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Title: Work In Progress
Pairing: Ohno/Jun, Ohno/ Aiba, Ohno/Jun/Aiba
Rating: R
Summary: It all started when a fashion design student entered an art student’s world.
Notes: I did my best, but I think I could give more than this. I’m really sorry. Hopefully, you still like this. Thanks to mod-san for lots of understanding.

"Could you be my model for an artwork?"

It was a straightforward question. There were no detours or introduction, and it left Jun flabbergasted the second he whipped around to see who was asking such question.

Jun was just heading out from the room of his last class of the day, looking forward for the moment his back would meet the soft mattress of his bed back in his apartment. It didn't come across his mind that there was someone who would ambush him with such question just after stepping out of the classroom.

Jun scrutinized the man in front him, observing the man’s features.

The man had a small build, tan complexion and droopy eyes. At first glance, he wasn't someone who would stand out in the crowd, but a closer look gave Jun a chance to notice his round face and pointy nose, and Jun found that attractive.

"Me?"Jun repeated, still trying to grasp what the other man was saying. He nodded at Jun's question, timid but there was a hint of eagerness in his eyes despite Jun’s impression of the man being lethargic.

And Jun didn't have the heart to refuse the man's request right when Jun could see such passion in the other man's eyes even though he didn't have any idea what kind of model he would be. He readily agreed, excited for a new experience in the world of arts. Deep inside, Jun was a frustrated artist. He thought this could be his chance to enhance his skills in sketching not just as an aspiring fashion designer, but also as an artist.

It would be a whole new different world once you get to know how an artist’s mind works. Jun remembered what his art professor said. It made Jun more curious than ever and there Ohno was, giving him the opportunity to satisfy his curiosity. But Jun didn't have the slightest idea what he was in for the moment he became Ohno Satoshi's model.

Jun would have blamed it with the alcohol. Before the session started, Ohno gave him a can of beer from which he drank the whole contents. It helps in removing the tension. Ohno had said. Ohno probably noticed how stiff he was as Ohno explained how the sketching session would go.

Then there was also the mood and the setting. When Jun thought about it, it looked like he was reenacting a scene from his favorite movie, Titanic. Jun was in the sofa, posing without a single piece of clothing covering his body. Jun would have been shy about it, but something with Ohno's serious gaze turned him on at the wrong time. Good thing he was laying on his stomach so his hard-on wasn’t exposed. The only problem would be after Ohno finished the sketch. How would Jun be able to hide the fact the he was sexually aroused.

It didn’t become a problem though. After Ohno mumbled a soft ‘Done’, Ohno kneeled down beside the sofa Jun was laying at, showing him the finish product. Jun wasn’t really paying attention to the details of the drawing or with Ohno’s explanation. He was rather focused with the way Ohno’s mouth moved with every word Ohno spoke. When Ohno looked at him, Jun held the gaze for a minute before he closed his eyes and leaned forward. He gave in to the desire he had felt from the moment he met Ohno’s intense gaze. Ohno met his lips half way through and before he knew it, their mouths were dancing through an unknown music.

Everything went fast afterwards. Ohno was on top of Jun instantly, pinning him strongly despite the fact that Jun was taller between the two of them. Jun couldn’t compete with the dominance Ohno was displaying. It was somewhat refreshing and revolting. It did nothing but turn him on. He could just swoon and submit to the lithe man’s ministrations. Despite how fast things went though, Ohno made sure to take his time, making sure Jun’s whole body was properly appreciated like it was a masterpiece. It made Jun blush. He couldn’t really do anything about it, but blush and moan. There was a kiss in the side of his mouth, a playful bite at his hardened nipple, a swipe of tongue over a part Jun didn’t know he was sensitive at, and Jun was a writhing mess under Ohno’s mercy.

“I-… I want…” Jun couldn’t even say anything coherent. He couldn’t trust his voice or his mouth because all that came out were moans and groans. When Jun opened the eyes he didn’t know he had closed, Ohno was looking right back at him. Ohno’s eyes were intense as ever, darker and sultry. Jun’s breath was caught when Ohno licked the tip of his cock while looking like that. A shiver ran through his spine, anxious and excited at the same time before he felt Ohno’s hot mouth around him.

“A-aaah~” Jun gasped, breathing heavily when the sensation doubled as Ohno’s finger entered him afterwards. Where Ohno got the lube, Jun didn't have an idea. All he could concentrate at the moment was how Ohno's deft fingers were inside him, brushing that sweet spot.

It was another whole new level when it was Ohno's cock moving inside of Jun. The way Ohno’s hips snapped forward and backward was so sensual and adequate that it made Jun see the stars.

Jun held on as Ohno's thrusts gradually pick up its pace, hitting him faster and harder until he could no longer hold it. He released between their flush bodies and after a couple more thrusts, Ohno followed, collapsing above Jun's body as the two of them tried to catch their breath.

"Do you..." Jun started, still a little bit breathless. He gulped down an imaginary lump in his throat before saying another word. "Do you always end up l-like this with your m-models?" Jun asked. He had to know just because he needed to. Would it be absurd to say if he had already taken a huge liking with the man above him because Jun really had, and he wanted to know even just a little hint that he and Ohno are in the same page.

Ohno pushed himself away from Jun a little. He blinked a couple of times, showing his surprise at Jun's question. It was quickly replaced with a genuine smile. "No." Ohno replied while shaking his head. With one hand, he kept himself balanced above Jun's body. His other hand caressed Jun's cheek tenderly.

"Only those I really like." Ohno added before pecking Jun's lips.

Jun can't help but smile. There was something with the way Ohno said those words that comforted Jun's heart despite that there may be uncertainty in the implications of those words. It can mean that what happened between them happened to Ohno with another person before.

Jun didn't dwell on it though, not when Ohno was looking at him intently, overwhelming him with things he couldn't fathom. Was this the way how an artist's mind works, pulling him to another whole new world? Jun didn't mind though, Ohno’s world seemed kind of interesting no matter how vague things were.

At first, Jun thought it would be just a phase. It was probably just a cause of his imbalance hormones that had probably strengthened Jun’s physical attraction towards Ohno. Don’t get Jun wrong. Jun really liked Ohno’s personality. From his soothing demeanor, his comfortable silence, his gentle nature, and even his addiction towards anything that had to do with sea and fish, Jun like all of those things that made Ohno who he was.

It was still a surprised for him how everything was continuing though. Even after college, they were still there when nothing ever developed into something. If anything, it just had no label.

It continued through the years even after they found stable jobs in their chosen careers. Jun was a prominent designer with his own clothing line while Ohno was a sought after artist in Japan. They had their own circle of peers and people, different interest and hobbies, different personalities, yet somehow they managed to meet halfway through. It felt that they were parts of a puzzle that would complete each other. Still, Jun didn't have the slightest idea whom they were for each other.

Jun couldn't help but wonder about it especially on the days when they were alone in their own world.

They were in Ohno’s apartment in a lazy Sunday afternoon. They were sitting side by side. Their bodies closed together from shoulders to hips. Jun was flipping through pages of a fashion magazine. Ohno was drawing on a sketch pad. There was a comfortable silence between them.

At some point, Jun got bored. He ended up looking at what Ohno was sketching. It still fascinated Jun how Ohno’s mind work and it would show in Ohno’s artworks. Jun watched as Ohno’s hand glide through the paper. His eye followed the lines and shapes until his concentration went towards Ohno’s hand. From there, Jun’s eyes traveled up, and Jun found himself looking at Ohno’s face instead.

Jun's mind worked its wonders suddenly, not knowing what triggered Jun's over-thinking mind all of a sudden. Jun just started questioning his relationship with Ohno.

Jun couldn't really call Ohno his lover or boyfriend. They weren't dating exclusively or anything. No strings attached. They did meet other people, but those were nothing too serious to be the reason to stop. Hanging out together, frequent sleepovers (to the point they could live at each other's apartments since some their stuffs were already there.), taking trips together, those were only some of their activities. With Jun's limited knowledge of relationships, those were worth of something. Right?

"Tell me, what's in your mind?"

Jun was suddenly pulled out from his reverie. He didn't even noticed that Ohno had stop drawing already and was staring back at him.


"Tell me... What's in your mind." Ohno repeated with his ever gentle voice. No judgment or whatsoever even if Jun hadn't been paying attention towards him.

"Us." Jun replied honestly. There was no point in lying when it came to Ohno. It just that Ohno would figure something was off the moment he looked at Jun's eyes.

Either Jun could be read like an open book, or Ohno already had him completely figured out. Probably, it was the result of being together for years (whether it had label or not).

Instead of saying anything, Ohno smiled before disregarding his sketchpad and pencil on the table. He did the same with the magazine Jun was holding before leaning in and capturing Jun's lips.

Jun was rendered motionless, submitting to Ohno’s fervent kisses. Jun didn’t think anymore and let his instincts take over, passionately replying Ohno's kisses with his own and things got heated up. Jun gave his whole self to Ohno once again, including his heart.

Jun woke up in the middle of the night with the sight of Ohno sleeping soundly beside him. Ohno’s arms were firmly around him, as if not wanting to let go. With the back of his hand, he caressed Ohno’s cheeks, rubbing gently his thumb against it. The gesture made Ohno purr before Ohno’s hold tightened around Jun’s waist. Silently, Jun laughed, feeling elated.

Jun finally understood that whatever they were at that point, whatever relationship or label between them had, it would always come to one conclusion.

It’s us right here. And Jun found it fitting just the way it was.

If Jun thought that everything would stay the same no matter what, Jun was so wrong. Everything changed when a certain Aiba Masaki came to their lives. More like he came back to their lives.

“Look who's back.” Ohno announced with glee when Jun came to Ohno's house unannounced. Jun intended to surprise Ohno with wine and tons of movies to watch. He was the one who got surprised though.

"You must be Jun-pon! I'm Aiba Masaki. Nice to meet you!" Aiba had greeted, shaking Jun’s hand animatedly like they were best of friends. Jun was stunned at first before he got his senses back and answered Aiba’s enthusiastic greeting with a polite one.

Jun had heard about Aiba before from Ohno. It was back in college when they were releasing steam off with each other. They had sex in Ohno’s atelier just because Jun couldn’t keep his hands off Ohno. Ohno had lose it then and took Jun on the floor. No matter how cold the tiles were against his back, Jun had been screaming for Ohno to go harder and faster. Ohno was sleeping afterwards, and Jun had always been curious. From the nearest rack he could reach, Jun grabbed a sketchpad and looked at its contents.

A sketch of a lanky man got his attention especially after finding out that it was the same man in every drawing in the sketch pad Jun was holding. There was a sketch of the man sleeping, of the man running, of the man's back and other positions. After seeing at least five sketchpads full of drawing of the same man, Jun was convinced that the man had been special for Ohno to draw the man dozens of times.

“His name is Masaki. He's my first ever model.” Ohno sleepily mumbled after waking up. He sat up and placed his head over Jun’s shoulder before getting one of the sketchpads that contained Masaki’s drawings. Jun observed how Ohno delicately caressed the sketches, as if the sketches was the man himself.

Back then, Jun didn’t considered the pang on his heart was an indication of jealousy. That day though when he finally met Aiba in the flesh, it was entirely different.

The night turned into a grand reunion, and Jun learned so much what was Aiba in Ohno's life. It seemed that Aiba and Ohno had a long way together. They were both hail from the same neighborhood, growing up to be the best buddies in the world. But Jun knew otherwise. With the way the two looked at each other, or the way they interact, Jun knew that it was something deeper. Jun suddenly felt like an intruder.

“I guess I’ll see you around?” Aiba said when they finally called their impromptu celebration a night. Jun didn't want to interfere and excused himself to get back to his own apartment. It was a surprised for Jun though with how Aiba greeted him. Jun thought that the air between them would be awkward. Like he said, he felt like an intruder in Ohno and Aiba's world.

How about his and Ohno's world? Jun felt discouraged all of a sudden. Because it felt like Aiba and Ohno's world existed even after the long distance and separation while his and Ohno's was just there and nothing else could prove that it had been worth despite the years it existed.

Though Jun didn't expect there would his and Aiba's too.

All of it came unannounced yet natural at the same time. Jun planned on distancing himself with Ohno now that Aiba was back, and Jun thought that Aiba was taking back his right place in Ohno's life. Instead, Aiba entered his life like a meteor, fast yet beautiful.

It wasn't hard not to be drawn by Aiba's charm. The man was full of energy, all smiles and a fellow with an easy-going nature. He was shy at times yet approachable and friendly. His smiles were like the blinding sun yet a beautiful, and you can't help but smile along.

Touches between them started getting frequent. Stares were longer. Their talks got sweeter. If his relationship with Ohno started abruptly that gradually turned deeper, Jun's relationship with Aiba was getting deeper, and he was afraid something abrupt would happen. Either it was something to be gain, or something to be lost.

Jun felt guilty. He loved Ohno. (Yeah, he long accepted that part already), but he also loved Aiba too (it’s all so new to him). And Jun couldn't help but ask himself where to fit himself between Ohno and Aiba. It seemed that they already found happiness just between them. Jun felt that he wasn’t needed anymore. Still, Jun stayed because deep inside he knew he needed them. Sadly, he knew he couldn’t stay for long especially after he chanced on Aiba and Ohno in their own world.

Jun had come unannounced in now Ohno and Aiba’s shared apartment again after finding out Ohno and Aiba had no plans over the weekend. Jun thought it would be a good moment to hang out with his two most favorite men in the world. But finding Ohno and Aiba passionately kissing each other and lost in tangled limbs, Jun thought that he had no place.

“Jun!” Ohno gasped after pulling away from Aiba. Aiba looked towards his direction, his face was full of surprise and guilt.

Jun cleared his throat, not sure what to do. He looked away and said, “It looked like I interrupted something. I’ll just come back." Jun said, looking down and started walking away.

"Wait Jun." Aiba called. Jun should have ran away, but the pleading voice behind the words made Jun wait instead.

"Wait here first, Satoshi." Jun heard Aiba saying, Jun winced at how affectionate Aiba said Ohno's name.

"I'll wait at the kitchen." Jun said the first thing he could think of since he felt his throat parched.

It took only a few minutes before Aiba followed him, wearing only a pair of boxers and t-shirt.

Jun's back was leaning against the counter, drinking a glass of champagne he got in the fridge. He was actually thankful that there was hard drink on the refrigerator. He needed a boost at a time like this.

"Jun... I-" Aiba started, unsure of what to say. He looked so nervous, and truth to be told, Jun found it rather cute.

"I...-We... Uhm..." Aiba tried again but failed. Jun stayed silent, drinking the remnants of his drink before carefully putting it to the sink.

“Goodbye.” Jun said because that was all he could do. Jun walked past Aiba, intending to leave and disappear from their lives. Jun thought that it would be the best, but the moment he heard Aiba’s voice, he stopped.

Don’t leave us.

To say that Jun was surprised was understatement. Yet he could feel his heart beating fast. He looked ahead, and there was Ohno standing unsurely in the middle of the living room. Ohno’s eyes were sad, as if saying the same thing as what Aiba had said.

Jun looked back at Aiba, finding the latter looking back at him with teary eyes. Jun was then asking himself if he was reading everything. If what he was thinking was right, and so he had to ask.

"Would you like me to stay?" Jun asked, reaching out his hand towards Aiba. Aiba's eyes sparked with hope before taking Jun's hand enthusiastically. He pulled Aiba against his body before kissing Aiba's lips, deep and passionate. It was his way to convey his answer. He pulled away, Ohno was already beside them. This time, he and Aiba pulled Ohno towards their bodies. They had each a turn on kissing Ohno as much as they wanted.

Jun knew it won’t be the same as before anymore. Ohno and Aiba were two different people that completed him in ways he couldn’t explain. Before he was confused between the two of them, but that night, it didn’t matter anymore. All that matter was they had each other and that was enough.

The Master Piece

Jun woke up one morning with only him and Aiba left on the bed. Jun pouted to himself with slight disappointment. He was hoping he could wake up with the sight of his two lovers. But then, Jun had a guess where his other lover was.

There was also the sight of Aiba lying on his stomach with arms and legs spread out without a care if his butt was exposed for the world to see. That sight pretty much compensated for the slight disappointment Jun was feeling. It was an adorable. Jun couldn't help but lean in and kiss Aiba's nose with affection.

Aiba stirred in his sleep, smiling at the contact of Jun's lips against his nose.

Jun couldn't wipe off the fond smile on his face either. He then stood up from the bed and got a t-shirt and a pair of boxers among the pile of clothes scattered on the floor. Whether it was his or his lovers', Jun didn't care. It just fit snuggly around his body like everything was coming to its right places.

Jun's guess was right when he arrived at the apartment's small atelier. He found Ohno concentrating in front of the canvas. Jun approached the older man, curious about what he was working at.

Once he was standing by Ohno's back, Jun bended down and wounded his arms around Ohno's chest, kissing Ohno's temple before nuzzling his nose against Ohno's hair.

Ohno leaned back, placing his hand over Jun's hands and let his other hand with the brush hang limply on his side.

"Morning." Ohno mumbled softly.

"Morning." Jun hummed before he focused his eyes towards the painting Ohno was working at. Upon seeing it up close, it gave Jun a nostalgic feeling. It was the painting of Ohno and Aiba together, the one he remembered getting jealous of. Those were the times Jun didn't know his place in Ohno's life, more in particular, his place in Ohno and Aiba's relationship.

That day though, everything was clear. He knew his place just like the painting of him Ohno added in the painting in front of them.

"It's beautiful." Jun commented.

"Thanks." Ohno replied sheepishly.

They were silent for a moment, just enjoying each other's presence when Jun asked, "Seemingly it's done, where should we put it?"

Ohno didn't say anything at first, shaking his head. It made Jun pull away far enough so he could look at Ohno properly, raising an eyebrow.

"I think it'll be a work in progress for awhile." Ohno smiled at Jun.

Jun was dumbfounded with Ohno's answer at first. The painting looked like it was finish. Maybe there were adjustments needed to be done with colors and shadings, but it shouldn't take long. Jun focused on the subject of the painting instead. There was Ohno and Aiba sitting side by side, and there was him standing behind them, his arms around Aiba and Ohno's shoulders. Somehow it made sense in a way that made Jun's stomach flutter. Jun chuckled before placing a kiss on Ohno's lips. It was about to turn deeper when they heard a sleepy voice.

"Hey, no fair. Where's my morning kiss?"

Ohno and Jun broke the kiss and looked at the doorway, finding Aiba only in his boxers while rubbing his eyes sleepily. Jun and Ohno shared a chuckle before Jun stood straight and went towards the doorway. Jun kissed Aiba on the lips, making the latter smile goofily.

"Come on, I'm making breakfast." Jun announced before grabbing Aiba's hand to lead the other towards the kitchen. Before leaving the atelier, he said to Ohno, "You too, Satoshi."

Ohno nodded, putting the brush on the aisle before standing up and following Jun and Aiba. Before leaving completely, he paused by the doorway and looked back towards his recent painting.

Jun was right. The painting was done, still Ohno believed it would be a long time before it end.

Who knows, maybe it'll take forever.

Date: 2016-09-12 05:15 am (UTC)
ext_132554: (嵐: frolicking)
From: [identity profile] lover-youshould.livejournal.com
Anon!! I love this so much, and I'll be back soon to leave a better comment! Thank you!!!

Date: 2016-09-20 06:22 am (UTC)
ext_132554: (嵐:Modelpair)
From: [identity profile] lover-youshould.livejournal.com


Also, Jun was just heading out from the room of his last class of the day, looking forward for the moment his back would meet the soft mattress of his bed back in his apartment omg Jun I know that feel!

It would be a whole new different world once you get to know how an artist’s mind works. Jun remembered what his art professor said. I am so excited for Ohno to show Jun ~a whole new world~ :>

Jun getting hard just from Ohno's eyes on him -- YES. TRUE TO LIFE AND ALSO MY HEART, 100%.

And then MAKE-OUTS!! AND MORE!!! Ahhh my Juntoshi heart is singing with happiness~~~

OHNO DOESN'T END UP LIKE THIS WITH ALL HIS MODELS, JUST THE ONES HE REALLY LIKES! Omg omg. "Just the ones with bangs as cute as yours" is what he was really thinking, I'm sure. :>

They had their own circle of peers and people, different interest and hobbies, different personalities, yet somehow they managed to meet halfway through. It felt that they were parts of a puzzle that would complete each other. Aaaahhhh ;___; I love them so much!!!!

AND THEN: Jun gave his whole self to Ohno once again, including his heart. !!!!!!!

And then Aiba returns and Jun feels like an intruder Jun nooooo, Ohno loves you so much! D':

This whole paragraph is like a punch right to my heart: All of it came unannounced yet natural at the same time. Jun planned on distancing himself with Ohno now that Aiba was back, and Jun thought that Aiba was taking back his right place in Ohno's life. Instead, Aiba entered his life like a meteor, fast yet beautiful. Jun's plan to distance himself (WAAAH), and the comparison of Aiba to a meteor, fast and beautiful, omg omg it's so perfect, THIS IS ALL SO PERFECT

I love (LOVE!!) that when Jun walks in on them and then starts to leave, it's Aiba, not Ohno, who calls him back. Of course Ohno would have done the same, but to have Aiba do it shows how much he cares about Jun. It's not just that they have Ohno in common -- there's a genuine connection between the two of them as well. MY HEART!

There was also the sight of Aiba lying on his stomach with arms and legs spread out without a care if his butt was exposed for the world to see. lolol perfect Aiba-chan!

Aaahh and then the ending with the painting and it being a work in progress AH IT'S SO PERFECT. This whole thing is so perfect, so sweet and wonderful, with so many feelings and so much love. I'm sorry it took me so long to get back to this with a real comment, Anon-san, but YOU have nothing to be sorry about! This is such a lovely story about one of my absolute favorite threesomes and I'm so grateful to have received it. :D Thank you so much!!! I can't wait to find out who you are!

Date: 2016-09-13 05:34 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] inaudible-d.livejournal.com
Aaah this is good! :D I love the fuzzy feelings this gave me all the while even during the time Jun was confused with his feelings. Thank you for this!

P.S. I think the rating on the header should be NC-17 since there was one sex scene that was actually explicit up there ;D

Date: 2016-09-15 03:54 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] astrangerenters.livejournal.com
Any reference to Jun watching AND LIKING Titanic is always a treat! I love the idea of Ohno drawing Jun like one of his French girls ;)

I like Jun's initial insecurity about Ohno and Aiba and how he's able to finally come to terms with how he loves both of them and they're able to have a deeper bond and stronger relationship as three.

Date: 2016-09-20 08:24 am (UTC)
phrenk: (je: nom nom)
From: [personal profile] phrenk
Oh, so sweet! I love the flow of this and how uncertain/inevitable everything feels. It made me so happy when they all got together and Jun figured out where he belonged. Thank you for sharing! ♥
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