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A piece of rainbow for [livejournal.com profile] lilly0 Part 4

Jun grabbed his phone and dialed Satoshi’s number. He had a few words to share with that man.

“Hey, Jun-san, how’s it going?” Satoshi’s voice vibrated through the line. Jun gritted his teeth.

“You listen, good, Ohno. You’re the worst matchmaker ever.”

Satoshi sucked in a breath through his teeth. “That bad, huh?”

“Bad? A root canal is bad. Getting a speeding ticket is bad.” His sarcasm dripped through his tone thickly. “Having to meet this man tonight was the worst. The horny theater dude on the first date was nothing compared to this guy earlier who begged me for sex.”

“Oh. I guess you met that recently divorced salaryman tonight. He just found out he is gay.”

“What did you tell these guys? That I would put out? Excuse me, but I do have morals, you know.”

“No, I’ve never said anything like that. I’m sorry I picked the wrong guys.” Jun could hear him take a deep breath as if he was hesitating to tell him something. “Actually, Jun-san, I do have another guy for you. He’s perfect for you, I think.”

Jun stopped pacing and sat on the edge of his bed. “No. This isn’t working, Ohno-san. I don’t think I can do this anymore.”

“But you’ve only had three!”

“I don’t care. Go find some other designer to feature. Leave me alone.” Jun threw the phone in the middle of his bed. It rang right away and he knew without looking that it was Satoshi calling him back. He ignored the call and went to take a shower instead. He couldn’t believe his date tonight groped his cock at the movie theater. Yes, it was a horror movie, but people usually grabbed their date’s arm and hid their face from the screen. Instead, his date thought it was an opportunity to feel him up. Jun scrubbed himself raw. He never felt so violated in his life.

After a good long hot shower, he put on some clean clothes and padded to his kitchen for something relaxing to drink. He was browsing his small wine collection when the doorbell rang. Frowning, he checked the time on the microwave clock. It was late for Masaki to be out. Jun hurried to the door, then stopped in his tracks. Masaki had a copy of key to the studio. He wouldn’t need to ring the bell. Slowly, Jun opened the door of his apartment and peered down to see who was outside the studio.

Ohno Satoshi. The uninvited visitor gave up ringing the bell and banged loudly on the glass door. Jun clucked his tongue. If he ended up cracking the glass, he was going to make the man pay for the repair bill.

“Matsumoto, open up!” Satoshi’s voice sounded muffled through the glass. BANG, BANG, BANG

Jun groaned, but hurried down the stairs and unlocked the door. “Hey, if you break the glass-”

Satoshi stormed in, grabbing Jun by the arm. For someone a couple of inches shorter than Jun, he managed to fling him onto the couch of the nearby showcase. Jun stood up, ready to protest.

“Hey, you can’t just barge in here-”

“Sit down.” Satoshi pushed him down by the shoulders.

Jun fought to stay standing. “What? You can’t order me to-”

“I said sit down! God!” Satoshi threw his arms up in the air. Jun shut up and sunk on the couch. “Why are you so fucking stubborn?” He walked to the bookshelf by the couch and rested his arm on the shelf, exhaling slowly.

Jun stared at him in disbelief. Although he didn’t know Satoshi well enough, he had always deemed him to be mild-mannered and quiet, but seeing him this agitated and aggressive was different… Sexy. Jun felt his cheeks burn with that last thought. Of all the words to describe Satoshi, sexy didn’t seem to be fitting. Yet, there he stood, brooding in semi-darkness.

“Look, I know I said I’d be willing to help you out get this gig for LDA,” Jun said, subdued. “Maybe I spoke to soon. I’ll try my best next time.”

Satoshi turned to him. “For your information, Mr. Until-I-Find-The-One, my deadline has passed. Junichi-nii couldn’t wait for you. I’m helping you out because, well, I really don’t know.”

Jun opened his mouth to say something, then decided not to and looked away. If he had tried harder to like those guys, would it have helped Satoshi get the opportunity like he wanted? Jun watched him sat down on the armchair, still looking regretful for getting involved. His profile silhouetted against the light from the streetlight outside the studio, and Jun couldn’t divert his eyes from him. When had Satoshi looked so… manly?

“Ohno-san, I’m sorry.” Jun leaned forward and reached for his hand, squeezing it. “I can talk to Okada-san and ask to give you another chance and-”

“Nah, forget it.” Satoshi sighed. “I heard those jerks were sexually harassing you anyway. You had every right to fight them off.” He turned to face Jun. “But if you really want my help, then help me help you. That friend I told you about? He’s coming back here from Los Angeles. And the best part? He’s looking to settle down as well.”

Satoshi sat upright, now Jun realized that this whole time, neither of them had retracted their hands. Instead, Satoshi leaned closer, clutching Jun's hand like a lifeline. “Jun-san, listen. Though I try to find someone who’s perfect for you, you gotta be perfect for him as well.”

Jun didn’t know what Satoshi meant by that, but somehow, Satoshi’s words left him without a doubt that he was in good hands.


“What are we doing here?” Jun had to shout in Satoshi’s ear just to be heard over the loud music. He grunted when a random concert goer that was jumping to the music bumped into him. He not-so-subtly pushed him back, but the guy kept on jumping.

“It’s Black Eyed Peas,” Satoshi yelled back. “Sho-kun loves this band. I thought maybe you’d have something to talk about. He loves hip hop music.”

A headache was coming on. It wasn’t like he didn’t like music, but he prefer a classical orchestra than a pulsating beat of synthesizers. Satoshi though seemed to enjoy it. He watched the mob dance along and he couldn’t seem to take his eyes off Satoshi's lithe body moving so smoothly and effortless.

After the set was done, Jun leaned into Satoshi’s ear. “You’re a really good dancer.”

“Thanks. You’re not so bad yourself.”

“How do you know? I didn’t dance along.”

“I watched you dance at the club with that tall guy.” Satoshi shrugged, then turned back to the stage.

Jun stared at his profile. “You were watching me?”

Satoshi kept his face to the stage like he hadn’t heard him, but Jun could see him stiffen. He smiled, bumping his shoulder into Satoshi’s. He turned to Jun, then, nodded, embarrassed. The music started again. Jun didn’t feel the headache anymore somehow. He danced along to the music with Satoshi.


“Wow! that was the best concert ever!” Jun yelled in the car. Satoshi smiled, glad that he had thought of going to the concert. The tickets were expensive-it was the BEP for goodness’ sakes-but it was worth it. He wanted to show Jun what kind of taste Sho had so that they would get along, but he didn’t count on having as good a time as he did with Jun.

After the concert, Satoshi felt like getting some ice cream, so he drove to the nearest ice cream shop, and talked about the experience they just had. Now that he was driving Jun home, it was all the man could talk about, further hyped by the sugar rush he was experiencing. He couldn’t help but chuckle.

Satoshi pulled up in front of Jun’s studio, suddenly feeling regretful that he didn’t buy time and drive around the city just to spend more time with him. Jun sat in the car, looking out to his studio, shoulders slumped.

“Are you okay?” Satoshi asked.

Jun turned to him and smiled. “I had a great time, Satoshi, thanks.”

Satoshi raised an eyebrow, never hearing Jun calling him by his given name before, but he just smiled, pleased that the man was slowly warming up to him. “I had a great time, too.”

Maybe it was the way the dimness of the car with only the faint glow from the streetlight outside that hit half of Jun’s face or the mesmerizing stare Jun was giving him or just the whole night itself that prompted Satoshi to leaned forward, closing in on Jun, who leaned forward, eyes closed. Just as he felt his lips brush close to the designer’s lips, Satoshi panicked and jerked back. A moment later, Jun opened his eyes, seeing Satoshi blinking away. A stab of regret pierced Satoshi as Jun’s face registered from confusion to hurt to anger.

“Uh, uh…” But nothing coherent came out of Satoshi’s mouth. Satoshi jumped as the car shook from the impact of Jun getting out of the car and slamming the door shut. When his senses came back, Jun had already gone inside the studio, its Roman shade blinds blocked his view to the interior. Shit, shit, shit! What had he done. Satoshi sat there, wondering what had gotten into him. He leaned in to kiss Jun. Was he out of his mind? No. It must be the sugar rush. No. It was the BEP’s fault. Their music just wants you to love everybody. Yup. That was it. It certainly wasn’t because he was falling more and more for the man who he deemed a distant friend .


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