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A piece of rainbow for [livejournal.com profile] yoru_no_hikaru Part 2

Ever since that night, Jun has never shown up randomly at Sho’s house nor has he dropped text to ask Sho to go out. It seems like he got the message that Sho not-so-subtly passed via Ohno. It’s good then, Sho thinks. He doesn’t have to explain to Jun.

He doesn’t feel like it anyway. He has been keeping his interaction at bare minimum when it comes to Jun. If not for the time they have to exchange words in front of camera, he won’t bother to try talk to Jun.

It’s not so mature, Sho thinks, to be angry at Jun in that way. But is it mature to use a reason against him so strongly then talk about it behind his back like it’s nothing? If he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with Sho, he should just say so; Sho will respect that decision.

But no, he just had to go and mention about Sho’s family, something that he knows will exactly make Sho back down on his resolution.

A buzz on the table ends Sho’s train of thought. The phone screen shows that his sister is calling. Sho reaches out to take his phone and he presses the button to take the call.


“Oh, Sho-chan, you’re there!” Mai’s voice is heard from the other line “I hope you’re not busy right now.”

“Ah.” Sho looks at the notebook he has on the table; he got distracted long ago from his work when he started thinking about Jun. “No, I’m taking a break,” he lies. “What is it?”

“I just want to remind you about the family dinner this weekend,” his sister chirps.

“Family dinner…? Oh family dinner!” Sho nods, even though Mai won’t be able to see him over the line. “Sure, sure, I don’t forget about that. You’re bringing Sato-san, right?”

“Yes! Yes, I am!” Mai’s voice sounds so cheerful; Sho feels a little bit envious. “Actually, Sho-chan. I was wondering if you’re bringing someone to the dinner? I’m going to make the reservation.”

Sho ponders on it a bit. Will this be a good time to bring Jun along and introduce him as his partner to his family? Mai’s bringing her husband after all. It could be a good opportunity.

But then again, Sho thinks, Jun is not his partner. Their last conversation didn’t have them agree on that, and then they have stopped communicating at all until now. It definitely won’t be a good idea to suddenly ask Jun to go to his family’s dinner.

“No, Mai, I’m not bringing anyone.”

“Are you sure? Don’t you want to bring Jun?”

The question startles Sho. “Why are you mentioning Jun?”

“I don’t know,” Mai drags her voice. “Aren’t you two kind of involved? Don’t you want to use the occasion to introduce him to our parents or something?”

It surprises Sho that, apparently, he’s not the only one thinking about that. It also surprises him that his sister actually knows about him and Jun. But then again, he hasn’t exactly been secretive about that. He keeps his decision, though. “Well, I’m not exactly in good terms with Jun recently, so probably another time.”

“If you said so, then,” Mai replies, the cheerfulness not leaving her voice. “You know that I’m rooting for you, don’t you, Sho-chan? When the time comes, I’ll help you talk about it with our parents. You deserve your happiness.”

Sho has no idea where his sister’s concern for him comes from. It’s not like he often talks to his sister about his relationship with Jun. The last time he told anything was when his sister forced him to admit that they’re involved.

But it’s comforting to know that at least one person in the family will support him when the time comes. Sho smiles. “Thanks, Mai. I appreciate that. When the time comes, I’ll let you know.”

“Well then, Sho-chan. See you this weekend!”

Sho nods. “See you this weekend.”


Unlike the previous dinners Sho had with his family, tonight they’re all arriving at the place separately. Sho drives his car alone around Roppongi, looking for the restaurant where they’re planning to have dinner in. Mai has sent the location to via LINE earlier. Sho has keyed it into his GPS, and now the navigator tells him that he’s close.

Soon Sho arrives at the place. He parks his car in the reserved parking spot at the back of the restaurant and looks for the entrance. Apparently, the restaurant doesn’t have a backdoor entrance for the guests so Sho has to go inside from the front door. He follows the path that’s provided for the guests to the front door.

Two concierges with uniforms greet Sho when he’s reaching the front door, and they ask about Sho’s appointment.

“He’s with me. We’re under reservations for Sakurai?”

Sho almost jumps when he hears the voice from behind his back. He turns around to look, and behind him, there he is.

Jun is dressed in a suit over a plain light purple shirt without a tie. It’s almost similar to Sho’s suit over a striped white shirt, but Jun also wears a vest under the suit. He nods at Sho briefly when Sho opens his mouth, gesturing Sho to not say a word.

The concierge confirms their reservation, and he calls a waiter to lead them to their table. When the waiter comes, Jun asks him where the toilet is and dismisses him. He says he already knows where the table for them is.

“Come with me, Sho,” is what Jun says when Sho turns his head in protest because it seems like he’s the only person at a loss at the moment.

They make their way to the washroom, which is surprisingly empty. Jun goes straight to the sink to wash his hands and check his reflection in the mirror simultaneously. Sho waits awkwardly by the side of the door, not knowing what to do.

Jun dries his hands on the dryer after that, the buzz of the machine filling the tense silence between them. When he’s done, he turns to look at Sho.

“Why are you here?” Sho blurts out, asking the question he’s been having since he saw Jun at the front door. “And what do you mean you’re here under my family’s reservation?”

It’s still fresh in Sho’s mind, what happened at the bar two weeks ago. How Jun had laughed and said that he didn’t care about Sho’s family. It doesn’t make any sense that he’s here now, and supposedly to attend a family dinner that his sister organized.

Jun sighs. He doesn’t answer immediately, only looking back at Sho and blinking a couple of times. “This is not the right place to talk.”

Sho frowns at that. “You’re not answering my question.”

“I’m trying to. But it’s kind of a long answer and this is really not a comfortable place to talk about it.”

“You’re the one who dragged me here,” Sho replies. “Now make it short or just talk. I don’t care about this place not being comfortable.”

“Well if you say so.” Jun leans on the marble of the sink. “To make it short: your sister asked me to help organize this dinner and I agreed. I tried to refuse her invitation to come, but she’s very persistent about it. I tried to use work as my reason, and she said she’ll do whatever to match the dinner schedule and mine, and so I had to come.”

“Wait, what? What do you mean she asked you to help—”

“She called me, around last week, asking if I can help her look for a fancy place to have a family dinner. And then asked me to help preparing it. I was only glad to do so.” Jun shrugs.

“No, I mean, why are you doing that?”

“Sho, I know that you heard me the other day.” Jun’s expression softens. “I’m really sorry you had to hear that, okay.”

Sho snorts. “Yeah, of course I’m not supposed to hear that.”

“No. Listen.” Jun crosses the room to stand right in front of Sho. “You are not supposed to hear that, but the reason is not what you’re thinking.”

“Oh. Are you saying you knew what I was thinking?”

“It’s not the point! The point is you didn’t hear the entirety of it so you didn’t understand what I was actually talking about.”

“Is that so?” Sho smirks, tilting his head. “So there is more to that than just you not caring about what my family has to say about us? What? Do you want to say you don’t care about me too? That you don’t want to have anything to do with me? Is that what you were talking about?”

Jun moves closer to Sho and Sho has to take a step back. There’s something in his eyes that pierces through Sho’s eyes to the back of Sho’s head. “Sakurai Sho. If I don’t care about you, why do you think I am here?”

Sho lifts his hands in the air. “I don’t know. To make fun of me in front of my family? To tell them that I’m gay so they can start a drama about it?”

Jun’s jaw drops. “I can’t believe you.” He shakes his head and steps back. “Sho, I don’t— how could you think that I’m going to do that?”

“Then what are you doing, Jun? What are you doing here, at my family’s dinner?” Sho takes a step towards Jun.

“Sho.” Jun takes a breath. “I was afraid, okay. You suddenly said that you want to have a relationship with me out of nowhere. I had been wanting it since forever and to have you suddenly said it like that—I was surprised! I was scared that you might not be serious, that you might just do it because of a—I don’t know, a random impulse out of nowhere.

“And I didn’t know what to say about that. I couldn’t even believe that it was real, and what I said at that time was what I thought of first. Something that I had believed all this time as why you didn’t seem to have more interest in me more than—” Jun grits his teeth, “—sex.”

Sho’s eyes grow bigger at that unexpected flux of explanation. He blinks once, twice, trying to digest what Jun just said. “What do you mean with them being the reason you thought of at first?”

Jun laughs softly, nervously. “I have always been wondering, Sho-kun. What might make you want only sex from me? I want to believe that it’s not because you only thought of me as an object, as a tool to satisfy yourself. And that’s why I’ve been keeping those as excuses for you. Because I want to believe that you’re more than just that.”

“Jun.” Sho raises his hand to cup Jun’s face. Jun leans to the touch and sighs softly. “I—I never thought that you saw me that way. I—I’m sorry.”

“It’s not just your fault, Sho.” Jun snorts. “I was so stupid. I thought by pretending to accept the fact that our relationship will never get past the physical, it can make me live happier. Apparently not.”

Sho looks at the face in front of him, feeling like he’s seeing Jun for the first time. He didn’t know about this. He never knew that out of everything else, he was the one who made Jun the most unhappy. He was the one hurting Jun, when he thought he was one of the ways for Jun to heal his pain.

Sho is at a loss on what to do, what to think about the situation. So he does what he feels most natural: he leans in and kisses Jun. There, in a public restroom in a crowded restaurant in Roppongi, where his family is just some tables away from them, Sho kisses Jun.

It’s unlike the kisses they’ve shared over the years before; it tastes more bittersweet than anything else. Sho is pouring his heart out into the kiss, hoping Jun will understand how sorry he feels and how he wants to make it up to Jun with all his might.

Jun is the one who pulls away after a moment. “Sho, I’m—”

“No. I’m sorry, Jun. I’m sorry that I put you through all those horrible times. Please let me make it up to you. I care about you, Jun. I don’t want to put you in that situation again.”

“Sho,” Jun tries to speak, but Sho cuts him off again.

“I’m sorry that it took me nearly a decade to realize my feelings for you and for hurting you in the process. You don’t deserve it, Jun. You truly don’t. And that’s why I’m going to make it up to you.”

Jun shakes his head, smiling. “No, Sho, let me speak. I’m sorry for letting my insecurity win over that I said those stupid things to you instead. I—”

“It’s still my fault.” Sho chuckles. “I was the one dismissing my own feelings for you. I thought it would be easier if I was just with you without thinking of the consequences of having a serious relationship with you.”

“We’ll never agree about this, will we?” Jun looks at Sho with gleaming eyes, his lips forming a half smirk.

“We won’t.” Sho smiles and presses his lips to Jun. He can’t resist it, seeing Jun smiling like that.

“Sho.” Jun laughs, pushing Sho away from him. “But we both agree that we’re going to stop this fuck buddy arrangement, right?”

“Hey. You were the one not agreeing with us starting a relationship.”

“So if I say I agree now, we’ll make it official?”

Sho massages his temple. “I don’t know.” He pretends to think hard.

Jun laughs. He slaps Sho’s hand playfully. “Stop that. Let’s meet your family, then. I believe they’re waiting for us.”

Sho nods and he tugs Jun’s hand with him to the toilet’s door but Jun pulls his hand away.

“Better not trying anything funny yet now, Sho-san,” he explains.

Sho shrugs. Well, Jun is right. It’s not the time to make his family start asking about things because tonight is supposed to focus on Mai and her husband. So Sho opens the door and gestures for Jun to go out first before following him from behind.

When they reach the table, everyone is already there. Sho’s parents, Mai and his husband, and, surprisingly, Shu with a girl. Sho doesn’t know if the girl is his girlfriend because he never talked about it before, but the way Shu’s eyes gleam when he looks at her convinces Sho that she can’t be just a friend.

Both Sho and Jun bow and apologize for making them wait, Jun explains that something happened on the way, and he has called Sho to pick him up. It ends up in them needing more time to go there.

It’s a lie, of course, because Sho and Jun weren’t even coming together to the restaurant, but it’s easier than explaining the nearly half an hour they’ve spent at the restroom.

“Great! Now that we’re all here, we can start eating,” Mai says with a laugh. “Oh, but first, Takao-san, you’ve met Sho-chan, and you know Matsumoto Jun of Arashi.”

That induces a laugh from Jun and a protest from Sho. “Hey, I’m in Arashi too!”

“Shush! Sho-chan, I’m not finished yet. Jun-kun, this is Sato Takao, my husband.”

Sato stands up to shake Jun’s hands. “I can’t believe that I can meet two of the most famous group of Japan so casually like this.”

All of them laugh at that after that. When the introducing matter is over, Jun and Sho take their seats and sit down.

The dinner has gone well after that. The conversation has been mostly about Mai and Sato on their life as a new married couple. There are also some topics on the upcoming Arashi concert; Sato’s sister is apparently a fan, and Sato has asked for tips for balloting concert tickets.

Jun laughs, saying that he doesn’t know about it, but some of his friends have had a hard time trying to get tickets from the balloting system.

They stay in the restaurant for desserts, and even after that, they’re still talking about a lot of stuff that no one moves from their seat. The girl Shu brings with him turns out to be his girlfriend; Shu admits finally after Mai’s endless teasing.

Sho is shifting restlessly on his seat after that, worrying that he will be the next person to be the target of Mai’s teasing. But then, Jun is faster.

“Wow, it seems like everyone is bringing their special someone tonight. I feel like I really intrude on an intimate family dinner,” Jun says jokingly. Sho turns his head to look at Jun, and Jun raises an eyebrow to him at the moment, like he’s saying, ‘Not now, don’t you dare’.

It’s Sho’s mother who replies to that after, saying. “It’s okay, Jun. A person Sho considers as special is special for the family too.”

Mai chuckles at that, and Sho shoots a glare in her direction. He feels a kick aimed at his foot under the table, and when he turns his head in Jun’s direction, Jun is glaring at him. Sho panics and tries to send a look of ‘Don’t look at me! I have no idea about this!’

“I was just worried that Sho-chan will feel lonely if he’s the only one alone and so that’s why I invited Jun-kun,” Mai explains. “And it’s not like you’re less of a family to us, Jun-kun.”

Sho exchanges a look with Jun. A moment later, Sato saves the conversation by asking Sakurai Shun about his retirement plan. The topic about Jun is forgotten not five minutes later, and no one brings that up again until the dinner is over.

After dinner, each couple heads for different ways. When Sho is sure that everyone has left, he stretches out his hand to Jun. Jun takes it in his, and the both of them walk together to Sho’s car.


They haven’t even reached the first intersection from the restaurant when Jun says, “Can I stay over at your place tonight?”

Sho looks over his shoulder at Jun’s face. “Sure. What’s the occasion?”

Jun turns his head to meet Sho’s eyes. “Nothing. I want to change that habit of ours to drop by only when we need to channel something out.”

“So you just want sex,” Sho acknowledges and turns back to the road.

“Hey!” Jun slaps his arm playfully and snorts. “Oh well, that’s not entirely wrong.”

“So you just want sex!” Sho repeats, laughing this time.

“Shut up, Sakurai.” Jun laughs along. “Just drive. And besides, it’s not like you don’t want it anyway.”

Sho shakes his head as he continues laughing. He can like this, he thinks. It’s not as difficult as he has imagined before. Probably because it’s Jun that he feels at ease like this. Probably he should have done it years ago because this, right here, feels so right and he doesn’t think he can, will ever let it go.

It doesn’t take too long for them to reach Sho’s place. Jun gets off the car first, telling Sho that he’s going to use the shower. Sho just laughs at that as he watches Jun go. Jun has the keys to his place so he can get in easily.

Sho takes his time to check if they left nothing in the car. He gets out when he’s sure there’s nothing and he locks the car. As he walks inside the building, he doesn’t see signs of Jun anywhere. He was serious when he said he’ll go first, apparently.

Sho smiles as he presses the button of the lift, waiting for it to arrive. The whole night still feels surreal to him. From the ambush Jun did when he just arrived at the restaurant, to his family seemingly didn’t mind about his and Jun’s relationship, to Jun being so relaxed around him that he can feel at ease too.

To think that until before the dinner tonight he was still holding something that’s close to anger towards Jun from two weeks ago.

The lift dings and it breaks Sho out of his train of thought. He enters the lift and pushes the button to his floor. He knows Jun is in his place already, probably waiting for him, and somehow, it makes Sho feel giddy.

When he finally arrives at his place after what feels like a long ride inside the lift, he’s not surprised that Jun didn’t turn any of the lights on. He’s been inside the place for so many times that he doesn’t need illumination to know where he has to go.

Sho heads for the bedroom, and there, he finds the lamp is turned on. He sits down on the chair in front of his desk and takes his phone out. This, he’s used to. The sound of water from the shower, the brief moment of solitude as a promise of what’s about to come.

It’s always been sex, and it never fails to make Sho feel excited every time. This time, he feels even more excited because he knows that tonight isn’t like any other night they’ve spent together.

Sho sees a LINE message notification on his phone when he pulls the notification tray down. It’s from his sister. He taps on it to see what his sister is up to, and it’s quite a long message, divided into some parts.

Sho-chan, Jun-kun told me that you guys weren’t in good terms because of something related to our family. He told me about you thinking that our family might not be able to accept your relationship. Well seeing from how you guys interacted tonight at the dinner, I suppose you have resolved your problems?

Also, about our parents. I hope you saw at the dinner that no one is opposing anything, Sho-chan. Our parents are happy as long as you’re happy. They have trusted you enough now that you have proven so much to them. So you don’t have to worry about that.

Just, please, be happy. And make Jun-kun happy, okay? He’s a good guy. He deserves it.

Sho’s smile grows wider at every sentence he reads. He types a short reply, saying thank you for everything she has done.

“Who is that?” Sho hears a whisper to his right ear. He’s so engrossed in reading the messages and sending the reply that he didn’t notice that Jun has finished showering. “Are you already cheating on the first day of our relationship, Sho-san?” Jun teases.

Sho chuckles. “Tickles.” He shrugs. “And no, I’m not cheating. It’s Mai. She’s just being a kind sister.” Sho shows the phone screen to Jun for him to read the messages.

Jun doesn’t say anything for the moment he’s reading the messages, and after that Sho feels him tugging his earlobe before whispering, “Go shower, I’ll be waiting on the bed.”

Sho laughs at that, and he puts his phone down before heading for the shower. “We sound like an old married couple.”

Jun frowns at that. “We’re not married. And not old. Now go shower quick or I’ll be asleep when you’re finished!”

That makes Sho laugh even harder. “Not old, Jun? Really?”

Jun throws a pillow in Sho’s direction as a response, scowling. Sho giggles at that view but he heads for the shower right after. Jun isn’t the only one with the plan for tonight.

Sho gets out of the shower after a while and finds Jun scrolling through his phone on the bed, the lamp at the bedside table illuminating him from the side, giving a beautiful view. Sho sighs, it’s not a view he’s not accustomed to, but it feels different now.

Seems like Jun hears Sho sighing because he turns his head to look at Sho. He smiles at Sho from the bed, and Sho shivers. There’s an intimacy that he has never felt before when Jun’s around, and it arouses him in a way that’s not the same as before.

“Hey.” Sho moves to the bed, not bothering to put on any piece of clothing and just slips himself under the cover beside Jun.

“Hey,” Jun replies, putting his phone on top of the bedside drawer before scooting closer to Sho.

They’re lying on the bed side by side now, facing each other. Sho huffs out a soft laugh before moving his hand to the side of Jun’s face. “Hey.”

Jun laughs at that, but he closes his eyes as Sho caresses his cheek. “Is that the only thing you’re going to say all night?”

Sho smiles sheepishly. “I don’t know. Do you want it become the only thing I say the whole night?”

“Well I would prefer some variations of my name, though,” Jun says, eyes still closed, inching closer to put his hand on Sho’s back.

They’re practically breathing on each other’s faces now, but Sho doesn’t want to close the distance. Not yet. He watches as Jun’s face moves slightly on the rhythm of his breathing.

Sho takes in the view of the pretty eyelashes, of the imperfect skin, of the moles placed so strategically around the lips. Sho leans in when he finishes watching, planting a kiss on Jun’s forehead, drawing a sigh from Jun.

Sho moves down to kiss Jun’s left eyelid, and then the right. Sho kisses the tip of Jun’s nose, then his cheeks, one after the other. Jun doesn’t seem to have objections, just sighing contentedly after every kiss.

Sho pulls back before reaching Jun’s lips, and then he moves his thumb to trace them. Jun opens them slightly, and Sho presses his thumb to the lower lip as he moves it along the curve. He lifts his thumb after that, to then presses it on each of the moles.

Jun opens his eyes when Sho has his thumb on the mole below Jun’s lower lip. Even with the lack of lighting in the room, Sho can see that his eyes are darkened with lust. Seeing that, Sho doesn’t resist anymore and he kisses Jun’s lips, eyes opened and locked at Jun’s.

Sho takes his time nibbling on Jun’s lips while keeping his eyes open, but at one point his senses take over and he closes his eyes as the kiss goes deeper. Sho feels Jun’s tongue swiping on his bottom lip, and he parts his lips to let Jun in.

Jun is pulling him closer by the waist as they’re kissing. Sho keeps his hand on Jun’s cheek, the hold gets stronger as the kiss gets hotter.

A hand sneaks in between their bodies, and Sho moans to the kiss when he feels it touching his cock. A thumb grazes on the head while the hand squeezes, and Sho bucks his hips forward involuntarily. Sho can feel Jun chuckling into the kiss, and then the hand squeezes his cock again, harder this time.

Sho can feel his cock grows harder in Jun’s hand, which is now stroking it. Sho moans into the kiss, his tongue tasting every inch of Jun’s mouth. There, Sho feels something different, something more.

It’s not like the usual time they have sex. Sho can feel that Jun is letting himself into the act wholeheartedly, with no restraint, and Sho is doing the same. The kiss they share isn’t only a passionate dance of the tongues that leads to sex, but more of a way of them to pour their affection.

It tastes almost sweet, and Sho doesn’t even have the time to wonder, to think about anything else as he lets Jun render him to submission with only his tongue in his mouth and his hand on his cock.

Jun’s hand move from his back to his shoulder. A brief moment later, Sho feels a push, and then he’s lying on his back. Their kiss is broken. Sho opens his eyes to look at Jun, who stares at him with hazy eyes.

Sho closes his eyes again when Jun ducks to kiss his neck. He moans as Jun traces his vein from under his ear down.

Jun moves his hand from Sho’s shoulder to his chest. A moment later, Sho feels a pinch on his left nipple, at the same time as a tongue licking on the right. He looks down, and Jun is looking at him too. Jun keeps his eyes locked at Sho as he sucks on the nipple and pinches the other. His other hand is still on Sho’s cock, squeezing it at the same time. Sho can’t take all the stimulation at once so he closes his eyes as he moans.

Jun is taking care of him, pleasing him in a way that he’s never done before, and Sho can only moan as he lets himself get swept by the wave of pleasure building inside him. He feels warm in the pit of his stomach that Jun is taking his time to appreciate every part of his body—tongue licking lines on his abs, teeth nipping at his belly button, thumb rubbing the nub of his nipple.

The bed dips as Jun moves down south. Jun’s hand is caressing the insides of his thighs now, and Sho is spreading them wider to give Jun more room. He doesn’t expect it when Jun lands some kisses on his inner thighs.

Sho arches his back from the bed slightly now, supporting himself on his arms beside his body. Both of Jun’s hands are on his inner thighs now, caressing to alternate with the kisses. Sho feels his heart beat faster when Jun moves his kiss higher.

Just when Jun reaches the top of Sho’s thighs, he stops and pulls back to look at Sho. Sho’s heart beats faster and faster as Jun then moves his head lower, his eyes still locked on Sho’s. As Jun opens his mouth and licks a line on his cock, Sho feels as if his heart is going to jump out of his chest.

Jun has never given him head before, and they both know it.

Jun holds Sho’s cock in his hand, and he licks another line, eyes still on Sho’s. Jun presses his mouth around the head, and Sho can feel his tongue licking the slit, his hand squeezing the shaft. Sho closes his eyes in pleasure, his lips calling out Jun’s name.

Sho has to hold himself still when Jun starts to take his cock inside his mouth. The warmth of Jun’s mouth is enveloping his cock, and Sho’s eyes roll to the back of his head as he moans.

Jun is really taking his time in tasting Sho’s cock, sucking and licking and teasing alternately, and Sho is lost in pleasure. It doesn’t come only from the way Jun is doing wonders with his mouth, but also with the attention Jun is giving to him. Sho feels elated beyond belief, and it warms him from the inside.

Jun starts to pick up the pace, moving faster around Sho’s cock, taking Sho deeper every time, and at some point, Sho loses it. He thrusts into Jun’s inviting mouth, and Jun lets him in, opening his throat. Everything starts to become blurry for Sho, as he’s drowned in the physical pleasure as well as the overwhelming emotional wave.

When Sho reaches the edge, he’s only able to say a garbled version of Jun’s name before he’s coming inside Jun’s mouth. Jun patiently waits as Sho is spurting his cum, helping by sucking the cock dry.

Jun moves to straddle Sho after that, and he puts his hand on Sho’s cheek. Sho opens his eyes to find Jun swallowing everything in front of him. He wipes his fingers on the cum that drools down his chin, and licks them clean after.

Sho just came once, but to have Jun in front of him, taking everything in like that, gives him a strong surge of feelings. He surges up to kiss Jun, tasting the remnants of himself on Jun’s mouth. Using whatever energy he has left in him, he holds onto Jun’s shoulder and pushes to switch their positions.

Jun is surprised by the sudden push, but he doesn’t do anything, only lying on the bed, blinking. Sho tells him to wait a moment, and he moves to retrieve lube and condoms from the bedside drawer.

Sho returns to the bed and kneels on top of Jun, his knees on the outside of Jun’s thighs. He opens the bottles of lube, then pushes a dollop of it to coat his finger. He puts the bottle of lube aside as he guides his hand to his ass.

“What are you—,” Jun tries, but he doesn’t get the chance to finish it as Sho pushes a finger into his hole. “Sho.”

Sho doesn’t answer to that, focusing on relaxing himself so he can get used to the intrusion and push more fingers in. Jun has done what he has never done before, and so Sho is spurred to return the favor. Jun has never seen him preparing himself like this. Now he wants Jun to see.

Jun’s eyes don't move from where Sho is moving his finger in and out. Sho notices Jun’s eyes grow darker as he pushes another finger in.

On the third finger, Sho is already used to the movement in and out of his ass. He touches his prostate then. It doesn’t feel as good as when it’s Jun who does it, but being watched definitely makes it feel better. Sho moans Jun’s name over and over as he’s massaging his prostate.

Jun is stroking himself now as Sho is fucking himself with his own finger. He keeps whispering Sho’s name, keeps murmuring encouragement, but does nothing else to help.

“Wear the condom,” Sho manages to say in between his moans. Jun looks at him, questioning, and Sho answers with a nod. “Hurry. I want to ride you.”

Sho never saw Jun putting a condom as fast as that before.

Jun nods after he’s finished with the condom, and Sho pulls his fingers out at once. The loss makes him cringe, but not for long. He angles Jun’s cock to his entrance, and slowly, he lowers himself.

Sho had three fingers inside him before, but he knows that Jun is bigger than that. He takes it in slowly, letting it fill him inch by inch.

When Jun is buried to the hilt, the both of them moan. Jun feels so good and so thick inside him. Sho wonders if he can ever get enough of that.

Jun rolls his hips experimentally, and Sho takes it as his clue to start moving. He lifts himself slowly and goes back down at the same pace. Jun groans. At the second attempt, Sho moves so fast suddenly, and Jun’s eyes snap open.

Seeing the look in Jun’s eyes, the lust combined with surprise, is what sets Sho off. He starts riding Jun then, moving up and down fast, propping his hands on Jun’s stomach as an anchor. Jun meets him thrust after thrust.

For a moment, the only sound heard in the room are the slapping of Sho’s ass against Jun’s balls and the combined moans of the both of them.

Sho slows down after some time, feeling his knees giving up. Jun notices that, and then he pushes Sho back down to the mattress, flipping their position again. He lifts Sho’s leg and puts it on his shoulder before thrusting back.

The angle allows Jun to fuck Sho deeper, and Sho wails as he feels Jun’s cock hitting his prostate with every thrust. Sho can’t hold it long with that position, and after a couple of thrusts, he comes all over his stomach without even being touched.

Jun grunts upon seeing Sho come, and he fucks Sho even harder after, his rhythm faltering. It doesn’t take long until he’s coming too, his cock throbbing inside of Sho.

After Jun has come down from his high, he finally remembers to put Sho’s leg down. Good; Sho starts to not able to feel it already. He doesn’t move, though, his arms on the side of Sho’s head, panting.

“Sho, that was—”

“Come here,” Sho gestures with his hands. He’s tired after coming twice, and he only wants to cuddle now.

“Wait.” Jun moves to dispose of the condom into the trash can beside Sho’s bed, and then he takes some tissues to clean up the mess Sho’s cum has made. He throws them to the trash can too, and then he snuggles up under the covers, beside Sho.

“Really, that was,” Jun tries to talk again, “that was—what was that? Oh my god.”

Sho smiles. Jun also never praised him whenever they had sex, and to have him speechless like that makes Sho feel happier than the fact that he just came twice.

So Sho decides to do another thing he has never done after they have sex. As Sho pulls Jun closer under the cover, he whispers, “Thank you.”

Jun’s eyes grow bigger in surprise at that, but not for long. It changes to a gentle look as he drops a kiss on Sho’s lips and replies, “I love you too, Sho.”

Date: 2016-09-10 09:45 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] yoru-no-hikaru.livejournal.com
Okay, I don't quite know where to begin... or actually, how to appropriately phrase my appreciation. I'll try to wrap things nicely, but I might just babble incoherently. If that should happen, I apologize. But I'll try to convey my thoughts and feelings.

When I saw the prompt you picked in the summary, I was really excited. It was one of my favourites. As I read the story, I felt everything, chuckling, frowning, shaking my head, nodding my head, smiling... Reading this was so much fun. At times I was wondering if you had been in my head somehow, because there were so many things that I enjoy that weren't even in the prompt.

First, thank you for bottom Sho. 💖💖 It's not something you see often, but I LOVE that. Their entire journey of finding love is so endearing and so woven around the history they share, it was so realistic, just like something that could totally happen between them. I also very much appreciate the depiction of Sho-kun's family. Apparently you know them to a certain extend and the way you put them in the story was totally awesome.

So, for the first part of the story, the kinky smut was so hot. You can immediately feel that they are familiar with each other and that they are both really enjoying it. The way Jun pushes Sho to his limits, the way they work together, the way they each know how the other works. It was just awesome. The after bed scene then gives a first impression of the conflict. Sho's reluctance to see Jun leave just after their intimate act made me feel with him already. And then he receives a call in the middle of the night and of course, he rushes to Jun's rescue. I understand Jun's reservation, though. Being vulnerable and what-not, he might expose something unintentionally. I really like that the strength of his character is shown there. How that girl tried to trick him, but he worked his way out of that by himself.

As the story progresses, there's an impact the moment Sho actually realizes that his relationship to Jun is not what he wants. I absolutely adored their dinner scene. Their dynamics show so strongly there, how well they know and how much they appreciate and respect each other. How Jun pushes Sho just a bit and how Sho then confesses his feelings and their conversation that already reveals that they actually both feel the same say. But then, their fear getting in the way. Jun really hits a nerve with the thing about Sho's parents.

When Sho later hears Jun talking about the whole thing, I thought "Oh dear, please no". I feared the drama, but that never really came. And then the family dinner scene. When Jun showed up there, I grinned like mad. And the entire story of it. 💖💖 The dinner itself was lovely too. Sho's sister was absolutely awesome, her character is just the way I imagine it. The subtle acceptence that Jun receives feels very warm and real. Nobody says anything out loud, but the air is light and encouraging. This is my favourite part, I think.

The night Sho and Jun then spend together holds so much. I love how awkward they can be together, while at the same time they still feel that desire sparking between them. There are so many lovely details, like Jun's flawed skin that Sho appreciates, and how Jun blows Sho for the first time. All the things that show how their feelings have changed, all the things they want to share with each other. And their aftertalk... I really don't have the right words or it. It's just downright wonderful.

Thank you, anon-san, for writing this awesome story for me. It had everything and more than I could have wished for. Thank you!

Date: 2016-09-25 05:23 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] inaudible-d.livejournal.com
:D :D

From the first time I read your sign-up, I got instantly attracted to this prompt. Knowing that you liked what I came up with made me so happy!

Bottom!Sho needs more love in fic, tbh. ;D And thank you! I am so happy that you find it realistic. But then again it's too easy to play with that aspect of relationship when it's Sho and Jun we're talking about. ;D And for the family part: I must confess that I have almost no idea about how Sakurai family really is, but reading recent news (e.g. Sho buying his father a villa), I tried to imagine how it's actually like inside the family. :D

Another confession: I was so happy when I read spanking in your kink list because what's better to open a fic than a hot Sakumoto sex, right? ;D and I'm glad that you found it enjoyable too. :D

The confession part was the hardest part to write, honestly. I know what they're going to say to each other, but they just won't say it despite the situation I've put them. Thank Jun for finally giving the nudge for Sho to admit his feelings. xD

:D To be honest I don't like to put drama where it wasn't necessary, and in that part Sho didn't do anything about it because it was a public place. But then they couldn't really talk about that later, so dumb. xD Aaah the dinner was my favorite part too! xD because they could finally talk and solve their problems. I wanted to show that Sho's family wouldn't oppose him if he really knows what he's doing, and I'm glad that you like that part the most. :D

And yeaay I'm glad the last part is enjoyable for you too! :D

Thank you for putting that prompt on your sign-up. I've been wanting to write something like this for quite some time but couldn't find the motivation I need. Your sign-up came to me like the answer of my prayer LOL.

Date: 2016-09-11 08:31 am (UTC)
lilly0: (Sakumoto)
From: [personal profile] lilly0
I love this so much! The tension and the akwardness between these two, and that they can't talk openly at the beginning, and how Sho accidentally heard Jun in that bar. I mean, I took my guess that Jun probably didn't mean it like that, but still... I could understand Sho's reaction. I was really surprised when Jun was invited to the family dinner, and I loved their talk in the bathroom (though I was shocked that Sho really said he believes Jun would make fun of him in front of his family. Guess he just wanted a reaction ^^) - it was so good when the tension resolved and they finally admitted on being a couple. Sho's sister is so nice by the way <3 And I love how the last love-scene between Sho and Jun showed that their whole relationship changed <3

Thanks so much for writing this, anon-san!

Date: 2016-09-25 05:25 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] inaudible-d.livejournal.com
Yes! Jun totally didn't mean it like that D: he's not a jerk D: LOL. Ahaha I think Sho just didn't know what to believe after Jun said that about his family. Poor thing didn't know what Jun actually meant with that. xD

I'm glad you loved this! Thank you for reading! :D

Date: 2016-09-11 02:02 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] astrangerenters.livejournal.com
Typical Sakumoto with their inability to communicate well, hahaha, but that's the appeal, right?? Getting over their misunderstandings and misfires and coming to realize just how good they could be if they just try for something serious. I like Sho apologizing for being such a jerk and I like the serious conversations they had about the consequences of pursuing a serious relationship. I'm glad things worked out...and boy did they work out well in the end ;)

Date: 2016-09-25 05:26 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] inaudible-d.livejournal.com
Classic Sakumoto, I must say ;D And yes they work out really well in the end. ;D thank you for reading! :D

Date: 2016-09-12 08:04 am (UTC)
64907: (ohno - king)
From: [personal profile] 64907
Haha all the nope movie references made me laugh and go, "ONE OF US, ONE OF US!"

I like how the Sho in here felt like the Sho from the arena tour reports, with all the side-eyes and the not-so-subtle references. ;) I also like how the ending is different from the beginning—in the sense that you can feel that they have resolved their issues and now understand each other better. :)b

Date: 2016-09-25 05:32 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] inaudible-d.livejournal.com
Ahahaha I love that I can use that movie to start the conflict in this fic. Sho's comment on the arena tour reports are precious and I know I have to incorporate them in this story. I intentionally put the sex part at the beginning and the end to highlight the difference of their relationship aside from the fact that I just want to write them having sex and I'm glad it works. :D

Also thank you for your help on this one! :D


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