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A piece of rainbow for [personal profile] reveetoile 

Title :
The Baker Who Fell in Love
Pairing : Ohmiya, Matsumiya (broken up), mentioning Ikuta x Jun. Sakuraiba (friendship)
Rating : G
Warning : Uhm… nothing? Just… I hope you'll like it
Summary : Baker Ohno falls in love with a man he has never spoken too, but only sees everyday at a café on his way to work. Until one day, they meet and Ohno immediately knows that this man is the love of his life. However, the man's troubled past catches up with him in the form of a good-looking guy.
Notes : Dear @reveetoile I’m sorry if it's not what you expected… I didn't quite know what to write actually, because I was lacking ideas even though you had some good situations in your description. This is my first time to join this kind of fanfic exchange. /bows & cries/
Beta-read by @makitachibanana (LJ)

The baker who fell in love )
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A piece of rainbow for [ profile] gurajiorasu Part 1

: Affinity
Pairing: NinoAi.
Rating/Warnings: G, with Supernatural Phenomenon and Character Death.
Summary: Nino is a shut-in whose existence revolves around gaming for a living, pilfering food, and frowning at the universe in general. When his best friend declares he's moving away and his only other friend decides to get hitched, Nino starts to step into the shadows of self-imposed solitude. But then the landlord's grandson conveniently finds a new tenant for the apartment next door, and Nino is drawn to the awkward Aiba Masaki. Whether it's annoyance or a completely different complication he feels towards the new guy though, Nino isn't sure.
1. Honorifics will be used for this story. Please note that -san is used to refer to people politely, and -chan is its more casual / familiar alternative. -kun wil also be making appearances; it's often used to refer to persons of your age and position with whom you are friendly, but it's also used by seniors when addressing their juniors.
2. Kindly note that although gurajiorasu, for whom this fic was written, has specifically indicated that they would not want to receive a het or OC fic, I'm unfortunately unable to write slash. As such, this will be a Friendship fic, and women will figure in the story once in a while. Gurajiorasu, I hope you like this! Thank you for the prompt!
3. Beta B has saved me from a thousand tears. Thanks so much, B!
4. Many thanks to Zi, N, and M-san, who taught me everything I know about Nino Ai.

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