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1. Submissions must be at least 2000 words in length. There is no maximum.

2. Fics must be beta-read. If you absolutely can't find a beta, other participants might be willing to beta. Or we'll do our best to search a beta for you. Just tell us beforehand!

3. You must have previously written at least one fic that's more than 1000 words in length

4. As this is an Arashi exchange, at least TWO pairings you request and offer to write should be between Arashi members. However, we do love and ship cross-overs with other bands or non-JE artists as well. You are free to request cross-over pairings, but please watch out to AT LEAST request two pairings between Arashi members.

5. You're welcome to request and offer to write drama crossovers as well, but you must have at least one regular Arashi pairings in addition to the drama-crossover for both writing and receiving.

6. This is an anonymous exchange. So please keep your assignment as a secret. Once we revealed the authors (after the posting period), you are free to re-post your stories wherever you want

7. As you realized there is plenty of time to get your fic written, so don't start too late. Please try to finish your assignment on time!

8. Once you are finished sent us your fics to arashimod
[at] gmail [dot] at. More details about that point will come once the assignments are out.

9. If you have any questions, we'll happily answer them. Write us a PM or an email to arashimod [at] gmail [dot] com

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