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A piece of rainbow for [livejournal.com profile] renchan27 Part 2


Ever since looking for the High Warlock of Tokyo became official Clave appointed business, Nino’s life was in short, living hell. He was buried under mountains of paperwork and the Clave had sent volume after volume of Warlock history and Shadowhunter interactions with Warlocks.

The worst part was that his mother was the deliverer of said endless volumes. She works in the library at the Academy in Idris and has no doubt pulled strings to be able to visit her injured baby boy. Nino thinks that the ‘Nephilim Power Couples Through the Histories’ book was his mother’s personal addition to the official records sent to Tokyo. In case that was too subtle, his mother also insistently shows him pictures from her facebook album comprised entirely of herself and young Nephilim women.

At least she bakes cookies that he can munch on in his misery.

His mom ruffles his hair affectionately as she leaves him the plate of cookies and offers to show him a note taking template that helps her during research. Nino is a little apprehensive about working with his mother, despite her brilliance. She’s a terribly distracted woman and likes to distract herself with one cursed topic.

‘Your sister wanted to send you a care package but I couldn’t carry it.’

‘You mean you couldn’t force her to make me one.’

His mom laughs, ‘She loves you, you know.’ Nino does. He loves her too. But they’re siblings and not the mushy kind. They don’t talk much either and his mother worries about that too. Worries that Nino is shutting himself in.

‘You know sweetheart, you don’t have to be in crazy love to find a partner.’ She runs his hands through his hair, ‘People need companions and marriage is an excellent way to find and provide support.’

He knows that it’s her terrible way of cheering him up or herself up. He’s not sure who needs it at this point. Even though his mother didn’t know why, she could tell that Nino was miserable. His mother knew a thing or two about loneliness and probably just wanted to save her son from that fate. She was convinced that the path to Nino’s happiness was through a solid and companionable relationship. In many ways, Nino doesn’t disagree. Nino has always been a bit of a loner and if not for Aiba would probably not interact with other beings outside of work for months.

He knows she means well. But she brings it up often and everytime Nino wants to counter with coming out to her. Wants to see her delusions come crashing down. Sometimes he wishes he could just accept her hating him. But he can’t so he never comes out, quashes down those feelings of desperation and isolation and keeps trudging on in this lie.

But he can hurt her in smaller ways. ‘Yeah you know a lot about love, huh?’ Her look of hurt soothes his own pain a little. He doesn’t enjoy it but he feels less stifled.

Bringing up his father and her failed marriage is a low blow to her. But it’s a past that haunts Nino too, has fractured his own family. And even though he knows it’s not really her fault, Nino sometimes copes by blaming her for it.

Nino’s father had joined The Circle when Valentine Morgenstern was first recruiting. Nino’s mother, an academic, was more engrossed in reading and writing about politics and political history than being involved in it. She had completely missed when the idealistic rebels in The Circle had turned into a dark guerrilla faction affiliated with demons and demon magic.

His father died when The Circle first tried to rebel against the Clave in Idris. That was also when everyone, including his mother had figured out what he was up to in secret. Experimenting with demon blood was taboo as a Shadowhunter. His father had let Valentine turn him into a monster for war. The whole family had come under fire for his actions and his mother changed everyone’s last name to her maiden name to protect her children.

Nino had spent an entire lifetime trying to prove his worth. He knows his sister has too. They’ve both dedicated their lives to the Clave’s work. Being gay was never in his plans. And finding out he wasn’t straight during his time in the Academy had left him devastated. It was why had applied for Institute positions abroad.

His mother’s sigh brings him out of his thoughts, ‘You know sweetheart. I know how hard our life has been on you. That’s why I want you to have one of your own. I want you to see, it doesn’t have to be like ours.’

He feels guilty suddenly, reaches out to hold his mother’s hand, ‘I’ve been happy, you know. With you and sis. It’s been a great life.’ His mom looks like she knows he’s lying. He wasn’t, exactly. But it wasn’t the whole truth either. But she doesn’t say anything further, squeezes his hand back.

His mother leaves that day, needed back in Idris to finish archiving the happenings of the most recent war against The Circle. He lays down on his bed with one of the encyclopedias she had brought and sighs.

He didn’t want to banish himself to a fate of eternal loneliness either. But he still couldn’t settle down just to make his mother happy. He dreams that Ohno calls him.

Ohno doesn’t.


It didn’t take long for him (and everyone else) to realize that he was looking for a man who didn’t want to be found.

It has been five days since his mother had dropped off Clave volumes. So far, two stories set in Japan cut off in the middle before any mentions of a High Warlock took place. Aiba and Toma were portalling around, either hunting more rifts or chasing Downworlders who have had possible interactions with the High Warlock of Tokyo. Progress on that end extended to one really old pixie who said that he’d met the Warlock 60 years ago and the only thing he remembers is that he was a young man with pretty nails. When pressed for more details, the pixie had said he was definitely Japanese but possibly also Chinese or Korean. So now their search was narrowed down to East Asian men with a penchant for manicures.

(It wasn’t a very helpful hint.)

‘Nino, your face looks like you’re sucking on a really bitter lemon.’ Sho comments from where he is looking at demon energy surveillance data from the night before.

‘You can’t even see my face.’ He throws back without looking up from this really boring historical account about magic users in China. He doesn’t think half these records have anything to do with the Shadow World at all and the author’s bland, clinical writing does not make every detailed spell after detailed spell any easier to get through.

‘I can feel your misery emanating off your back.’

‘I hope it materializes and slaps you in the face.’ Sho only laughs at Nino’s irritated tone.

‘C’mon you need a break.’ Nino startles because Sho whispers right in his ear and when did that bastard move from his computer?

‘So you can counsel my relationship problems? No thanks. Aiba brought me warm milk last night. It didn’t work.’

Sho chortles, ‘I told him that all that mushy stuff wasn’t going to work on you.’

‘I’m glad you guys are milling around like bored housewives discussing my business.’

‘Let’s settle this in the training room like real men, yeah?’

‘Yeeaaa, all this chest puffed out machismo doesn’t work on me either.’

‘I’ll give you half my month’s salary if you win.’

Nino’s ears perked and he was up before Sho could form another thought, ‘Yes.’

While Aiba was clearly the most talented fighter of the three of them, Nino and Sho were close behind each with their own strengths. Nino was fast and cunning and Sho was always calm and calculating. Their sparring matches were usually evenly tied and came down to tiebreakers.

But Nino was feeling good about this. Sho reduced his training time by half ever since he moved out. He also didn’t accompany them on as many missions as before. Nino had almost died just about a week ago. But Aiba’s iratzes tied with the energy drawn from their parabatai bond had worked magnificently and he was fully healed; thrumming with the restlessness of being caged in during recovery.

Sho just sheds his shirt off when they get to the training room while Nino, a little shy about his body, pulls on a tank.

‘Last one standing.’ Sho says.

Nino nods. There’s no one to moderate the match but that works in Nino’s favor since he has less moral misgivings against playing dirty. They approach each other slowly and Sho gets in the first jab. Nino dodges easily. The first couple of minutes are easy kicks and dodges; they’re just warming up. But then Sho suddenly uses the momentum from one of his easy kicks to spin and elbow jab him square in the chest.

Nino reels from the surprise of it, but steadies himself and blocks Sho’s next kick. The impact sends him to his knees but he’s managed to push Sho’s kick to the side during the block. So that by the time he’s gotten up Sho is still trying to get his balance. Sho’s back is to him but Nino with his lack of scruples just charges at Sho and pushes him to the ground.

Sho with his knowledge of Nino’s lack of scruples, expects it and throws Nino off his back. Nino rolls into position from the throw and comes at Sho with a series of kicks and punches, each faster and harder than the last. Sho dodges the first two but the ones after are too fast for him. He blocks them but Nino is out for the kill and Sho’s defense is getting weaker with every block.

Nino can just feel the numbers pile in his savings account but then before he knows what has happened, Sho has locked one of his punches and pulls him towards him. Sho sweeps Nino off his feet and onto the ground while locking his upper body in what was essentially a hug.

This was classic Aiba, who believed the only real end to a fight came with hugging.

‘Cheater! You’ve been training with Aiba.’

Sho who has his arms locked behind his back pulls on them tighter and it hurts.

‘You’re the one who charged at my back!’

Nino grumbles and Sho lets his arms go and flops onto him. Nino thinks Sho is trying to give him an actual hug.

A really gross, sweaty one.

‘I hope you realize that this is extremely gay.’ Nino says as he pats Sho’s bare back gingerly, trying to get as little sweat on his palm as possible. It’s nice and muscular and Sho feels kind of warm on top of him.

Sho shushes him, ‘But you need it.’

Need was such a strong word but it was nice. Sho wasn’t usually supremely generous with affectionate gestures but his weight on top of him calmed Nino a little. Pushed all the thoughts and responsibilities from his head. Settled the restless feeling inside him ever.

‘Go talk to Ohno.’

And Sho had to ruin it.

‘I know Aiba is terribly obsessed with my sexual gratification. But what’s up with you? Why are you so into this?’

Sho finally rolls off him to lay next to him, ‘I’m into you.’ When Nino snorts Sho rectifies, ‘I mean your happiness. You’re also being a miserable pain in the ass. If you wanna break up with the guy, then break up with him. Don’t just fight and break up on default.’

‘He’s a liar.’

‘It’s the Shadow World! Everyone has secrets. Didn’t you keep your identity a secret too?’

‘I thought he was from the mundane world! I couldn’t have told him even if I wanted to!’

‘Was Ohno’s secret really that bad?’

Nino stops to consider that question, he’s suddenly a little drowsy from the exercise and the pristine white ceiling lulls him. Why did Ohno keep his identity a secret? Even now, Nino realizes, he doesn’t really know what Ohno was. He was part Nephilim but he had no runes, so he couldn’t have been a Shadowhunter.

Was that what Ohno was? Part Nephilim? Did Ohno hide his identity because he was afraid that Nino wouldn’t want him?

Nino feels guilty that he never let Ohno tell him why he did what he did. Nino was so fixated on the lie that he never stopped to consider that Ohno might have had his reasons too. But even now he feels a surge of anger at the thought of Ohno lying to him.

Why was he so fixated on the lie?

An image from a long forgotten dream comes into his hazy visual. He remembers the big plan he’s had as a kid. He had wanted everything his dad had taken from him. A wife and kids in a nice house in Idris, maybe a dog and happy neighbors. He’d shattered that dream and built a new one when he realized he was gay.

Even with the way he is, he can still be important and do a lot of good. For Nephilim, for mundanes, for innocent peaceful creatures. He can do good for the Shadow World. He can be someone people admired.

Ohno had showed him that he didn’t have to be alone to do those things.

Ohno brought out a side of him that Nino didn’t think he even wanted to exist. Ohno makes him a little selfish. When he was with Ohno he would think about having free time and days off so he could visit him; he would think about things that would make him happy. He wanted to do things that would make him actively happier.

Even though Ohno wasn’t a woman nor a Shadowhunter, he fit into the spaces of Nino’s heart; the yearnings of which he had long learned to ignore. Now, there was an image in Nino’s head. Tiny flashes that he didn’t dare to dwell on for long. Images of him living with Ohno in Idris, maybe adopt kids with him.

But if Ohno is a Downworlder, even that new hope would shatter in its infancy.

He felt a little crazy lamenting a future for a relationship that might not have lasted in the first place. But he realized he was thinking about his future with Ohno for the same reason Sho was going to such lengths to get them to talk. Because he wanted a future with Ohno. Maybe that scared him a little too.

Ohno made him want things.

‘He’s called Aiba everyday to check up on you, you know?’

‘Do I get to shower first at least?’


‘Sho says that if I want to break up with you I have to say it and not have it be default because of a fight.’ Nino was an idiot and he definitely did not come here to make Ohno look like he was just slapped. He really needs to tone down the verbal abuse.

‘Nino?’ Ohno moves aside even as he’s still talking. Nino doesn’t know why Ohno is saying his name like a question, maybe it’s disbelief.

Then, ‘Are you here to break up with me?’

‘Doing it over text seems kind of terrible, right?’ He’s trying for light and joking but really he needs to just say no, that he’s not going to break up with him.

Isn’t he? Nino didn’t really have a game plan. He just showed up.

And Ohno’s training those hurt puppy eyes on him again.

‘It’s terrible every way.’ Ohno says, not bothering to hide the hurt, the irritation. It’s the first time Ohno sounds angry and passionate about something. Nino likes this side of Ohno too.

‘Do you want to break up?’ Nino says because he’s stalling for time.

Stupid Pride.

‘Nino, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have lied. I was protecting myself. I’m-I’m wanted in the Shadow World.’

‘Are you a criminal then? If you’re protecting yourself from the Clave, why get involved with a Shadowhunter? A Clave ambassador at that. You could see them from the beginning, right? My rune scars.’

‘I liked you. I didn’t notice you were a Shadowhunter until after we’d made out. I did not realize you were the Head of the Tokyo Institute until much later, I was already invested by then. It seemed worth it.’

Nino should probably be a little more concerned with the part where Ohno might be a wanted criminal. But there’s a more important thought pushing for dominance.

‘You liked me?’

“Like.” Ohno’s eyes are suddenly alert and sure, the passion from before pouring into something that isn’t anger this time. He’s looking right at Nino and Nino feels a little on the spot, ‘Do you still like me?’ Ohno counters. Nino retracts, but Ohno only comes closer, reaches a hand out, reaches out for him, for Nino.

Ohno wants to hold him.

Nino doesn’t want to admit that his indignation, betrayal and all the other things keeping him away from Ohno is losing. Has lost.


Ohno is on him the second he whispers the word. Has him scooped into his arms, holding him like he doesn’t intend to let go.

‘Nino’ Ohno breathes and Nino realizes that Ohno is still waiting.

Nino closes the distances between them, surges awkwardly against the hold Ohno has on him to press their lips together.

Ohno catches on, readjusts his hold on Nino, with one arm around his waist the the other above his elbow. With his newfound mobility Nino only holds onto Ohno tighter, pulls him impossibly closer until everything is Ohno, Ohno, Ohno.

But it’s not enough.

It’s Ohno who’s tugging on his t-shirt first. Once Ohno’s hands slides up Nino’s bare sides, Nino just gives into his want. They’re on Ohno’s couch in the next instant, still kissing, Nino pulling at Ohno’s belt buckles. Ohno pushes up into Nino, the press of Ohno’s hard on against his thigh sends another rush of pure want through him, makes all the blood rush south.

Nino forgets to breathe until Ohno says his name softly, with a hand on his cheek. Nino isn’t sure how anyone can manage to look so tender with their fly open but Ohno’s smile makes his insides melt.

Nino exhales, ‘I don’t want our first time to be make up sex. I don’t want to be angry with you during it.’

‘You’re still angry with me, then?’ Nino leans into the hand on his cheek.

‘Yes.’ Nino hopes he looks apologetic because he wants to forgive Ohno and jump into his arms.


‘But I’m sorry too. I never gave you a chance back then.’

Ohno hums pleased and Nino sinks down onto him. It’s too hot and their chests are sweaty but Ohno’s fingers running through his hair are nice.

Ohno has beautiful hands.

‘Is me being Head of the Tokyo Institute not a problem then?’

‘I’ll deal with it.’ Ohno whispers softly.

‘What did you do?’

A pause.

‘I killed someone.’


Three weeks pass with relative inactivity. Demon attack-wise.

In other aspects Nino is happy with what he’s achieved. He’s worked out a negotiation with the London and Brooklyn High Warlocks where they will portal in on-call in case another giant rift shows up or if the one Toma patched up breaks open again. The pressure on him to find the High Warlock of Tokyo from the Clave’s side has eased up as a result, though they are still trying.

He’s been deploying patrol missions a little more frequently and Toma now accompanies them on all missions involving demon-encounters in case there are more of those rifts.

To Aiba’s delight Toma spends a lot of time in the Institute nowadays either on standby or because he’s healing and vulnerable at his house in that duration. It’s not bad, Aiba and Nino are the only permanent residents of the Institute and Toma bumbles around a lot, making noise and breaking stuff. It adds color to their usual routine.

Nino’s never really thought of Toma as goofy until now. But then, until now he hasn’t really seen that Toma chokes on his soup because he eats too fast or splutters whenever Aiba flirts with him or pouts whenever Nino beats him at a card game.

Toma is also fascinated by Nino’s magic. Human magic tricks that Nino picked up on his past time. He claps and coos and makes stupid remarks.

‘I just didn’t think Toma would be this cool, you know?’ Nino mumbles into Ohno’s shoulder. They’re lounging on the couch in Ohno’s apartment, Ohno has an old movie on mute playing on the TV but mostly they’re just dozing, sharing warmth and thoughts.

‘Why not? He looks cool, like a majestic bird.’ Ohno hums thoughtfully and Nino knows that Ohno is thinking up some silly illustration, maybe one of Toma as a falcon. But the question has Nino stumped for a bit. Why didn’t he think that he’d like to be Toma’s friend? He knew Toma and Aiba weredrinking buddies long before Toma started staying over at the Institute. He never had the opportunity to join. He’s always working after all.

‘He was a work friend.’ Nino settles on, ‘I think I hated him because I knew how much I was paying him.’ Ohno hums again but doesn’t say anything. Nino hates that he knows Ohno isn’t convinced. Nino draws invisible patterns on his chest.

This was another part of his life that was going well. Ohno creeping into his idyllic future. Sometimes it gets ruined by the knowledge that Ohno has some treacherous past and probably would not be able to enter Idris. But mostly Nino ignores that, along with the fact that he isn’t really sure what exactly Ohno is either.

It doesn’t seem like something he can ask. It’s obvious Ohno isn’t a werewolf or vampire, the two kinds to look out for in his opinion and he is satisfied with that. Most of the time Nino is convinced Ohno is some harmless Shadow World creature without any powers. But there’s a serene, timeless feeling about him that throws Nino off at other times.

There are some things about Ohno that he does know though.

He now knows that Ohno’s favorite part of any date is the nap they take after. Sometimes Nino delays that nap because he wants to exchange mutual orgasms and Ohno likes that too. Nino likes when Ohno kisses him long and deep. It makes him feel like they’ve got all the time in the world. He likes that Ohno almost never rushes anything, from dressing to eating, Ohno moves calmly and it makes Nino feel grounded. It’s the opposite of how he is with Aiba, which is satisfying in it’s own way, but Ohno’s unhurried pace brings forth the softer sides of Nino.

He also knows that Ohno likes to cuddle. Although half the time he thinks that Ohno is trying to strangle him. Even though he complains about it Nino likes it, likes that Ohno can’t seem to keep any space between them. He thinks that perhaps Ohno has figured that out.

Nino still hasn’t sorted everything out, but he’s close to getting over the lying thing. Ohno still apologizes sometimes and Nino brushes them away saying it was nothing. He’s pretty sure he’s meant it on two of those accounts.

It takes a couple of days to get over the awkwardness but eventually Ohno becomes a regular at the Institute. He and Sho have bonded over Shadow World history. This was a side of Ohno Nino never really knew (or has much interest in) but he likes to see him eating Sho’s favorite crackers and talk with brows furrowed.

Ohno hates the Clave and even though they are technically Nino’s employers, Nino likes that Ohno never tires of him complaining about them. Ohno is reticent about his past so Nino doesn’t know why Ohno hates the Clave. He wonders if Ohno’s crime has something to do with it. Nino doesn’t press though and he’s glad that Ohno never presses him for any details about his personal life either. He doesn’t want to talk about his mom or sister; their past or his dad.

He isn’t sure it’s relevant to either of them right now.

Nino learns that Ohno is a mangaka’s assistant. That is why there are so many doodles littered on his apartment floor all the time. The most notable work he’s worked on so far has been about some bird man. Nino buys his manga without telling him. It’s pretty terrible and the bird man is not really a bird man but some kind of evil scientist.

Aiba loves it though.

In fact, Aiba loves almost everything about Ohno. They both share a love for plum onigiri and for an entire week after this discovery, it’s all Nino eats at the Institute because they keep making it. Ohno is also probably the first person on Earth who can occasionally outdrink Aiba. Nino’s heart swells at the thought of how Ohno fits into all the spaces of his life.

His phone alarm dings and he kisses Ohno, who kisses back lazily. He deepens the kiss for just one second, presses desperately hard before he lets go. Ohno makes a questioning sound.

‘I have to go. Maru and Yasu are coming for their research shift. And Aiba is out on patrolling duty, I have to let them in.’ Ohno nods, reluctantly loosens his hold around Nino’s shoulder. He lets Ohno draw an agility rune on him so he can run back. Faster and cheaper than the metro. Ohno is an artist, his runes are always long and elegant and Nino is kind of addicted to them. He kind of wants to see them on Ohno’s own skin. But he isn’t sure if Ohno can survive having runes drawn on him since only Shadowhunters can do that.

He never asks.

When he gets back, Maruyama and Yasuda, members of the Tokyo werewolf clan, are already waiting for him. He apologises and lets them in. Leads them straight up to the library, where the three of them pick three different historical books. Members of the werewolf and vampire clans have been taking shifts to do research at the Institute to find the High Warlock of Tokyo.

Even though the Clave was no longer supremely desperate, Downworlders still were. They still needed their representative. So Nino had cut a deal that Nino will grant access to all the material, in the possession of Shadowhunters, that could possibly shed light on the whereabouts of the High Warlock but Downworlders had to shoulder a chunk of the actual search effort.

There are 8 members to the search committee and they come every alternate day to help find the High Warlock. 3 hours in, Nino leaves to get them snacks. They will spend another day pouring over useless records but when he walks back in with some crackers, Maruyama suddenly says, “Do vampires do magic?’

Nino rolls his eyes, he doesn’t have time for Maru’s mumbo jumbo today.

Or any day, in fact.

‘No, wait guys, this is a serious inquiry. From ‘82 to ‘87 Matsumoto Jun had a series of transactions that would make no sense unless he was brewing a potion.’

‘Vampires don’t brew potions. Only warlocks do that.’ Nino replies.

‘But he’s bought toad’s legs, deer hooves, bat’s wings and the list of gross things continues.’ Maru says reading off the logbook he has in front of him. Nino and Yasu both confirm what he’s saying. Nino’s insides burn with rage. That lying son of a bitch.

Did he really expect any better from a vampire?

There’s only one person he could be buying those things for.

‘C’mon you guys. Call your leader. We’re paying Matsujun a visit.’

Nino rushes out, leaves Aiba a message about his whereabouts and hopes Yoko is already there because he is not going to wait. Unfortunately, his idea of bursting into Matsujun’s abode and taking him by the collar is short lived. Matsujun’s henchman takes their sweet time coming to the door and questioning them in a drawl tone. By the time, the door to the abandoned shopping mall is opened close to fifteen minutes after their arrival, Yoko has already joined them.

They pass store after abandoned store to the elevator which leads them up to Matsujun’s lair, which used to be the executive office of the mall and therefore has more privacy. The rest of the vampires live in rooms repurposed from old shops. Some rooms are still laid out with things like they would be in a store.

Trust Matsujun to live in a glorified closet.

Before Nino can start his tirade, Yoko cuts in, ‘We have reason to believe that you are acquainted with the High Warlock of Tokyo.’

Matsujun raises his eyebrows. Even though, he still manages to look cocky, his signature smirk is a little dimmed.

He gives in under their unrelenting gaze. He sighs, ‘I may have known him once upon a time.’

‘I hope you realize that withholding information is considered a breach of our alliance.’ Yoko growls in the back of his throat. He sounds absolutely terrifying and Nino is glad that he took over the interrogation.

‘Fine. We used to be paramours. But he wiped my memory when he went in hiding. I’m not exactly proud of being duped. But I have absolutely no information that could be helpful.’ Yoko bares his teeth a little, Nino can see his canines sticking out. Matsujun lets his own transformation show a little, red bleeding into his eyes, ‘But I swear, if I thought there was anything that would help, I would tell you guys.’

Nino steps in before the two can start a brawl, ‘Sometimes warlocks leave signatures on strong spells. If we probe into your head we might be able to find it.’

‘You want to probe into my head?’ Matsujun asks ironically as though he already knows that will never happen.

‘C’mon MJ, this will either take a long time with a lot of fighting. Or you can agree to it right now. It’s just some warlock touching your forehead. You don’t seem to have much scruples about warlocks touching you.’

Matsujun raises one thoroughly waxed eyebrow at him this time, ‘How caustic. Honestly, as much as I would like to avoid a fight with our friend Yoko, I want to hear you whine even less. You know, in case you were wondering why I gave in.’

‘So you’ll let us?’

‘Probe?’ Matsujun’s signature smirk is back and he leans back in his armchair (throne?), ‘Be my guest.’ Then as an afterthought, ‘He better be pretty though. Only the most beautiful can probe me.’

They don’t wait long for Toma. He portals in front of the vampires lair and Matsjun’s henchmen bring him up immediately. Unlike, Nino’s own visit, the henchmen are waiting for Toma so they don’t make him wait for a lifetime.

‘Hello I’m Ikuta Toma.’ Toma says with his arm stretched out for a handshake. Nino’s surprised those two haven’t met yet, ‘I’m here to-

‘Probe me?’ Toma goes beet red under Matsujun’s lewd gaze, ‘Please, it’s my pleasure.’ Nino is glad Matsujun approves of Toma’s looks. He’s convinced that one way or another they would get the work done. He’s glad they don’t have to do it while Toma is emoting ‘hurt puppy’ all over the place.

But Nino doesn’t think Toma blushing like a ripe tomato is helping the situation either. Not looking anywhere near recovery, Toma just stands there twiddling his thumbs.

‘Oi MJ, quit your innuendos.’ Nino snaps. Matsujun sighs before sitting up straight, this time he looks straight at Toma, seriously without any hint of teasing, ‘Get on with it then.’

Wow, his whining really does work.

Toma seems to straighten up after that as well and puts one finger from each hand on either side of Matsujun’s temple, ‘This might hurt.’ He warns before pressing in with his fingers, the air around his fingers take on a slight tinge of blue when he starts chanting. Toma starts shaking and Matsujun’s hand shoot up to grab one of Toma’s wrist, gripping hard.

Nino’s afraid that he’ll crack it.

Matsujun looks like he’s in a lot of pain and barely holding in a scream. When he lets out a long, low groan, Toma is pushed back as if by an invisible force and he’s breathing hard.

He looks pleased though.

‘So you got a signature?’

‘Yes.’ Toma says smiling brightly through his fatigue.

‘What is it?’



It doesn’t even take them a full hour to find something about a warlock named Riida. They’re joined by Sho and Aiba in their renewed search efforts.

‘A powerful High Warlock who has started laying low post World War II for reasons unknown. After that, sightings of him have been reported around Tokyo and Kyoto before a complete disappearance right before the start of the millennium. Many believe him to be dead after a grand battle with the Greater Demon, Agramon.’

The other little excerpt Aiba finds speaks of unusual powers that the High Warlock possesses, including exceptional ability at mind control and manipulation of demonic energies.

‘Huh, it says here that at one point he used to control a great personal army consisting of all sorts of Downworld creatures. That’s why he got the nickname.’ Nino reads.

‘I wonder why he disappeared. He could really fuck us up if he had joined sides with Valentine. They have that whole army thing in common.’ Aiba says who is flipping through their database for a Riida.

‘Then it’s good that he’s dead. Maybe we can’t find him because he’s not around.’

‘Eh? You just want to get out of looking for him.’ Aiba laughs and Nino narrows his eyes at being caught, ‘Don’t worry, Nino. It’s a fresh lead. We’ll find him. Or a burial site or something.’

‘Wait a minute,’ Maru suddenly speaks, ‘I think there’s a picture in the Appendix. Look at the footnote.’

They flip to the appendix quickly and what they find instead of the promised picture from the footnote is a rough sketch that looks more like a DragonBall Z character than anything else.

The man in the picture is wearing a kind of kimono that is flowing out in all directions. He’s in mid flight and his arms are outstretched and light is sprouting from his fingers. His full, rounded cheeks and he has spiky hair. It’s his eyes though that catch Nino’s attention, even in the sketch they look deep and distant with drooping eyelashes. It’s striking but subtle and Nino feels a little unbalanced.

‘Huh’ Aiba says, ‘If you squint your eyes and tilt your head 40 degrees to the right it looks like Oh-chan.’

Nino slams the book shut, ‘Yeah and if you tilt it to the left it looks like Goku. Stop wasting time.’

A sudden knock at the library door startles Nino.

‘Oh-chan!’ Nino says. Ohno walks in and kisses Nino in greeting. Nino’s heart is beating a mile a minute and he’s not sure why, ‘What are you doing here?’

‘You said you wanted to be in the Institute tonight and that I should come over.’ Nino remembers that they spend most nights together and Ohno comes over whenever Nino expects to be on-call through the night.

‘Right. I set the alarm off for you.’

‘Let’s call it a night then guys?’ Aiba offers because it’s late anyway and Nino is getting antsy.

As everyone starts packing up, Nino pulls Ohno towards his bedroom. Ohno puts his overnight bag by the door like he always does, ‘Do you still have some work to do? I actually need to finish some sketches.’ Ohno says as he’s pulling out some pencils and his notebook.

Nino nods. He pulls up the current logbook and makes an entry of all the official business they carried out today. He feels jittery all of a sudden and looks to his right to where Ohno is sketching on his bed. Nino suddenly feels like Ohno is peeking over his shoulder and reading Nino’s entry. Nino looks to his right towards the bed where Ohno is absorbed in his sketches.

Nino feels silly because Ohno has never expressed any interest in his missions and nothing he’s done today is top secret. Besides Nino tells him most things anyway.

‘So I met with Matsujun today.’ Nino settles on talking because he can’t exactly concentrate on his log entry.

‘Yeah?’ Ohno scratches his chin, ‘He’s a vampire right?’

‘You know him?’

Ohno laughs, ‘No but you were complaining about his hair last week.’

‘Oh.’ Nino laughs too. Of course Ohno doesn’t know Matsujun.

‘What’s with you? You’re acting weird.’

‘Yeah?’ Nino asks, teasing, ‘Tell me if this is weird.’ He puts Ohno’s sketch aside to kiss him. Ohno leans back against the headboard to make room for Nino and he just goes, fits into the spaces of Ohno’s body.

He sighs contentedly when they break apart. Ohno hums thoughtfully and then pecks Nino’s lips quickly like he can’t help wanting another taste, ‘Nope, not weird.’

They’re smiling at each other for a while and then it’s only natural that they start kissing again. Ohno rolls them around so that he’s pressing Nino into the bed. Nino is straining to kiss Ohno harder and Ohno slides one hand under his shirt. The kiss breaks suddenly when Nino gasps. Ohno laughs and rubs Nino’s nipple harder.

Oh-chan’ Nino gasps and Ohno just pinches his nipples harder.

That bastard.

Ohno leans in to kiss him again. ‘How old are you?’ Nino asks suddenly and Ohno stops, his hands making a hasty retreat. The question throws Nino off as well.

Nino panics, holds Ohno’s hand in place under his shirt. Hesitantly Ohno slides his hands back up to Nino’s chest to thumb his nipple. Nino gasps lightly, slides his own hand under Ohno’s shirt, caresses his back.’

‘I’m-I’m. Nino-is this role play? Like, do you want me to say 60 or something? I think- I don’t think I’m ready for the whole daddy kink thing’

Nino startles, ‘What? No! I just realized I don’t know how old you are.’

Ohno rolls his hips against Nino and keeps his hard on pressed against his hip, ‘You realized that right now?’

‘Yes?’ Nino says, finding it difficult to not just start rutting against him.

‘I’m 35.’

Nino leans up to start kissing again and Ohno pushes him back down onto the bed with the hand on his chest, ‘Wait, it’s your turn.’

‘Yeah-yeah you’re right. I’m 34.’

Ohno sighs as though relieved and leans in to kiss Nino but he’s stopped again.

‘Wait. What’s with that reaction?’

‘I just-I just thought you were younger.’

‘I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not. How much younger?’



‘I was hoping you were, you know, older than 18. And you are! Great! Let’s continue.’

Nino pushes Ohno off him, ‘You thought I was jailbait?’

‘No. No! You just look-Nino come back.’


‘You’re sure you’ll be okay by yourself.’

Aiba rolls his eyes and pushes the seraph blade across the table at Nino,‘Yes, I’m sure.’ When Nino doesn’t move Aiba sighs, ‘Sho’s projections shows that the rift will not break for at least another week. Toma is staying at the Institute. Sho is on call for unusual demon activity and in case I have nightmares. I’m not gonna start a war. Riida is nowhere to be found, still. You haven’t seen your boyfriend in two days and you’re starting to droop. In fact, I might catch your droopiness if you stick around any longer.’

Nino finally moves towards the door, grumbling, ‘I’m not drooping.’

Nino isn’t about to make a big deal about not seeing his boyfriend for two days. It’s all normal. They’ve been texting. He was busy with looking for his Warlock and Ohno was finishing up a volume up for release. They were both busy and would probably keep being in the future. Nino would need to leave on international missions at some point. And those lasted at least two weeks.

Two days was nothing.

When Ohno opens the door, Nino forgets about acting cool and jumps into his arms. Ohno catches him with the other end of Nino’s fervor and pushes him against the closed front door.

‘Hi.’ Ohno whispers.

‘Hi.’ Nino says back and gropes Ohno’s ass, ‘I missed you.’

Ohno laughs in reply, ‘C’mon I’ve just been perfecting manga sex for the last 18 hours. I think I’m up for some real people sex.’

They’re too impatient for foreplay. Ohno has him pushed against his mattress, spreading lube across his hole in record time. Nino waits until he feels ready enough to take Ohno, pulls Ohno’s fingers out hastily and rolls them around on the bed.

‘I’m sorry for rushing but…’ Nino doesn’t know how to finish that. Doesn’t want to actually say that he was desperate to feel Ohno inside him, feel connected to him. Ohno only nods and steadies Nino with his hands on his hips. Nino doesn’t need to say anything.

The stretch of the first thrust knocks the breath out of Nino and he stops to give himself time to adjust. Ohno rubs his thumbs soothingly across his hips. Ohno smiles at him when Nino looks into his eyes with a shaky laugh, steadying himself with his hands on Ohno’s chest.

Nino starts moving slowly and then in earnest, not really keeping any semblance of rhythm anymore. Ohno doesn’t notice, instead grunting and breathing deeply, trying to stave of his orgasm.

When Nino leans down to kiss him - slow, intimate, dirty - Ohno comes. Nino pushes off him and rolls onto a side of Ohno, using his hands to finish himself off. Ohno kisses him through the afterglow and Nino’s head feels like mush.

Until Ohno yawns into his mouth.

‘Alright, I think 18 hours of wakefulness is enough. Go to bed.’ Ohno kisses down his jaw and tucks his face into Nino’s neck and starts snoring.

‘I didn’t literally mean right now. We’re gross. Wake up.’ Ohno only snuggles in closer. Nino sighs and tries to crawl out of his grip to get at the tissues on the bedside table.

Suddenly panic rushes through him.

He’s scrambled out of bed even before the phone rings. The energy surrounding him feels intense and it takes him a while before he’s clawed his phone out of his pants. He knows what this is about even before he’s picked up.

‘Nino, I think the rift broke, the sensors are off the roof.’

‘I know it did. Get here ASAP. Get Toma, send an emergency plea to the New York Institute and see if Magnus Bane can make it. Right. Now.’

‘Already done. Toma is making a portal. Sho is on his way. Is it like last time?’

‘Might be worse, I can feel it from Ohno’s apartment.’ Nino has drawn his basic fighter runes during the conversation. They’ve found a rune that counters a certain amount of demon energy but Nino knew it wouldn’t be enough.

‘Nino, don’t go outside.’ Nino didn’t know Ohno was awake, much less looking panicked and alert on his bed.

‘Shit even you can feel that? This is bad.’ Nino has pulled his gear on and is looking around for his blade.

Ohno has grabbed him by the shoulders and turned him around ‘No, Nino you can’t go outside.’

Nino kisses him on the nose, ‘It’s my job Oh-chan. We’re also a little better prepared this time.’ Ohno’s grip gets harder on him, ‘Oh-chan, you’re hurting me.’ When Ohno doesn’t move or release his grip, Nino shoves him off. But on second thought he turns around, ‘Look, I going on missions is hard on partners. But I’ll be careful and I’ll be back.’

Nino leaves before Ohno can say anything else. He tries running down the stairs but the air is like thick soup and he’s tired already. Standing on the street is like being pressed up against solid walls. He can see the demon coming and he reaches for his seraph blade. It feels heavy in his hand and he’s not sure he can swing it. He pulls at the blade and his heart rate is increasing because he’s not sure he can manage it.

Suddenly, it’s like someone released his shackles and he swings his blade just in time to catch the demon right in the chest. He slices another one through the middle of its head. He tries to run forward because the rift is two blocks away and that’s where Toma would need his protection. But he’s attacked by three more demons at once. These are a little larger and stronger. They take longer to kill and one of them scratches his shoulder.

Nino can see the claws at his side even as his pulling his seraph out of the demon he’s just stabbed.


He’s not gonna make it in time.

But the impact never comes. Instead there is a blue glow disintegrating the demon next to him.

He doesn’t need to turn around to know who’s behind him.

But still does.

He turns around.

‘Oh-chan?’ Nino doesn’t mean it to sound quite so broken or hurt, but his voice shakes without his permission. Even though he’s looking at Ohno, he can see the two demons charging at them in his peripheral vision.

He keeps his blade down.

The demons disintegrate in blue flames.

Ohno’s hands are up and directed at them.

‘How old are you really?’

‘Five hundred and sixty four.’

‘Unbelievable.’ It isn’t really, Nino believes it easily and a lot of Ohno’s quirks slot into place. Nino turns back around and runs towards the rift. He just wants to avoid dealing with certain things.

He would rather fight a hundred demons.

Quite literally, that is what he is doing.

‘Nino don’t leave, my protection is only within a 15 meter radius’

Nino suddenly feels like he’s run into a wall again, his breath going labored. He remembers Aiba slicing through the air the last time and starts doing the same. He gains some ground until the air around him lets up again. This time he turns around in a rage.

‘What is your fucking problem? You were there the other day too, weren’t you?’ He’s grabbed Ohno by the collar. Nino can barely think through his rage as his seraph is now pointed at Ohno’s throat instead of the demons but he’s careful not to obstruct Ohno’s hands as Ohno is still annihilating the demons around them. The blue flames rage on like his anger, ‘The effects of the demon energy suddenly disappeared after we talked on the phone. You almost let Toma die!’

‘I didn’t know what was happening either.’ Ohno says desperate, Nino sees the demon charging from behind Ohno. He lets Ohno go roughly and pushes his blade through its chest.

But he can’t really keep his focus on his mission, ‘You wouldn’t have come if I hadn’t called, even though you knew it was demons.You let me - everyone - keep looking for you! But the whole time you were sabotaging us, weren’t you?’

‘Nino I-

‘Nino! Nino!’ A faint call interrupts whatever Ohno was going to say. Nino thinks it’s Sho or Aiba or both. The rift is now less than a block away from where they are standing.

Nino is overcome with guilt over ignoring his friends.

‘Fuck you!’ He says before running off, taking his frustration out on the seven demons that try to attack him on his way to the rift. The air around him is still light and easily navigable, so he knows Ohno is following him.

But he’s distracted from his urge to sucker punch Ohno by the sight of Toma on his knees, looking like he is pushing out the very essence of his life in trying to close the rift. Sho has his arms around Toma’s middle holding him chest to back and a blue light engulfing them both. Sho is giving Toma his energy but it still wasn’t working that well. There are splotches of blood on their clothes and their skin seemed to be peeling off.

Aiba has two blades out and killing any demon that got close to the pair. Nino runs to join him. Aiba takes two seconds to smile gratefully at him before he’s back to killing demons, now Nino at his side. Aiba is already bleeding profusely and Nino doesn't think he can go on for much longer. Now that he’s closer to the pair closing the rift he can hear how heavy their breaths are.

The rift still looks insurmountably large. There are demons crawling out of the rift and above Toma and Sho, no doubt being kept at a distance by some kind of shield made by Toma.

He’s caught between helping Aiba and giving Toma his energy like Sho is when the blue flame around the pair suddenly becomes unexpectedly large. It’s soaring across and around the length of the open rift and instead of Toma and Sho, Ohno is in the middle of it. Toma is unconscious at his feet and Nino grabs him and throws him over his shoulder, the strength rune making Toma no heavier than a sack of feathers.

The blue flame is illuminating the street as though some twisted form of daylight, everything is clear, visible and eerily blue. The demons that come into contact with it start disintegrating and their cries soon become deafening.

He orders Aiba to retreat with Sho and Toma.

‘Is that Ohno?’ Aiba says baffled.

‘Just get out of here. I’ll cover him.’ Aiba nods and uses the last of his energy to grab Sho and Toma under each armpit and run for cover, where he could work on drawing iratzes.

Nino doesn’t have to do much covering since the rift grows smaller and the flames become shorter but extend sideways to catch demons further away from Ohno. He can see Ohno growing tired though and even before he’s realized it himself he’s put his hand on Ohno’s shoulder.

He can immediately feel a surge from his hand into Ohno’s body or rather the flame, which rages with a new sort of vigor.

He wraps his arms around Ohno’s middle and hugs him from behind like Sho had done to Toma.

He’s woken up to the bright green walls plenty of times and each time he’s been unprecedentedly grateful to be subjected to Aiba’s terrible interior decorations.

Not that Aiba will ever know.

This time it is Aiba’s teary, grateful face that greets him first.

‘How come I’m always getting my butt kicked?’ He sounds kind of weak to his own ears.

‘Ohno drained you of all your energy. You didn’t really stand a chance against the sheer amount of energy the-um-the-

‘The High Warlock of Tokyo channels.’ Nino provides and Aiba blushes a little.

He recovers enough to punch Nino playfully on the shoulder, ‘I have been sleeping with Downworlders left, right and centre and the first one you pick is the most important political and historical Downworld figure imaginable. Attention whore.’

Nino knows it’s a joke but his stomach only drops, ‘Yeah. Attention.’ He hopes he’s giving off a smile but Aiba only looks at him pityingly.

‘Where is he?’

Aiba grabs a hold of his hand ‘Oh Nino. Of course he wanted to be here. But we’ve played through this scenario once already and I thought it best for him to not be here right as you wake up. The Clave has been waiting to pounce on him. So I let them.’

Ohno visits him eventually. He’s looking cautiously at Nino. They really have played through this scenario before.

‘How are you feeling?’

‘Last time I regretted not giving you a chance to explain yourself. So this time you have the stage.’ Nino had too much he was working through right now. Not only had Ohno lied about who he was, he has been actively fooling Nino all this time. Not only did he shatter Nino’s idyllic delusions to atomic pieces, Nino is having a hard time knowing what parts of Ohno are even real anymore. It’s better if Ohno talks so Nino doesn’t need to figure anything out. He’ll believe anything he’s told without scrutiny at this point.

There’s a very long pause and Nino feels antsy but being with Ohno all this time taught him that a little bit of calmness right now will go a long way.

‘It’s obviously not the first time I’ve worked for the Clave.’ Ohno pauses again, he’s looking up at the ceiling contemplatively, ‘The Clave used my services quite a lot back in the day. I used to command an army, that the Clave used to terrify other Downworlders. The Clave wasn’t the savior figure back then that it is now. They wanted power and control. And in many ways so did I. The partnership worked out for who I was back then. But-’

The next pause drives Nino crazy. He picks at his sheets to distract himself. Before he can start screaming though Ohno continues.

‘-But they went too far. I went too far. The Clave always treated me as an honorary Shadowhunter because my mother was Nephilim. It got to my head. But my demon blood caught up with me. I couldn’t hide from the fact that my father was a demon. A greater demon, Agramon.’ Ohno is starting to choke a little but he gulps and continues, ‘I guess I thought that if I killed him like the Clave wanted I could truly be a part of them. But Agramon was doing what demons were supposed to do, I didn’t know if killing him was the right thing to do. Still don’t to be honest. But more than that I knew that whether or not Agramon existed, I could never be Nephilim because I could never not be demon as well.’

‘But you knew I was trying to help Downworlders. I told you everything eventually and you still did nothing to help. You didn’t even help me.

‘Jesus, Nino. Don’t you get it? I’m a demon. I’m not the good guy here. There’s no such thing. I don’t help. The demons think that they’re the good guys. My dad was fulfilling his purpose in this universe just like Shadowhunters fulfill theirs. I am done making judgement calls.’

‘So what? You’re just going to stand by the sidelines even though you have the power to do something?’

Ohno makes a frustrated noise.

‘With the things I’ve done - things I once thought had to be done - it’s better that I just stop. I know a thing or two about time. And what’s right today will be wrong tomorrow.’

If Ohno is frustrated then Nino is ready to throw a brick at someone. ‘Then why even bother with me? Why go through this whole thing. If you wanted to lay low just lay low. Don’t play around with the dude whose sole mission in life is to look for you.’

‘I told you already. By the time I knew who you were I was already invested.’

‘Invested?’ Nino snorts, ‘Like warlocks know loyalty. Don’t you just toy around with people until you get bored? Eternity is too long, right? If I wouldn’t die I’d get dumped, right? Like Matsujun?’

Ohno’s face steels itself, ‘You are such a piece of shit.’

When he storms off, Nino pulls the covers over his head and cries.

Nino wakes up the next morning to Aiba is snoozing on an armchair next to his bed. There’s a glass of milk on his bedside table. Aiba jerks awake at the sound of the glass clinking against the wood of the table when Nino picks it up to drink from it.

‘How are you feeling?’ He asks sleepily.

‘Like a piece of shit.’

Surprisingly, Aiba chuckles, ‘Yeah, Ohno mentioned he called you that.’

‘You two being friends seriously creeps me out.’

‘Yeah? Well us being friends leads to you knowing important information like Ohno doesn’t hate you. He’s just waiting for you to get your head out of your ass.’

‘And you waited here all night to pass on this important message? That my head was in my ass?’

‘I waited here cause you were crying and as your best friend I was worried.’ Nino feels guilty for going off on Aiba, ‘You haven’t cried since your-since you were little.’ Nino knows that Aiba was about to say ‘since your father died’ but he’s glad he didn’t have to hear the words aloud. Aiba looks relieved at catching himself in time

‘I just-’ Nino sighs, he doesn’t know if Aiba will get offended if he says this. But Aiba is right, they’re best friends and parabatai , Aiba will support him through anything, ‘I just don’t know if I can handle being with the literal spawn of a greater demon.’

‘Nino, you’ve been handling - no, thriving - doing just that. What’s different now?’

The difference is that now he knows. Ohno’s whole truth. Something he’s wanted to know from the very beginning. He almost broke up with Ohno once for not telling him.

Now, he’s on the verge of breaking up with Ohno for telling him.

‘Aiba says that I should talk to you once I’ve gotten my head out of my ass.’

Ohno looks at him cautiously from his doorway. He moves to one side so Nino can shuffle in, ‘And?’

‘And it’s terrible to break up over text, right.’

‘Nino, I think-

Nino raises his hands to shush Ohno, ‘Relax, I was kidding.’ Ohno doesn’t move from the hallway and Nino thinks he’s teetering on the verge of being kicked out. He doesn’t waste any time.

‘My father was a follower of Valentine Morgenstern. He let Valentine inject him with demon blood. When he attacked Idris he wasn’t himself. He was a monster. I was - am - afraid that you’d become the same thing.’

Ohno looks at him softly, sympathetically. ‘I’m a warlock, Nino. I’m not like your father.’

‘No, I don’t think you’re a monster.’

‘I am one though. You can’t change that.’ Ohno counters.

Nino lets out a shaky breathe, ‘I’m okay with that.’

Ohno raises an eyebrow at him.

‘I will be.’ Ohno doesn’t look convinced. Nino tries again, ‘I will try my best to remember that you, demon and all, are the the person I have loved from the very beginning regardless of whether I knew your identity or not.’

Ohno nods, ‘That does sound slightly more sincere.’

‘It is sincere. I don’t know what you are. But I know who you are. And I-I love you.’

Ohno finally smiles, ‘I love you too. Despite your prickly defense mechanism...and a little bit because of it.’

Nino lets out a relieved sigh, ‘So you’re cool with this? With me? And my-

‘Daddy issues?’ Ohno smirks.

‘Hang ups.’ Nino corrects irritably.

Ohno shrugs, ‘I’ve always known you’re worth it.’

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From: [identity profile] renchan27.livejournal.com

Omg omg omg omg omg!!!!!! *Squeals*
I will go read now and come back for a proper comment XD

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From: [identity profile] renchan27.livejournal.com

Before I coment, I'd like to say that I'm not one for huge comments so do not let the lenght of my comment count as my amount of love for what you wrote.

I loved it! Very very very much! You tied Arashi and Mortal Intruments so well together and I'm almost jumping up and down now (can't because i still have a hole in my leg XD) just because of sheer excitement. I had my doubts when I received the email about you needing more characters but I didn't think it could actually be true!
I'm so yhrilled and happy and the plot was superb! *Excited squeal* I need to save this once I get home. Oh and the tiny bits of humour evwrywhere made me grin during most of it. It was so well written and worked ^^

I don't know who you are but I will find you, glomp you and potentially make you lack air because i love this fic so much XD Thank you!!!!

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I was confused if I should reply to your comment on the reveals or here post but this comment was so sweet that I decided to just reply here.

It makes me so happy that you liked it. Your request post had Ohmiya Mortal Instruments and a little note saying this will never happen. And I was so glad to have gotten you so I could make it happen. I'm obsessed with Malec (the rest of the series is a little meh). I've always thought Ohno would make a great warlock, it was Nino who I was unsure about haha.

Thanks for leaving two lovely comments for me. I feel absolutely spoiled.

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I'm confused as well XD

Love Malec <3 I find that the three books that came before TMI are better than the 6 book series. And I really thought it was never going to happen XD  It's a crossover that's hard to pull off and it's not like everyone has read the books.

You did a wonderful job with both of them even though you weren't sure let me just tell you that. You played the secrets well and the plotline was amazing ^^

Thank you again <3

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I'm not familiar with Mortal Instruments but this fic is absolutely fantastic! I am no good at commenting whatsoever but please know that I love you.

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Thank you for giving the fic a try even though you didn't know the AU.
Your comment is very sweet. Thanks for reading <3

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From: [identity profile] nicefinalbeam.livejournal.com
This is SO excellent! I know nothing of the book's universe, but what you brought to us was definitely enough for the fic's concept. When I first read the summary I thought it was going to be something about Nino and Ohno's bond, so when it was actually Nino and Aiba that made me grin from ear to ear because of course. The opening with the bar and Ohno sending a drink Nino's way was all so cleverly done and descriptive that you had me hooked from the get-go.

That carefree, easygoing, we-just-fit-together vibe of Ohmiya was present all throughout and it was such a joy to read. Especially as some of the problems between them popped up. I kind of love that even though there were some near-death/injury moments... they didn't feel as dramatic as the relationship problems? LOL In a way it felt like - no, it's not a big deal that someone's broken, it's a big problem that Ohno lied! It just gave a real tinge to a fantasy plot and made watching Ohmiya's relationship develop and grow all that more special.

The ending where Nino's not quite like "this is all perfectly fine!" but still needs time to adjust was perfect, and Ohno calling him on it even better. I love how you established them and it was super fun to read this fic! :D

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I had to reply to this because I really admire your writing and your comment made me so happy I read it everyday.

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Awww you're too sweet!! ♥ Seriously though I had fun reading this, thanks a lot!

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Wow~ 💛💙

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Thanks! <3 <3

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From: [personal profile] reveetoile
It was such great story ^^ I love Nino being so insecure but much in love and that Sho and Aiba support him through it all <3
It was a lovely lstory to read. Thank you

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Yay! I'm so glad you liked it!

And thank YOU a million times for my fic <3 <3 <3 <3

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I take so long to read through this story. Definitely much longer than I normally would with stories this length. This is because 1) it is so very well writen, language & story wise 2) the interactions among characters are superbly fun and 3) I want to prolong being in this story for as long as I can. Really, I wish this was one of the longer series that runs for 25 chapters or something along that line. Needless to say that I love this sooo much and you are such a wonderful writer to create something this amazing. Truly, thank YOU so much. I love you.
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Thank you so much. Receiving your comment was such a pleasure. The fics I love the most take me the longest to finish and so I know what a high compliment that is. I love talking to people and fangirling through my fics so I really wish I could write long multichapters. Unfortunately, RL is always in the way. I'm glad to have the opportunity to talk to you now thought <3

Date: 2016-09-23 03:06 am (UTC)
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Ah, I understand. RL can certainly get in the way. It definitely makes writing a multi-chapter a difficult task to comment. So many fantastic multi-chapter fics got dropped in this fandom - I guess partly due to RL stopping the authors from continuing. I was just being wishful because how fun this story has been. It would be fun too to come back to reread this again and again and imagine what their lives would be after this ❤️

I am glad to be able to talk to you (and read your work) here too. Yeah!!

Date: 2016-09-11 08:42 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] astrangerenters.livejournal.com
I only read the first book in this series (and watched the movie), but a lot of the terms were familiar enough. I did like this LOADS more than the book, simply because Arashi >>>>>>>> Clary and friends by a longshot hehe.

I liked all the different roles the members had to play here -- Aiba and Nino's closeness as shadowhunting partners, Sho helping them, Jun the vampire, Kanjani8 werewolves, magical Toma, and of course, Ohno with all the mystery surrounding him. The stakes were really high for them, but I'm glad that Ohno and Nino are able to be together despite that.

Date: 2016-09-22 12:59 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] nande-daiyo.livejournal.com
Thanks so much! I really like your writing and your sweet comment really made me happy. I wrote in an exchange for you back in 2012 (2011?) (I had a different username) and I remember how nervous I was to write for you. And I'm honored that you read one of my fictions again.

Date: 2016-09-12 08:28 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] nino1711azuki.livejournal.com
I enjoyed everything! I'm glad you're writing this universe. Aimiya's parabatai is the best thing ever happened. And i almost thought that Sho ever had something with Vampire Jun in romance, but i think it's just my imagination. You're adding Yoko, Maru and Yasu into this and they're so good. Thank you!

I adore Nino and Ohno for respecting each other's 'secret' and keep being in a relationship giving one to another the comfort feel. Also Ohno made good relationships with Nino's friends and listened to Nino's story and remembered it well. Nino should have guessed that Ohno wasn't just a mere creature. Most importantly they are in love to each other so that they could settle any problems revolve around them and made their way to get back together.

It's adorable. Thank you so much for writing this.

Date: 2016-09-22 12:57 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] nande-daiyo.livejournal.com
You're the amazing one. You totally picked up on Sho and Jun's involvement! [livejournal.com profile] renchan27 had requested Sakumoto but since I don't ship them, I couldn't find a way to bring their romance naturally into the story. But I tried and it's true that in the story (even though I couldn't write it) Jun is the reason why Sho moved out of the Institute and refused the position of Institute Head.

They are actually lovers (I personally think its more love hate haha)! And Sho pretends he hates Jun to cover it up. Jun flirts with Toma (and everyone) to cover it up too hahaha.

Thank you for giving me the platform to express this side pair at least a little!

Date: 2016-09-22 05:39 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] nino1711azuki.livejournal.com
eh really? then i'm glad i mentioned them!! now i know a little piece of truth about this story.

i like this story so much! thanks again!

Date: 2016-09-23 12:06 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] darkdropout.livejournal.com
I'm late to the party but OH MY GOD.



Also the romance between Ohno and Nino was just AMAZING. GUH IT MADE MY HEART MELT COMPLETELY. I loved their dynamic so much and I'm so glad they were cool with each other in the end!!! But also all the relationships and frienships in this were great - Aiba and Nino's friendship was BEAUTIFUL. Aiba’s teary, grateful face!!!! <333333333

Okay this is a lot of capslock but just thank you so much for this!!! I really enjoyed reading it!!!

Date: 2016-09-25 06:58 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] nande-daiyo.livejournal.com
Gosh! I'm glad I procrastinated copying this work onto AO3 so that I noticed this comment.


:D :D :D Receiving your comment was a real pleasure.


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