idea to work with him!”

“Matsumoto-san?” Sho asks, dumbfounded.

“He is polite, the kind of respectful you like, sweet, a bit shy around you. He listens well, and obviously thinks you are a genius.” Ohno smiles brightly. “He probably even thinks you are a nice guy, poor delusional kid.”

Sho, who has blushed at Ohno’s words first, glares at him now. He decides to go with a different approach though, he has had it with all the teasing. “Since when did you turn into this sarcastic prick? You are really spending too much time with this Ninomiya brat,” he sneers.

Ohno blushes, much to Sho’s surprise and joy. Finally! He made a good retort! “He is my childhood friend, I’ve known him since forever.” Ohno jumps to his and Ninomiya’s defence immediately. “And he is a good kid, really.”

Sho thinks Ohno is defending Nino a little too much, but he lets it drop. Ohno’s private life is really not his to analyse. Ohno can do what he wants to do. He should rather worry about his own problems.


For their next meeting Jun brings muffins along. “I baked them myself,” he stutters when Sho eyes him in surprise. “Because after all you basically sacrifice your time for me.”

“I’m not sacrificing my time,” Sho sets straight, and before he can say anything else even more embarrassing, he takes one of the muffins and stuffs half of it into his mouth. He expects it to be mediocre at best, but once he tastes it in his mouth it feels like his gustative nerves explode in joy. “Fantastic,” he breathes out while still chewing, gladly not realizing the way Jun smiles at that. He takes another bite. OH MY GOD. Finally he has something nice to eat, and doesn’t need to rely on Ohno’s half dry cookies. He grabs Jun’s arm. “Come,” he says and grabs the plate. “We’ll go to my place, and have some coffee there.”

“What about the lesson?” Jun says with a soft smile.

Sho chuckles. “We can do that there too.”

Jun beams at that, and he is so freaking adorable all of a sudden that Sho has to swallow hard not to choke on his muffin.


“So, this is the man who tamed Sakurai Sho,” Masaki jokes when he meets Jun and Nino in a bar.

“Unbelievable, isn’t it?” Nino agrees with a grin and high fives Masaki. “He even said that he finds Sakurai nice.

“Well, he is nice,” Masaki points out. “Tough exterior, but a soft core. You just need to dig a little to find it.”

“A little?” Nino mimics him. “You mean you need to dig a hole from here to Alaska to find his soft core.”

“Wait a moment,” Jun interrupts their banter, before he can feel even more embarrassed. “I didn’t tame anyone!”

Nino grins and smacks his leg playfully. “No wonder you got down to his heart. Just look at your shy smile and your puppy eyes. But it’s okay to have a crush on your professor, really.”

“I don’t have puppy eyes,” Jun defends himself. God, he really needs to do something about that awkward appearance of his. Does he come off as so helpless that people want to pat his head and feed him with a cookie? Ugh.

Masaki seems to realize his discomfort because he smiles soothingly. “Don’t worry, Jun-san,” he says warmly. “Nino is just teasing you. That silly brat.”

“I already said: it’s okay to crush on your professor. Everything’s legal.” Nino chuckles. “But look who is talking about being silly! How did you even manipulate the votes to become student president?”

“Aw, aren’t we cute,” Masaki chuckles.

Jun listens in awe. He hasn’t seen a students’ president like this before. He always went to super-elite schools and people there were really serious. He feels weird all of a sudden, torn, like always when he remembers. This awful feeling that sweeps over him sometimes, like he doesn’t belong anywhere, like he will never feel at home anywhere again, never feel safe.

“Hey, everything alright?” Masaki asks softly. “You look a bit gloomy. We are not making fun of you, just so you know.”

“I’m alright,” Jun says with a forced smile. He hopes the others will drop it. But their banter stirred something in him. Is he? Having a crush on Sakurai Sho?

After all the things and incidents that happened in his last two years of high school, he took a year off after finishing school. He thought he was more confident and more sure of things now, he thought he was ready to interact with people again and to have others close to him, but when he thinks about how nervous and shy he is around his teacher, he knows he isn’t. He wonders if he is truly ready to let someone in again.

Jun pulls himself together and shoves this feeling he can’t quite put a finger on aside, and they continue to chat. Masaki shifts the topic and they talk about other stuff, and soon they even exchange their numbers. “I like to have the numbers of pretty guys,” Masaki chuckles in this innocent and casual way of his that makes everything sound normal.

Later that night Shun joins them too. He must have felt Jun’s tension though because Jun can feel how sometimes he rubs his back soothingly.

“How are you holding up?” he asks in worry when Masaki and Nino decide to play a round of pool.

“So obvious?” Jun asks miserably.

“To me it is. But I’m sure the other two didn’t recognize,” he tries to soothe him. “Do you need something? You look pale. Should I call someone? Maybe your uncle?”

Suddenly Jun feels tears prickling in his eyes. He appreciates Shun’s worries, really, but sometimes it makes the situation worse.

“Sorry,” Shun blurts out when he realizes how Jun’s mood worsens. “I did it again. Sorry.” He turns around in panic, accidentally spilling his drink on Jun’s trousers and shirt. It comes right at the perfect moment, because once Jun actually gives in to his tears, he can’t stop them that easily. It was just in time! He lets out a few deep breaths.

“That was close,” he mumbles.

Shun nods, and shifts the topic to something banal immediately. At least he has found his own strategies to deal with Jun when he is in one of his crushing moods. He even manages not to look worried all the time.

Jun pulls himself together with all mental strength he has, and by the way Shun relaxes he knows he is successful. When they return to their rooms, Jun finds a little bag attached to the doorknob. There is a package with the finest chocolate in it he has ever seen, and a post-it attached to it, in pink. Thanks for the muffins. :-) Tell me which chocolate you liked the most and I’ll buy it for next week.

Jun smiles, and again his stomach jumps. He is not ready, he knows that, but he doesn’t mind. He makes cookies the whole night until the morning, and puts a box of it in front of Sho’s door. Thank you for the chocolate. The one with coffee was the best~

The next post-it he receives when Sho hands them back their tests. You did well. Oh, and the cookies were delicious. If you feed me more, I might get fat.

Jun grins happily, in such a good mood that Shun and Nino keep pestering him what happened, but he doesn’t tell them. It’s too embarrassing to tell them that he actually really likes his teacher. No matter if legal or not, after all the teasing and the jokes, he just doesn’t want to tell them that Sho makes his heart jump. Sometimes Sho slips though and says something mean, mainly when he is being impatient or probably busy or in a bad mood, but it’s nothing Jun can’t deal with.


“So, you grew up in Tokyo and then studied in England?” Jun asks, his eyes shining with curiosity.

Sho chuckles. Jun looks so young when he does that, nothing like the almost 20 years he has already. Sho tells him more about how he studied in London, how he and Ohno met and hated each other first because they were so different, he tells him about a few trips they did together, and even a few silly stories like when they visited a haunted house and were scared to death. Jun listens throughout the whole story and grins when Sho ends it. “Unbelievable, Sakurai-sensei.”

He looks so adorable that Sho feels like teasing him a bit. “I told you not to call me sensei,” he teases. “Since you can’t do that, I think we should try something new.”

Jun blinks. “Like what?” he stutters.

“From today on, when we are alone,” Sho chuckles. “I’m Sho for you.”

“But…” Jun’s eyes snap wide open. “That’s impossible.”

The way he looks at him makes Sho’s stomach flutter a little, a feeling that became so rare for him that he hardly is able to recognize what it means. He decides to stop the teasing and calm Jun down a bit. He puts a hand on his arm. “I know I joked about it, but it’s a serious offer. When we are with others, we’ll stick to formalities. But we are meeting regularly, and I don’t see why we should be so formal around each other.” He twinkles. “How about I start… and call you Jun-san?”

Jun shows him a rare warm smile. “Okay,” he agrees shyly.

Sho’s stomach jumps, and the next hour they spend with chatting about general things like books and movies, they exchange their favourite food and alike. It feels so good to be with Jun that Sho almost misses the time.

When his alarm sets off, reminding him that he needs to appear at a meeting in fifteen minutes, he shoos a laughing Jun out of his apartment while he tries to switch his comfy sweater with his chic blazer. Jun waves at him. “Good evening, sens-“ he pauses. “I mean… Sho-san,” he stutters. Then he disappears.

Sho is still half-stuck in his sweater, his face feeling hot all of a sudden. He didn’t expect Jun saying his name to have such an effect on him. This is not good, is it? Oh my god… Sho’s eyes widen. What is he doing here? Why does he react in such a way to Jun? He is a young guy, barely 20.

What the fuck is he doing here?

He barely gets through the meeting this day, not even realizing how Ohno throws him some worried glances. He must have looked pretty intimidating like that because once they are done, Ohno touches his shoulder. “You okay, Sho-san?”

Sho blinks in surprise, spinning around in shock. “What?” He is surprised when he sees Ohno staring at him in worry. “I was in my thoughts, sorry,” he explains.

“Something wrong?” Ohno asks with concern.

Yes, everything is wrong! Fuck it. “No.” Sho forces a smile to his lips. “Head’s at my work.”

Ohno shows him a soft smile. “As always,” he comments, sounding almost relieved. Sho is glad that his work always works as an excuse. And to distract himself from thinking of Jun and his bright smile and his intense eyes, he throws himself into work this weekend, dreading the moment he will meet the young guy again.

He is working so much the whole week that Ohno voices his concern several times, but Sho just makes up a paper for a presentation he wants to finish. And the next meeting with Jun he carefully sets at his and Ohno’s office.

Apparently he looks pretty tense and stressed, because when Jun comes he first throws him a surprised glance, then however he talks to him very politely. His discomfort and wariness must have shown, Sho thinks not without guilt. This is not Jun’s fault but his only. He shouldn’t let it out on the younger guy.

He doesn’t manage to hold back though, not really. He is a little more irritated than usual, reacting harsher to Jun’s mistakes and suddenly Jun is starting to make more and more of them. Sometimes Ohno coughs in the background or makes weird noises, and at one point Sho turns around to throw him a glare, but the warning glance Ohno sends him instead is even worse so he goes back to ignoring him.

When Jun stumbles over a pretty easy math exercise, Sho sighs in exasperation and rubs over his eyes. “Jun-san,” he interrupts Jun in the middle of his work. “I think for today we should give it a call.”

At the corner of his eyes, he can see Ohno nod vehemently.

“I’m sorry for doing so bad today,” Jun stutters nervously.

“Don’t be sorry,” Sho says before he can stop himself. “Do better next time.” Ohno, who is standing at the book shelf with a book in his hand, pretends to throw it at Sho, pointing at his head afterwards to show him how stupid he is. Okay, he could have said it in a nicer tone. “Jun-san, why are you doing math classes?” he asks all of a sudden.

“My parents always wanted me to study something I can use later on,” Jun says. On a normal occasion Sho might have realized that he sounded off, but right now he is too preoccupied with his own emotional turmoil.

“So you don’t have any passion for it?” he huffs. “That’s half-assed, I don’t like that. It’s-”

“AH!” Ohno blurts out all of a sudden, making both Sho and Jun spin around. His co-worker clasps his right foot and jumps around. “Sorry,” he breathes out. “I don’t know how, but I twisted my ankle.”

Jun stands up. “Are you okay, Ohno-sensei? Should I do something?”

“Thank you for your kind offer, Jun-san.” Ohno smiles warmly at him. “But I think I’ll ask Sakurai-kun to take me to the nurse. I’m sorry for interrupting your work though.”

“No problem.” Jun nods politely and grabs his book. Sho figures he is probably really glad that he has an excuse to just disappear. Jun doesn’t say good-bye, just leaves without throwing a glance at him.

Sho sighs slightly. Now that went wrong. Before he can linger on this thought though, he decides to help Ohno out. When he approaches him in worry, Ohno however lets go of his foot and kicks Sho hard. “OUCH!” Sho yells. “Are you nuts?”

“Are you!?” Ohno growls and throws him one of his rare glares that almost send Sho packing immediately. “What did this poor guy do to you? You basically tortured him!”


“He was so scared of you that he couldn’t even concentrate anymore. I don’t know what’s going on with you, but to let it out on someone else is just pathetic.” Ohno huffs. “And what about this part with dedication? He sounded totally off when you asked him why he studies math. Didn’t you notice?”

Sho frowns, trying to recall their talk and Jun’s expression. His eyes widen. Yes, Ohno is right, Jun indeed looked differently than usual. He sounded so detached and broken. How couldn’t he notice?

He doesn’t even answer Ohno, just turns around on his heels and hurries down the corridor. Gladly Jun didn’t go far. Apparently his shoelace went loose and he is fixing it now. Sho touches his shoulder, and when Jun looks up at him he flinches slightly. “Is Ohno-sensei alright?”

Well, good kid, he obviously thought about the worst-case scenario. Sho shakes his head though, feeling drained all of a sudden. “Is something else wrong?” Jun mumbles tiredly.

“Sorry,” Sho says with a sigh, sitting down next to Jun on the staircase.

Jun blinks a few times, apparently trying to find an appropriate reaction. He nods and shrugs at the same time, probably the best he could come up with now, and Sho can’t even blame him.

“I’m sorry for being so harsh before,” Sho admits. “I had a really bad week… and in general I’m not good with people.”

“Yes,” Jun says quietly, dropping the formalities for now. “Sometimes you aren’t, Sho-san.” His eyes are shimmering dangerously wet, and he turns his head to his shoe again, concentrating on his task.

Sho reaches out his hand, touching the back of Jun’s head carefully. He probably shouldn’t do that. No, he definitely shouldn’t do that! DEFINITELY! He can’t help it though. Ohno is his friend, yes, and then there is Masaki, who although Sho is being awful towards him sticks at his side, but Jun is the first person he got close to in years, the first person he actually wants to become friends with. He doesn’t want to ruin it.

“Shall we go for dinner and a drink?” he asks softly when he feels that Jun is somewhat emotionally steady again.

Jun rubs over his eyes and looks up from his shoes. “Are you sure?” he stutters. “You don’t have to.”

“I know I don’t have to,” Sho answers calmly. “But I want to.”

“Really?” Jun smiles carefully. “Where to?”

“We’ll take my car, and drive to a small restaurant. They have the greatest soba noodles there. You like them, don’t you?” When Jun nods, he clasps his upper thigh. “Then come. I don’t want to stay here on campus and then deal with all the rumours.”

His dry sarcastic comment makes Jun smile finally. “Soba sounds nice,” he agrees carefully.

Sho feels a wave of relief washing over him.


Sho eats seafood soba, and Jun orders something with vegetables and tempura. “These are really good,” Jun breathes out much to Sho’s joy.

He is relieved that Jun likes it too. It’s a cosy little restaurant, almost an hour away from the campus, a little hidden and not overrun by people. They don’t have too much on their menu, which makes the stuff they have even better. “I told you,” Sho grins proudly.

Jun sighs when he takes the next bite. “You were right.”

Sho chuckles. They eat a few bites in silence before Sho decides to touch the rather sore topic again. “You know, Jun-san,” he starts carefully. “I just want you to know that nothing that happened today is your fault.”

“Hm,” Jun hums, but sounds a little sceptical.

“It really isn’t,” Sho pushes. “I had some problems going on this week, and I let it all out on you today. Wasn’t a nice move, really.” He chews on one of his chopsticks nervously. “Would you explain it to me?” he asks carefully. “Last time I interrupted you and made you shut up, but I’m really interested in why you chose maths. I promise I won’t say anything judgemental.”

Jun is quiet for a while, just looking down to his soba and moving his chopsticks through the noodles. “It’s not that I don’t like it,” Jun finally says, his voice wavering slightly. “I do like it.”

“But you don’t love it,” Sho concludes. “What do you love then?”

Jun looks away. “Nothing,” he says, and Sho immediately figures it’s a lie. He frowns a bit, trying to remember a few details he knows about Jun. Then his eyes light up.

“Remember, Jun-san, when the rector set us up?”

Jun nods.

“He told me that your family donated a lot of money to the university, and particularly told him to use some money for the arts department.” He eyes Jun thoughtfully. “Apparently because you like that in particular.”

Jun grows a bit pale. “I… what?”

“Didn’t you know?” Sho asks in surprise.

“I knew they sent money,” Jun stutters. “But not that there was a condition to how to use it.”

“What arts do you like?” Sho asks softly.

“It’s…” Jun shakes his head. “It’s more like a hobby, really.”

“Well, that’s okay too,” Sho chuckles. “But what is it?”

“Dancing,” Jun admits quietly like he expects Sho to burst into laughter. But Sho just blinks in surprise.


Jun nods. “It’s a hobby though.”

“So your parents donated it because you like to dance,” Sho muses.

“Not my parents,” Jun points out in an almost monotonous voice. “My uncle.”

Sho looks up in confusion. He is about to ask more about what Jun just revealed, but a look in Jun’s eyes tells him that for tonight he already dug deep enough. Jun wouldn’t reveal anymore, and the last thing Sho wants is to make him feel uncomfortable now. Still, it’s an interesting revelation. He will talk to Ohno about this. Dancing is his forte.


“Come in, come in,” Masaki waves at Sho when he knocks at the door to Ohno’s private apartment. Masaki and Ohno play their own version of chess, which involves quite some tequila and seven huge boxes of pizza, and invite Sho to join them to help them with the food. It’s there that Sho takes the time to apologize and thank Ohno, both at the same time.

“So, everything alright now?” Ohno asks, smiling in relief when Sho nods.

“Invited him out for dinner, and apologized for being a jerk.” He tries not to smile too silly or nervously, and instead keep his dignity. They don’t need to know how his stomach twitches painfully at the thought of Jun tying his shoes while crying, and how it jumps happily when he remembers their dinner.

“The guy’s gone under your skin, huh?” Masaki asks nonchalantly.

“That’s not true! And what are you even doing here anyway?” Sho asks, trying to hide his embarrassment by huffing at his friend. “Shouldn’t you study for once?”

“But my favourite tutor is so busy with his new pretty student right now,” Masaki squeals, hugging himself and faking a pout.

Ohno laughs.

Sho is trying hard not to blush like an overripe tomato. “This is so wrong,” he stutters. “How can you make jokes about it?”

“Why is it wrong?” Masaki asks in surprise, all serious again.

“He is only 18!” Sho blurts out.

“No, he isn’t.” Masaki shakes his head. “He graduated at 18. Then went abroad to collect some experiences, at least that’s what his CV says. Nino thinks there is more to it. He did some sort of internship in New York. And then he applied to our college.” He tilts his head. “Means he is 19, at least, soon he will be 20.”

Sho tilts his head. 20? Well, that’s a bit better than 18, and… No, it’s not! He shakes his head firmly at his own thoughts. “He is too young for us to even have such thoughts,” he points out. “Besides, I’m his teacher, his professor! I’m even tutoring him.”

“You are a young guy yourself,” Ohno intervenes softly. “Sometimes you act like you are 50. Sho-san, you are only 30! You are not abusing your power by feeling something for him. Please don’t see it like that.”

“How can I not,” Sho mumbles quietly. “It’s so wrong. And… well… it’s just the same again…” His voice trails off, and he just realizes what he said when Ohno throws him a surprised glance.

“The same again? Like what?”

Sho shakes his head. “Nothing, I was just thinking aloud.”

Masaki lets out a little sigh, before he grabs Sho’s hand. “Sho-chan,” he says, breaking out of their pattern for once as they normally settle for a semi-professional attitude towards each other. The fact that they’ve known each other for a very long time doesn’t need to be made public. “It’s not the same.” He squeezes Sho’s arm. “You have been locking yourself in for way too long actually. Don’t you think this is your chance to actually open up to someone again?”

“I still don’t think it’s right,” Sho mumbles.

Masaki gives his arm another squeeze, then he lets go and takes a piece of that awfully fat pizza they ordered. “I’m just saying you should stop punishing yourself already.”

They all stay quiet for a while before Ohno coughs. “I don’t get anything at all from your talk, but I think it’s stupid to overanalyse everything like that. So what? You might or might not like Matsumoto-kun. It’s up to you and him to decide that, but definitely none of anyone else’s business. You are a grown up man, he is a grown up man. End of discussion.”

There are several things Sho could say about this, and maybe a few months ago he would have said something mean to Ohno. Like, wondering why Ohno is so passionate about this, maybe even asking about his relationship with Nino, and if they were close or not, and how close, and then maybe give a stuck-up comment about how someone like him shouldn’t give Sho advice, but he doesn’t feel like playing these stupid mindgames anymore. Ohno is right. It’s his problem and his decision, and he shouldn’t always use excuses.


“Look who is coming home late!” Nino and Shun apparently have been awaiting him while having the one or other drink. Nino twinkles slightly and makes a suggestive move with his tongue, and his mouth. “I wonder where you were.”

“Dinner, I just ate something,” Jun explains, trying to fight back his embarrassment.

“Did you finally get laid by Sakurai-sensei?” Nino asks bluntly, making Shun spit out half of his vodka-coke.

Jun spins around in shock. “What?” he breathes out. “He is just tutoring me!”

“He is nice to you though,” Shun points out soothingly. “He seems to like you.”

“And he is inviting you for dinner!” Nino adds.

“Yes, because he felt guilty after he yelled at me today,” Jun sets straight.

Nino frowns. “Told you he is an ass.”

“HE IS NOT!” Jun yells in sudden anger, and grabs his jacket, sick of all the semi-suggestive comments he receives all the time from his friends. He puts his shoes back on and reaches for the doorknob.

“Don’t leave,” Nino says softer now. “Really, we didn’t mean to make fun of you or anything.”

“I…” Jun is about to explain it, but then he shakes his head. “Going out for a while,” he says calmly. “I ate too much anyway. Can’t sleep yet.”

He knows both of his friends are about to protest, so he does the obvious: Hurries outside before someone can say anything. His first way leads him to one of the little 24hrs stands close to the campus that sells smoothies, coffee and the obvious cheap alcopops. He buys a bottle of water, and two bottles with lychee-almond-rum mix and a bag with peanuts. He wonders if he should go back to his room now, and have a drink there, but he doesn’t feel like stumbling over his friends again, instead he goes to the huge park and to his favourite place there. A white, squiggly bench under a huge willow tree. He pulls his jacket around his shoulders, trying to warm up a bit. It’s not warm enough to be sitting outside for too long, but well…

Follow the link for part 2


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