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A piece of rainbow for [livejournal.com profile] astrangerenters Part 2


“You go to bed now and I’ll be back tomorrow morning,” Jun ordered some time later.

“You can ask Sho, he has a key to the shop,” Aiba said. He wasn’t sure how to act now – should he bow? Or hug the other? Or just wave?

Jun stepped closer to him, but Aiba moved away when Jun was just some inches away.

“Sorry, I can’t,” Aiba murmured.

“No, I am sorry,” Jun smiled sadly and made to leave.

Great … there was another crack … Aiba felt a pain in his chest – and it wasn’t because of his sickness.


Aiba was already awake when he heard the door opening. “Good morning,” he said as he walked into sales section of the store. Sho and Jun stood there, looking at Aiba.

“Why are you up?” Jun wanted to know.

“Back to bed,” Sho ordered.

“Great, mommy and daddy together at my place,” Aiba grumbled.

He slipped back to his shelter, under his blanket and waited till Jun and Sho were there by his side. Aiba wouldn’t admit it, but he enjoyed being pampered. The last time he’s received such treatment had been years ago when he’d still been living with his family.

Jun walked into the kitchen while Sho stayed at Aiba’s side. “I read it in your palm, you know, that you’ll fall in love with a hot guy.”

“I’m not in love ..” Aiba insisted. Crack …

Sho took Aiba’s hand to look at it. “Your wall already has some cracks, Masaki. I think it’ll break down soon.”

Aiba wanted to argue, but Jun came back in that moment. “I’m preparing some tea. Now, first you’ll check your temperature,” he decided, all but shoving a thermometer under Aiba’s shirt, before going on, “then we’ll drink some tea and I’ll open the store afterwards.”

“Did someone say ice cream?” Nino came in.

“No, definitely not.” Jun glanced at him.

“Hey, it was just a joke.” Nino shrugged. “I bought some melon pan for you.” Nino handed Jun the bag. “I’ll come back to prepare lunch, because Satoshi is on a cooking event today.”

“If you’re too busy, I can cook,” Sho suggested.

“No, I’d rather die than let you touch anything in my kitchen,” Aiba hooked in.

“That’s not fair, I am not that bad …” Sho whined.

Nino tilted his head. “Considering earth standards, you are horrible. You burnt noodles in a soup. You BURNT them. To this day I don’t know how you managed to do that.”

“Not fair,” Sho just murmured.

“But if you have some time to spare, could I give you a shopping list?” Jun asked.

“Sure.” Sho seemed to be happy about being asked for help.

“Thank you so much, guys,” Aiba said.

“Oh please, no tears.” Nino rolled his eyes, but Aiba was already sobbing.

He could feel Jun’s hand on his arm, stroking up and down. Crack, crack …

“Stop now, or I’m gonna cry with you.” Sho poked Aiba’s side.

Aiba laughed. “I can’t imagine that.”

“So, everybody up, now. Our baby needs to sleep,” Jun ordered. Aiba blinked at him. Jun hadn’t been a part of their little group for more than a day, but it felt like he had always been there. Aiba didn’t even complain about Jun calling him baby. He actually didn’t like it, because he hated being a cry baby. He had worked hard brake off his habit of crying about everything, but sometimes he just couldn’t hold it back.

Jun swiftly snatched, then checked the thermometer. “You’re still sporting a fever, back to bed.”

Moments later Aiba was alone in his room. He nibbled nervously on his lower lip. Why did Jun mess up his whole life? He didn’t want that, right?

“Masaki?” Jun’s head appeared in the door.


“There’s someone asking for you.” Jun looked at him with a mixture of confusion and curiosity.

“Who is it?” Aiba asked. He couldn’t think of anyone, who would want to see him.

“Your father?” Jun half asked and half said.

Aiba’s heart almost stopped. That couldn’t be. Not in 1000 years his father would come to see him. The man had banned him from the family.

Aiba stood up. His knees felt like jelly. He walked to the front of the store. The man standing there was definitely his father. He had gotten older with the years, but he was still the same man. “What do you want here?” Aiba asked harshly.

Jun looked at him, confused.

Aiba’s father turned towards him. “Is this your boyfriend?” He asked bluntly, pointing at Jun.

“That’s none of your business,” Aiba stated. “You told me very clearly what you think about me and my life-style and I walked away. You don’t have to come here to judge me.” Aiba breathed out. “Again,” he added.

His father raised his hands defensively. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to sound harsh.”

“Then why are you here?” Aiba sounded cold.

“Your sister is going to marry soon and she wants you to come. Her biggest wish is that we make up,” his father explained.

Aiba smiled sadly. “So you’re here just because she forced you to. You still think of me as a disgrace. Nothing will change just because she wants it. Our relationship will remain the same, and honestly, I don’t want that.”

“Masaki,” Jun said. Aiba knew what he wanted to say. He should give his father a chance.

“No. I suffered so much because of you and your damn opinion and nothing will change till it’s your own will to come here.” Aiba walked back to his sleeping room and slipped into his bed.

He could hear Jun’s voice for a while longer, before it got silent in the store.

“Masaki?” Jun was next to his bed.

Aiba didn’t want to talk to someone he didn’t even really know, but there was a caring and soothing air surrounding Jun. It made Aiba turn towards him. Tears were rolling down his cheeks. He didn’t know how long he had carried that burden on his shoulder. He was glad that he was finally able to face his father like that, even though he felt bad for his sister. He had always had a good relationship with her, till his father threw him out of the house. He couldn’t forgive him, not even for the sake of his sister. He might have been too proud and also stubborn, but in the end he had suffered for too long.

He had been dreaming of meeting his father for years, but he had never expected their meeting to turn out like that. And he hadn’t expected to be so strong – to be able to tell his father directly what he thought.

“I am sorry,” Jun whispered. He seemed to be nervous, unsure how to act. He finally sat on the bed next to Aiba and smiled at him while he wiped away a tear from Aiba’s cheek.

“No, I am sorry that you got into the middle of this whole mess,” Aiba answered. “I’m really a complete picture of misery. My whole life is just horrible and … and …” Aiba didn’t know what to say. He felt enraged. He hated his life.

He could feel Jun’s hand taking his. It was just like in his dream, warm and tender. Aiba panicked and pulled the hand away. “All a mess,” he whispered.

“It’s okay, Masaki. Your life is a little upside down, but you have a great life. You have three of the craziest and strangest friends I’ve ever seen, but I’m positive that they’ll follow you to the end of the world – and back again,” Jun said. “And I might still be new in your life, but I’m here, and I know it’s not decent to blow your own horn, but I’m a pretty good catch.”

At that Aiba had to laugh.

“Now, at least I can make you smile.” Crack …

“And now you rest and I sell some good books and later we let Nino cook something for us.” Jun smiled.

Aiba felt an enormous weight falling off his chest. He felt incredibly exhausted – his fever had probably increased. He almost immediately fell asleep.


Aiba stood at the bridge. The water was blue and the sun let the small waves glitter. It was calm around Aiba.

He looked to the right. Jun walked up to him, his hands in his pockets. “I hope you didn’t wait for me too long.”

Aiba took Jun’s hand in his. “I’ve waited for you for my whole life. At least that’s what it feels like.”

“Did you bring along what I asked you to bring?” Jun wanted to know.

Aiba nodded. He pulled a thin necklace out of his pocked – he had gotten from Ken once. Next he pulled out a stone that his father had always had on his window sill.

“And now throw them away, together with the whole mess you have in your mind.”

And Aiba did just that. It felt like a fresh wind stroking his body. He felt good.


Aiba opened his eyes. He could hear Nino singing in the kitchen. Even though Aiba didn’t speak Italian, he was sure that Nino wouldn’t use just any language.

“It’s good that you are awake,” Sho said. “Ohno will be back from his trip soon and then we’ll eat together. It’s been decided that you’ll be allowed the table, at least for a short while, because Jun will have an eye on you. You aren’t allowed to stay up for too long, though,” Sho chuckled.

He stepped closer to Aiba’s bed. “Something has changed.” His eyes got small. “Your burden got smaller. You threw something away.” Sho grinned.

Aiba rolled his eyes, like he always did when he felt exposed. “Whatever you say.”

“Time to eat,” Nino yelled from the kitchen.

“Where?” Aiba stood up. “I don’t have enough space for all of us.” He walked to the front of the store.

It was already dark outside and the store was closed. In the middle of the room he found a big table and some chairs. “Just for tonight we changed your store a little bit.” Jun smiled.

Aiba grinned. It was perfect. He sat at the table and waited till the others joined him, bringing along the food. It smelled delicious and it tasted even better. “That’s incredibly good,” Aiba yelled out, even throwing back his head slightly in joy.

“Thank you,” Nino smiled proudly. “It’s an old recipe of my mother.”

“You really need to give it to me,” Sho said and everyone started laughing. “Hey, why are you laughing?”

Aiba patted Sho’s shoulder. “We love you Sho, but please don’t ever cook anything by yourself. We’ll fear that you’ll get hurt.”

Sho grumbled something about not fair and stupid kids, but in the end he had to smile too.

Aiba could feel a warm wave rushing through his body. Maybe it was just the fever – but he was farily sure that he felt that bubbly, cosy firework due to his friends and that special evening. He looked at Jun, who sat next to him chatting with Ohno about boats and fishes. He had tiny little wrinkles around his eyes and some more that were curled just perfectly around his lips. His brown eyes were honest and he seemed to enjoy the evening.

Crack … there was space for at least one sloth – Aiba’s favourite animal – to wiggle through the crack in his wall, but Aiba wasn’t sure if he liked that. Did he really want to have his wall broken down?

“Go for it,” Sho whispered into Aiba’s ear in a dramatic, shaky tone.

“Are you a ghost, or something like that?” Aiba whispered back at Sho, while he rolled his eyes.

Sho grinned at him. “No, I’m a medium. And a really good one.”

“Oh, then I am also a medium, because I can interpret Aiba’s stares and his slightly pinkish cheeks, and …” Nino hooked in.

“Stupid,” Aiba murmured, earning a laugh from Nino and Sho.

“And I foresee you’re headed for a happy end,” Sho grinned, his finger poking Aiba’s cheek, which was already burning – just of his fever, of course.


Sho, Nino and Ohno left around midnight and Aiba already felt like fainting. His fever had gone up again, he could tell.

“Maybe it was a bad idea to have this dinner today.” Jun looked worried.

He placed his hand on Aiba’s forehead. “You’re burning up.” Jun sighed. “I am sorry, now you are feeling worse again. I should have let you stay in bed.”

Aiba moved. “Don’t be silly. I’m an adult and I can make my own decisions. It was a perfect evening. Thanks for everything, Jun.”

Jun gave him one of his perfect smiles that Aiba could get addicted to. Crack … with that already two sloths would find their way through the crack of his wall.

Before Aiba could react Jun had stepped closer to place a featherlike kiss on his cheek. “And now back to bed,” Jun ordered.

Crack … “Will you come back again tomorrow?” Aiba asked.

“Of course I’ll be here.” Jun guided Aiba to the bed and then walked to the bathroom. He came back with some meds and a wet towel. “I’ll make you some tea before I leave. Just so you’ll have something warm to drink when you wake up. Do you have a thermos jug?”

Aiba cuddled into his pillow. “Right shelf in the kitchen.”

He was already half asleep when Jun came back, placing the jug and a cup on his nightstand. Aiba looked up. “Please, don’t leave.” He grasped for Jun’s hand and pulled him closer.

“Aiba, you are sick. You should sleep now. We’ll see each other tomorrow.” Jun stroked over Aiba’s head.

“He hunts me,” Aiba groaned. “In my dreams.”

Jun sat on the edge of the bed, Aiba’s hand still in his.

Aiba looked at Jun. He only told Jun about that because of the fever, he kept telling himself, but ultimately, he just wanted to get rid of his burden.

“Ken, he hunts me till he finds me,” Aiba panicked. What if his ex really came to get him? No. That wasn’t possible – but what if… Aiba hiccupped. When had he started crying?

“Masaki, please calm down. No one is here, and no one will come here to hunt you.” Jun stroked Aiba’s cheek. “I promise.”

Aiba fought against the sleep that was claiming him. He was too afraid of having another nightmare, but soon he lost the fight and fell into a dreamless sleep.


Aiba grunted. It was early in the morning when he woke up. His head felt better and also the fever seemed to have decreased.

Aiba froze. He looked down at his hand which was entwined with another one. He felt a shiver running down his spine. What had he told Jun last night?

Aiba brushed over Jun’s hand. It felt so soft and warm. It gave him such a good feeling. Crack …

“You are awake?” Jun’s voice sounded tired. Aiba turned to face him. Jun lay next to him, still in his jeans and shirt. He lay on the blanket and not underneath it.

“I’m sorry that I made you stay here with me,” Aiba apologized. He felt guilty.

“Don’t be stupid. You had a high fever. I changed your towel almost every hour. You needed some help,” Jun replied. “But if I get a shower and a coffee, I’ll be the happiest man today.”

Aiba sat up. “Of course.” He stood up. “I’ll make some coffee.”

Jun pushed him back down on the bed. “No. You stay in bed.”

Aiba pouted. “But I’ll give you a towel and I have a spare tooth brush and a shirt for you.” Aiba passed by Jun before he could say something. He collected the things for Jun and handed them to him.

“Thank you. And now, back to bed.” Jun pointed at the bed. “I’ll make some breakfast for you.”

Aiba obeyed. He slipped back under his blanket. His heart made a few joyful jumps – up and down and up and down. Crack …

Aiba dozed off. He had a smile around his lips. No, he couldn’t feel happy. That was not possible. A thunderstorm raged in Aiba.

Aiba opened his eyes when the smell of fresh coffee sneaked into his nose. “Come,” Jun said, leading Aida out of his sleeping area.

Jun had placed two cups of coffee and some melon bread and onigiri on the counter. Aiba could get used to this – to have someone next to him when he woke up. To have someone who took care of him. No, it would most likely just end like his last relationship and Aiba didn’t want that to happen. He had chosen the way of a loner. His decision was final. And then, just as Aiba saw Jun’s chocolate brown eyes resting on him, all of his doubts and fears all but dissolved into thin air and even though for a second he still tried to supress his feelings, he could feel them growing stronger by the second. Crack, crack, crack …

Aiba took a sip of his coffee. It tasted delicious.

“Masaki, can I ask you something?” Jun looked at him.

“Sure.” Aiba got a little nervous. He placed the cup on the table.

“Who’s Ken?”

Aiba gulped. So he really had told Jun about him. Fuck …

Aiba thought of an answer when he heard the door being opened. He sighed in relieve.

“Good morning,” Sho chimed.

He walked up to them, a big grin on his face. “Isn’t this your shirt, Aiba?” He pointed at Jun.

“Yes,” Aiba replied, earning just a nod paired with a mischievous ‘ohhhh, you had a hot night’ smile. Aiba rolled his eyes.

“I wanted to come in to check on you, but I see you are in good hands – so I’ll leave you two alone now.” Sho was still grinning like mad. Aiba would scold him later.

They waited till Sho left the store before picking up their conversation.

“He really wants to see you happy,” Jun said without looking at Aiba.

“Yes, I know.” Aiba nodded. At least Jun didn’t ask about Ken anymore. Aiba felt truly relieved, because he totally didn’t want to talk about that man.


Aiba was forced to stay in bed the whole day, while Jun – once more – managed the store. He sighed and placed the book he was currently reading on the bed next to him.

“How do you like the book?” Jun’s head appeared in the doorframe.

Aiba smiled. Jun had insisted on choosing a book for Aiba to read during the boring hours in his bed.

Aiba laughed when Jun started running up and down in the store, searching for a book. Aiba couldn’t have imagined how a nervous Jun looked like – now he knew it.

“Stop laughing,” Jun whined. “I am not a pro like you.” The first three books Jun chose had already been read by Aiba and they were definitely among his favourites. Aiba was impressed.

Jun stroked over the covers of the books in the shelf. Aiba liked how Jun worked with books. Jun liked them, Aiba could see it in the way Jun worked.

He turned around to face Aiba with a book in his hands, smiling brightly. “Do you know this one?”

Aiba stepped closer and took the book out of Jun’s hand. “No, I’ll give this one a try.”

The shadow of the wind – Carlos Ruiz Zafon was written on the cover. Aiba was truly curious about what Jun had chosen for him.

It’s perfect, Jun,” Aiba said. “I love the interlaced plots and the round characters. You should become a book seller, Jun.” Aiba laughed.

Was Jun blushing because of his words? Crack …

“You really like it?” Jun came up to Aiba, who nodded.

“Exactly my taste. I love it.”

Jun bounced a little bit up and down. Was he really that happy to learn that Aiba liked that book? Crack …

Jun placed his hand on Aiba’s head. “You’re still a little warm, but it’s getting better. Stay in bed till tomorrow.”

“I’ll finish the book you gave to me.” Aiba picked the item up and opened it on the page he had stopped reading earlier.

“Good. I’ll get us some dinner tonight when I’ve closed the store.” With that Jun made his way back to the shop again.

Aiba grinned. They worked like a well-rehearsed couple - like they’d been together for years already. Crack …


“I bought some Takoyaki from a strange chef down the street.” Jun smiled, holding a bag in his hands.

Aiba shrieked. He had been so into the book that he’d completely forgotten about the world around him.

“Sorry. I didn’t want to scare you.” Jun slipped into the kitchen to get some chopsticks and soy sauce.

Aiba placed the book on the nightstand and followed Jun to the sales section of the store.

The food tasted delicious – Ohno’s food always did.

“You haven’t answered my question yet, Masaki.” Jun looked at him.

Aiba felt a knot in his belly twitching painfully, knowing exactly what Jun meant. He felt like throwing up. That chapter of his life had cut deep scars in his soul. He had buried it way at the back of his mind and he wasn’t sure if he’d be able to talk about it. But then, Jun had even seen Aiba’s father and he didn’t say anything or interfere with Aiba’s life, even with his father around.

“He’s my ex,” Aiba started. “He …,” Aiba breathed out. “He …,” he said again. He couldn’t.

“It’s okay.” Aiba hadn’t realized that Jun had moved closer to him. He had his hand resting on Aiba’s back. “Can I ask you something else?”

Aiba nodded.

“Do you allow me to like you?”

Aiba looked at Jun. And that was it. The wall around him broke down completely – no, it didn’t only brake down, it simply disappeared. He raised his hand to stroke over Jun’s cheek. He had never met someone with such empathy for other people’s feelings. Jun understood Aiba, no words needed. How could that be possible?

Aiba’s fear flared up, screaming, scratching at his soul, but Aiba pushed it aside. He leaned forward to place a kiss on Jun’s lips. It was Aiba’s first kiss after his break-up with Ken and he was nervous as fuck, but it felt just right.

He could feel Jun shifting till he was closer to Aiba, his hands wrapping around Aiba’s waist. Aiba let himself be washed away by his overwhelming feelings. He snaked his arms around Jun’s neck and pulled him closer still. A bunch of sloths were able to walk over Aiba’s broken down wall. He felt free. It was incredible to feel a warm body next to his. Jun’s hands caressed his hips, pulling on him till he almost sat on Jun’s lap.

“How about going to bed?” Jun suggested.

Aiba smiled at him. “We didn’t finish our dinner.”

Jun shrugged. “I’m not that hungry anymore.” He stood up, pulling Aiba along with him.

Aiba sat down on the edge of the bed. Jun stood in front of him, smiling. He removed his shirt swiftly, making Aiba’s heart jump.

He let his hand wander over Jun’s upper body. He was thin, but not too skinny. How could it be that he fell in love so quickly? Aiba shook his head.

He could feel Jun’s hand on his face, caressing his cheeks before he placed a kiss on Aiba’s lips. “What’s on your mind?” Jun knelt in front of Aiba.

Aiba looked at Jun. When had he ever seen such caring eyes? He couldn’t remember a single time. “My life is such a mess, Jun. I am a mess. I am horribly tiring, pig-headed, and… more.”

Jun laughed. “Oh, Masaki.” He sat next to him. “I am a teacher, I immediately saw that you aren’t easy, but guess what: I’ve got my own history – and I’m telling you this now, so you can still back out – I’m not as uncomplicated as I might appear and my life isn’t perfect either. That’s what makes us human, after all.”

“I know, but I really lived through a lot of trouble in my past and the happenings are still hunting me,” Aiba explained.

Jun took Aiba’s hand in his. “Is it about Ken?”

Aiba froze. “Yes.” He counted with another question from Jun, but the other just nodded.

Jun stood up, removed his pants and pulled on Aiba’s clothes. “Pyjamas?” Jun asked.

Aiba pointed at the closet. Jun pulled out two shorts and shirts, dressed himself and Aiba and slipped into bed. “Come here,” he said and waited for Aiba lie down next to him before he wrapped his arms around Aiba’s waist.


Aiba stood on that road again. He looked at the wood. A deer stood there, eating some grass.

“Look,” he chirped.

Jun stepped closer to him. “How cute.” He took Aiba’s hand in his.

“Not a human,” the voice said, but it was far away.

“Look that way,” Jun pulled on Aiba’s arm. “Ducks,” Jun laughed.

Aiba closed his eyes and opened them again. But Jun remained Jun. He didn’t turn into someone else.

Aiba smiled.


Aiba woke up when he felt a tickling sensation on his neck. He opened his eyes. Jun’s arm was wrapped tightly around Aiba’s body and he could feel Jun’s body pressed against his.

He smiled. It felt a bit awkward, but somehow he knew that his dream let him know that he was free. He was able to let the past be past. Of course, not all of his problems were simply gone, but he finally felt that he could see a light at the end of the tunnel.

He turned to face Jun. The other was still sleeping. Aiba snuggled closer to enjoy Jun’s warmth. “You’re going to give me killer cuddles if you don’t stop squeezing me,” Jun laughed.

“Sorry, I didn’t want to wake you up,” Aiba apologized.

Jun rolled over till he was on top of Aiba. “Your eyes have changed.”

Aiba let his hand roam over Jun’s hips. He pushed up Jun’s shirt and removed it swiftly. “I decided to stop thinking too much, but please be patient with me.”

Jun bent down to leave some butterfly kisses all over Aiba’s face.

Aiba giggled happily. Jun sat on Aiba’s lap to undress him. Aiba could feel Jun’s finger brushing over his upper body. Jun drew circles over the birthmark on Aiba’s shoulder.

Jun placed some more butterfly kisses down Aiba’s chest. Aiba breathed in deeply. He bit his lips to supress a moan. He hadn’t even realized how much he had been craving for touches like that.

Jun pulled the blanket away and kissed his way down Aiba’S body till he reached the waistband of Aiba’s shorts. Aiba felt goose bumps on his skin.

Jun’s hand on his crotch moved up and down slowly – almost painfully slowly. Jun pulled down Aiba’s shorts, looking up at Aiba.

“Are you really okay with this?” His eyes were so gentle and caring, it made the last trace of fear in Aiba disappear.

He nodded. “Totally sure.”

Jun smiled at him and gave him a soft peck on his lips before he started kissing down Aiba’s chest again. “You are sick and you aren’t allowed anything too exhausting. Just stay like that and relax.” Jun smiled.

Aiba didn’t complain. He closed his eyes, nibbling on his lip nervously when he felt Jun’s kisses on his belly. His breath got faster when Jun took Aiba’s cock in his hand, stroking him lazily.

Jun stopped his movements to look up at Aiba. “Open your eyes, Masaki.”

Aiba looked at Jun. He could feel Jun’s fingers brushing his cheek. “You are so tense. Are you sure you want this?”

Aiba smiled. He sat up, pulling Jun into a tight hug. He nibbled on Jun’s neck, down his collarbone, back to Jun’s face. He placed his lips on Jun’s, brushing his tongue over Jun’s lips, till he opened his mouth enough to let Aiba’s tongue slip into his mouth. Their tongues started dancing around each other, fighting for dominance.

Aiba broke the kiss after a few moments. “I am really sure about it. I’m just a little nervous.”

Jun placed Aiba’s hand on his chest. “You feel that?” He asked.

Aiba smiled. Jun’s heart was beating fast against his chest. Aiba lay back. He stroked down Jun’s body.

Jun robbed backwards and knelt between Aiba’s legs again. He went back to stroking Aiba’s dick slowly. Aiba arched his back. He longed for more touches - he had really missed these touches and feelings in his belly. “Do you have something?” Jun asked.

“In the drawer;” Aiba moaned when Jun’s grip around his erection got tighter.

Jun smiled at him and placed a kiss on Aiba’s nose before he stood up to rush to the drawer. He took out a bottle of lube and a condom and hurried back to the bed. He removed the rest of his clothes before he got back into his earlier position.

Jun started caressing Aiba’s thighs. He uncapped the bottle of lube and put a generous amount of it on his fingers before he let his finger circle around Aiba’s hole.

Aiba hissed in pain when he felt one digit entering him. It had really been a long time since he’d last done it. Aiba cried out when he felt Jun’s mouth around his cock. It felt so good, so hot, so wet. He was totally distracted by Jun’s mouth around his erection, he didn’t even notice when a second finger was inserted and Jun started stretching him out properly.

When Jun’s mouth left his dick Aiba looked down at the other man.

“Fuck,” Jun cursed.

Aiba giggled when he saw Jun fighting with the condom wrapper.

“Let me,” Aiba laughed. He ripped it open and placed the condom around Jun’s cock. He stroked up and down the pulsing length several times, earning sweet moans from Jun.

Jun let his head rest on Aiba’s shoulder. “Please Masaki, stop, or I am going to cum right now.”

Aiba gave Jun quick kiss before he lay back and waited for Jun to lie down on the top of him, entering him slowly.

Jun paused when Aiba cried out, his eyes closed tightly. Jun kissed him tenderly, distracting him from the pain. When he was fully buried in Aiba, he stopped. “Are you okay?”

Aiba stroked over Jun’s lips, around his moles, over his nose and cheeks. He smiled. “You can move now.”

They didn’t simply have sex - it was the fluffiest and sweetest thing Aiba ever could have imagined. And to Aiba it was just wonderful – exactly what he’d been wishing for. Jun moved against him slowly, taking his time to explore Aiba’s body with his kisses.

When Aiba felt the knot in his belly about to burst, he pulled Jun down onto his body urgently. He held him tightly when he felt his toes curling and the quick contractions in his stomach and thighs increased in intensity, till he finally came.

Jun still moved against him till Aiba could feel Jun trembling, a loud moan escaping his mouth. Jun rode out his orgasm, before he pulled out of Aiba to lie down next to him.

“We should take a shower,” Jun laughed when he felt Aiba snuggling closer to him.

“Yes,” Aiba said, already half asleep.

He felt Jun kissing his forehead. “You’re heated again. Now you really need to stay in bed without any distraction.”

Aiba looked after him when Jun stood up to take a shower. He came back a short while later, a wet towel and a dry one in his hands.

He cleaned Aiba and dressed him in his pyjamas. “I’ll open the store now.” Jun placed a kiss on Aiba’s lips before he proceeded in the store.

Aiba fell asleep almost immediately – a smile curling around his lips. The small butterflies in his belly made him feel like he was soaring.


“Oh my god,” Sho said as he approached Aiba’s bed. Ohno and Nino were already sitting there. Jun was still busy counting the day’s earnings.

“You had sex,” Sho blurted out.

Aiba could feel his cheeks blushing. He most probably looked like a tomato now.

“Can you please stop screaming like that,” Aiba whispered.

Nino and Ohno just grinned at him.

Aiba rolled his eyes. “Okay, before you ask too many too stupid questions: Yes – and no, you won’t get any details.”

“We’re really happy for you, Aiba-chan.” Nino patted Aiba’s shoulder. “And proud that you finally got laid.”

Ohno smacked Nino’s head. “Typically Nino…” he grunted.

Jun came back to the room and all eyes rested on him. He blushed. Aiba hid a grin. At least he wasn’t the only one feeling embarrassed.

“Can you find out if Jun has an equally hot brother? I would take care of him, really,” Nino whispered to Ohno, earning himself another smack from the man. “Ouch, unfair,” he whined, rubbing his head.

Ohno cleared his throat. “I want to say something.”

Everyone started laughing. “You don’t need to hold a speech, Ohno.” Sho rolled his eyes.

Yes – his friends were really strange, but nevertheless Aiba loved them.

“Aiba-chan, you don’t need to pay your rent till you are able to pay your bills again. But you need to pay as soon as your business is running better and I am sure that with Jun’s help it’ll bloom,” Ohno said, handing Aiba a contract.

“What is this?” Jun asked after Aiba had stared at the paper for minutes – unable to say something.

“Satoshi is the owner of this house – it’s him I pay my rent to,” Aiba whispered. “Did you know about this?” Aiba looked at his friends.

Jun shook his head, while the others looked away.

“We weren’t allowed to say anything, because Ohno wanted to tell you when you’re feeling better again,” Sho said honestly.

“And we didn’t want to make you throw Jun out, because your financial situation has changed and you didn’t need anyone to keep your store open,” Nino explained. “We wanted you and Jun to get closer.”

“Mission completed,” Ohno grinned.

Jun walked up to Aiba and sat next to him, taking his hand in his. “Aiba should really rest today, but …”

“Rest from your hot and steamy sex session?” With that Nino earned his third smack from Ohno.

“But, …” Jun continued without reacting to Nino. “…how about a big party next week? I will cook.”

The others agreed immediately, laughing and planning the details already.

Aiba just sat there, squeezing Jun’s hand and looking from one face to the other.

Yes, he really had the best friends on earth – and Jun and their small sprout of love which would hopefully turn into a big, good smelling, thorn free rose.

Date: 2016-09-09 05:21 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lazypervkami.livejournal.com

Omg I loved it so much ! It was so sweet and fluffy ughhh. Good job !

Date: 2016-09-09 08:26 pm (UTC)
falkner: photoshoot picture of Sakurai Sho from Arashi (遊戯王 ☆ thinking of you)
From: [personal profile] falkner
This was utterly adorable.

Date: 2016-09-09 08:46 pm (UTC)
learashi: (Default)
From: [personal profile] learashi
Junba always makes me smile and the friendship between them all is so funny and sweet.
So cute.

Date: 2016-09-10 01:34 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] koi-choshi.livejournal.com
This is very beautiful. I love how Jun slowly cracks Aiba's defenses. From the beginning of the story, we can already feel the darkness surrounding Aiba. The environment of being filled with books also added to this vintage-y hue.

Aiba's neighborhood is eccentric but at the same time, Nino, Ohno and Sho are all lovely people. The mental image of Sho being a fortune teller is really cute. I can imagine him uttering those words fortune teller style. Very lovely.

Jun being a book person is also my favorite trope somehow but Aiba as a book person is really a new persona for me. But it makes me giggle when he describe books (I love majority of the books you mentioned btw).

It makes me glad to read how Jun slowly lifted the burden off Aiba's shoulders and how you ended the story with them making love. It (magically) made my sepia view of Aiba's bookstore more colorful.

Thanks, writer-san!

Date: 2016-09-10 03:11 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] astrangerenters.livejournal.com
OMG Junba, just like I really, really wanted. I'm so happy from that ALONE but then this story was so completely sweet and charming as well. I feel really lucky, thank you so much for this!!

I love love love books (being a librarian will do that, right?) so I'm so happy to receive a fluffy bookstore AU like this. Aiba being so knowledgeable and nerdy about books was so cute, especially his interest in books from all over the world. Books really do have the power to transport us somewhere else and being able to read books from different cultures is always amazing. I also really enjoyed how Aiba and his little bookstore fit into his silly and friendly little shopping district.

All the roles you chose for the other members were not the stereotypical ones you might see. Sho as a fortune teller really surprised me, and I loved it! Especially since all his fortunes were true and he was trying to help Aiba, at least in his own way. And Nino and his therapeutic ice cream, I'd love to try some of those flavors. And Takoyaki Stand Ohno, it made me think of Suppin Digitalian with the weird stuff Aiba/Nino/Ohno made for Sho ;)

But of course, let's make sure we come back to Jun and the Junba pairing in this. I really like how you wrote Jun. It's sometimes easy to write him as a little bit rougher, a little more prickly, but his kind heart really shone through in this. Love him as a teacher (at least not a Narratage-style teacher LOL) and how he roped in the other teachers so he could support Aiba's shop. I love the instant attraction between them, and how patient Jun was for Aiba to be ready to be with him. I liked how Jun took care of him, watching the store and looking out for him when he was sick. It seems like a very Jun thing to do. I like how Jun quickly became just another member of the neighborhood family and how encouraging Ohno/Nino/Sho were of the Junba pair!!

Aiba's conflicts with both his father and his terrible ex were sad, but I like that with the help of both his friends and Jun that he was able to slowly come out of his shell, move beyond his sad past, and even confront his dad. Maybe in the future he and his dad will be able to reconcile properly. I like how Aiba needed time to get over these sad feelings. Something like those double traumatic experiences really would take a long time to recover from.

I'm so happy they got together and had a little fun and sexy time too. It really showed how much they cared for each other and how sweet Jun was (and how much Aiba really did like him too, even if he'd been so uncertain for so long). I also like the more snuggly, fluffy bits of them sharing a bed, Aiba waking up to find Jun close, seeing Jun in his shop and hoping that he might get to see Jun by his side every day.

I really enjoyed this. Even with the sad parts of Aiba's past, this was a really warm and sweet story that gave me so many things I really like: Junba being hot, Junba being adorable, and of course, Arashi friendships. Thanks so much for writing this!!

Date: 2016-09-10 06:03 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] zeon-avalanthe.livejournal.com
This is cute XD

It was refreshing and the plot flows smoothly.
Despite his haunting past and his built wall, Aiba is a kind man by nature. He lets the three men closes in into his life and makes it better. He's happy by just being there with them and doing his dream job with his beloved books.

When Jun waltzes in, it was just perfectly placed. You took a risk when you made their love blooms so soon after their encounter, but somehow it doesn't feel rushed at all. On the contrary, it was as if it's only natural that they hook up in the end.
The three friends meddling into their business is what push them to the right direction.

Poor Aiba for burdening lots of things at once all by himself, but he's lucky to be having such amazing supports on his back. His three friends are his happiness, but Jun is what makes him strong. I doubt it he would be able to tell his father his real feelings if he hadn't met Jun. And it was Jun as well who washes his fear from his past relationship. With Jun by his side, Aiba seems all ready to start a new on his journey. Braver, and stronger this time. And of course, happier as well for he had left the weights which had chained him to the ground behind.

Be happy always Junba, my secret otp! XD
And thank you for this beautiful piece, author-san!

Date: 2016-09-10 11:18 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] nino1711azuki.livejournal.com
all the love for you author-san
everyone is so lovely and warm. Aiba is surrounded by good-hearted people. The setting really brought me to Kotoba Yori Taisetsu na Mono's PV. Everyone has their own cute shop and I think their neighborhood is wonderful (how i wish it's real so that i could move to that neighborhood <3). Everything is adorable !! Gelato-man (he's so funny, being persistence shoving everyone with ice cream, ah i love you Gelato-man, you and your ice cream are comforting, most esp that strawberry-banana-bla-bla-bla. That sounds really nice!), Fortune teller SHO!! (this is amazing and i really love the idea! It's hilarious when i first i thought of it, but Sho is being Sho and he's as awesome as always (also hilarious)), and the mysterious Ohno! (I should have guessed that he's the landlord, Ohno-Aiba interaction in this fic is so lovely i love it love it love it so much).
The books you recommended there are good and I love your recommendation. Aiba and Jun are connected by books and them being bookworms are the most adorable thing i've ever read.
I love the flow you write here, it's really nice and direct your reader slowly to enjoy this story. It leaves colorful impression from one scene to another. I love everything. I really enjoyed this. Even though Jun and Aiba just met and knew each other but the love which grew between them doesn't seem awkward and forced. It flows naturally. And I really liked when Aiba said I’ve waited for you for my whole life even though it's only in his dream but it seems real to me because it's who Jun really is. He's the person to repair Aiba's nightmare and makes Aiba's life wonderful again. That gentle flirt!! I love that Jun thinking it that way, also his blunt statement saying 'i think i like you' ...crack I'M GIVING MY HEART TO YOU, AUTHOR-SAN. I think I like you (nah, I love you now).
you make everything so perfect here. Although Aiba's life isn't that perfect at least he has caring and loving people around him. They will surely protect Aiba.
Thank you for writing this nice reading. I won't mind reading it over and over again. Thank you so much!

Date: 2016-09-10 11:44 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] helenmaldon.livejournal.com
JUNBA <3 IN A BOOKSTORE AU <333 I love that!! Wow, Aiba's sad past in this!!! It made me very happy for him to find love with Jun <3 And I really like how much the other Arashi members were in this, it was a really lovely and sweet group dynamic ^^

Date: 2016-09-18 09:19 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] yoru-no-hikaru.livejournal.com
OMG, I love so many things about this story!!! <3 First, the setting. That lovely little bookstore totally got me. I also like the idea of having this book store for special books, foreign books, rarities and such. Aiba, living his little dream of his own store, working hard every day just to get by, even living in the back of the store, just so he can make it work. It shows how much the store means to him, how much he loves the books and his job.

Jun is a lovely character, I really like how easily gets clsoe to Aiba and his little "family". The way he approaches Aiba is so cute. ^^ Coming on slightly mysterious, the way he talks to Aiba, requesting book recommendations and such. And it's so cute how their tastes in reading matches. <3<3

Aiba's struggle and his entire background story made me cringe, really. That poor guy absolutely had it rough. >< First his family basically disowning him, then being in that relationship with someone who hurt him so bad. That absolutely leaves scars on your soul, no wonder Aiba didn't want to let anyone get close to him anymore. But then, Jun has his way of wiggling his way into his heart, being kind and caring and while he's respecting Aiba's reservation also daring in jsut the right moments.

The way the characters act together gives a vivid and cosy atmosphere. Nino and his ice cream inventions, Ohno the master cook and omg LOL at Sho, wouldn't he want to have so much sophiticated knowledge in RL? XD Their little group sticking together, helping each other out sure is enjoyable to read. I feel with Aiba so much, who feels grateful, but also wary about being dependent on other people. I'm glad that in the end he can feel at ease and let himself relax within the environment around him.

Altogether, this is a lovely read with a number of surprises and fun charaters that you sympathize with in an instant. I really enjoyed reading this. :D

Date: 2016-09-28 02:41 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] deelovesryo.livejournal.com
I liked this fic a lot, it was unusual and refresing.
I loved specially Kind hearted and patient Jun, the ice obsessed Nino and Sho, the true fortune-teller. And also the book-shop in itself, love the atmosphere.
I also liked how Aiba got from weak to strong with the help of his friends and Jun.
Thanks for sharing


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