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Sign-up Post:

Before you sign up, please read the rules

If you have any questions, write us a PM or an email to

If you signed up and realize that you forgot something, please edit your comment or answer to your original comment. Don't make a new comment thread.

If you are not sure what to include in your sign-up, we'll advise you not to be too vague. Better be more detailed than to leave an almost empty sign-up post. Give your assigned writer some options when filling in the sign-up form.

And don't forget, if you request MatsuJun with anyone, anyone might be Aiba, Chinen, Edward Cullen or Justin Bieber. ^_~

Pinch-hitting means to write a fic last minute if the original author dropped out.

Just to remind you: Try to provide at least two pairings between Arashi members. If you really only like one pairing, you can still sign up. We'll see what we can do then. Other than that you can go wild with cross-overs too.

*for Lj-users: post your Lj-name as the comment subject! And link to your Lj-account in your sign-up!

The sign-up should look like that:
Fic Journal/Archive:

Pairings you want to write:
Pairings/People you DON'T want to write:
I would like to write (prompts/kinks etc.):
I would NOT like to write (prompts/kinks etc.):

Pairings/People you want in your fic:
Who do you NOT WANT:
What do you want to read in your fic (situations/kinks/genres):
What do you NOT like to receive (situations/kinks/genres):
Preferred rating (written and received):

Could you pinch-hit?
Could you beta?
Anything else you want to say?

Sign-up form for you to copy:

<b>LJ Name:</b>
<b>Fic Journal/Archive:</b>

<b>Pairings you want to write:</b>
<b>Pairings/People you DON'T want to write:</b>
<b> I would like to write (prompts/kinks etc.):</b>
<b> I would NOT like to write (prompts/kinks etc.) </b>

<b>Pairings/People you want in your fic:</b>
<b>Who do you NOT WANT:</b>
<b>What do you want to read in your fic (situations/kinks/genres):</b>
<b>What do you NOT like to receive (situations/kinks/genres):</b>
<b>Preferred rating (written and received): </b>

<b> Could you pinch-hit? </b>
<b> Could you beta? </b>
<b> Anything else you want to say?</b>

- Sign-ups begin: May 20th
- Sign-ups end: 17th of June
- Fics due: August 26th
- Fic posting begins: September 3rd
- Reveals: One week after posting

HAVE FUN!!!! ^______________^
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