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Hello everyone!!

We did it!! We wrapped up this exchange! And once more I would like to thank you for participating and for making this exchange so awesome!!!!!!!! *throwsconfetti* There were so many awesome fics posted! - thank you to all of you for putting so much work into your stories!

A huge thank you also to our great beta-readers [ profile] arashiforyou, [ profile] shardaunei, [ profile] yoru_no_hikaru and [ profile] renchan27. Also a big thank you to our lovely pinch-hitters [ profile] zeon_avalanthe, [ profile] yukitsubute, [ profile] inaudible_d and [ profile] lilly0.

I hope all of you had a great time and I hope to see you all again next year!! ♥

Without further ado, here are the reveals!!!!!~

Recipient Author Gift Fic
[ profile] 64907 [ profile] spacewhistler Roche Limit (Yama)
[ profile] akhikaru [ profile] xdestroying Billowing Sails of Black, freedom is Mine (Sakumoto)
[ profile] an_jung [ profile] perkyandproud The Care and Feeding of Celebrities (Sakuraiba)
[ profile] arashikuro [ profile] smile_arigatou The Mission (Sakumiya)
[ profile] astrangerenters [ profile] yukitsubute Gut gegen Nordwind (Junba)
[ profile] avadiablo [ profile] koi_choshi On a stormy night (Ohba, Junba)
[ profile] gurajiorasu [ profile] 64907 Sheherazade (Sakumoto)
[ profile] helenmaldon [ profile] negai3104 Sweet Refrain (Ohba)
[ profile] inaudible_d [ profile] lilly0 Spin Cycle (Juntoshi)
[ profile] jade_lil [ profile] rainbow_teatime Flames of Time (Ohmiya)
[ profile] kanu_x [ profile] arashikuro Settling the Score (Matsumiya)
[ profile] kirasebi [ profile] avadiablo The way I am (Aimiya)
[ profile] koi_choshi [ profile] yukitsubute Wings of love (Aimiya)
[ profile] learashi [ profile] akhikaru Sunshine, Darkness, Stars (Jun-centric)
[ profile] lilly0 [ profile] shardaunei It might be you (Juntoshi)
[ profile] lover_youshould [ profile] silverdoll14 Work in progress (Jun/Aiba/Ohno)
[ profile] nande_daiyo [ profile] kirasebi Ara Zoo (Ohmiya, Sakuraiba)
[ profile] negai3104 [ profile] learashi Without Any Unnecessary Drama (Matsumiya)
[ profile] nino1711azuki [ profile] an_jung The Stranger (Ohmiya)
[ profile] ohmiya3104 [ profile] zeon_avalanthe Baby Boo (Sakuraiba)
[ profile] perkyandproud [ profile] ohmiya3104 Unwanted Meeting (Sakuraiba, Matsumiya)
[ profile] phrenk [ profile] gurajiorasu J is just a reversed capital L (Matsumiya)
[ profile] rainbow_teatime [ profile] skyfish7 Convergence (Sakumiya)
[ profile] renchan27 [ profile] nande_daiyo Knowing you are worth it (Ohmiya)
[ profile] shardaunei [ profile] astrangerenters How Far I’ve Walked With You (Sakumoto)
[ profile] silverdoll14 [ profile] lilly0 Buried in oblivion (Sakumoto)
[ profile] sky_fish7 [ profile] nino1711azuki Love is not scripted (Sakumiya)
[ profile] smile_arigatou [ profile] jade_lil Love Letters and Music (Ohmiya)
[ profile] spacewhistler [ profile] kanu_x The Gentleman's Word (Yama)
[ profile] tal3s [ profile] renchan27 Dancing for love (Sakumoto)
[ profile] xdestroying [ profile] inaudible_d Wicked like you are (Sakumoto)
[ profile] yoru_no_hikaru [ profile] inaudible_d Make You Feel My Love (Sakumoto)
[ profile] yukitsubute [ profile] lover_youshould Talk dirty to me (Junba)
[ profile] yume_no_ai [ profile] zeon_avalanthe Love Situation (Junba)
[ profile] zeon_avalanthe [ profile] yoru_no_hikaru Close to you (Junba)

With the reveals out now, feel free to flail, brag and repost the fic(s) you've written! ^_^/ You can also talk to your author/recipient openly now!

We hope you had fun and will join us again next year!!
We hope to see you again!

Yours Isa
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