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A piece of rainbow for [livejournal.com profile] lilly0 Part 3

“So, what do you guys say?” Satoshi asked the men he had gathered around him. In desperation, he went to the local bar he frequented and asked some guys he knew to be frequent patrons if any of them were interested in dating someone.

“And he’s cute?” one man asked.

“Of course. Super gorgeous.” Satoshi nodded.

“And he’s smart?” another asked.

“A creative genius.”

“And financially successful?” a third man piped up.

“He has his own business and gaining popularity from it.”

“What’s his name?”

“Matsumoto Jun. Age 33.”

“Nuh-uh, man.” The first man shook his head and backed away. “A friend of mine had dated him two months ago and told me about him. Very high maintenance. Plus, he doesn’t want to bottom. No, thanks.” He quickly walked away to rejoin some of his friends on the dance floor.

Satoshi looked at the other two. “Any of you not minding to bottom?”

“If the man is as hot as you say, I’d do anything for him.” The third guy smiled. Satoshi quickly took out his phone and scrolled through his photo gallery. He had transferred some of the best photos he took from the park to show potential dates. Satoshi held up one photo. “Wow. I’d so bottom for him.” The man licked his lips. He quickly gave his number to Satoshi for Jun to call. The man left, a smile showing his face.

“And what about you?” Satoshi turned to the last man sitting with him. He held up the photo for him, but the man didn’t bother looking. Instead, the man kept his eyes on Satoshi.

“Sure, why not?” The man shrugged. “It’s best to find as many people as you can right?” He stood up and drew his face to Satoshi’s, too close for comfort. The man’s hot breath on his ear sent a chill up his spine-and not because he was turned on. “But if it doesn’t work out between me and your friend, I don’t mind doing you.” He placed his hand on Satoshi’s thigh closer to where he didn’t want it to be, and squeezed. Satoshi gasped. The man kissed the air and winked, before walking away.

Satoshi shuddered, glad he didn’t bring Toma to witness how low he had gone to find men for Jun.


Jun’s eyes roamed around the room, still slightly shocked by what had possessed Satoshi to take him to the bar. Just because he was more attracted to his own sex, didn’t mean he was stereotypically gay. Plus going to a bar to find The One was just too cliché, even for the photographer. Satoshi smiled, a satisfied grin on his face. Poor guy probably thought this was a good idea.

“Ohno-san, why are we here?” Jun casted a wary gaze at the dance floor.

“To see which type of guys you are attracted to,” Satoshi said, nodding to the bartender. A few minutes later, they were served two bottles of beer.

“New friend?” the bartender said to Satoshi, flicking his eyes from him to Jun.

“Just someone,” Satoshi replied, then turned back to Jun and handed him his beer. He pointed at some guy across the dance floor. “That guy saw your pic and he’s interested. Why don’t you introduce yourself?”

Jun turned to Satoshi in horror. “You were showing my pictures to random guys here?”

Instead of replying, Satoshi just pushed him to the dance floor, the crowd automatically swallowed him up. Irritation rose inside him when he caught a smirk on Satoshi’s face. Jun tried to pushed his way back, only to be pushed against dancing bodies around him.

“Hey.” Jun heard someone talking behind him and he turned around to find the guy Satoshi had pointed. The man was slightly older, maybe someone in his 40s. “Wanna dance?” He didn’t wait for Jun’s reply and just started moving along to the beat. Feeling awkward just standing there in the middle of the dance floor, Jun reluctantly danced along.

After a couple of songs, the guy leaned closer to Jun’s ear and whispered, “So, what’s your friend's name?”

Jun stepped back. “What?” he asked out loud so he could be heard through the loud music. The guy grinned, then looked behind Jun, who followed the guy’s gaze to Satoshi. Suddenly, Jun threw back his head, unable to stop himself from laughing at the irony.


“Looks like your friend’s having a good time,” the bartender said behind him. Startled, Satoshi narrowed his eyes at him. He didn’t know what had suddenly came over him then when he saw Jun laughing at whatever the guy had whispered in his ear. He turned back to look at the duo, and Jun was now leaning to the guy and whispering in his ear. Satoshi ground his teeth.

“Hey, boss,” Toma greeted, waving at him, then sat down on the empty stool. “What are you you looking at?” He looked at the general direction where Satoshi was staring. “Ah,” he said, watching the scene on the dance floor.

“It’s not like that, Toma.”

“Not like what, boss?” For the second time in a row, Satoshi narrowed his eyes at someone. Toma, grabbing Satoshi’s beer, smirked behind it before chugging the contents down.

He didn’t want to, he really didn’t, but Satoshi was compelled to glance over to Jun and his trashy dance partner again. Once again, a rise of jealousy swirled inside him. No. He willed himself from the feeling, but when the music slowed down to a ballad and the guy wrapped his arms around Jun, Satoshi unconsciously drew in a breath. He whipped around on his seat and took a swig of the beer, only to find that Toma had finished it. He slammed the empty bottle on the counter. A new bottle momentarily appeared before him. Great, even the bartender now thought he was pathetic.

He didn’t know how long he had sat there until he felt a tap on his shoulder. Jun leaned casually with his bent arm over the countertop, his dancing partner mimicking him. He frowned at them. “What?” he scoffed. “Done with dancing already?” He winced inwardly. He didn’t meant to sound… envious?

A corner of Jun’s mouth tugged slightly, his eyes glinting in mischief. A beat later, he turned to the dancing partner and said, “I’ll be right back.” He gave Satoshi a grin then fled. On his way, he grabbed Toma by the arm, taking him along. Satoshi stared at the direction where the two headed before turning back to the other guy. He was grinning at Satoshi.

“Hi, remember me, Ohno-san,? Matsumoto told me all about you.”

“What?” Satoshi narrowed his eyes at him.

“Can I buy you a drink?”

“WHAT?” This time, he couldn’t hide his surprised. The guy, he didn’t even know his name, turned to the bartender and ordered without waiting for his reply.

“As expected, Matsumoto and I aren’t that compatible. I mean, we make good friends, but lovers? Not so much.” The guy’s grinned didn’t falter. He leaned closer to Satoshi, his breath warm on his cheek. “Why don’t we get out of here after we finish our drink?”

Satoshi shuddered inside, but smiled tentative at him. He fought the urge to swipe his ear from the warmth of the nameless guy. “Uh, how about meeting me in the restroom in, say, 15 minutes?” He shrugged. The guy’s face lit up and he eagerly nodded.

Satoshi quickly slid off the barstool, gave him a wink and a smile, and headed to the restroom. Just as he turned the corner, he turned toward the exit. He was so going to throttle Jun.


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