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A piece of rainbow for [livejournal.com profile] negai3104

Title: Without Any Unnecessary Drama
Pairing: Matsumiya
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Much to Jun and Nino’s dismay they find out that they will starring in the same drama. They both harbour a well-hidden tiny crush on each other which is magnified by the unresolved sexual tension between their respective characters throughout the series. One thing leads to another and soon keeping their new relationship a secret from the others will prove to be more of a challenge than they ever expected.
Note : Dear [livejournal.com profile] negai3104 I decided to go with your Matsumiya prompt, because I felt as if it was the one I could do my best with. Apologies to everyone for the sucky summary, I am seriously bad at those things.

Jun and Nino's phones pinged with an incoming text at almost the same second.

Aiba, who knew no boundaries when it came to Nino, leant over his shoulder to read the message.

"You got the part!” he yelled in Nino's ear whilst almost throttling him as he hugged him tightly around his neck.

Ohno, who was sitting in a slumped heap on the sofa glanced over as Jun checked his phone as well.

"That's odd, Jun has the same message."

Jun and Nino glared across the room at each other.

"Wait, what drama is this?" Jun asked suspiciously

"The buddy cop action comedy drama one," Nino replied with a dawning look of horror on his face.

"The same one as me? You're playing my partner?" asked Jun.

"I think you will find that you are playing my partner." replied Nino with a challenging look.

"Ha! That means that you two are going to be joined at the hip for the next few months," snickered a very amused Sho.

"No way! We already spend too much time with each other as it is, and this means that we will practically be stuck together for twenty four hours a day for the next three months," Nino whined as he dramatically leaned back against Aiba as if his legs were suddenly too weak to hold his weight.

"Thanks for your support. I look forward to working with you too," Jun replied sarcastically.


Nino sighed as he flipped over the pages of his script. It seemed like he and Jun were together in almost every scene. As much as he hated to admit it, even to himself, he’d always had the tiniest of crushes on his band mate. It was nothing that he couldn’t deal with on a normal day when the others were around to provide a distraction, but if the two of them were going to be working so closely together for such an extended period of time he didn’t quite know how he was supposed to handle it.

“Problem?” Aiba asked in a muffled voice as he came from his kitchen with two beers and a plate of snacks balanced precariously in his hands and a bag of chips clenched between his teeth.

“Why should I have a problem? I am only being forced to work with Jun in close quarters while he’s dressed in this!” Nino complained while he held up a photo taken at a costume fitting earlier that day of Jun dressed in a well fitted police uniform which happened to perfectly highlight his broad shoulders and slim waist.

“Um Nino, I don’t want to pry but how did you get that photo?” Aiba asked as he plopped himself down next to Nino and handed him one of the beers.

“It must have accidently got mixed up with my stuff when I was trying on my costumes,” Nino replied with a shifty expression.

“Riiiiiggghht, it has nothing to do with your tiny crush then?”

There was no response from his suddenly red faced friend who had coincidently stuffed a handful of chips in his mouth making answering impossible.

“There’s no need to be embarrassed. Even I can see that he’s completely gorgeous, it’s just that he doesn’t have the necessary bits that I find exciting,” Aiba said with a suggestive eyebrow wiggle accompanied by a feminine pursing of his lips and a vague cupping of his hands on his chest.

“Can we please just drop the subject before you completely gross me out?”

“Fine, stay in denial then, but you’ll have to face these feelings you have for him one day.”

“There is absolutely no chance of that happening in this lifetime. Riida and Sho would have a heart attack if I ever had sex with Jun; they probably still believe he’s a virgin.”

“I didn’t tell you to molest him, just tell him how you feel and see if he feels the same.”

“Nope, not happening,” Nino said with a stubborn set to his jaw.

The rest of the night was spent studiously avoiding the subject as Aiba helped Nino read through his script.


Much to Nino's shame he felt his nipples hardening just from the sensation of Jun's warm breath wafting across the back of his neck.

He was unsuccessfully willing his dick to ignore his nipples. The last thing he needed was a tent in the front of his trousers. At least he had his back to Jun so he wouldn't poke him if he did get hard. And luckily the scene was being shot in close-up in an attempt to capture the unresolved sexual tension between their two characters so his trouser problems hopefully wouldn’t be captured on film.

“Can you two turn to face each other, and press as close as possible?” the director asked not happy with the first take and their body positioning.

Nino groaned mentally at the thought of the potential disaster looming in his trouser department at this change of position.

In this scene the two officers had found themselves forced into a cupboard at gunpoint by the fleeing criminal and were trying to find a way to escape without alerting their colleagues back at the station to their predicament, knowing that they would be the butt of everyone’s jokes if they were found in this compromising position.

Jun had no idea what was happening to him. Nino smelt so good and his body was warm and inviting where it was pressed up against him. They were so close that they seemed to be recycling each other’s breath. His fingers were itching to grab the smaller man and smother him in kisses.

Jun had known Nino for so long, since they were little more than children and he had never thought of him in more than an abstract way before when it came to sex. Things had gradually changed for him since they had been spending more time together on the set and being this near to him and feeling the warmth of his body so close to his own was making his blood fizz with excitement.

Nino was having problems of his own as the director made them shoot the scene over and over, happy with their acting performance but unhappy with the lighting or the camera angle or the sound.

The air between them was so charged with electricity that Nino wouldn't have been at all surprised if blue sparks started to fly between their skin. He was itching to grab Jun and press him up against the wall and fuck him right there and then, not even caring about having an unwanted audience.

As his dick began to swell with the mental picture that his fevered brain had just come up with Nino desperately prayed that this torture would end before he deeply embarrassed himself in front of Jun and the entire staff. Shuffling his hips back slightly he managed to disguise his excitement for long enough to finally complete the scene to the director's satisfaction.

As soon as the director called cut, Nino shot off to his dressing room like a scalded cat. He didn't even remember having this many unwanted boners even back when he was a teenager.


"Cut. Thank you gentlemen. One hour break for lunch please."

Jun and Nino thanked everyone on set for their hard work and Nino once again bolted for his dressing room in an almost identical state of excitement as the previous day. He was almost sure that he had made a mistake by pressing deliberately back against Jun's crotch during the last scene. He had been resisting the temptation for so long and had finally succumbed to his desire. What he definitely hadn't expected had been the feeling of Jun's length, semi hard and hot against his ass.

Nino wondered if Jun was feeling the sexual tension between them too, or was it a merely reflex response to physical stimulation, since every scene containing the two of them seemed to contain some sort of sexual undercurrent. His question was answered a second later as Jun strode into his dressing room without knocking, with a forbidding expression on his face, deliberately locking the door behind him.

"Jun, what…ooof"

The rest of Nino's question was left unspoken as the taller man forcefully grabbed his shoulders and pressed him up against the wall, pinning his hands on either side of his head.

Jun captured his lips in a suffocating kiss, forcing his tongue into his mouth while making a growling sound deep in the back of his throat.

Any questions or even thoughts left Nino's head as he was driven by desire. Moaning back into Jun's kiss, he tried to free his hands, needing to tangle them in Jun's hair and press him even closer, but Jun refused to let them go.

Forcing Nino's legs apart with his knee, Jun pressed hard up against Nino's pliable body, grinding their erections together. Jun pulled away with a gasp only when Nino nipped his bottom lip almost hard enough to draw blood.

"No marks. We still have filming today," Jun panted, looking at Nino with dark unfocused eyes.

"Mmm," Nino absentmindedly agreed as he thrust his hips against Jun's before adding "Less talking, more fucking. There's condoms and lube in my bag. Oh and we'd better get naked, we'll be in all sorts of trouble if we get cum on our costumes."

Jun reluctantly released him before going to fetch the necessary items. He paused momentarily as he unbuckled his belt before asking "Is this going to be ok?"

"It's just sex," Nino replied with a shrug, trying to appear casual as he stripped off his pants "Just hurry up and stick it in me already, and don't worry, I like it rough."

Jun's eyes became even darker at hearing those words as he quickly removed his clothes before rolling on a condom and smearing lube onto his erection. He looked appreciatively at Nino's cock. He'd always known that his band mate was well endowed but he'd never seen it erect before. Jun felt a thrill at the prospect of having that thing filling him up at some later stage.

"Come on, we haven't got all day," Nino whined, dragging Jun away from his thoughts.

"You asked for it,” Jun said as he lifted Nino up against his body, the smaller man wrapping his legs tightly around his hips as their tongues once again battled for dominance in a searching kiss.

Carrying Nino across the room, Jun braced his back hard against the wall before lifting him slightly and thrusting fully into him with no warning or preparation. Nino moaned at the pleasurably painful feeling, muffling his cries on Jun's shoulder. It was important that no one discovered what they were up to together in the dressing room.

The fact that Jun held him up as if he weighed no more than a feather made Nino feel protected and the way that he fucked up hard into his body made him feel even more excited than he thought would be possible.

There was no tenderness or love in their coupling, only a need to work out their sexual frustration on each other.

Now that his hands were free Nino grabbed at Jun's back, raking his nails down the smooth skin, causing Jun to snap his hips up into his body hard enough to make him whine while gasping "No marks!"

With a glare Jun pulled Nino's body away from the wall so that only his arms supported his weight as he continued to thrust forcefully into him. Nino was forced to stop scratching Jun as he instead wrapped his arms around his long neck in an effort to balance on Jun's lap as he carried him over the sofa while still buried deeply inside his body.

Nino mewled in protest at the loss of fullness as Jun quickly pulled out before tossing him down on his knees on the chair with his hands supporting him on the backrest.

"I need you back inside me right now," Nino ordered.

Jun leant forward, rubbing his cock teasingly between Nino's buttocks, grabbing a handful of Nino's hair and whispering into his ear "What did you say you wanted?"

Nino whimpered one again with need as Jun reached around and lightly ran the tips of his elegant fingers along his length.

"What's that Nino? I can't hear you," Jun purred as he rubbed the tip of his cock over Nino's needy hole.

"Please fuck me. I want...I want…"

"Did you say you want me inside you? Like this?" Jun asked as he gripped Nino's hips and thrust back in shallowly, teasingly not going in deep enough to satisfy Nino.

"No, I want you to go in hard and deep. I want you to fuck me so hard and fast that I forget to breathe, that I forget who I am and where I am, that I forget everything except the feeling of you pounding me into the upholstery until I come my brains out," Nino said, his voice ending with a groan as Jun proceeded to do just that.

Afterwards when they were coming down from their high neither of them could quite meet the other's eyes.

"So now that we've got it out of our systems we just go back to normal again?" Jun asked hesitantly.

"Sure, it was just a physical release. It's all the director's fault for practically having us make out with each other in every scene. We're both adults after all; although with the way that Sho and Riida mollycoddle you that may not be completely true in your case." Nino said, choosing to ignore the hurt that briefly flickered in Jun's eyes after he finished speaking.

When they returned to the set after their lunch break it was as if nothing had happened between them. If anyone picked up on the slight limp when Nino walked in they would have just put it down to his usual back problems rather than the thorough fucking he had just received at the hands of his band mate.


"So how was it?" Aiba asked as he stuffed a handful of popcorn into his mouth and slurped his drink "Because if you did it multiple times I'm going to need more snacks."

"Talking about my sex life is not like being at the movies you know, and also totally none of your business,” Nino said with a despairing sigh.

"But I always tell you everything about mine," Aiba said eagerly.

"Yes, but the difference is that I don't want to know."

Aiba knew from many years of experience that Nino would eventually open up to him if only he bided his time. He sat quietly beside Nino while he studied his new script. At least he thought he was being perfectly quiet until Nino suddenly yelled at him.

"Aaargh will you stop making that noise? I can't take it anymore. If I tell you will you give me some peace?"

Aiba, who was in the middle of cracking the shells off his bag of salted pistachio nuts paused with a nut halfway to his mouth and nodded, not wanting to discourage Nino from spilling the beans.

"It was great ok? Jun is powerful and sexy and confident and strong and everything I possibly could ask for in a lover and..."


"And I told him that it was just sex," Nino said in a tiny voice.

"And was it?"

"What else could it be? It's just a way for me to get my crush on him out of my system and then things between us can go back to normal."

"Just keep saying it and you might eventually even convince yourself that it's the truth." Aiba said cynically as he went back to his snacks and Nino returned to studying his script without replying, ashamed to admit that his best friend was as usual completely accurate with his observations.


Despite Nino making it completely clear that their encounter was a one-time thing that meant nothing more than making each other feel good physically, Jun couldn't help looking at his friend in a different light afterwards. He had an urge to learn more about Nino on a much deeper level than he had reached in all their years of friendship and he was beginning to feel more than a little captivated by even the tiniest glimpses of the real man behind the facade.

To his embarrassment he found himself unable to concentrate properly at dance rehearsal a few days later.

"Jun, did you even hear a single word of what Riida just said?" Sho asked impatiently.

It seemed to be taking much longer than usual for them all to pick up the choreography. Nino and Aiba were whispering together most of the time and Jun seemed to be spacing out. Sho had caught him staring in an unfocused way into the mirror on several occasions his feet moving out of time with the music.

Giving himself a mental shake Jun tried to concentrate on his work. It was all Nino's fault, wiggling those sinful hips erotically in front of the mirror. No matter how hard he tried to distract himself Jun's mind kept slipping back to the memory of Nino's disproportionately large cock and his desire to feel it inside him.


The next day on the set of the drama, filming had finished for the day and the rest of the crew had already left. Jun was packing his things when the door swung open and Nino sauntered in, casually locking the door behind him just as Jun had done previously.

"I saw you looking at me." Nino said as he went and stood behind Jun who was sitting on a chair in front of the large adjustable mirror over his dressing table.

"What?" Jun asked as he met Nino's eyes in the mirror.

"At rehearsal last night you couldn't take your eyes off me."

Jun was about to deny it when Nino bent down and ran the tip of his tongue down the edge of his left ear before lightly sucking on its lobe.

"What were you thinking of when you looked at me?" Nino asked teasingly.

"If you must know, I was thinking about your dick and wondering how good you are at putting it to use," Jun said as he grabbed Nino's wrist, pulling him down to sit on his lap.

"Oh I can give you a thorough demonstration if you'd like, right in front of this mirror since you enjoy watching my reflection so much," Nino whispered into Jun's mouth between kisses as their groins rubbed together and he produced as if by magic a condom and a small bottle of lube "Would you like to watch while I fuck you?"

Jun's only response was a muffled moan as Nino slid his hand up under his shirt and sharply tweaked his nipple whilst making a thorough exploration of his mouth with his tongue; their clothes were quickly removed, exposing their heated skin to each other’s bold touches.

Jun felt as if he had been drugged as he allowed Nino to do as he willed with his body. His presence was intoxicating, his fingers skilled as he coaxed Jun's body into a state of readiness.

Nino tilted the mirror before carefully positioning Jun on the carpeted floor on his knees with his elbows leaning on the padded seat of his chair.

The mirror showed a perfect image of Jun’s body and smooth white ass which Nino gazed at appreciatively as he stroked himself to full hardness before slipping a condom over his erection.

Jun only had to turn his head sideways to have a perfect view as Nino inched his way into his body. Moving slowly so they could both savour the sight of his cock gradually being engulfed in Jun's tight heat.

Jun had been imagining this for so long now and it was everything he wanted, but also so much more.

It was the ever changing expressions on Nino's face that he found himself watching rather than the sight of himself being taken very skilfully from behind. He was afraid to meet Nino's eyes in the mirror; frightened that he was giving too much of what he was thinking and feeling at that moment away in his own expression.

Nino couldn't believe how exquisite it felt to be moving inside Jun while watching their reflections. Jun was so uninhibited his movements as he rocked backwards to meet every snap of Nino's hips as loud moans of pleasure leaked out of his panting lips.

Jun's face was flushed, his hair was a tangled mess, his lips red from Nino's earlier kisses, his body jerking forward with each hard thrust, his eyes momentarily closed as his body reached for its release. The sight was so erotic that Nino almost came right then and he was forced to slow the pace, making his movements smaller as he reached around Jun's trembling body to stroke him to his orgasm.

As they both reached their peak, their dark lust filled eyes met for the first time in the mirror, neither of them wanting to look away as their bodies shuddered simultaneously, Jun's cum spurting onto the floor as Nino filled the condom, pressing hard against Jun's ass while holding his hips tightly enough to bruise.

They collapsed onto the floor in a heap until they both could breathe calmly and start to form coherent thoughts again.

Not much was said as they went to shower, each of them afraid to give too much of their real feelings away to the other if they did speak.

"Well, I guess you are pretty good at putting that thing to use," Jun said, wincing slightly as he bent to dry his legs.

"Oh, I can do better than that next time," Nino replied as he took the towel from his hands and gently dried Jun with it before adding cautiously "If there is going to be a next time that is."

"How could I possibly pass up more sex like that?" Jun responded

"True, it's great to have a no strings way to relieve stress when we're under so much pressure at the moment," Nino said trying to cover his longing for a genuine relationship with his band mate and instantly regretting it when Jun looked at him with questioning eyes for just one second before he left the room without a backwards glance.


It was like a drug to both of them. They found themselves having sex in a variety of small spaces in snatched minutes during their busy days but to both their surprise they also spent more time just talking to each other about anything and everything that came into their heads.

Even when they were in the dressing room with the rest of Arashi they naturally gravitated together. Nino had almost absentmindedly abandoned his spot next to Ohno and had taken to leaning against Jun on the other end of the sofa instead. After a few token protests Jun had settled down quite happily with Nino using him as a back rest leaving a disgruntled Ohno to use Aiba as a substitute pillow for his pre-filming naps.

They seemed oblivious to the strange looks they were attracting from the others, so wrapped up in their own little world that they hardly noticed what they were doing.


They were in the middle of filming Vs Arashi when they almost forgot themselves and outed their secret relationship. Jun and Nino were trying desperately to keep their hands off each other; something that they were finding increasingly difficult as it sometimes felt as if they were being drawn together by invisible magnets.

Jumping Shooter was one of the games that nobody liked to play. When you have to film three episodes of a game show back-to-back on top of all of their other commitments, this was one step beyond what they all felt their physical limits were.

To Nino it all seemed to happen in slow motion.

At the end of their round they collapsed on the floor together in a sweaty breathless heap, their legs feeling like rubber.

Jun was laying there, his plump lips parted as he struggled for air, his cheeks pink with exertion, delicate beads of sweat on his face; his hair had flopped over his forehead at some point and was obscuring his right eye.

Without a moment’s thought Nino reached over and tenderly brushed the stray lock of hair back off Jun’s face, only realizing what he’d done when the audience erupted into hysterical screams.

Fear of discovery flickered across Jun’s eyes for a brief second, before he decided to play the whole thing up as extra special fan service.

Clutching his hands in front of his chest, he “kyaaaaa’d” along with the fans. Pretending to be overcome by Nino’s magic touch, he fanned his face as he collapsed back into his seat.

Nobody appeared to notice when shortly after, Jun allowed his little finger to rest lightly up against Nino’s as they sat side by side watching the guest team take their turn at the game.


“Fuuuck, Jun, fucketty fucking fuck,” Nino cried as Jun thrust forcefully upwards into his body.

Filming had finished and they were in an empty janitor’s closet near to Arashi’s dressing room.

“I don’t think I understand what you’re trying to tell me,” Jun said, abruptly stilling his movements leaving his cock seated deeply inside Nino’s tingling body.

Nino glared at Jun and tried to move his hips, but he was being held down too tightly onto Jun’s lap to make anything happen. The heated stretch he was feeling from Jun’s hard cock forcing his body open was making it hard to think.

“And I thought you were good with words,” Jun said as he bit down on Nino’s shoulder.

“I don’t know why, but whenever you fuck me my brain stops working, and then you expect me to talk at the same time,” Nino panted.

“Well, I definitely know that your mouth is still working fine though,” Jun said, remembering Nino’s lips wrapped around his cock half an hour earlier.

“Yes, and if you don’t make me come soon, it’s going to be a while before you get to test it again,” Nino snarled as he wriggled as much as he could with Jun still restricting his movements.

“I can think of another use for it,” Jun said as he let go of the wriggling hips and put one hand on the back of Nino’s neck, drawing him close enough to be able to reach him properly.

Their lips met in a surprisingly gentle kiss. So far their purely physical relationship had involved a lot of heated sex but not a lot of tenderness, so it felt strange for both of them as they slowly savoured the unexplored taste and sensations they were experiencing together.

Nino sighed and leant into Jun’s embrace as they kissed, tongues teasingly slipping from one mouth to another as he tangled his fingers in Jun’s silky hair, holding him in place.

Jun moaned into Nino’s mouth as the smaller man slowly began to undulate on his lap, sliding himself slowly over his cock.

They continued kissing, even when they both climaxed; only pulling apart when they needed to regain their breath, holding each other tight until Jun’s spent cock eventually slipped out of Nino’s body.


“If you’re not doing anything tomorrow night did you want to grab a drink or something?” Jun asked unexpectedly as he searched for his pants where they had been hastily flung into the corner of the room.

Nino was caught off guard. They hadn’t spent any real time alone together since this whole whatever -it-was thing had begun between them.

“Sorry, but that’s my regular night with Aiba. We’ve been doing it since we were juniors, and it’s kind of important to both of us to continue it whenever we can, so….”

“Ok, that’s fine. Forget I said anything...” Jun said, trying very hard to keep the disappointment out of his voice.

“Unless you’d like to come with me?” Nino asked, sure that Aiba wouldn’t mind. In fact he would probably get over-excited at seeing them together and Nino would have to make sure he didn’t give anything away to Jun about his knowledge of their relationship. Nino decided that if Jun agreed to come then he would let it be a surprise or else they would probably walk into Aiba’s apartment and get covered in a shower of confetti or something else as equally embarrassing.


An unsuspecting Aiba was completely astonished when he opened his door on the next beer and snack night to find not just Nino standing there but Jun as well.

Jun was holding a six pack of beer in one hand and a slightly greasy looking paper bag in the other.

“I hope you don’t mind me intruding,” Jun said, looking slightly unsure of his welcome “but Nino said that you wouldn’t mind. I’ve brought beer and burgers even though Mr Cheap here said not to bother to bring anything.”

Jun knew that he was talking too much but he was somehow unable to halt the nervous gush of words that were flowing unchecked from his mouth as he continued “I made sure to get burgers with lots of salad on, which of course made Nino whine a lot, but I think that he needs to eat something at least a bit healthy occasionally, even though I suspect he may be allergic to green.”

Realizing that Nino and Aiba were exchanging messages only using their eyebrows Jun decided to give them a minute “Um, I’ll just go and put the food on some plates, if that’s ok with you?

Aiba immediately agreed as he was about to spontaneously combust with curiosity. As soon as Jun was out of earshot he pounced.

“So you and Jun are together now?”

“Shush, not so loud, and no, he just happened to be at a loose end so I invited him to join us tonight.”

“But you two are…” Aiba replied whilst making rude descriptive gestures with his hands.

“Yes we are, but that doesn’t make us more than fuck buddies,” Nino said as he batted Aiba’s hands out of his face.

“If that’s what you to want to keep telling yourselves, then go right ahead, but one day you both will have to admit the truth.”

“Stop being so insightful, you know it creeps me out, and just because you keep saying something doesn't make it true,” grumped Nino as he pushed his way into the apartment.


Aiba became even surer of his prediction when he found Jun and Nino finishing each other’s sentences several times over the course of the evening and Jun reaching out to wipe a drop of sauce off Nino’s chin before coming to his senses and snatching his hand away at the last second.

Just seeing the way that Jun and Nino looked at each other when they were sure the other wasn’t looking made Aiba’s heart sing.

He longed to see his friends find happiness with each other but he knew that if he tried to interfere things might come to an end before they had properly begun. It was up to the stubborn pair to make this work by themselves. Only they could find their way together, but he desperately hoped it would be soon because the strain of keeping the secret from Sho and Ohno was just about making his head explode.

He managed to get Nino alone for a few minutes while Jun was in the bathroom and offered a last few words of advice.

“I think you should try asking him on a date; a proper one with all of the usual datey type things. This way you’ll both know where you stand. I can see that all of this uncertainty is no good for either of you.”

“But what if he says no?”

“Do you really expect him to?”

Nino, who Aiba had been mistaken about not seeing the tenderness in Jun’s eyes that evening, said “You’re doing it again. Stop it.”

“Stop what?”

“Seeing into my brain. I already told you that it’s creepy,” Nino said as he suddenly had to busy himself elsewhere as Jun walked into the kitchen in search of coffee.


“So, errr, I thought we could have dinner together tomorrow night at my place,” Nino mumbled as he zipped up his trousers. Jun had just given him a blow job that was so spectacular that he had almost passed out when he orgasmed.

“What like an actual date?” a slightly breathless Jun asked as he tried to straighten his messed up hair.

“Not a date as such, just a meal at my place with wine and dessert and that sort of stuff,” Nino said in a poor attempt to make it seem just like a casual invitation. He found himself holding his breath as he waited for Jun’s response. If he refused it would mean that he had been misreading the signals he thought that Jun had been sending him indicating that he was looking for more from their relationship than just a quick fuck.

For just one split second Jun seemed to look at him with eyes that flared with hope, before he turned away to pick up his discarded jacket from the floor of the cleaning supplies cupboard that they were in at that moment.

“Sure, why not? I haven’t been to your place since you got the new apartment and I’ve got nothing else planned,” Jun replied, attempting to hide his excitement at the invitation with feigned indifference.

Nino, who knew him well enough by now to know when Jun was masking his true feelings, couldn’t restrain himself from doing a celebratory fist pump while Jun’s back was turned.

He had a feeling that this meal together might prove to be the turning point in their relationship.


Jun cleared his throat nervously as he prepared to knock on Nino's door. Although they had been steadily becoming closer over the past few weeks, he was still unsure of Nino's feelings for him. The sex had been wonderful of course, but he had also felt his connection with Nino deepening and was desperately hoping for a sign from the other man that he was feeling at least a little of the same. During the sex that they’d had after filming Vs Arashi he’d seen another side to Nino; a tender and caring one which had given him some hope that his feelings were being reciprocated. The invitation to spend the evening at Nino’s apartment certainly seemed to be a big step in the right direction.


Nino's apartment was surprisingly spacious, not as stylishly furnished as Jun's of course, but not the cheap hovel that most people pictured him living in either.

Nino had decided that this was his chance to show Jun his true feelings and had tried to make things as romantic as possible. He'd even gone as far as borrowing some scented candles and incense from Sho in the hopes of creating the right romantic atmosphere.

When he opened the door to Jun's hesitant knock he found his pulse already quickening. Jun had taken a lot of care with his appearance and looked even more stunning than usual. The soft dark blue cashmere sweater's low cut V-neck highlighted Jun's long smooth neck and the candlelight made shadows in the hollows of his collarbones that Nino longed to run his tongue over.

"Errr, hi,'" Nino mumbled nervously as he accepted the bottle of wine that Jun was holding out to him.

"Hi to you too," Jun replied, pressing a soft kiss on Nino's cheek.

They both sensed that things were different that evening as they worked their way through the meal that Nino had ordered in. There was quite a lot of teasing about the fact that Nino didn't like to waste time on cooking even though he was more than capable, and the fact that his apartment now smelled like Sho's dressing room. Jun talked a lot about his new bonsai which gave Nino the opportunity to tease him back about his old man hobby.

The candlelight lent a softness to Jun's strong features that Nino couldn't resist and when he saw the fleck of chocolate mousse clinging to the corner of his delectable lips he couldn't help walking around the table before leaning over and licking it off with the very tip of his tongue.

Jun pulled him down onto his lap and they sat kissing each other for an endless amount of time, neither wanting to be the first to pull away. Eventually Nino wanted much more, so he stood and took Jun's hand, wordlessly leading him towards the bedroom. He had taken care to prepare things before Jun arrived, not wanting any interruptions to his well-planned seduction.

Pressing the remote for his stereo as he led Jun to the bed made soft music wrap its way around the room. They both laughed at the cheesiness of it but that didn't prevent them from swaying together to its rhythm in an intimate dance as more soft kisses and gentle caresses were exchanged.

"You are so beautiful, you know," Nino breathed in Jun's ear before he licked a soft trail down to the collarbones that were still attracting his attention; sucking on them lightly he slowly unbuckled Jun's belt, stopping a minute later to prevent Jun's hands from undoing his own.

"No, this time is all about you. Please let me show you what you mean to me." Nino said as he continued to undress Jun before making him sit down on the edge of the bed.

When Nino knelt and took Jun's half hard length into his mouth and heard Jun's gasp of pleasure he thought he might come in jeans right there and the. Jun's half closed eyes and tiny moans seemed to travel right down his throat all the way to his own dick. The sight of Jun's fists bunching up the sheets as he leant back, biting on his bottom lip made Nino so hard that he had to unfasten his pants to relieve some of the pressure on his own heated erection.

Nino was tempted to continue until Jun came, knowing that when he felt his cum spurting down his throat that would probably come as well without even needing to touch himself, but this wasn't part of his plan for the evening.

Pulling away from Jun's cock earned him a displeased whine as Jun protested at his movement. After pressing a consoling kiss to the tip, Nino stood and removed his own clothes, carefully easing his underwear down over his own weeping erection.

Jun took Nino's hand and pulled him down to join him on the bed. Neither seemed to be in a hurry to move on to the next part, spending their time caressing each other and kissing, their tongues moving in an imitation of their earlier dance together.

Nino once again took the initiative; working his way over Jun's body, nibbling on the moles that were dotted about his perfect skin and tracing every muscle with his tongue until Jun was pleading for more.

He retrieved the bottle of lube and warmed some between his hands before beginning to slowly tease his lover's body open. He was extremely gentle in his movements, nibbling Jun's most sensitive areas to distract him from the painful stretch.

He took extra time to be sure Jun was completely ready, wanting to take his time to make love, not just fuck Jun to reach a quick release.

As Nino reached for the condom Jun grabbed his hand, stopping him before he could tear the wrapper open.

"No need. I want to feel you completely."

"But Jun, what about...?"

"We're both clean aren't we?"

"Of course, but…" Nino replied, trying to comprehend the full implications of what Jun was actually trying to say to him.

Jun was looking up at him with complete trust and another expression that Nino might have hoped was even love shining in his eyes. Nino suddenly found that it was hard to breathe and had to steady his racing heartbeat before he could continue.

As he carefully began to press himself inside Jun a few minutes later, his feelings threatened to overwhelm him. To his shame he had to swallow a sob as he felt Jun's tight warmth welcoming him.

"Wow, I didn't know that I was bad enough at this to make you cry," Jun said with a teasing smile once Nino was fully inside, even though he looked suspiciously close to tears as well.

Nino laughed and gave Jun a teasing jiggle of his hips "I suppose if I really have to I could possibly find the time to teach you how to get better at it if you like." His words ended with a moan as Jun squeezed tightly around him in retaliation.

And then they were both moving together in a steady rhythm, as if they had many years of practice together behind them instead of just a few weeks. Each seemed to know exactly when to move and how to find just the right spot to achieve maximum pleasure for the other. They took their time, their desire gradually building, needing to prolong this unexpected link of perfect synchronization, neither willing to lose this moment of perfect harmony.

Nino's orgasm was quite unexpected when it came. Jun was looking deeply into his eyes as he thrust his hips upwards against him, making a keening noise deep in the back of his throat and he looked so beautiful at that moment that Nino couldn't stop the words that seemed to come out without him even realizing.

"Jun, I love you."

As soon as he spoke Jun's eyes widened and he came between their sweat soaked bodies with a cry of "Kazu!"

Jun had never called him by his given name before in this tone of voice, and the thrill it sent through his body made him come harder than he had ever done before. His whole body spasming as he repeatedly spurted his thick cum deep inside Jun's body.

To both of their surprise the sensation caused to Jun to come again, with an almost pained moan, a tiny bit of sticky white stuff squirting over Nino's stomach as they collapsed together in a sweaty sated heap.


The next morning when they woke up snuggled together in Nino’s bed, their bodies in a loose tangle of limbs, they studiously avoided talking about what had been said by Nino the night before and what Jun had meant by his actions. They both knew that a serious talk about the direction their relationship was taking was needed, but there was a full day of filming ahead of them which included some risky action scenes which would require their full attention so there seemed to be an unspoken agreement to pretend that nothing had changed between them.

Jun whipped up some eggs for breakfast and force fed them to a complaining Nino who didn't believe in breakfast as an actual thing that needed to be done on a regular basis. He only complied with Jun's wishes because there was no way that he could say no to those limpid brown eyes as his plate was piled high.

They didn't have any time to talk after that as they studied their scripts in the car on the way to the studio. There was a complicated stunt planned involving a motorcycle which seemed quite risky in concept but would look spectacular on the screen so they took extra care in making sure that they knew what was expected of them.

After they arrived they were whisked in different directions and didn't get to see each other again until the stunt scene was ready for filming.


Jun and Nino stood with their lips almost touching, fists bunching up the front of each other’s shirts. They were arguing over what to do with the bag of diamonds that had been recovered from the criminal gang. Nino was in favour of donating them to the local orphanage that had been burnt down by the gang in an earlier episode, but Jun insisted on handing them in to their superior officer.

“Just give them to me.” Nino said as he made a grab for the bag.

“No, we have to do the right thing,” Jun replied as he held them just out of reach of Nino’s shorter arm.

They glared at each other from close range, breath mingling as they stared each other down, until something seemed to give in Nino as his body sagged slightly as he leant against Jun in silent surrender.

It was at that point that the motorcycle would appear out of nowhere, sliding past the pair, and the pillion rider on the back leaning over and snatching the bag from Jun’s hand before disappearing.

It had been rehearsed many times before now with stand-ins replacing Jun and Nino as they worked out the finer details. The only problem was that nobody on the staff had noticed the small patch on oil on the road which caused the bike to skid out of control when it was already too close to the duo to allow them enough time to try to avoid it. The bike’s rider and passenger had slipped off the back and landed without harm, which just left the five hundred kilogram piece of machinery heading straight towards the stunned pair.

Time seemed to slow as the out of control bike slid towards them. A split second before it reached them, Nino grabbed Jun by the waist and spun him around so that he was as far away from the impact as possible, using his own body as a shield; then they were flying through the air before everything went black.


Fireworks seemed to be exploding in Jun’s head and body. He tried to move but it seemed that his head was strapped down and his neck was being held stiffly by some sort of brace. The relentless pain coursing through his body made breathing seem like all too much hard work and he was unable to move his left arm at all when he tried out each of his limbs to see if they were free from whatever was making it hard for him to move his head. The room was far too bright and he could hear voices all around him. They seemed to be talking about him but he couldn’t quite make out what they were saying, until someone took hold of his right arm and spoke clearly in his ear, saying “sharp scratch” as a needle was plunged into his vein and soon the pain and voices faded away.


Jun could just barely make out two shadowy figures leaning over him as he gradually came to his senses. Squinting his eyes to protect them from the blinding white light above his head, he wondered why he seemed to be lying in bed when he was meant to be filming with Nino.


"Shh, don't try and move," one of the figures that he now realized was Ohno said as he tried to stop Jun from stressing himself.

"Where is he? He saved me." Jun said, wincing as he tried to sit up; the vision of the motorcycle sliding towards them and the feeling of Nino trying to protect him suddenly leaping into his still fuzzy mind. His shoulder was strapped in a sling, there was a stabbing pain in his chest when he tried to breathe and his relentlessly throbbing head was making it hard to think clearly.

"He's in the room next door. Don't worry, Aiba is with him." Sho said.

"I want to see him." Jun said as he struggled against Ohno's gently restraining hands.

"You have a bad concussion and two broken ribs. Your shoulder was dislocated but the doctors put it back into place and you have some internal bruising. They don't want you to move for a while." Sho said with concern.

"Nino is ok then?"

Ohno and Sho exchanged a worried look over Jun's head as if they were debating how best to answer his question.

"He has more bruising than even you do and his leg is broken.” Ohno said

“So I can ring him then if both of us aren’t allowed to move,” Jun said with determination while grabbing for his phone which was on his bedside table, needing to make sure for himself that Nino mostly in one piece.

Sho snatched it up and exchanged another look with Ohno.

Jun looked back and forth between his shifty looking band mates “What aren’t you telling me?”

“I’m sorry but he hasn’t regained consciousness since the accident,” Sho eventually replied, not quite able to meet Jun's worried eyes before adding encouragingly “but I'm sure he'll be fine. The doctors said that his brain scans were clear and that some people just take longer to wake up."

"Aiba will come and tell us if anything changes." Ohno added.

The painkillers the doctors had given him earlier while they replaced his dislocated shoulder had been strong enough to knock him out for what must have been quite a long time; it had been early morning when the accident happened and now it was definitely dark outside so if Nino hadn't woken up yet something must be badly wrong.

"NO! I can't just stay here. I need to see him right now," Jun said as he struggled out of the bed, wondering why the floor seemed to be tilting under his feet when he tried to stand.

"Jun please lay back down before you hurt yourself," Ohno said as he jumped in and caught him around the waist, barely preventing him from falling to the floor.

"No. I'm going to see him even if I have to crawl there." Jun gasped, struggling to breathe through the pain in his chest.

With an exasperated sigh Sho left the room only to return a few minutes later pushing a wheelchair in front of him.

"Since you're so insisting, hop in and I'll wheel you over to see him."

"Sho, are you sure this is ok?" Ohno asked, worried by Jun's pale face and clammy skin as he helped him into the chair.

"The doctor gave his permission as long as he goes back to bed straight away afterwards." Sho said as he wheeled Jun towards the door in a tone of voice that indicated that he didn't quite agree with the doctor’s opinion.


Aiba was sitting slumped in the visitors chair next to Nino's bed when the other three entered the room. Hastily wiping the tears from his eyes he turned towards them, pasting a shaky smile on his face as he said "I'm sure that Nino will wake up any minute now."

Jun barely heard him or the conversation that followed, focused as he was on the small pale figure in the bed.

Nino's thin body was dwarfed by the white cast on his left leg and his body seemed to be covered in bruises. The last thing that Jun remembered before the accident was the feeling of Nino's hands on him, attempting to move him out of harm’s way. The guilty thought that Nino had been badly injured while trying to save him almost overwhelmed him as a strangled sob escaped through his teeth that he hadn't even realized were tightly clenched.

"It's my fault that he's hurt like this. I should have been the one to protect him. He's never been physically strong. How could I let him sacrifice himself for me? I haven't even found the courage yet to tell him that I love him." Jun gasped, coughing slightly with the renewed pain in his chest.

Aiba immediately vacated his chair and knelt down in front of Jun, wrapping his arms carefully around his neck and murmuring into his ear "Don't. Nino loves you. He will be really mad to see you crying over him when he wakes up. So look happy, ok?"

Jun took a shuddering breath and tried to clear his mind as Aiba wheeled him nearer to the bed; wanting only to be closer to the man he now realized that he had come to love quietly, deeply and without any unnecessary drama over the past few months, almost against his will.

Sho and Ohno were exchanging puzzled looks at Jun and Aiba's conversation, but slowly Jun and Nino's recent strange behaviour began to make sense to them. Aiba dragged them over to the corner where they proceeded to have an intense whispered discussion, periodically looking across at the pair of lovers.

Jun barely heard them over the loud beating of his heart which seemed to have strangely relocated itself in the back of his throat. He picked up Nino's limp hand, noting how small it seemed compared to his own long fingers and pressed it to his cheek, remembering with a smile all the inventively dirty things it had done to his body lately, unable to stop a hot trail of tears from running over it as he softly said the words he had never been able to say out loud "I love you Kazu, please don't leave me."

"Eww J! That's gross."

Nino's voice, croaky but strong, came out of nowhere, startling everyone in the room.

"Seriously, what do you think this is? We're not in some dopey drama you know." he added with an additional sound of disgust, hoping to hide his secret delight at Jun's declaration of love.

Jun had gone from grief to anger in less than a second.

"I tell you that I love you and you think it's gross? I don't know why I even bother."

"Not that bit, you idiot; the bit where you were sobbing all over my hand."

"That would be the first time that you've ever been upset by having any of my body fluids on your precious skin."

"Not true. What about that time in the cleaner’s cupboard last week when I stuck my finger..."

"That's not important right now." Jun said, cutting off the rest of Nino's sentence.

"Oh, but I do think that it is important, because now that I know what a cry baby you are, I may have to rethink what I was planning to do to your ass next time I have you bent over and begging for me to..."

"Um, guys?" Aiba, who had been gradually edging closer to the bickering pair in his need to not miss any of the enthralling details of their argument, thought at this point that it was probably a good idea to remind them that they weren't alone in the room.

Jun and Nino looked at each other with a shared look of realization, before both turning their heads to see Ohno and Sho standing together with a matching look of shock and embarrassment on their frozen faces.

"Surprise?" Nino said, trying to salvage whatever tiny shreds of dignity were left to him “Jun and I are kind of together, but don't worry, it won't change anything at all, really it won't."

A red faced Sho was the first to answer "I'm just happy if you guys are happy, but for the love of all things holy please don't discuss your sex lives in front of us ever again. I think you broke Riida."

Ohno was indeed standing completely immobile, his mouth frozen in a surprised "O". It looked as if something had short circuited in his brain.

Aiba cautiously approached him and prodded him with a tentative finger.

"Riida? Is everything ok in there?"

Ohno mumbled in a faraway voice "Jun bent over while Nino..."

"Right, we'll leave you two together while we fix the perverted old man here," Sho said as he took one arm and Aiba took the other as they steered Ohno away for a breath of fresh air.

"I'll be back in fifteen minutes to make sure that Jun is in bed," Sho said with a stern expression.

"And I mean his own bed," he added with a warning look directly at Nino.

Neither of them spoke for a while after the others left, occupied as they each were with reassuring themselves that the other was going to be fine. Jun still hadn't released his tight grip on Nino's hand as if he was afraid that if he released it, Nino would lapse back into unconsciousness and leave him alone again. At the same time Nino stroked the side of Jun's face, carefully avoiding the bruise on his temple as he murmured soft words under his breath, asking if he should be back in his own bed, worried that his lover was looking so pale and battered, not realizing that he looked even worse.

"I guess its official now," Nino said with a hint of insecurity in his voice.

"Yes, I guess you're stuck with me; unless you don't want to be." Jun replied with an equally scared expression.

"No, I totally want to give it a go since you are ready to give it a try, and anyway you know that we don't really have to change anything from the way we were before, except that we don't have to have sex in strange secret places anymore," Nino said.

"Oh no, I completely disagree,” Jun said, not wanting to pass up an opportunity to tease.

Nino looked stricken.

"I think that we should totally continue having sex in strange places. What's not to like about it." Jun said with a laugh, before he realized that Nino was trying to blink away a tear.

"I'm sorry. It was a joke. Too soon?"

"Too soon and totally not funny," Nino replied with a small hitch in his voice and a hurt look on his face.

Jun unsteadily pulled himself up to sit on the edge of Nino’s bed before bending down and kissing him until neither of them could breathe properly anymore.

"I won't joke about it anymore." Jun said with eyes full of love as he placed a light peck on the tip of Nino's nose "Plus with the shape we're both in I'm not sure how the sex part is supposed to work for the next few weeks anyway."

Nino cuffed Jun lightly on the head, careful to only brush his hand through his hair, not wishing to hurt him in the slightest.

"That counts as another joke. You owe me big time. Just wait until I get to dominate and dazzle you with my sexual prowess once again."

Jun laughed painfully, and made a move to return to his wheelchair, anticipating that a fussy Sho would burst in at any minute with a team of medical staff in tow to return him to his own room and check on Nino. As exhaustion and dizziness threatened to overwhelm him he was forced to admit that Sho was right and he really needed to lie down as soon as possible and Nino was looking even paler than ever and his face was creased with pain as his body woke up to the fact that it had been injured.

Nino, sensing that Jun was readying to leave his side, held him gently in place as he whispered "Remember, no more not funny jokes, but feel free to say the love part as much as you like from now on and sometimes if you’re very good, I might even say it back."

Date: 2016-09-07 04:52 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] negai3104.livejournal.com


Wooooooooooooahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. There was so MUCH smut: I LOVE it! I'm so happy someone did the drama prompt! I've been thinking about it for a long time and if it actually happened irl I would be one happy (and incoherent) fangirl!

Okay~ first, I would to thank you for writing Aimiya BFFery. I love these two to bits so to see them as BFFs makes my day. Seriously. Thanks for adding it in!

Second: The smut. WOW! I know I asked for NC-17, and I knew (maybe?) that I was going to get a smut when I gave my list of kinks to you, but I didn't expect to see this much!!! Am I complaining? NO!! And you added in quite a bit of the kinks I listed, Mirror sex, Nino being picked up, nino being manhandled... 8D Love it! I honestly really love the smut. Everything was HOT. <3 And you put top! Nino! TYTY! I loved how you made them switch. Best thing ever. And how they took turns. That's like, everything!!! <3 I absolutely adore it when couples switch, and I loved the powerplay between them. It's very fun to read.

Last: The angst. Ugh, writer-san, the scene broke my heart a little lol. It came out of the left field, but angst always spices a fic up, eh? ;) Thanks for including some angst in here! And the fluff, and the kissing scenes are wonderful. Kissing scenes are always wonderful, and I love each and every one you put in here.

I don't know what else to say, but I am very happy :D I like their confession scene. It was so cute.

You probably got most of what I asked for (and I feel like I asked for a lot), and I am very very happy ^_^ Thanks for writing this for me <3 Now im off to reread it for the third time (ahahahah). I apologize for the weird comment. :D
Edited Date: 2016-09-08 02:50 am (UTC)

Date: 2016-09-07 05:18 pm (UTC)
falkner: photoshoot picture of Sakurai Sho from Arashi (遊戯王 ☆ thinking of you)
From: [personal profile] falkner
This is beautiful and hot and LOL at Leader traumatized at the idea of Jun having sex

Date: 2016-09-07 07:06 pm (UTC)
reveetoile: (Omiya kuscheln)
From: [personal profile] reveetoile
That was so nice to read ^^
It was so hot, heartbreaking and even fluffy at the same time <3 I hope they'll be happy when they both are healthy again ;) Poor members might have some scares in future coming for them.

Date: 2016-09-08 03:45 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] nicefinalbeam.livejournal.com
Who doesn't love a good friends-with-benefits-in-denial-eventually-confess-their-love fic!? Seriously though, I really liked how there was a slow build to the ultimate love confessions and closeness, but an explosion right off the bat with their chemistry. For me personally, I thought you had a perfect balance of tenderness and care for one another and a bit of teasing that suits the pair of them. It was refreshing for the Matsumiya dynamic :Db

Aiba being the all-knowing observer makes me happy because he's definitely more perceptive than he gets credit for, and you used him to good effect without having him be too pushy or interfere. It felt like a true best friendship - yay!

There was so much about this that was cute, and a lot that was steamy. Great! :D

Date: 2016-09-08 04:05 am (UTC)
yukitsubute: (Default)
From: [personal profile] yukitsubute

Oh I loved that Anon-san. The whole way with all the sex they have, not wanting to admit that there is already much more betweem them, but they already suffer because of their feeling.

I loved the Aimiya friendship. Aiba is so cute, and Nino can't say nothing to him *lol*

Oh my, I almost had a heart attack in the end when this accident happened. But luckily was immediately himself again. ❤❤

Hundert hugs for shocked Oh-chan *lol* poor boy.

Thanks for this anon-san, it was really great to read, loved it.

Date: 2016-09-08 02:22 pm (UTC)
lilly0: (Matsumiya sweet)
From: [personal profile] lilly0
I love this! I like how there is so much attraction between them, but they pretend it's only sex, while feeling bad about not admitting to their feelings at the same time. I like the teasing and the hot sex, and how Nino tries to protect Jun. I'm happy they grasped their chance at the end <3

Date: 2016-09-09 09:49 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] yoru-no-hikaru.livejournal.com
Wow, this story got it all. The drama combi was totally awesome. I mean, Matsumiya as super-hot cop couple - who wouldn't love that?

It's cute how they both refuse to let themselces be exlosed, but then slowly, carefully exploring new territory. Just as hopeless as cute. 💖💖 It's really too bad that then that accident happens. (><) Well, it's quite a cliche and part of the majority of get together stories, but then it's a real classic. XD

I really liked the story big time. The smut was steaming and the storyline really entertaining. (o^^o)

Date: 2016-09-16 03:41 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] inaudible-d.livejournal.com
Oh wow O.O the amount of porn in this fic is :Db it's so great!
I love how it was Jun who was the one who approached Nino first. I immediately got the assurance that Nino's feeling isn't one-sided. But it's still fun to read all the smexy things happening between them as fuck buddy before they're getting their shit together and confessed. :D

The fic lives up to my expectation that I had when I read the title. I love it when fic has not many dramas. Thank you for this! :D

Date: 2016-09-20 07:12 am (UTC)
phrenk: (je: evil)
From: [personal profile] phrenk
omg my favorite part was when they broke Ohno, fjdaslkfajsdlk, I could picture that SO PERFECTLY AND IT WAS SO GREAT. But really there was so much to love, and clearly they were meant to be!! I love the idea of them doing a drama together, and of course the whole "pretending to just be friends with benefits" thing hurt in just the right way since there's a happy ending~~ Thank you for sharing! ♥
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