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A piece of rainbow for [livejournal.com profile] xdestroying Part 2

The office’s cafeteria is packed with people who want cheaper options for their lunch. People are forming a line in front of the cashier’s table, bringing their trays with various kind of food.

Jun watches the line with amusement in his eyes. He, along with Nino and Aiba, ditched work before lunch time to avoid being in that line. It’s not exactly responsible, but being in line while hungry has been proven to make Jun snappish.

Aiba and Nino had enough of handling with irritable Jun the early days of their friendship; Jun used to snap a lot only because the both of them had no idea of what could irritate Jun. Now that they know, they don’t want to have a taste of it again.

They proposed the idea of leaving before lunch time some years ago after Jun told them that crowds made him feel uneasy. Jun was too happy to agree to their idea. Besides, they make up leaving early for lunch by starting work before the break is over.

Jun returns his focus to his plate and continues eating his curry, feeling thankful for his friends for having dealt with anything he threw at them; including a series of fits that isn’t their fault at all. Just when he lifts his eyes to look at his friends, he meets Aiba’s curious look.

That look makes him remember. Despite his thankfulness, they put him through quite a lot too.

“So, what’s new from the neighbor department, Matsumoto-san?” Aiba starts the conversation, wriggling his eyebrows. Jun glares at Aiba. He wonders if being in the line of people might be better.

But then again, Aiba would still throw him the same question despite them being in line, and, no, that’s definitely not better. Jun sighs.

“We had dinner again, the last weekend,” Jun replies, trying to look devoid of any emotion.

“Oooh, we have a second date, Nino-chan!” Aiba elbows Nino who sits on his right and the both of them giggle.

Sometimes Jun wonders why aren’t his best friends dating. They’re both equally annoying that Jun is sure Nino is the only person who can handle Aiba’s quirks and vice versa.

“It’s not a second date,” Jun replies, trying to keep his voice in control, “I invited him to dinner, and he agreed, that is all.”

“Yeah, yeah, a dinner in which you cooked for him, and he brought you something in return,” Nino snorts, “Oh and, and, did he stay to wash the dishes too? You said he did the last time.”

Jun mentally curses himself for never being able to hide anything from these two, “He did.”

Nino exchanges a meaningful glance with Aiba. Jun watches helplessly as they both return their focus to Jun.

“Will you guys have another dinner this weekend too?” Aiba asks, his eyes gleaming with glee.

Jun shifts nervously in his seat and digs his spoon to his food, trying to avoid answering the question. But Nino and Aiba can be pretty relentless in their teasing, and he doesn’t want to spend the rest of the break being teased by both of them.

“Um…. well, actually, he asked me if I can go with him to some other place next weekend.”

To that, Nino and Aiba stood up and high-fived each other.

“What?! It’s still not a date!” Jun snaps.

“No, no, Jun-kun, it’s not a date, as you said so,” Nino sits back down and folds his arm on the table to pay full attention to Jun. He pushed his half-eaten ramen to Aiba’s side.

“It’s not,” Jun pouts and takes another bite of his curry.

“Where are you going to, Jun-pon?” Aiba takes the rest of Nino’s food starts digging through it.

“He hasn’t told me, actually,” Jun racks his brain as he tries to remember, “But he said he’ll email me the details later.”

Aiba groans on hearing the new information, and Jun lifts his eyebrows on that.

Nino’s face, on the other hand, lightens up, “Ah, so I assume you guys finally exchange contacts, huh?”

Jun nods, trying to return his focus back to finish his curry.

“See, Aiba-san, you owe me fifteen hundred,” Nino turns his face to Aiba who is now looking at him with sad eyes.

“Damn,” Aiba curses under his breath.

Jun shakes his head in disbelief, “You guys bet on this too?”

If anything, it isn’t the first time Aiba and Nino make a bet on something about Jun’s romance life. It seems like a never-ending source of entertainment for the both of them.

“We bet on when you guys will be exchanging contact details,” Nino grins, “Aiba-san said that you guys did it last week, but I think you guys would want to go on the second date—okay dinner—before doing that.”

“I didn’t want to, but Nino forced me,” Aiba whines.

Nino snorts, “You just say that now because you’re losing.”

Aiba frowns as he looks at Nino’s face. He pauses a bit, like he’s thinking of something, and then he laughs, ”Aah. You’re right.”

“Of course I’m right. I’m always right,” Nino sits up and takes his phone out of his pocket. “Oh I need to go back first, guys, there’s an emergency!”

Jun and Aiba nod. Nino’s superior sometimes calls in the middle of lunch, and they’re used to that.

“Don’t tell Aiba-shi any of the juicy details when I’m not here, okay?” Nino stands up and leaves.

Jun huffs a breath as he tries to finish his curry; why does it seem impossible to finish the curry? He has that menu a couple of times before, and it’s the same thing. There’s no explanation for him not being able to finish it this time.

Meanwhile, Aiba pulls his chair closer to Jun’s side and puts an arm around Jun’s shoulder.

“Relax, Jun, everything’s going to be alright, you don’t have to worry about anything.”

Jun sighs. Of course, trust Aiba to be able to read him easily.

“It’s just, I really don’t think that’s the reason, Aiba-san,” Jun puts his spoon down, already giving up on making mess of his food, “I mean, I don’t think that he even considers any of our dinners together as a date, and I don’t want to think of it that way either.”

Aiba chuckles on his side, his grip on Jun’s shoulder gets firmer. “It’s okay. I understand. But all Nino and I want is to see you happy. Stop overthinking things, Jun. We know it won’t bring you anywhere.”

Jun takes a deep breath. Easy for Aiba to say.

It’s not like Jun chooses to worry about things too much. It’s just how it has always been for him, and he can’t change that so easily.

Besides, he has a reason to worry this time. He likes Sakurai, that he knows for sure. He’s also sure that it’s not because of the physical only—however handsome Sakurai’s face is, and however toned his abs are, and however perky his butt is—but also his personality, his way of talking, his politeness.

Jun finds their time together to be something he looks forward every time. He likes the way Sakurai eats his cooking, all the happy faces and appreciative sounds. He likes how Sakurai listens attentively to what he has to say, even though it’s just Jun complaining about his boring job. He likes the stories Sakurai tells him; he shows how exciting his life is, but not in a bragging way.

If anything, Jun actually wants to be a part of that life with Sakurai.

But above what Jun feels about Sakurai, he doesn’t know if Sakurai likes him too. Will it be too fast to start assuming their next dinner as a date? If it is and it fails terribly, how will Jun act around Sakurai? Seeing as they live side by side in the building.

And even if it goes well, Sakurai has never seen Jun at his worst. When he loses grip of his emotions and snaps at people without thinking about it.

It mostly ends up with him hurting someone he cares about without meaning to. Jun has had a lot of previous partners putting an end to their relationship, leaving him because he can’t control his emotions.

That even includes Nino, one of his closest friends. The fact that even Nino doesn’t want to deal with his horrible temper problem doesn’t feel okay for him.

It’s not like he doesn’t have a way to channel his emotion, he has, but that is also too much for most of his previous partners. Including Nino. They said that being obsessed with crimes and murders isn’t a healthy way to cope up with it.

“Hey, you’re thinking too much again, Jun,” Aiba lets him go to look at his face. “Trust me. Everything is going to be alright.”

“I don’t know, Aiba-san, I’m not sure about the whole thing,” Jun shakes his head, “And the last date I had with anyone was, I don’t know, two years ago? That one failed terribly, and I really don’t think I can bear it if I mess up with Sakurai too.”

Aiba smiles, “So you do like him. Then just go for it, Jun. He’s the one who asked you to go out next week. If you ask me, I’d say he likes you too. Honestly, don’t worry too much about it.”

“Easy for you to say,” Jun growls.

Aiba laughs. “It is easy, Jun, come on. Don’t be so difficult. Just go to that dinner, if he likes you back, you’ll know. And then you can act on it,” Aiba wriggles his eyebrows suggestively, and Jun smacks his arm in return.

“I don’t know why I still keep you and Nino around,” Jun stands up, getting ready to go back to his cubicle. Better distract himself with work so he won’t think too much about the whole thing.

“Because you love us!” Aiba chirps as he follows Jun behind.

Well that’s true, Jun smiles fondly, but he doesn’t dare to say it out loud. He’ll never hear the end of it.


The rest of the week feels like forever for Jun. Thankfully, he has enough work to do until the weekend that keeps his mind off of the dinner he will have with Sakurai.

Because when his mind is idle, all Jun can think is where Sakurai is going to take him and what he should wear for the occasion. And what Sakurai will wear for the occasion. It doesn’t help at all to daydream about Sakurai in decent clothes with tight pants that encase his ass.

Nino and Aiba keep teasing him on their lunch breaks. Jun, again, has to be thankful for that. It puts the whole dinner plan with Sakurai in another perspective and he doesn’t have to stress over it.

When Friday comes, however, it becomes an entirely different matter.

Like any other Friday in his office, Jun has the day relatively free. He finishes things as fast as he can like the days before, forgetting that his workload is half than usual. It’s not until lunch break comes that he realizes it; he has nothing to do after lunch.

He tells Aiba and Nino, and the two, instead, laugh at him for being an ‘ambitious little workaholic’. They tell Jun that he should be happy about having the rest of his Friday free. At least then he can go home early and do some preparation for his dinner on Saturday.

“I don’t know, probably restock the lubes and condoms? Whatever you have in stock currently have gone over their expiry date, I believe,” Nino suggests over a laugh.

Jun smacks Nino on the head for saying that so insensitively and casually, but he makes a mental note to stop by the convenience store later. Nino guesses it right. Whatever he keeps in his bedside drawer must have gone by their expiry date by now.

And then he remembers that he threw all those stuff when he moved out his old apartment.

Nino throws Jun a playful smirk. He must have seen the way Jun’s eyebrows wrinkles. Jun lands another hit on Nino’s head for good measure. His friend knows him too well; it’s embarrassing but makes Jun happy nonetheless.

The trip to the convenience store happens to exceed Jun’s expectation. He had expected to make a quick stop, getting what he needs as well as getting some necessities when he realizes it has indeed been too long for him. He stands in front of the rack filled with packs of condoms and bottles of lubes, unable to make his decision.

Jun tries to think about what might happen, and that doesn’t help him either. If anything, it only makes him blush even more.

So he quickly grabs the things he’s familiar with and goes to the cashier to pay.

On his walk home, Jun thinks about how Sakurai still hasn’t given any information about their appointment tomorrow. Jun knows that for sure because he constantly checks his phone for any emails the whole week.

When he arrives at home, he thinks about shooting Sakurai an email first, in case, God forbid, Sakurai forgets about it. But then he can’t draft anything satisfying enough so he decides to take a shower instead.

Jun allows himself to indulge in the warm shower and his favorite shower gel. He takes his time to clean himself thoroughly while taking deep breaths of the lavender scent. For a moment, he relaxes and forgets about his anxiety.

When he gets out of the shower later, he feels completely calm, his worries goes down to the drain.

Suddenly, his phone beeps. Jun feels the waves of anxiety hitting him again. He scrambles across the room to get his phone. It was indeed Sakurai.

From: sakurai.sho@gmail.com
To: matsumoto_jun830@i.softbank.jp
Subject: Dinner
Matsumoto-san, I’m sorry that I didn’t contact you until today. I had assumed that you will not have immediate plans tomorrow that will make you cancel. That is why I waited to send you details.

Speaking of the details. I will pick you up tomorrow evening at 7, and we will head to the place with my car. I’m driving. Please wear casual clothes since we’re not going to go to anywhere black tie.

That is all I have to say. Thank you, and see you tomorrow.

Sakurai Sho.

Jun frowns. Of all things that Jun knows about Sakurai, he doesn’t expect that sending email in a formal way would be one of it. Jun knows that Sakurai comes from a respectable family; Sakurai has hinted about it in one of their conversation. But when they talked, Jun didn’t get that vibe at all. Sakurai is anything but formal and Jun has been so fond of the idea that Sakurai isn’t one of those uptight, boring men.

Well, guess that it adds another thing to his knowledge of Sakurai.

Jun composes a reply. He doesn’t want to dismiss the formal tone completely, for he thinks that it will be rude, but he doesn’t like it either. So he goes with a more casual approach and using emoji to lighten the mood.

From: matsumoto_jun830@i.softbank.jp
To: sakurai.sho@gmail.com
Subject: Re: Dinner
Oh hi there, Sakurai-san. Thank you for sending me the details. I have noted that and I guess I will see you tomorrow? ^^


Jun looks at his signature and considers if he really should put his name that way. But then he shrugs and leaves it there. Hoping Sakurai will get the sign.

He receives a reply not two minutes later.

From: sakurai.sho@gmail.com
To: matsumoto_jun830@i.softbank.jp
Subject: Re: Dinner
See you tomorrow, Jun-san. :)


The reply makes Jun smile a little bit too wide. He feels somewhat happy but also weird. Sakurai is next door, after all. They can actually talk to each other instead of texting like this. But Jun can’t lie, he enjoys it quite a lot.

He writes another reply then, just because.

From: matsumoto_jun830@i.softbank.jp
To: sakurai.sho@gmail.com
Subject: Re: Dinner
Sure, Sho-san. I’ll be waiting next door. :p


Jun waits five minutes, but there’s no more reply from Sakurai—from Sho. So he decides that it’s time for him to sleep. He pulls up his blanket and tucks himself in.


Jun has a dream about him and Sho being chained in a room like in the Saw movie. But when he watches Sho sawing his ankle off, he doesn’t get excited. He cries and screams so Sho would stop it.

Jun wakes up startled. His heart beating so fast and body sticky with sweat. He breathes deeply, waiting for his heart to stop pounding. When it does, he lies back on the bed to stare at the ceiling.

What a weird dream he just had.

He takes some moments to stay in that position, lying awake as he watches the white paint on his ceiling. Some minutes pass, and then he remembers. Today is Saturday, and tonight he will go to have dinner with Sho.

Jun rolls on the bed to reach for the drawer where he puts his phone. He checks if Sho sent him another message after he fell asleep, but there is none. Frowning, Jun rolls back to the center of the bed. He lies face down, and then he screams his lungs out into the pillow.

When he’s done screaming, Jun gets up to take a shower. The dream has done nothing aside of giving him weird feelings about Sho, and he doesn’t like that.

After the shower, Jun checks the clock on his phone and feels unsure about what to do. He still has more than ten hours before tonight to do everything he wants to do.

Well, not everything. Jun considered going through his movie stash but that might make him lose track of time, and he doesn’t really want to do it. Even though it might help ease his mood, it can also remind him of his dream and make his mood worse instead.

He can go for some grocery shopping like he does the other Saturdays, but he’s not going to cook today so he doesn’t know what to buy. Besides, he already bought his necessities yesterday.

Jun knows that if he’s left to his own device, he will only get more nervous, and he’ll end up throwing the content of his closet out to try and pick for something to wear.

Throwing himself on the bed with his phone in hand, he unlocks it to look for options. He can’t call Nino. That guy is usually still sleeping in after a whole night of gaming. He can’t go to Aiba’s either since Saturday is his date day with his wife. Jun doesn’t know if such thing exists, but Aiba can do whatever he wants with his wife, Jun has no right to say any objections.

Jun closes his address book. He tries to check for a good restaurant around, considering if he should walk around and go there to eat. Then he remembers that he doesn’t know what he’s going to have for his dinner, and he doesn’t want to have the same dish twice.

Jun sighs and flips on the bed, stomach down. He holds his phone as far as his hand can stretch, trying to compose a message to his neighbor.

Five minutes and fifteen drafts later, Jun gives up. He decides to get food from the convenience store nearby. There’s no way he’s going to eat the same dish that way, he assures himself.

Jun puts on his black trousers and striped navy and white shirt. He walks out his apartment and locks it without looking around. When he turns to head for the stairs, he freezes.

Sakurai Sho is standing in front of his door, smiling awkwardly.

“Oh hi there, Matsumoto-san,” Sho throws him a smile.

Jun looks at him, amused, “You called me Jun on that email, Sho-san.”

Sho chuckles. “Well, forgive me, I wasn’t sure if I can actually call you that,” he pauses, “Jun-san.”

“That’s better,” Jun smiles, and Sho smiles back. “Are you going somewhere?”

“Um.. actually I just got back from the convenience store,” Sho raises the plastic bag he’s holding and makes another chuckle. It gives Jun a warm feeling somehow. “This is embarrassing, but I don’t know what I should have for lunch, even though I know what I’m going to eat for dinner.”

Jun quirks his eyebrows at Sho. “Why, Sho-san. You’re luckier than me, I guess. I don’t know what I should have for lunch and dinner. I don’t even know where I’ll be going for dinner.”

Sho lets out a chuckle. “Oh, I’m sorry, Jun-san. But you’ll find out what it is in,” Sho checks his watch, “About eight hours from now.”

“Could you please at least tell me what I should get for lunch?” Jun adds quickly when Sho opens his door.

Sho’s lips twitch into a smile. “Well I’m getting omurice,” he lifts the plastic bag.

Jun frowns, “But you love omurice! For all I know, we might be going to a place that serves omurice tonight.”

Sho holds his stare at Jun for a moment, “You’re really cute, Jun-san. Do you know that?”

Jun tries to ignore that he’s blushing. “That doesn’t answer my question,” he retorts. But Sho just laughs as he enters his home.

“Well, see you tonight, then, Jun-san,” Sho looks out the door for the last time, “Just get omurice. I promise you we won’t have the same dish for both lunch and dinner.”

“If you say so, then, Sho-san,” Jun murmurs, cocking his head to the side for a last greeting to Sho while making his way to the stairs.

Jun gets the omurice at the convenience store, following Sho’s advice, along with some cold oolong tea. He spends as long as he could in the store, trying to cut some time. He gives up after he has rounded the store three times.

After he finishes his lunch, he still has more than six hours before the dinner. He huffs and pulls himself out of the dining chair, then he goes to the sink to clean up his dining ware.

He figures that maybe cleaning up can be a good way to spend the time, so then he decides to do so. It’s not that his apartment is in dire need of cleaning, he always makes sure that he cleans it regularly, but he needs something to distract himself.

Later, when every corner of his apartment is spotless, and he starts to feel his muscles tingling, he sighs in relief when he checks the clock. It’s five in the afternoon, and he has enough time to get ready without thinking too much of what to wear.

At six thirty, Jun finds himself in front of his bedroom mirror, looking at his topless reflection. He has some things laid out on his bed, but he still hasn’t made his choice. The pants he has already decided and worn: simple black skinny jeans with no define accent.

Jun still isn’t sure what kind of place they will be this evening, so he can’t put his mind to decide on anything. But then he remembers that Sho has mentioned going with casual clothes. Jun thinks a bit and decides to go with a long-sleeved thigh-length beige shirt over a mustard knitted tee.

He checks himself in the mirror for the last time, liking what he sees. He takes his cologne from the dresser and sprays some. When he’s done, he checks his phone. It’s five minutes before seven.

Right on cue, Jun hears knocking on his front door. He takes a deep breath and walks to answer it.

When he opens the door, Sho is standing there, wearing a pair of blue jeans and long-sleeved black shirt. Sho looks great in that, Jun thinks, and he has to remind himself to stop staring.

“Good evening, Jun,” Sho greets all too politely. Even though he drops the honorifics at the end.

“Good evening,” Jun replies with a smile, “So, where are we going to?”

Sho smiles at that. “Patient, Jun-san. We’ll get there when we get there,” he chuckles, “Now, are you ready?”

Jun nods, a moment to quickly, and then remembers that he hasn’t brought his wallet with him. “Oh, wait a moment,” Jun waltzes quickly inside to retrieve the wallet from above his TV and returns to the front door.

“Let’s go,” he tells Sho after he puts his shoes on.

Sho nods and they head to the stairs together.

They talk about the weathers along the way to Sho’s car. They don’t usually talk about weathers, but Jun thinks Sho probably saves some of the conversations for later. In case they don’t have anything else to talk about when they eat.

Jun’s eyes blown when they reach Sho’s car. It’s a black, five-door SUV. Jun isn’t sure about the brand and the type, but he knows that it’s a big car to be used by only a person going around the city. There aren’t a lot of cars like that around, and it takes Jun aback a bit.

Sho opens the passenger seat’s door for Jun and gestures him to get in. Jun gets in and sits down awkwardly while waiting for Sho to circle the front of the car to the driver’s seat.

“I’m sorry about that,” Sho gestures to the back seats as he closes the door after climbing in, “I tend to leave stuff in there when I’m busy. And then I get lazy and never clean it up aside from the occasional visit to the carwash.”

Jun doesn’t even look at the back seat. He doesn’t want to see how untidy Sho could be. Well, at least not in their, supposedly, first date. So he just nods at that as he fastens the seat belt.

“You’re still not telling me where we’re going?” Jun says instead.

Sho laughs softly as he turns the car on. “Patience, Jun-san,” he says.

They spend the short drive talking briefly about some happenings in their building. Jun realizes that they had never talked about it before. Mostly because both he and Sho are always out save for the nights and the weekend. But apparently a burglar broke into a unit on the first floor last Wednesday, and Sho knew about it because he took the day off on Wednesday.

“I take a day off every other day when my work allows it,” Sho explains, “Don’t get me wrong, I love working. But sometimes it’s better to take a day off to do something more productive than staying at the office doing nothing.”

Sho turns his head aside to Jun, “You know, when all projects are done, and we still need to wait for the new project. Days like those.”

Jun nods his head. They are quite close in the car, sitting side by side. It distracts him. Sho’s lips look so plump from this distance that Jun wonders how it might feel to kiss him. Has it always been that tempting?

“So you see, the whole day I was planning to finish something at home when I heard loud sirens blaring. It was so distracting! I kinda get the annoyance you feel when— Ah, we’re here!”

Sho stops his car in front of a building with a glass wall facing the streets. The doors are also made of glass. From the outside, instead of the view of chairs and tables, people can see a wooden table, with someone behind it, facing the street.

They’re in front of a soba place.

Jun glances at Sho disbelievingly. “We’re going to eat soba?”

Sho’s face goes blank for a second. “Well, yes, we’re here. Don’t tell me,” his words trail off, “You don’t like soba, do you?”

“No! No!” Jun laughs, “No! I mean I love soba. How do you know..?”

Sho breathes in relief, “Oh well, Jun-san, that, again, makes the two of us. I love soba too. Okay now you’ll just think I love any food there is,” he laughs a little, making his face scrunch like a squirrel.

“But really, I love soba and this place has nothing but good reviews. I have been wanting to go, but I don’t know who to go with, and then you moved in. It’s a good coincidence,” Sho smiles, “Shall we?” he unfastens his seatbelt and makes a gesture towards the door.

They get out of the car and walk together inside.

The place is good, if Jun has to comment. It’s spacious, warm and cozy, and the waiters are responsive in giving their service.

Jun chooses the simple kake soba, and Sho opts for the same, but he asks for a boiled egg on the side. They both have beers for drinks. When the waiter asked, they answered at the same time and laughed at that.

It is a nice dinner. And even though Jun still can’t shake off the thought of it being ‘not a date’—Sho mentioned that he just wanted someone to go with to try the place—he tries to keep his mood light through the evening.

Sho also keeps the conversation light, it’s not like the second dinner they had in Jun’s place where they talked about more personal stuff. Probably Sho does it because they’re outside, and he wants to respect Jun’s privacy. Jun figures he likes that.

When their soba arrives, Jun notices that Sho adds bamboo shoots to his soba. It’s another thing to learn about him, Jun thinks, as he gets some umeboshi, natto, and grated radish to eat his with.

Time flies as they chat over dinner. Suddenly they’ve finished their food and two cans of beers each.

A waiter comes to them informing that they’re closing up soon and hands them the bill. Jun wants to split the bill, but Sho pulls his wallet from his back pocket quickly and puts his credit card on the bill.

“On me,” Sho says, smiling, “I’m the one asking you to go here, after all.”

Jun, feeling playful with two beers in his system, replies, “Oh no, what should I do to make it up to you then? We can’t exactly wash the dishes in here.”

The two of them laugh at that, and just right then, the waiter returns with Sho’s card.

It’s a sign that the night is over, and Jun doesn’t like that. They thank the waiter, then walk back to Sho’s car.

The journey home has been spent in silence. Sho turns the car radio on to fill it. Seems like he isn’t in the mood to make conversation either.

Jun chooses to focus on the scenery outside the car. The city lights look especially beautiful on a clear night like this one. He shifts his head a bit so he can take a glance at the sky, too. He can see some beautiful stars twinkling on above them.

That’s when he feels a hand reaching his own resting on his thigh. His heart jumps. A wave of thought comes to his head. He can’t decide if he should stay still, or if he should turn to look at Sho’s face.

In the end, because his frantic brain keeps telling him to ‘do something quick come on’, he flips his palm and meets Sho’s warm one.

Then, because he hears Sho breathes out in relief, Jun twines their fingers together. He runs a circle with his thumb on the back of Sho’s hand.

They keep their hands clasped together even when Sho has to switch the gear. Jun doesn’t let Sho pull his hands away so he has to pull their joined hands to do so.

After the trip that feels like five minutes for Jun, they finally reached the apartment’s parking lot.

Jun hears Sho clears his throat. “We, um… we can’t get out of the car like this,” Sho pulls their hands.

“Wanna try?” Jun replies, wriggling his eyebrows.

Sho smiles at that answer. He reaches out to Jun’s face with his other hand.

The first contact of Sho’s palm against his skin makes Jun shiver. Sho pulls him closer with his hand as he gets his face closer too.

“Jun,” Sho whispers, and Jun almost moan at that. It’s warm and heady in the car now that Sho has turned the machine off, and there’s enough alcohol swarming in his blood to make Jun abandon all logical thought.

And so Jun moves forward, closing the distance between them.

Sho’s lips taste like the remnants of beer, slightly chapped because of the air conditioner in the car, but otherwise, it was as perfect as Jun imagined it would be, if not more. Jun sighs to the kiss, tilting his head to the side to deepen the kiss. Sho mirrors his movement, nibbling on Jun’s lips as he moves his palm to the back of Jun’s neck.

Jun feels Sho’s tongue poking out, licking the line between his lips, and it feels so good that Jun moans.

It gives Sho way, and he slides his tongue inside Jun’s mouth. Jun lets out another moan when he feels Sho’s tongue against his own. He takes the time to taste Sho, following the warm and inviting surface back to the inside of Sho’s mouth.

Having tasted Sho’s mouth making Jun unable to keep his hands to himself. He puts his hand on Sho’s neck, trying to pull him even closer like there’s still space between them. It still doesn’t feel enough for him, so he pulls his hand from their joined hands and holds Sho’s neck in place with both of his hands.

Jun feels Sho moan against his mouth, and he swallows it all. It feels incredible to kiss Sho like this. He’s warm and inviting and so willing, and Jun is so weak to that. He loves how Sho lets him lead, lets him take control, but then also teases him to the point that it almost breaks him.

They have to part after some minutes, because of the need of oxygen and all, and when they do, Sho smiles sheepishly. He looks gorgeous with his mouth abused and more plump than it already is, smiling until his eyes gleaming.

“I manage to make you let go of my hand,” is what Sho says after.

Jun throws him a surprised look. “What?”

Sho doesn’t reply to that. Instead, he lifts both his hands and shrugs. He also smiles sheepishly, which, this time, Jun doesn’t even think that it’s cute.

After all his insecurities finally went away, Sho just had to go and break the respect Jun already has for him. Jun doesn’t know how to feel. He opens the door, gets himself off the car, and walks to his place.

He doesn’t even say goodnight to Sho. He’s fuming mad. Saying courtesy greeting is the least of his concerns right now.

Behind him, Jun hears the car’s door being shut and some rushed steps. Sho also calls his name a couple of times, but Jun doesn’t budge. He keeps walking until he reaches his door.

Thankfully, Sho doesn’t try anything funny and just walks behind him quietly. Taking his keys from his pocket, Jun unlocks his door and pushes it open.

That’s when Sho catches him to it and walks inside Jun’s place before he does. Jun stands still in the hallway. He doesn’t really want Sho to explain anything. It’s late, the both of them are probably tired, not to mention tipsy.

To addition, his mood is quite foul right now. He doesn’t want to snap at Sho now, not after the great evening they had, even if Sho ended up ruining it.

It would be better if they just say goodnight to each other and go back to their respective places.

“Are you not going to get in?” Sho asks from the inside.

“Are you not going to get out? It’s my house,” Jun retorts.

“Jun, I’m sorry, okay. I didn’t mean to make you feel bad. I was kidding, and I see that it’s not a joke for you, and I promise I will never do it again,” Sho puts his hands in the air, surrendering.

It’s going to be a pleasant sight for Jun, Sho being so apologetic, if he’s not as angry as he is right now. He’s not only mad, even with his mind clogged with anger he can feel something else.

There’s something in him that can’t believe what’s happening is for real, because everything just happens too fast. And Sho saying things like kissing him just to distract him just adds to that.

Jun doesn’t like it. He doesn’t want to be angry and, at the same time, showing his insecurities to Sho. He needs to collect himself first before he can face Sho again.

“I’m sorry,” Sho walks forwards, “I’m—well I will leave if you want me to. It’s just—I need you to know that, yes, I did that to distract you, but it’s not just that.”

Sho walks closer again that he has to lifts his head a bit because Jun is slightly taller than him.

“I did that because I like you, Jun.”

Jun can’t think about anything else as he feels his heart thundering against his chest. He gets in, pushing Sho backward to the nearest wall and closes the door before catching Sho’s gasps with his mouth.

How dare this man plays with his feelings like that. Jun feels angry now more than ever, but he also feels relieved.

Sho likes him. That’s one less thing to worry about. Sho’s not just a tease who uses his charm to get what he needs in life. Sho likes him, he just told Jun that.

That might also be his way to get what he needs, but this time, Jun isn’t sure about what Sho might need other than Jun’s mouth on his, so he chooses to just kiss Sho deeper.

Sho whimpers to the kiss, reaching his hands to Jun’s nape, tugging softly at the base of Jun’s hair. The action gets Jun bolder, so he pushes Sho back to the walls, his hands hold Sho’s hips, trapping him completely.

Jun pulls his lips from Sho’s lips and starts to trail kisses across the jaw, down to the neck. His hands still holding Sho in place. Sho smells like the soba shop and sweat, but there’s a faint scent of fresh linen underneath it all that Jun can’t hold himself from pressing his face closer to Sho’s neck.

Jun hears Sho moans and feels Sho pulling his neck down while grasping on his hair. He continues his ministration, mapping Sho’s neck with his tongue, tugging the skin with his teeth. Sho has soft skin that feels fluffy, and Jun can’t get enough of kissing it.

When Jun moves lower to try and get his mouth on Sho’s collarbones, Sho pulls on his hair hard and forces him to kiss Sho’s lips. Jun groans at the slight sting on the back of his neck. It spurs him even more so he bites Sho’s lower lip, slightly tugging it.

It results in Sho moans while pulling Jun closer and Jun knows that he needs something else. He needs something more. He knows what to get, and he knows how to get it.

But he isn’t really sure that Sho will give it to him.

“What are you thinking about?” Sho breaks the kiss suddenly.

“Nothing,” Jun answers, pressing his lips back to Sho.

Sho growls when Jun pushes him back to the wall. As if Sho knows what’s in Jun’s mind, he slides his hands off Jun’s neck and rests it for a second on his hips before slipping inside Jun’s shirt.

Jun hisses at the contact of Sho’s hands against his bare skin. He feels hot all over, and it burns on the patches of skin that Sho touches. As a payback, Jun slides his hands that were resting on Sho’s hips above, getting his hands on the bare skin of Sho’s back.

Jun moves his hands to caress more of Sho’s body, from the back to Sho’s stomach. He moves his hand to Sho’s stomach, feeling the hard muscles underneath Sho’s soft skin.

Feeling Sho smiling smugly to the kiss, Jun moves his hand up to Sho’s nipple. He runs a thumb against the soft bud, feeling it hardens on his touch. He gets Sho moans to his mouth when he does so, so he moves to pinch the other nipple.

When they break the kiss some moment later, Jun already slips his hands out of Sho’s shirt. Sho’s hands are still resting on the bare skin of Jun’s back and it makes him shiver.

Panting, Sho pulls Jun’s body closer so they’re flushed to each other. Sho looks at Jun straight in the eyes, and Jun can see Sho’s dark brown eyes are now closer to black. With space no longer between them, Jun can also feel Sho’s hardness on his thigh.

And he knows Sho must be feeling his, too.

Jun is the one who closes the only space between them with another fierce kiss. Sho opens his mouth to receive that, and they’re back to tasting each other’s tongues.

That’s when Jun slides his hands down to grab Sho’s ass. The first squeeze has Sho moaning with abandon to Jun’s mouth. Jun continues kneading the butt cheeks and Sho bucks his hips forward to seek friction on Jun.

Laughing, Jun pulls himself from the kiss. His hands stay on Sho’s ass, squeezing it as he likes.

“Patience, Sho-san,” Jun giggles, squeezing harder for good measure, “We’ll get there.”

“I know,” Sho says, panting, his eyes unfocused as he tries to reply, “I know you like my ass.”

Jun quirks an eyebrow, “You are so much more attractive when you don’t use your mouth to talk, Sho-san. Had I known this before, I wouldn’t have sat down and entertained your conversations.”

“You,” Sho starts to talk but Jun gives another squeeze on his ass, “You like it when I talk. Especially when I tell you something,” another squeeze and Sho curses, “Something you didn’t know before. You do like your man smart, right, Matsumoto?”

Jun does, actually. But Sho using his smart mouth for something like that isn’t really compelling for Jun. He decides that he doesn’t want to talk with Sho when they’re in the middle of something like this.

Jun kisses Sho with his mouth open, taking in Sho’s growl and wails as he kneads Sho’s ass even harder. Then Jun shifts, and he hauls Sho up. Sho moves his hand back to Jun’s neck as he tries to grab hold.

Jun steers them to the bedroom, as fast as he can with Sho in his hold and the lamp still not turned on. He’s so thankful that he leaves the bedroom door open.

When they finally reach the bedroom, Jun positions themselves on the edge of the bed. He lowers himself; low enough that he’s hovering over his bed, but still high enough for Sho’s back to not touch the bed.

Jun keeps his hands on Sho’s ass all the while. He gives it a parting squeeze before pulling himself off Sho and throws Sho on the bed.

Sho laughs at that, “Okay but I didn’t know you like it that much.”

Jun keeps his gaze firm on Sho, not listening to what he just said. “Take off your clothes,” he tells Sho.

Sho shoots Jun an amused look, but Jun ignores it. He walks around the bed to get the lube and condoms he just bought yesterday and throws them to the bed. Sho looks even more amused. Jun glares.

“What are you looking at? Strip,” Jun tells Sho, his tone flat. He takes his outer and pulls his shirt off, throwing them somewhere on the floor.

Seeing that Sho still doesn’t move a bit and instead watches his naked chest with much interest, Jun moves to hover on top of Sho. Jun balances himself by putting his hand beside Sho’s shoulder. He lowers himself, and just before his lips touch Sho’s, he whispers, “Do you need help?”

Sho doesn’t answer and leans his head up for a kiss. Jun is faster, though, he pulls away just before their lips touch.

“Sho-san,” Jun says, holding himself higher, “This is my house so my rules are what’s applied here,” he pecks Sho briefly, “But I’m a good host so I will help you with what you need.”

“Wow, being in your bed definitely makes you bolder, is it not, Matsumoto-san?” Sho runs his hands to Jun’s nipples, caressing it to hardness.

Jun holds himself not to arch on Sho’s touch. He lowers his hips instead and rubs against Sho’s crotch slowly.

“Well we can waste all night talking, Sho-san,” Jun breathes huskily, “But I actually prefer us doing something else,” Jun rolls his hips against Sho’s.

Sho bites his lower lip, preventing a moan from coming out, Jun guesses, and he gives Jun payback by pinching both Jun’s nipples instead. That catches Jun off guard, and he arches his back. The movement makes his hips pushed closer to Sho’s, and he moans at the feeling.

“Sho,” Jun whispers, his tone demanding this time, “Clothes. Off. Now.”

Sho hums, “What if I don’t want to?”

Jun’s insecurity starts to resurface, but this time, he knows. Sho’s body doesn’t show how much he doesn’t want this. Doesn’t show that he doesn’t want Jun as much as he wants him.

So Jun lowers his head to the side of Sho’s head. He presses a kiss to where Sho’s jaw meets his neck, and then he moves to lick the shell of Sho’s ear.

“Well you can go home,” Jun whispers, “Go home and probably sleep on your own bed. I will be here, lying on this bed, thinking about fucking your ass as I jerk myself off. You will hear me, Sho, like the last time, you will hear me as I call your name over and over again,” Jun pulls away to press a kiss on Sho’s neck vein.

Jun listens as Sho tries to steady his breath underneath him. He rolls his hips again, feeling Sho’s hardness getting more apparent. Sho whimpers, and Jun licks his way up to Sho’s ear.

Holding Sho’s earlobe between his teeth, Jun whispers, “And then I will scream your name as I come, hard. Right on this bed, where you’re lying right now. And you will be on the other side of the wall, in the comfort of your own bed, listening. Probably jerking yourself off to completion.”

Sho growls at that, and he pulls Jun by the hair to bring their mouths back together. They kiss hard, all teeth and tongue. Jun feels his skin burn hotter as he deepens the kiss. Sho keeps a hand on the back of his neck while his other hand travels to tug on Jun’s pants.

“Then do it now, Jun,” Sho says when they break the kiss, “Don’t just imagine it, do it,” he pulls on Jun’s belt loop to stress his words.

That’s what Jun needs to hear. He pulls one of his hand from the bed and slips it under Sho’s shirt. He caresses Sho’s abs, then moves to Sho’s nipple to pinch it. “Then take this off.”

Finally, Sho does. He pushes Jun up so Jun kneels above him, then he opens three buttons before getting impatient and just yanks the shirt off, lifting his back off the bed.

Jun stays at his position for a moment, taking in the view of Sho’s naked abs before his eyes. This is not the first time he sees them, but this time, he can do whatever he wants to do to them.

He runs a palm on Sho’s nipple and licks the other nipple at the same time. Sho breathes heavily.

Jun licks a line down to Sho’s stomach. He runs his tongue to every pack of Sho’s abs, and on Sho’s navel, he stops. There is a small piece of jewelry pierced to it.

So it really was a navel piercing he saw the last time.

Jun continues his ministration down, and he reaches the top of Sho’s pants. He puts his fingers on the belt loops and pulls, trying to get Sho’s attention. When he lifts his head, he meets Sho’s stare. Sho gives him a nod. Jun doesn’t take a minute to strip Sho off his pants.

Sho is now gloriously naked on Jun’s bed, and Jun takes a moment to let it sink in. He runs his stare from Sho’s lustful eyes, to Sho’s flushed chest, to Sho’s firm abs. When his eyes land on Sho’s cock, he remembers what he needs to do.

Jun takes Sho’s cock in his hand, squeezing it gently. He runs his thumb across the slit, smearing the precome while he abuses the head. Sho moans, bucking his hips.

“Patience, Sho,” Jun puts a hand on Sho’s thigh, keeping it in place. He squeezes some more times for a good measure, and then, looking at Sho’s face, Jun licks around the head.

Sho curses as Jun, still keeping his gaze locked to Sho, closes his mouth around the head. Jun licks on the slit and drags his tongue around it. Sho closes his eyes when Jun does that, and it’s an encouragement for Jun. He runs his tongue around Sho’s shaft, licking around it as he takes Sho’s cock deeper in his mouth.

Jun moves his hand to hold Sho’s other thigh, so now he has Sho completely pinned down. He takes his time giving Sho head, hollowing his mouth, licking lines along the shaft, abusing the slit with his tongue.

When Sho tells Jun that he’s close, Jun quickly pulls away and circles his hand on the base of Sho’s cock. He stays still for a while, eyes locked to Sho’s, waiting for him to come back down from the brink of his orgasm. Sho’s breathing returns to normal after some moments, and Jun removes his grip from Sho’s cock.

Jun pulls away from the bed to discard his pants, with some difficulty because it’s quite tight. And Sho, despite his state, apparently can still comment on that.

“Seriously, why are you still wearing that?”

Jun gives him a look to tell him to shut up, and Sho throws back a look of ‘what?’. Jun shakes his head as he points beside Sho’s face.

“Give me those,” Jun tells Sho.

Sho reaches to his side and throws the condom and the bottle of lube to his thighs. He looks quite amusing that way, his cock hard and resting on his stomach.

Jun takes the bottle of lube, uncaps it, and pushed some liquid out of it.

“Do you get fucked down there a lot?” Jun asks Sho.

“Why are you asking me that now?” Sho snorts, “Go ahead and find out for yourself.”

Jun laughs. He makes sure his fingers are coated enough, then he bends forward. Realizing that Sho hasn’t parted his legs enough, he frowns, “Are you not going to open your legs?”

Sho laughs, “Why, Jun? Is it a problem for you?”

Jun shakes his head. Sho keeps on challenging him, and it pushes all the right buttons in him. He pulls one of Sho’s legs with his clean hand and puts it on his shoulder. He circles his lube coated finger around the ring muscle of Sho’s ass, and then he pushes his finger in.

Jun keeps his hand on Sho’s thigh, holding it in place. He looks at Sho looking back at him as he pushes his second finger in. He goes two knuckles deep before he feels Sho clenching around his fingers.

Holding his stare on Sho, Jun tries to move his fingers around before starts scissoring Sho’s hole. He makes sure Sho is stretched enough before he puts another finger in. Sho sucks a breath on the intrusion as he clenches, shutting his eyes.

Jun pushes his fingers deeper. He feels around the tiny bump of Sho’s prostate, deliberately not touching it. When he feels Sho clenches again, Jun brushes it with his fingers. Sho’s eyes pop open as his cock twitches, and Jun smirks at him.

“What is it, Sho?” Jun coaxes, running his finger on the spot once again to receive the same reaction. Jun watches in amusement as Sho bites his lower lip.

“You look like you have something to say,” Jun repeats his movement, not once but twice this time, and Sho moans.

“What is it? It’s okay to tell me,” Jun moves his finger around the spot again, not touching it.

“Jun, please,” Sho whines. His cock twitches when he speaks and Jun finds it amusing.

“Please what, Sho?” Jun runs his finger lightly on the bump again, making Sho hisses.

“Just… fuck me,” Sho breathes huskily.

“Okay,” Jun says, withdrawing his fingers. He doesn’t miss how Sho winces at the sudden loss, and he quickly tears the foil of the condom and rolls it on his cock. Jun coats himself with the lube and strokes himself a couple of times.

When Jun’s ready, he tells Sho to be on all fours.

Sho obeys, and Jun is all too happy to see Sho’s ass in the air, waiting for him. He pats the cheeks before grabbing them with both hands and pushes himself inside Sho.

Sho feels warm and tight around him. With that and his hands squeezing Sho’s, naked, perky ass, Jun tries so hard not to just bury himself to the hilt. He pushes slowly, feeling Sho clenching around him, and he squeezes Sho’s butt cheeks harder.

“Stop that,” Jun warns Sho. He might not be able to control himself and just fucks Sho in abandon if Sho keeps doing that.

Jun feels Sho’s body shaking; apparently, he’s laughing. The fact that Sho is laughing when Jun is half buried inside him and abusing his butt cheeks with his hands triggers Jun. He pushes himself balls deep at once, and Sho gasps at the sudden intrusion.

“What?” Jun retorts, “You asked for this.”

Sho clenches around him again, and he’s so warm and so tight that Jun has to hold his breath for a moment. He doesn’t want to hurt Sho by moving too fast too suddenly, even though Sho keeps teasing him that Jun thinks he actually deserves to be.

Jun feels Sho’s walls tighten around his cock again, and this time, Sho bucks his ass back too. Jun takes that as his cue to move.

He starts slow, pulling himself out and pushing back in with slow and shallow thrusts. He thrusts faster and deeper as the friction spurs him to keep going, feeling Sho’s heat and tightness around his cock.

Sho curses at the slow pace. He bucks his ass back, telling Jun to go faster. Jun doesn’t comply, keeping his pace steady.

Then Sho lets out a desperate whine of “Fuck, Jun, fuck me harder, would you?” and Jun groans.

At that request, Jun throws his self-control out of the window as he thrusts deeper and harder on Sho’s ass. Sho meets him in the middle, moaning out loud. For a moment, the only sounds in the room are the smacks of Jun’s balls against Sho’s ass and their combined moans and curses.

Jun can feel that he’s close to coming. He lets go of Sho’s ass to reach down to Sho’s cock. He strokes Sho’s cock with the same rhythm as his thrusts, twisting his wrist at times.

Sho calls Jun’s name loudly before he’s coming, spurting on the bed sheets beneath him. Jun strokes him through his orgasm while keep thrusting in abandon.

Jun is not so far behind Sho. He pulls his hand back to Sho’s ass, gripping on the cheeks as he chases his own orgasm. Sho’s name slips out of his lips as he comes, cock twitching inside Sho, hands squeezing Sho’s ass. Jun’s body arches as he feels Sho milking through his orgasm.

He slumps on top of Sho after that, and Sho lets them fall to the bed.

They stay lying there for a while, Jun waiting for the bliss of orgasm to subside, Sho waiting for him.

“Sho,” Jun calls him after some moments passed by.

Sho hums.

“I know you live next door,” Jun nuzzles his nose into Sho’s neck, “But could you stay here, for tonight?”

Sho laughs softly, and Jun feels it on his face. “I have no plan to go home.”

“Good,” Jun mumbles, “You mind staying like this for a while?”

“Take your time,” Sho replies.

Jun sighs. Everything feels so good that he doesn’t want to move, doesn’t even want to think. But there is this little nudge in his head that bugs him. It says that there’s something not quite right with everything.

His exhaustion, however, decides that it’s not the time to entertain his worrisome thought. Probably everything will make more sense in the morning.


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Date: 2016-09-07 08:21 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] xdestroying.livejournal.com
I really like the support Aiba and Nino is to Jun. He definitely has so insecurities, something I would not put past the real Jun, which he needs close friends to help him with. Aiba is so patient with him, and I love him for it.

As for this part, (and also the previous one) I like your mentions of Sho's love for food. We all know he is a big eater, and the love he shares with Jun for soba is definitely worth mentioning in a fic like this, thank you.

I gotta say, that sudden sex hit me square in the face, whoa. There is no denying their attraction to each other, huh. I especially like Sho's continuous teasing, challenging Jun in various ways.
Oh, and thank you! - For including appreciation for Sho's ears, I am very happy ^^

You added quite the cliffhanger here, didn't you. I'll be moving on ~


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