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A piece of rainbow for [livejournal.com profile] jade_lil Part 1

Title: Flames of Time
Pairing: Ohmiya
Rating/Warnings: PG to NC-17
Summary: Nino and Aiba test-run a time machine. What Nino experienced in the past was something he would never forget for as long as he lived.
Notes: Dear jade_lil, I'm so honoured to be able to be writing this for you because you are one of my favourite writers. *^^* Hope you enjoy this fic as much as I did writing it! Credits go to yaruki_zero for lyrics. ^^

Ninomiya Kazunari pursed his lips, an unamused expression crossing his face.

"No. Absolutely not."

"But... Nino-kun!"

"No, I'm NOT about to test out this machine for you!"

"This will work, I promise!"

Nino snickered in response.

"Oh sure it will," came his snarky answer,"that was what you told me when you built that wacky page-flipping gadget you invented. And it tore out a whole page of my 7000 yen game guide!"


"Oh and there was also that crazy robot hairstylist you built," Nino continued," it took me a long while to grow out that nasty red hair."

"It was supposed to be auburn!"

"Firstly, that was NOT auburn. It was fire-engine red. And secondly, I chose BLOND. So then, Aiba Masaki, please explain what you really mean when you say that 'this will work'."

Aiba sighed exasperatedly.

"Nino-kun, this is different! And I have the explnation to prove it!"

Nino raised a skeptical eyebrow as he waited for Aiba to continue.

"Okay. You know how your Zero Escape games have timeline jumps and talks about Schrodinger's Cat and what not?"

Nino nodded. He had played all three instalments and had an idea about what Aiba could be getting at.

"You mean the theory that when one decision is made in one point in time, there are parallel universes that branch out as results of choosing the alternative choices?"

"Yeah that!" Aiba said excitedly,"I have pondered over that for a long while and I came up with a conclusion-that time travel can be done if we ttravel to another parallel dimension like in the game!"

Nino cast a doubtful look at the tall structure that stood beside Aiba.

"And? What has that got to do with this thingamajig?" Nino asked, casting a look at the time machine that Aiba had made. Two plastic pods lay beside a huge control panel of dials, buttons and blinking, bleeping LED lights.

"It acts exactly like that matter-transfering thingy in the 3rd Zero Escape game you bought!" Aiba explained,"it extracts our atomic data and trasnports them over into a parallel dimension, and from there time-travelling to any time period in the past is possible!"

"So let me get this straight," Nino said patiently,"this machine will let us..well.. rest in its pods and transfer our atomic data over to another dimension."

Aiba nodded eagerly.

"Our consciousness, therefore, will be transferred over to that dimension too. And from there, we can jump into any point in history and come out of it like Mario out of a green pipe."

"EXACTLY!" Aiba said excitedly. Nino, on the other hand, only gave him a deadpan look.

"Okay. This is nuts,"Nino decalred," I thought that those previous robots were crazy but this.. this really took the cake." With another sigh, he stood up to take his leave.


"I'm getting us something to eat. And nope, I am NOT trying that box of bolts for your sake!"

"Not even if I beg?"


"Not even I really, really try?"Aiba said appeasingly as he tugged on Nino's sleeve. Nino rolled his eyes.

This almost always happens every single time whenever Aiba needed a huge favour- he would try his best to cajole him into whatever favour he needs, and then five seconds later, his puppy dog eyes would follow.He would then repeat that cycle over and over and over for days until he finally relents.

Nino narrowed a cautious glare at his friend, who only sat right where he was, casting his hurt, sad puppy eyes at him. He blinked and looked away with a resigned huff.

"...I will buy some fries back. And then we'll talk."

He smiled as he heard Aiba whoop happily in his lab just as he closed the door.


"Alright, so what is the plan? What are we going to do here?"

"It is really simple," Aiba explained as he took out the blueprints of the machine, which also had some scribblings on the side," firstly, we will lie down in these two pods. The machine will scan our bodies to obtain and convert our atomic data to be readable in this computer. It is then saved in the internal memory of this machine. A transferable copy of our atomic data would then be made and it will be transmitted over to the parallel dimension."

"So.. our real bodies won't be transported per se into the other dimension, but will remain in this pod?" Nino asked as he fingered the cold surface of the plastic casing of the pod.

"Yes," Aiba said, "however, because our physical bodies here will be unconscious, our consciousness will be transported into another dimension where a physical copy of our atomic data is."

"What happens when we arrive there then?"

"The machine will do a sweep scan of our copied data forms and save it in its internal memory. This keeps data on both ends synchronised so that we will return to our time exactly the way we came."

Nino nodded as he finally got the picture and gave the time machine a doubtful look. The time machine did not respond, its lights blinking on and off as if it didn't even notice Nino was there.

".. This won't electrocute me or somethi-"



Nino watched as the plastic casing of the pod closed up over his head. He could feel the soft, warm beam of light running up and down the length of his entire body. He looked to the side to see Aiba working on the control panel of the machine. After making some adjustments, he looked over at the blueprints in his hand and tucked it away in his pocket. He then hopped into the plastic pod right beside Nino's, turning to face him and give him a thumbs up sign.

Nino sighed and shook his head as he relaxed himself in the pod and closed his eyes. He could feel the pulsing lights getting faster and faster as the tingling sensations grew warmer and warmer. The last thing he felt was the feeling of being forcefully sucked into a wormhole just as all went black.

Follow the link for part 2


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