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Sign-up Post:

Before you sign up, please read the rules HERE

If you have any questions, write us a PM or an email to stormymod@yahoo.com

If you signed up and realize that you forgot something, please edit your comment or answer to your original comment. Don't make a new comment thread.

If you are not sure what to include in your sign-up, we'll advise you not to be too vague. Better be more detailed than to leave an almost empty sign-up post. Give your assigned writer some options when filling in the sign-up form.

And don't forget, if you request MatsuJun with anyone, anyone might be Aiba, Chinen, Edward Cullen or Justin Bieber. ^_~

Pinch-hitting means to write a fic last minute if the original author dropped out.

Just to remind you: Provide at least THREE pairings between Arashi members. Other than that you can go wild with cross-overs too. (Anyone in for the JunxJustin Bieber one? ^_^)

The sign-up should look like that:
Fic Journal/Archive:

Pairings you want to write:
Pairings/People you DON'T want to write:

Pairings/People you want in your fic:
Who do you NOT WANT:

What do you want to read in your fic (situations/kinks/genres):
What do you NOT like to receive (situations/kinks/genres):
Preferred rating:

Could you pinch-hit?
Could you beta?
Anything else you want to say?

Sign-up form for you to copy:

Signups begin: April 5th
Signups end: April 29th
Assignments sent out: May 3rd-5th
Fics due: August 25th
Fic posting begins: September 1st
Reveals: One week after posting

HAVE FUN!!!! ^______________^


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