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A piece of rainbow for [personal profile] phrenk 

Of Tea and Novels
Pairing: Nino/Aiba, implied Ohno/Sho
Ratings/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: Nino, a poor young lad wants to get out of his debts from a loan shark. When he was about to sell his mother’s most valuable necklace, a guy sleeping on top of garbage bags asked for his help. Two servants appeared, and the man claimed that he’s a noble and he would help Nino clear the debts under one condition…
Notes: To my dear recipient: I hope you’ll love this story. I hope you are fine with all the cliché stuff I mixed to form this fluffy slush! Sorry, I was still in Kizoku Tantei high when I wrote this but I really enjoyed taking some elements of your prompts to form this story.
Thank you so much to my Beta K (you are awesome!) and to our Dear Mod, who is so considerate to me. To everyone else, please enjoy!

Of tea and novels )
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A piece of rainbow for [personal profile] ladyc2 

Title: When love comes to life
Pairing: Aiba Masaki/Kamenashi Kazuya
Rating/Warnings: PG-15
Summary: It’s strange when you find your shop’s mannequin with different clothes each morning. And when this strange new guy appears in the bar, Aiba’s life turns upside down.
Notes: Dear ladyc2. I really hope you’ll like this story. I had so much fun writing AibaKame <3. Thanks to my lovely beta. <3

When love comes to life )

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A piece of rainbow for [personal profile] an_anna 

Title: You Bring Out the Best in Me
Pairing: SakurAiba (main), Sakumoto (colleague bff),
Rating: PG-13 for Kisses
Warnings: Nothing
Summary: Sakurai Sho is the legitimate playboy/most-desirable-bachelor. A fact of which he is well aware and uses as he likes. Until one day, when he meets simple and humble Aiba Masaki with extra baggage, who without he even realized, was the package that he had always looked for so far.
Note: It’s been long since I last wrote SakurAiba but it was great fun to research and write the story, hope you will enjoy it an_jung.

You Bring Out the Best in Me )
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A piece of rainbow for [personal profile] cielmelodies Part 1, with the biggest Happy Birthday wishes from your author and your mods ^_^/

: Make-believe – Of Deceitful Hearts and Clouded Minds, Of a Viper’s Whispers and Chocolate’s conviction [Kazuko Game x Shitsuren Chocolatier cross-over]
Pairing: Yoshimoto Kouya/Koyurugi Souta (Sakurai Sho/Matsumoto Jun)
Rating/Warnings: NC-17; contains explicit sexual content.
Summary: Souta has been unrequitedly in love with Saeko for twelve years and refuses to give up on the love he bears for her. Then he meets Yoshimoto Kouya, a tutor who offers Souta a deal, he cannot refuse.
Notes: So. No matter what I decided to write, I knew you would guess me instantly. For that reason, I decided to surprise you with the content of the fic instead and give you, what I know you have wanted for a very long time.
A few important info bits: I watched the two dramas before and mid-writing to try and capture the essence of the characters, and that means I also included a lot of quotes and actual events that happened in the dramas, and used them to mould and shape this story. You will spot them if you have seen the dramas. Yoshimoto’s knowledge of the practice of seduction is actually based on the novel version of Yoshimoto, who is apparently is quite the seductionist.

Make-believe – Of Deceitful Hearts and Clouded Minds, Of a Viper’s Whispers and Chocolate’s conviction 1/5 )
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A piece of rainbow for [personal profile] yun_miyake 

Title: Friendship, Love and Second Chances
Pairing: Juntoshi, Sakumoto (broken)
Rating: R
Summary: After a painful divorce and afraid of being hurt again, Jun wants a marriage based on friendship, not love. On that basis Jun agrees to an arranged marriage with Ohno. His ex-husband Sho soon realizes that he wants Jun back. Is Jun willing to give him another chance or will he stick to Ohno and the prospect of a calm but possibly loveless future?
Notes : Hi [personal profile] yun_miyake, I hope that this is near enough to what you asked for. A million thanks to my lovely beta for her help when I was losing my mind and for supplying the title for this fic. Love you Sis *mwah*

Friendship, Love and Second Chances )
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A piece of rainbow for [personal profile] coolohoh 

Title: Out on a Limb
Pairing: Ohno Satoshi/Ninomiya Kazunari
Rating/Warnings: NC-17. Contains explicit sexual situations, mild violence and blood and plenty of swearing.
Summary: Ohno, Aiba and Jun banded in a ragtag team of mercenaries. In a world where there were green lizards are walking around, a bar owner with bad fashion sense and vague heroic tendencies, Ohno and Nino learned that secrets don't last.
Notes: Dear Coolohoh, apologies for the possible cliche settings, I was compiling Arashi's CMs in my HD and this happened. I kinda took massive creative liberties and ran wild with it, sorry if it's confusing. I do hope I managed to satisfy your fantasy/adventure cravings and that enjoy it though!

Out on a Limb )
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A piece of rainbow for [personal profile] lilly0  Part 1

: Smooth Strokes and Kitten Licks
Pairing: Sakumoto
Rating/Warnings: NC17. AU, includes some form of pet-play, d/s kink, dirty talk, a lot of tsun-ness and plenty of animal references.

Summary: In the twenty-six years that is Jun’s life, he has never thought it capable for him to be jealous of animals, no less a cat. Yet as he watches Reiko sprawl herself all over Sho’s lap, he cannot help the overwhelming irrational sense of jealousy boiling within him.
Notes: Dear [personal profile] lilly0, thank you for clarifying everything in your reply via the mods! I was playing around with many prompts that you gave but somehow I ended with this, so I hope this is to your liking! I had a lot of fun writing the smut for this too, and I hope it hits some of the kinks you enjoy ;)

Smooth Strokes and Kitten Licks 1/3 )
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A piece of rainbow for [personal profile] koi_choshi 

Title: Aiba in Wonderland
Pairing: Aiba Masaki/Matsumoto Jun, Aimiya friendship, all Arashi members have a role in the story
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 – kind of
Summary: When Aiba wakes up in Wonderland, he isn’t sure if he is just dreaming or if this is really happening to him. And when the Cheshire Cat asks him for help to save Wonderland, he starts his trip…
Notes: Dear [personal profile] koi_choshi , I really did my best with your fairytale prompt. Though it’s not a real retelling of Alice in Wonderland I still hope you’ll like it. <3 Thanks to my precious beta K.

Aiba in wonderland )
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A piece of rainbow for [personal profile] yumn_yumi 

Rating/Warnings: PG
Summary: Will it change, when you can stay one more night?
Notes: Hi! Yumi! Finally I write for you. This exchange is always so great. I try make a fanfic for you and I try my best. I hope you like it!! For everyone that happens to read this fic. I hope you like it!!

If I could stay one more night )
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A piece of rainbow for [personal profile] darkdropout 

Title: ARA5HI
Pairing: General Arashi Friendship (A bit of Ohmiya and Sakuraiba if you squint. Like, really really hard.)
Rating: PG
Summary: The good thing about being a sensate is that you have caring teammates who can act on your behalf. Like, literally.
Note to readers: There's roughly a 'current' timeline plus a 'past' timeline (aka flashbacks) that's going on in parallel, with the 'past' being all jumbled up. Hopefully it's not too confusing... :P
Note to recipient: Warning! Character death! Nah just kidding. Erm so... I hope you still have not watched Sense8 because you know what? Before receiving your prompt I haven't the slightest clue what on earth Sense8 is. I just erm, read a few pages of wiki and ran along with it... And this is the result. This fic brings a lot of firsts for me... (My first supernatural/super powers fic, first one shot that's so long too, at least the longest I've written in a long while...) Was quite a struggle to write at first but I'm pleased with the end result, I hope that you'll like it too! Now on to the story.

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A piece of rainbow for [personal profile] astrangestorm Part 1

: Runaway Groom
Pairing: Sakumoto, past!Sho/Keiko, Aiba/Satomi, plenty of guest appearances by the other Arashi-guys, Shun, Toma, Nagase, Kiko, Satomi etc.
Rating/Warnings: R to NC-17. (very soft NC-17 though)
Summary: Sho is a rising young politician. With the support of the LGBT community and out of a powerful, rich family, he has all the doors open for him. But unfortunately no matter how often he tries, he can’t tie the knot, because he lacks sensitivity and can’t read the mood. Famous wedding planner Jun has organized all his attempted weddings up to now. After a misunderstanding by the press and rumour that Sho is dating Jun, the both of them decide to go with the pretence. Sho because he needs to finally provide the public with a successful relationship, and Jun because he remembers Sho from their shared past as teens. Sadly though Sho has forgotten all about him…
Notes: Dear [personal profile] astrangestorm, I was so happy to get you as my assignment, because I love all of your prompts. Somehow the fake relationship prompt and the wedding planner one got me, so I mashed them together. I hope the outcome is to your liking!
Also a huge thank you to my lovely beta!

Runaway Groom Part 1/2 )
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A piece of rainbow for [personal profile] piggywhale 

Title: Rolling Days
Pairing/Focus: Ohno/Sho
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Summary: Sho had never thought anyone could lose their magic and survive. But in the tumultuous aftermath of Satoshi doing exactly that, do they have the strength to hold onto their precarious relationship as well?
Notes: For [personal profile] piggywhale, in the hopes it will please. Many thanks to LMSH for being a wonderful and patient help as always.

Rolling days )Rolling Days )
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A piece of rainbow for [personal profile] yukitsubute 

Title: Hot for teacher
Pairing: Junba, tiny mention of Sakumiya
Rating/Warnings: NC-17, orgasm denial, experiments, toys used, kinky play
Summary: Jun and Aiba meet in the evening to have some fun and do some experiments. There is orgasm denial inside this story and Aiba tells Jun a lot of what he has to do but I don’t think that it’s any more than cute soft core kink.
Notes: Dear [personal profile] yukitsubute, I hope you like it. It was an exchange with many firsts for me. I never wrote Junba before and I never wrote a story with such a huge sex scene in it. I hope you like it and that I could manage to write something that you will enjoy.
Thanks a lot for my beta reader who is my kind of hero for reading all my stories in the arashi fandom even if she totally isn’t into that fandom. Thank you also to my friends who helped me with this story and read it before to give me pointers and made sure that I would continue it without giving up and thanks for the mod for being so nice <3. I had a lot of fun.

Hot for teacher )


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