Sep. 3rd, 2017

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Hello lovely participants!

I'm going to start posting any minute! There are a lot of awesome fics, and I can't wait to post them all for you! (I will go for 2-4 fics each day, depending on how much stress I have on a day, and on the length of the submitted fics :-) )

I'm still waiting for a very few more fics to appear in my inbox - but I'm positive that I will receive them all very soon (or until the specific date we set)!

So, stay tuned for the start of posting period - TODAY! \^_^/

Here is just a reminder for the rules! Please read carefully:

1) Don't forget this is still anonymous. So, please don't answer any comments to the fic you wrote. You can do that (and repost the fic you wrote) once reveals are out.

2) Please leave a comment on the fic written for you as soon as possible. And, though I think that's quite clear, leave a longer comment than only 'Luved it. Thx'. After all someone put a lot of effort and energy into this for you.

3) There are places for concrit. This here isn't. We only accept words of love and praise. No negativity or wank! Always remember: Someone else put a lot of effort into the fic written for you. It's like a gift someone is giving you. So, plz, be thankful.

4) If - out of whatever reasons - you can't comment within a few days, tell me, so I can tell your author that you'll come later. Don't underestimate how crushing and frightening the silence of the internet can be. Someone's waiting for your comment after all.

5) However, EVERYONE MUST HAVE COMMENTED UNTIL REVEALS ARE OUT. If you can't remember the time table anymore: reveals will be out one week after posting ended.

6) I can reassure you that we have a lot of very very good fics for this exchange. So, if you read something, leave a comment - even if it's not the fic written for you. I bet the author will be happy. This also goes for those who are only participating as readers, not as writers. <3

So, with that said:

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A piece of rainbow for [personal profile] yukitsubute 

Title: Hot for teacher
Pairing: Junba, tiny mention of Sakumiya
Rating/Warnings: NC-17, orgasm denial, experiments, toys used, kinky play
Summary: Jun and Aiba meet in the evening to have some fun and do some experiments. There is orgasm denial inside this story and Aiba tells Jun a lot of what he has to do but I don’t think that it’s any more than cute soft core kink.
Notes: Dear [personal profile] yukitsubute, I hope you like it. It was an exchange with many firsts for me. I never wrote Junba before and I never wrote a story with such a huge sex scene in it. I hope you like it and that I could manage to write something that you will enjoy.
Thanks a lot for my beta reader who is my kind of hero for reading all my stories in the arashi fandom even if she totally isn’t into that fandom. Thank you also to my friends who helped me with this story and read it before to give me pointers and made sure that I would continue it without giving up and thanks for the mod for being so nice <3. I had a lot of fun.

Hot for teacher )
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A piece of rainbow for [personal profile] piggywhale 

Title: Rolling Days
Pairing/Focus: Ohno/Sho
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Summary: Sho had never thought anyone could lose their magic and survive. But in the tumultuous aftermath of Satoshi doing exactly that, do they have the strength to hold onto their precarious relationship as well?
Notes: For [personal profile] piggywhale, in the hopes it will please. Many thanks to LMSH for being a wonderful and patient help as always.

Rolling days )Rolling Days )
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A piece of rainbow for [personal profile] astrangestorm Part 1

: Runaway Groom
Pairing: Sakumoto, past!Sho/Keiko, Aiba/Satomi, plenty of guest appearances by the other Arashi-guys, Shun, Toma, Nagase, Kiko, Satomi etc.
Rating/Warnings: R to NC-17. (very soft NC-17 though)
Summary: Sho is a rising young politician. With the support of the LGBT community and out of a powerful, rich family, he has all the doors open for him. But unfortunately no matter how often he tries, he can’t tie the knot, because he lacks sensitivity and can’t read the mood. Famous wedding planner Jun has organized all his attempted weddings up to now. After a misunderstanding by the press and rumour that Sho is dating Jun, the both of them decide to go with the pretence. Sho because he needs to finally provide the public with a successful relationship, and Jun because he remembers Sho from their shared past as teens. Sadly though Sho has forgotten all about him…
Notes: Dear [personal profile] astrangestorm, I was so happy to get you as my assignment, because I love all of your prompts. Somehow the fake relationship prompt and the wedding planner one got me, so I mashed them together. I hope the outcome is to your liking!
Also a huge thank you to my lovely beta!

Runaway Groom Part 1/2 )


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