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A piece of rainbow for [livejournal.com profile] lilly0 Part 1

Title: It Might Be You
Pairing: Juntoshi, Sakumoto; plus random side pairings
Rating/Warning: PG-13
Summary: Ohno Satoshi wants to be a well-renowned photographer in architecture and interior designs, so when his cousin, the chief editor of a prominent design magazine assigned himt o follow up-and-coming interior designer, Matsumoto Jun, he took the chance. However, Matsumoto Jun proved to be difficult-as Ohno had expected.
Note: LillyO, I know you said you want a Sakumoto as the lead pairing, but Ohno wouldn’t let go of Jun no matter how I tried. He kept popping up in the story than Sho as the lead. I hope it’s okay and you still enjoy the story anyway. Talk to me after the reveal and let’s discuss how I can make it up. hahaha.

It Might Be You JuntoshixSakumoto

It was an exciting day for Matsumoto Jun. He could feel it in his bones and in his stomach. Oh, yes, definitely in the stomach. He was so nervous, he could hurl, but instead he took a deep breath and smiled at the audience.

You can do this, he thought, giving himself a mental pat on the back for assurance. Anyway, he had to bring it. It was his livelihood after all. Which was why he was so nervous in the first place. Today marked another goal off his career checklist.

“Congratulations, Matsumoto-san,” said the madam president of the Interior and Architectural Design of Japan, a prominent fine arts group known throughout Japan. “Once again, you have won the Youngest Interior Designer of the Year for the second time in a row.” Jun shook hands with her. She stood aside, hands still in a handshake for the cameras. Jun tried not to blink from all the flashes.

One photographer he saw among the crowd was Ohno Satoshi-the thorn in his side. He tried to ignore the man, but the photographer went up closer and closer to the stage. So close his camera flashes were right in Jun’s line of vision. Unfortunately, Jun went temporarily blind. He knew he was to step back after the obligatory shoot for the newspapers and such, but his eyes were still not adjusted. He stepped over the microphone connectors and ungracefully tripped over the wires, falling back hard on the stage floor.

“Ooh!” the crowd gasped. The mike feedback screeched sharply through the speakers. Someone in the audience stifled her giggles.

With the aid of the madam president, Jun quickly got up on his feet. He smiled sheepishly at the crowd before going back to stand among his fellow honorees. His vision finally cleared and he used that first opportunity to glare at the most annoying photographer in the world.


“I hate him!” Jun yelled. “I wish I could turn him into a little itty bitty worm so I could squish him under my feet.” He pounded on the dashboard.

Aiba Masaki, his friend and assistant, was sitting in the backseat of the car cringing from the volume of Jun's frustration. Ninomiya Kazunari, Jun’s business partner, who was currently driving, seemed unfazed as he kept his eyes on the road. He made eye contact with Masaki in the rearview mirror and tried not to smile.

“That guy is always in my face. Literally.” Jun angrily wrestled with his bowtie and finally loosened it. He was still blowing out air in agitation. “Remember that one time he came to my design showcase for the Duchesses of Newark? He and his idiotic assistant came to the showcase ‘for the magazine’-” Jun mocked and made air quotes “- and bumped into one of the furniture, completely setting the tone of my design off kilter.”

“Ikuta Toma was still a rookie assistant then,” Masaki said with a sigh, unfazed by the fury of his friend and boss. This rant was nothing new coming from Jun. “And that was years ago.”

“Yes, but the incident was embarrassing. I could barely explain to the Duchess what my design was about.”

“But you did great in spite of what had happened,” Kazunari said, turning his eyes to Jun for a moment. “You’re a pro. She accepted your design and she was one of the biggest client we have.”

At this, Jun visibly relaxed and grinned at Kazunari. “Thanks to you, Kazu.” Jun reached over and squeezed the man’s arm. “If you weren’t my partner in this design studio, I just don’t know what to do.” Kazunari grinned back.

Jun reluctantly let go of Kazunari’s arm. For years even before he started up the interior design studio, he had always had a crush on Ninomiya Kazunari. They were classmates in freshman and sophomore years in the university before they branched out to their respective majors-Kazunari in Business Management and he to Fine Arts: Design. Still, they remained in touch until Jun decided to open his own studio and asked Kazunari to come along.

Jun glanced sideways at Kazunari’s profile. He was really a total package: smart, put-together, and good-looking. He just wished that Kazu would make it official between them. He could ask, but it’ll be weird. Kazu seemed to be the type to take the reins.

“We’re here,” Kazu said, pulling over by the curb in front of the studio-slash-Jun’s loft apartment. To save money, Jun decided to live above the studio in a small apartment. Jun and Masaki got out, though the latter only did so to move to the front seat. A tinge of disappointment blipped in his mind, wishing that Kazu would be considerate and walk him to the door, especially at night. But Jun’s a man himself, and that wish was purely for romance’s sake than practicality.

With the aid of the streetlight just outside his place of business, he inserted the key to unlock the door. Once inside, he flipped the lights on, then waved goodbye to the two in the car. Kazu honked the horn, then drove off. Jun sighed. Why didn’t he ever suggest dropping Masaki off first, then he and Kazu could be in the car alone? Jun slowly closed the door and locked it before going up the stairs to his lone apartment.


“But Junichi-nii, this photo of the palace garden in Sendai is beautiful.” Satoshi handed Okada Junichi, the editor-in-chief of Lifestyle Design Asia, another photo of a palace of the Ministry of Finance. He handed a small stack of photos of the living room, ballroom, and master bedroom. Junichi browsed over the stack, but his face remained impassive. Satoshi crinkled his nose. Obviously the boss wasn’t so impressed.

“It’s not like these photos are ugly, Satoshi,” Junichi sighed and handed the photos back. “It’s just that, well, I’ve seen it before. Nothing seems to jump out at me. I mean, you’re a talented photographer- and I’m not saying that because you’re my cousin,” he added when Satoshi was about to protest. “I don’t just come to your apartment-”

“Office,” Satoshi interrupted. Junichi sighed. “Office, apartment, whatever,” Junichi continued. “The point is, I need something new. We already featured a government official’s luxurious villa last issue.”

“But this was an exclusive look. He’s Sho-kun’s father.”


But before Satoshi could reply, Toma came in with armful of folder stacks of proofs from previous works and was just coming into Satoshi’s office-slash-bedroom to file them. He was grunting as he tried to balance the stack, but failed. Photos were scattered all over the floor.

“Sorry!” Toma quickly picked up some as Satoshi snapped, “Careful” a second too late. All three scrambled to collect the proofs.

“Who’s this?”

Satoshi and Toma looked up at Junichi, who was looking at a photo in his hand. Junichi flipped it around to show them the image.

“Matsumoto Jun, the elitist.” Satoshi clucked his tongue. That man was just too high maintenance to be a designer. But maybe it was a work hazard? Satoshi didn’t really care. He just wished that his supervisor who gave out assignments wouldn’t let him trail Jun’s work for feature articles in the obscure interior design magazine where he worked part-time. That was why he called his cousin for help so he wouldn’t be stuck in a rut; so he could follow his dreams to be a world-renown photographer.

Toma chuckled. “He says that with contempt, but really, Okada-san, I’ve seen him stare at the man with hearts in his eyes.”

Satoshi clucked his tongue at his assistant, wrinkled his nose, and stood up. Junichi laughed. Satoshi turned from them, fiddling the photos to stack them straight, but really, he was trying not to show the blush he felt creeping up his cheeks. Like hell he would have a crush on that man. Sure, Jun is tall, nicely muscular, with face that could really be for an actor or an idol than an interior designer, but he was aloof as hell. He didn’t need that kind of drama in his life. Hmph!

“He looks really familiar, though.” Junichi looked back at the photograph.

“Oh, he should be well-known in the design world,” Toma piped up. “He won Youngest Designer of the Year, twice!”

“Why? Don’t they not have any younger designers coming in every year?”

“Okada-san, you’re hilarious.” Toma laughed, clearly amused, thinking Junichi was being sarcastic. “You know the award is for the best of the best. Jun-san is just the best of the ‘40 and under’ category.”

“Interesting.” Junichi studied the photo. “He doesn’t look like your typical designer. How good is he, anyway?”

“Here,” Toma volunteered, handing him a folder. “Satoshi kept getting assigned to take Jun’s newest design showcase. His clients are mostly young newlyweds from old and new money socialites.”

Junichi inspected the photos Satoshi took of the up-and-coming designer. His mouth slackened. “Wow, Satoshi, this is it. This is the article you can do.”

“What, of Matsumoto? I’ve already covered his work in the local magazine.” Satoshi was still crinkling his nose, hoping that he wouldn’t be assigned again to follow Jun’s work.

“Yes, but not just his work but the man himself. You say he designs mostly for newlywed socialites? I want to know what would he design for his own home when he does get married. That would be interesting to see.” Junichi handed back the folder to Satoshi. “If you can make that happen, we’ll definitely put your photos up in the magazine.”

Satoshi groaned. He hated having to deal with Jun. Every time he makes an appearance to his showcase event, Jun always glares death lasers at him. Still, if it meant having his photos published for all of Japan, and eventually all of Asia, to see, then he would just have to do it. He sighed and nodded his consent. Junichi beamed.


Follow the link for part 2
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