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A piece of rainbow for [personal profile] ladyc2 

Title: When love comes to life
Pairing: Aiba Masaki/Kamenashi Kazuya
Rating/Warnings: PG-15
Summary: It’s strange when you find your shop’s mannequin with different clothes each morning. And when this strange new guy appears in the bar, Aiba’s life turns upside down.
Notes: Dear ladyc2. I really hope you’ll like this story. I had so much fun writing AibaKame <3. Thanks to my lovely beta. <3

When love comes to life )

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A piece of rainbow for [ profile] 64907

Title: Roche Limit
Pairing: Ohno Satoshi/Sakurai Sho
Rating/Warnings: A bit of crude language.
Summary: “It’s not like we’ve got big plans. Let’s drive around town holding hands.”
Notes: I’ve always wanted to do a road trip fic for a long time but I’m really bad at describing places. I kept this as vague as possible and character-centered so it won’t be hard. This took a long time to write because terrible things happened in the middle of writing it and this has gone for thirty or so revisions before I finally found the tone. A slow-paced romance, if I have to say. But I hope this does not disappoint or still within your request.

Roche Limit )
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A piece of rainbow for [ profile] zeon_avalanthe

Title: Close to you
Pairing: JunBa
Rating/Warnings: PG-15
Summary: Jun’s worst nightmare comes true after a pretty bad fight with Aiba. Not only does he find that nightmares can be scary, but they can stick with you, even after waking up and follow you, turning your actual life into a nightmare as well. Too bad you can’t wake up from reality – lucky if you have friends around who will try to wake you anyway.
Notes: I really hope I got this right. It’s a bit special in style and I expended the prompt just a bit. I really, really hope that you will like this and enjoy reading it.

Close to you )
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A piece of rainbow for [ profile] yume_no_ai

Title: Love Situation
Pairing: Junba
Rating/Warnings: PG-15
Summary: A new job. A new encounter. This is the story of new employee Aiba Masaki who fell for his boss Matsumoto Jun aka the Devil Vice President.
Notes: I’m slightly worried about this one, but here you go recipient-san. I hope you like it. Many thanks to my ever-amazing beta and the mods for the supports! Can’t do it without you guys.

Love Situation )
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A piece of rainbow for [ profile] koi_choshi

Title: Wings of love
Pairing: Aimiya
Rating/Warnings: PG-15
Summary: Nino has been sick ever since he's been a child. Half of his life is spent in between home and the hospital which makes him a loner; until one day, a fairy shows up to brighten his life.
Notes: Dear [ profile] koi_choshi, I decided to combine two of your prompts, I hope that’s okay and I really hope you’ll like it. I had a lot of fun writing it. <3

Wings of love )
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A piece of rainbow for [ profile] yukitsubute

Secret Best Man
Pairing: AibaRyo (JunBa, OhBa and OhnoRyo, if you squint)
Rating: PG-15
Summary: It’s Aiba’s job as secret best man to organize the one thing every good bachelor party should have: a stripper.
Notes: Dear [ profile] yukitsubute, I truly hope you’ll like this. I have to admit I suck at writing the likes of crime fic, so I tried to somehow incorporate your police AU challenge in a different way… Thank you to the awesome mods as well as my fantastic betas. ^^

Secret Best Man )
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A piece of rainbow for [ profile] akhikaru

For The Sake Of Fancy Watch And Dignity
Pairing: Sakumoto and a surprise side pairing
Rating/Warnings: PG15
Summary: Ohno, Nino, and Sho were short of money. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
Notes: Next Top Model + crossdressing. You asked for this.

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A piece of rainbow for [ profile] shardaunei Part 1

Erratic Parade
Pairing: Jun/Ohno, Jun/Sho, Jun/Nino
Rating: PG-15
Summary: The outwardly perfect Matsumoto Jun meets his perfect match, but their story is far from perfect.
Notes: Thank you Arashi Mod and my beta reader Iven for giving me much needed strength!

Part One )
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A piece of rainbow for [ profile] smile_arigatou

: Early mornings
Pairing: Ohmiya (main), Sakuraiba (side), Jun/Mao (side)
Rating/Warnings: PG15
Summary: Nino does not see how he could ever be in a lovey-dovey relationship like his friends are. But you never know what life may throw your way... Or rather, who...
Notes: Firstly: sorry for the terrible summary... Second: I did a mix of your fluffy friendship, first love, and sappy romantic prompt ^ ^ Really hope you like it!!

Early mornings )


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