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A piece of rainbow for [livejournal.com profile] learashi Part 2

There is always the possibility…


The moment Masaki enters his apartment, Jun throws himself in the man's arms. "There, there… it's okay, I'm here." A gentle hand caresses his back. Jun tucks his head under Masaki's chin, clenching his jaw in a last attempt to keep it together. It doesn't work, and soon he's sobbing, face buried in Masaki's chest. "It's okay," Masaki repeats, "let it out."

Jun is so angry that he can't even speak for a while. He just continues crying as Masaki holds him. In the background, he can listen to the sound coming from his TV. They're still reporting about his pictures –he knows because Masaki gasps for a second before resuming his caresses.

"Ugh…" Jun groans when he sees the image from the corner of his eye. They blurred his crotch, but everything else is pretty much visible. It's not the only picture, it seems. There's a several collection of them, even one that Ohno took when Jun had his mouth around the man's cock.

The TV screen goes black. Masaki drops the remote control on a low table and faces Jun with a worried expression. "I'm going to kill that bastard!" Jun says, tears still prickling at the corners of his eyes. "He won't get away with this!"

Masaki tugs on Jun's sleeve and makes him sit down. He doesn't say a word, only humming in response as Jun rants about his plans to get back at Ohno. His strong arms circle Jun's frame, and he rubs Jun's arm to soothe him. It eventually works.

"I just… I don't understand why he did this to me." Jun sighs. "I thought I could trust him."

"Are you sure he did it?"

"Who else could have done it? Only the two of us have those pictures, and I'm sure as hell it wasn't me who sent my own nudes to the tabloids!" Jun yells, making Masaki startle a little. "Sorry…" Jun sighs. "I didn't mean to yell."

"It's okay."

Jun wants to say that it's not, that it will never be now. The backlash won't be easy to handle. That movie he was filming might not get released, given that he was the leading actor. Maybe they'll cast someone else to replace him, but that will take some time. Just to think of how many people will be affected by it makes Jun's blood boil.



Jun bites his lip, hesitating to speak for a moment, until Masaki nudges him. He takes a deep breath. "Would you stay here tonight?" Jun's voice wavers. "I really don't want to be alone."

"Of course," Masaki says, a little smile curving his lips.

They head to Jun's room shortly after, and they lie side by side under the covers. Masaki drapes an arm around Jun's body, and suddenly everything feels alright, as if Jun's career wasn't falling apart and there was absolutely nothing to worry about.

He can believe it as Masaki's warmth lulls him to sleep.

Like in the old days.

"I think I finally get it."

Masaki turned on his side to look at Jun with a confused expression. "You finally get what?"

"I finally know why your dog hates me so much," Jun continued as he leaned his head on Masaki's naked chest. "I think it's because he doesn't get to sleep in your bed when I'm here."

Masaki laughed at him. "Aww, it's not like that!" he cooed. "Kuu-chan has hated you since way before you started sharing my bed, Jun-chan."

Jun smacked Masaki's head. He received a kiss in response.

He slept like a baby that night.

When Jun wakes up, Masaki is no longer in his bed.

"He's alright. I spent the night here with him, to keep him company. He was devastated…"

Jun feels relieved when he hears Masaki's voice. He follows the sound, and finds Masaki in the living room, talking on his phone.

"Yes, I know you want to talk to him, but I'm not sure if he's in the mood for that. I don't think he has checked his phone yet. You're surely not the only one who called him yesterday." Masaki rolls his eyes –something he hardly ever does in person, so Jun guesses he must be pretty annoyed. "He'll call you when he feels better, okay? I'll keep you updated…" Masaki sighs. "Aren't you going to be late for work? Get out of your apartment, now. And stop checking those gossip sites, they're nothing but rubbish. Okay. Bye. Yes, I will call you later, now hang up! Bye!"

When Masaki turns, he looks surprised for a moment, then he beams at Jun. "Good morning!" he says cheerfully.

"Who was that on the phone?"

"It was Sho-chan. He's been pretty worried about you since yesterday." Noticing Jun's confusion, Masaki elaborates. "He was the one who told me what happened," he explains. "He begged me to let him come with me to see you, but I figured you wouldn't want him here."

"He did?" Jun arches an eyebrow at him. Well, that was new. Sakurai usually didn't show any sign of caring about Jun. "Ah… maybe it's because he was there when the boss arrived."

"Oh, was he?"

"Yeah, we had a photo shoot together, didn't he tell you?"

"He didn't!" Masaki says. "What kind of photo shoot was it?"

"The theme was a wedding. We went to a real church," Jun mumbles. "It doesn't matter anymore, though. I doubt it will get printed after… you know."

"Ah, that's too bad! It sounds like an interesting theme!"

"Yeah, well…" Jun sighs. "I hope Sakurai won't be too mad at me for ruining it. You know how he gets when someone screws up at work."

"I'm sure he won't," Masaki says, patting Jun's back reassuringly. "So… what are you doing today? Going to stay home?"

Jun snorts. "I wish." He lets out another deep sigh. "I have to go to the agency. Apparently, they'll decide what to do with me in today's meeting."

"Oh…" Masaki nods. "Want to have breakfast before you leave?"


They don't say much after that. It isn't awkward at all, though. Masaki's presence is so soothing that Jun feels comfortable just by sitting next to him. Jun tries to make the moment last as much as he can. He has the feeling that he won't have such a peaceful moment again in the near future.

They part ways when they're outside. "Good luck," Masaki says and gives him a goodbye hug.

Jun climbs in the car waiting for him.

The paparazzi rush to their van once he's gone.

…that everything will get worse.

The meeting goes terribly, just as Jun expected.

All the years that Jun has worked his ass off to get where he is, making a shitload of money for the higher-ups, seem to be worth nothing. To think that just a week ago the same people using derogatory words to his face were praising him for his "splendid performance" during his latest filming, and planning a party for the whole cast when the movie was announced.

"You are holding a press conference next week, once we sort all this shit out. Now leave."

They slam the door to his face.

Is everything alright? I heard you crying last night.


Jun sits on the couch, glaring at the note he found when he returned home that afternoon.

The first time Nino left a note, saying that he listened to what Jun did in his apartment, it felt good. It was exciting, arousing even. It made Jun want to keep making Nino listen to him.

Now, that Nino heard him crying –and not out of pleasure–, the effect is the complete opposite. Jun wishes the walls around him were so thick that no sound could be heard.

He locks himself in his room after shoving the note in the garbage.

He doesn't leave his room during the next three days.

"Have you slept at all these days?"


"You need to rest."

"I'm fine."

"You are definitely not. Come here, we'll go to your bed."


"I'm not asking if you want to. You are coming to bed right now."

"I said I'm fine!"

"And I say that's bullshit, Jun!"

Jun hates to admit it, but Masaki is right.

He's not okay.

And it's not just about his job, no. Honestly, losing his career is the least of his worries at the moment. It's the lingering sense of betrayal that has kept him awake at night. Ohno, his boss, the people he's been working with during the last few months, all of them have abandoned him now that he's of no use to them. So far he hasn't even gotten a text from Ohno, and the higher-ups at the agency haven't communicated with him since that meeting. His schedule, which was updated by his manager just yesterday, shows that all his activities have been cancelled, except for that press conference programmed for Monday morning. He has four days to memorize the speech his boss wants him to give in front of the cameras. A staged press conference will be his last contact with the public. It's so humiliating.

Forced by Masaki, he sends e-mails to the people who have called or left messages in his inbox lately, even to Sakurai Sho. To his surprise, Sakurai is the first one to reply, barely a couple of minutes after Jun mailed him. If you need anything, please let me know, his short response reads. Considering his situation, Jun might even take him up in the offer someday. Thanks, I'll keep it in mind, he sends back.

Breaking the tradition, Jun decides to leave a note for Nino. Thanks for your concern. I'm doing fine, just a little situation at work that got a bit out of hand. I'd say it's under control now, so don't worry. It's a lie, but Nino will never find out, so Jun doesn't think it's wrong of him to say it. Nino's reply comes a few hours later. Good luck, it says. That's enough for Jun to be satisfied.

At night, he gets a call from Masaki. They talk until they both fall asleep.

It is on Friday morning when the situation takes an unexpected turn for the worse. HAVE YOU WATCHED THE NEWS? The text from Mao-chan alarms him immediately. She never uses caps, so Jun turns on his TV right away.

"No, no… NO!"

Paired with his recent leaked pictures there are some old ones, from the time he and Masaki were dating. There's also footage of Masaki leaving his apartment building, and giving him a hug as they say their goodbyes.

Jun rushes to the parking lot as fast as his legs can take him and drives straight to the daycare.

He finds Masaki sniffling on the sidewalk, holding a box with his belongings.

"I'm getting promoted."

Jun's jaw dropped as soon as the words left Masaki's mouth. "For real?"

"Yes!" Masaki giggled. "The head teacher is retiring in spring, and she recommended me personally to take over her position when she leaves."

"Didn't she hate your guts?"

"I thought so too! Apparently, she thinks I'd be good at it!" Masaki replied. "The director agreed with it already. It's only a matter of waiting now!"

"Well, congratulations!" Jun hugged him. "I'm so proud of you!"

"I hope I'll be able to do a good job…" Masaki mumbled.

"You'll do great. Just wait and see."


"I don't want to talk about it."

Jun sighs. He keeps driving, until they arrive to Masaki's place. He has barely parked the car when Masaki opens the door. "Don't follow me, please," he says. "I need some alone time right now."

Jun has no choice but to comply.

Matsumoto Jun cheating on Inoue Mao with a preschool teacher.

To cheat, we would have to be in a relationship first, you idiots.

Is this man the reason why stars Matsumoto Jun and Inoue Mao's wedding plans never succeeded?

Which plans? The ones in your head?

Matsumoto Jun, bisexual?

Homosexual is more like it.

Would you let this man be near your little children?

Masaki isn't even the one in the sex pictures! And he's a terrific teacher!

Fans brokenhearted about leaked pictures of Matsumoto Jun's shady sexual affairs.

Oh, give me a fucking break.

Jun turns off the TV.

Monday arrives, and Jun is not ready.

His boss was so pissed after the new pictures leaked on Friday morning, that Jun thought the man was going to bite his head off –and not just figuratively speaking.

There are more and more messages accumulating in his inbox.

Masaki hasn't called.

His hands are shaking. He can barely lift the microphone to start his speech, the lines he's carefully memorized since a week ago. He can't mess this up. The agency might consider to stop covering for him if he makes another mistake.

He lowers his head in front of the cameras, after muttering his heartfelt apology to all of his loyal followers for the distress his behavior could have caused them, like they are the ones suffering at the moment.

Then he leaves, without saying another word.

His break –suspension– starts tomorrow.

He has a feeling that it'll be permanent.

Jun's manager is in the green room when he comes back. She has Jun's phone in her hands. "What are you doing?" Jun says. She startles and drops the device.

The screen shows a confirmation message for a mail. Jun checks the sent folder. His eyes widen when he sees the content.
The woman is already gone when he looks up. She never returns.

The higher-ups are shocked once Jun shows them the proof. They can't locate the woman –turns out her personal information was false. Nobody can tell how she got the job in the first place.

Chaos ensues.

The next few weeks are hell on earth for everyone at the agency.

All managers are suspended, even the ones who have worked with them for years. The whole human resources department is notified that if the people who helped that woman get the position as Jun's manager don't come clean, all of them will be held accountable for the incident and, therefore, will lose their jobs and face legal actions. Two days later, a young man admits that he accepted the documents, despite knowing that they were fraudulent, under the human resources director's orders. It is discovered that there are at least ten people who were also involved. They are fired immediately. The agency files a lawsuit against them.

During the investigation, at least thirty more people, including managers and other staff members, are fired after their ties to tabloids and other media outlets are revealed. Their employers settle the cases out of court. After that, nobody mentions Jun's 'scandal' ever again. Whatever threats Jun's boss used against them must have been pretty effective. The old man has been in the industry for decades, he probably knows everyone's dirty laundry. This is one of those rare moments in which Jun is grateful for it rather than scared.

Jun has the chance to interact with some of the other talents during that time. Some of the younger ones seem wary of approaching him, probably out of fear that being associated with Jun could affect them negatively –which is silly, but whatever. The older ones, who have known Jun for years, don't give that 'scandal' much importance. They are too worried about what's going on with the agency and the possible violations to their privacy to think about anything else.

The director from the movie Jun was filming refused to replace Jun with any other actor, so Jun has to record the final scenes. Against all odds, his photo shoot with Sakurai is included in a magazine. Jun should feel glad about it, yet he doesn't. He can tell that the audience's reactions won't be very positive.

His schedule after finishing with the movie is clear. He spends most of the day at home, sitting in the veranda accompanied by a mug of tea. He meets with his friends occasionally, when they're not too busy. They are quite supportive, even though the revelations about Jun's private life took most of them by surprise when the tabloids first came out.

Most of Jun's time is spent in solitude, though. He prefers to keep it that way.

Masaki hasn't contacted him since the last time. Neither has Nino, although Jun can hear him playing video games most nights. It's interesting how their roles have reversed in a matter of weeks. As for Ohno, the man seems to have vanished. Perhaps he's abroad already and hasn't heard about the leaks. In any case, Jun thinks it's probably for the best.

Life is far from ideal at the moment.

He has to keep going, somehow.

Wikipedia has become Jun's favorite website lately. He used to love checking social media to see what people were saying about him. Now he despises it. The day he accidentally stumbled upon a hate hashtag against him, he deactivated his accounts on Twitter and Instagram. Thank goodness his 'fans' never knew his username, or his mentions would have been flooding with insults and death threats.

Therefore, most of his online time is now devoted to reading about whatever topic comes to mind. On Monday, it was clocks. He spent at least three hours searching for antique clocks on several shopping websites, and bought a very nice one from an online antique store –along with another few vintage things that will look perfect in his living room.

Yesterday, it was bonsai trees. He was so fascinated that he decided to buy one for himself, which is why he is going to that plant nursery everyone in the Tokyo Bonsai Society Forum was talking about. It also happens to be conveniently close to his apartment.

On the way, Jun comes across a crepe shop. He isn't particularly craving anything sweet at the moment, yet he stops in front of the door when he sees the guy at the counter.

It's Masaki.

Jun's heart goes frantic. How long has it been since the last time he saw Masaki face to face? Masaki looks thinner than before. It could be the new hairstyle, Jun thinks. Short hair suits him, but he usually lets it grow until it reaches his shoulders. He looks as beautiful as ever. Somehow, seeing him again makes Jun feel a little bit relieved.


Jun blinks. Masaki is staring right back at him, an amused smile curving his full lips. "Are you coming in or what?" he asks with a little laugh. Jun rolls his eyes at him and walks to the counter. "Alright, what can I give you?" Masaki beams at him.

"I… I want to talk to you…" Jun mumbles.

Masaki's smile fades a little. "I see," he nods.

"Can we…?"

"Give me five minutes. I'll meet you outside."

With that, Masaki goes back to work. Jun drags his feet outside of the crepe shop and stands in front of the door for a while, not knowing what to do with himself. Some minutes later, someone taps on his shoulder.

"Let's go over there," Masaki says, pointing with his chin at a little playground not far from there.

They sit on a bench, looking in direction to the crepe shop. Masaki takes two crepes out of a plastic bag and hands one to Jun. "I made these ones myself," he says with a grin. "I'm not an expert yet, but I think I've gotten way better than I was at the beginning."

Jun takes a tentative bite. "It's very sweet," he comments before taking a bigger one.

"I invented this recipe myself. It's called the 'Super Funktastic Strawberry Aibanana & Cream Deluxe'!"

Jun chokes on his crepe. "Aibanana?" He arches an eyebrow at Masaki.

"The best banana." Masaki tries to wink, and fails as usual. Jun just shakes his head. "The boss liked it, so they included it on the menu. They didn't keep the name, though, because it was 'too long'."

"I can see that." Jun chuckles. "So… a crepe shop…"

Masaki nods. "Kazama-kun works there, and he told me that there was an opening. I've been working here for almost a month now."

Jun stops himself right before he says 'why didn't you look for a job in another daycare?'. It would have been stupid, knowing that he is the cause why Masaki will probably not be able to find another job in his profession for a long time. "Eh…" Jun hums. "This Kazama-kun is the one you invited to my birthday party last year?"


Neither of them says anything else for a while. Jun finishes his crepe and waits for Masaki to continue their conversation. He eventually decides to speak up first.

"I'm sorry. I ruined your life."

Masaki turns towards him with a frown. "What?"

"I ruined it, didn't I?"

Masaki laughs. "You did not, silly."

"But your job-"

"There's more to life than just a job, Jun-chan. At least for non-workaholics like me."


Masaki lifts a hand. "Stop. There's nothing to apologize for," he says with a gentle smile. "And I'm happy at my new job! Crepe shops are fun!"

"I still feel bad anyway." Jun lowers his head. He hears Masaki sigh before he is pulled into a hug. With his head under Masaki's chin, he inhales deeply. Masaki smells like cream and chocolate. It's oddly comforting. It suits him, in a way.

"Come to visit me one of these days," Masaki says. "We could take Kuu-chan to the park or something, if you want to."

"I'd love to," Jun replies.

"I'll see you, then."

Masaki waves at him from the sidewalk before going back inside the shop. Jun stays in his spot for a while, watching him. He isn't convinced that Masaki is doing as well as he claims to be doing, but he'll have to trust his word for now. He's glad that at least he got to see Masaki again. The invitation to visit him soon improves Jun's mood greatly.

After that, he heads to the plant nursery. They have a few pre-bonsai trees, and Jun can't really decide on one. He was thinking of getting a sakura one, but there wasn't any available. He ends up taking home a beautiful ficus, along with all the supplies he will need to take good care of it.

"How should I call you?" Jun paces around the table where he placed his tree. He doesn't know if people usually give names to their bonsai, but he wants to do it. He feels it will create a deeper bond between him and the plant in the long run.

Jun names him Matsu. He can't wait to introduce him to Masaki.



"What do you think?"

"It's a nice tree."

"He is."


"Yes, he. I named him Matsu."



"Isn't it weird to name a tree?"

"Is it?"

"I've never seen anybody do it."

"But then how will I call him when we talk?"

"You talk to it?"

"Of course! Plants are living beings, you know? The guys at the forum say that talking to them can make them grow healthier! Playing music for them is also good! I play some classical every morning for Matsu while I groom him!"



"You need to go out more."

There are so many things that he could do with his free time, besides taking care of his baby bonsai. He could take a trip, like he said he would two years ago and never did –although he would have to find someone to babysit Matsu for him, and that doesn't seem like an option right now. He could visit his parents… no, that wouldn't be a good idea. If what his sister told him is true, he'd better never go back to his hometown or it won't be a cardboard Jun that ends up in a garbage bag with his head split in two. He should probably reply to the hundred-something messages in his inbox, let everyone know that he's alright.

Instead, what does he do?

He goes to see Masaki. Every single day. Regular customers must be starting to think that he's a stalker –not that it'd be inaccurate, since Masaki has no idea that Jun's been watching him all this time.

He can't help it. Sometimes he tells himself that he's just going to take a stroll, that he won't even go to that zone. Yet his feet take him there before he can notice. It's an obsession. He needs to know that Masaki is doing well, that he didn't just pretend to be okay to spare Jun's feelings. The guilt that is eating Jun up can only be temporarily appeased when he sees Masaki's smiling face.

Even during hard times, Aiba Masaki's smile is as bright as the sun.

Masaki didn't lie about enjoying himself at the crepe shop. He talks animatedly to the customers and to his co-workers as he fills and rolls crepe after crepe. One last smile as he hands the finished treat to the expecting customer, paired with one of his failed attempts at winking, is enough to send them into a peal of giggles while they say their goodbyes. "Come back soon!" Masaki says, and the reply is always "yes."

For a while, Jun is convinced that it isn't that bad. For a while.

Masaki is wiping the counter when a group of grade-schoolers bursts into the shop, circling a young man whom they affectionately call sensei. "Ten strawberry crepes, please," the young man says, trying to keep the children under control. He manages to make them form a line while they wait for their order.

"Coming right up!" Masaki chirps, getting to work immediately. He's as cheerful as usual, humming a tune that he probably picked up from an anime show. "There you go!"

There's a wistful, almost pained expression on his face while he observes the merry group going out of the shop. He waves at them, plastering a smile on his face to keep himself from showing too much what he feels. It fades as soon as they're out of his visual range.

By the time the next customer comes in, Masaki has schooled his features, looking calm and friendly as usual. "Welcome!" he says.

Jun's heart aches.

I ruined it. I did.

"What are you doing here?"

It's late at night when Masaki finds him, sitting on a bench. Jun opens his mouth to speak, and closes it immediately when no words come out.

Masaki sighs, sounding a bit exasperated. "Come on, let me walk you home."

Neither of them utters a word for a while. Jun knows that if he tries to speak, he'll most likely end up sputtering another apology, and Masaki wouldn't want to hear that. As for Masaki's silence, Jun doesn't know what to make of it. It's making him nervous, for some reason. He steals a glance at Masaki's face from the corner of his eye. There isn't anything in Masaki's countenance that could tell Jun whether he's in a good or a bad mood. For someone who usually wears his heart on his sleeve, Masaki has become rather difficult to read lately. It's driving Jun crazy.


There's a sigh coming from Jun's right. "Don't," Masaki says. His tone is firm. He must be tired of having the same conversation every time they meet.

Jun continues dragging his feet, his eyes focused on his shoes. He's biting his lip. Anything to stop himself from irritating Masaki any further or, worse, crying in the middle of the street. He almost jumps when a warm hand pulls his, slender fingers lacing with his.

"You know," Masaki starts, "I've been thinking of opening my own crepe shop."

That makes Jun look up again. Masaki is grinning at him, looking as excited as he did back when he told Jun that he'd be getting a promotion at the daycare. Jun winces at the memory. "Ah, is that so?" he mumbles.

Masaki nods. "You know that old man who has a crepe truck, the one who's usually around your place? Well, he's going back to his hometown, so he's selling it. I'm going to buy it."

Jun's eyes widen. "Seriously?"

"I already talked to him a few days ago and made an offer. He says it's less than what he wanted to get, so he has to think about it," Masaki replies with a smile. "Is it awful of me to hope nobody offers more than me?"

"A little bit," Jun says, making Masaki laugh in response.

The merry conversation goes on without interruption until they reach the park. As Masaki is showing him the perfect spot where he wants to park his crepe truck once he has it, a shadow moves from behind a tree.

They have very little time to react.

Jun finds himself on the ground after Masaki pushes him out of the way. Then he hears a shriek, after which Masaki falls to his knees, hands pressing on his abdomen. The person who attacked them is standing mere centimeters away from them, frozen in their place.

There's something in their right hand. It glints under the moonlight.

When Jun touches Masaki's body, his hand gets stained.

"M-Masaki… Masaki! MASAKI!"

His screams attract a few passersby, which immediately rush to their aid. One of them whips out a phone and calls an ambulance immediately, while the others alert the police and make sure that the attacker doesn't escape. "Hang in there!" one of them, a woman, says. The crowd gathering on the other side of the street grows with each second. Two policemen who happened to be in the area take control of the situation.

The attacker is still in the same spot, dazed. It turns out to be a woman, probably in her early or mid twenties. She's wearing blue jeans, sneakers, a baseball cap, and a purple hoodie. There are no visible tattoos or piercings, and her hair isn't dyed. She looks like a regular girl, not a delinquent.

Yet she's holding a bloody knife in her hand.

When Jun's eyes meet hers, a shiver runs down his spine. She's staring at him with so much hatred, as if Jun was her personal enemy. They don't know each other, though. Jun is pretty sure that he's never seen her before. He's almost certain that she intended to stab him, not Masaki. But why? What could he have done to deserve that?

He has no time to dwell on it. Masaki needs help, quick.

"It's okay," Jun says in Masaki's ear, hoping that he sounds reassuring enough. "You will be okay. We just… we have to wait until the ambulance comes. Then they will help you out, and everything will be fine."

Masaki nods in response. He reaches for Jun's face, and wipes a tear from the corner of Jun's eye. Jun hadn't even noticed that he was crying. He feels a bit ashamed.


For the first time, Jun doesn't mind the nickname. "Y-Yes?" he stutters, hands pressing on Masaki's wound to stop the bleeding. It isn't very effective, but he's doing his best.

Masaki stares right into his eyes. He doesn't seem nervous or scared. He doesn't let the pain show on his face. How does he do that, Jun wonders. If it was him, he wouldn't be able to keep calm. Masaki hasn't even shed a tear. He's always been the stronger one, even if his gentleness often gets mistaken as weakness.

A trembling hand runs softly through Jun's hair. "I love you, Jun-chan. I always have, you know?" Masaki tries to laugh, but then he winces.

Jun nods frantically. "I know, I know," he kisses Masaki's temple. "I love you too."

Masaki smiles. His fingers brush Jun's cheek one last time as his eyes close.

An ambulance stops in front of them. One of the paramedics checks Masaki's pulse, and then shakes his head.

Jun remembers screaming. Everything else is a big blur.

Without sunshine, there's only darkness.

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