Sep. 11th, 2017

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Hello lovely participants!!

I can proudly announce that posting ended!!! All of you should have received their fic. A big thank you to all the authors - we hardly had any dropouts, and this year everything went particularly smoothly! So, a huge round of applause and thank you to you guys!

I will post the reveals in a week - on Sunday, 18th. of September. Until then you have time to read all the awesome fics here and leave a comment on the story written for you. (and you can always also comment on other stories ;D)

Since I am already on it, I would like to advertise two other exchanges. The mods of these two exchanges wrote me and asked me to spread the word that we have two more exchanges starting soon!

1) [community profile] je_united 
An exchange for all JE groups. As far as I am concerned even crossovers are allowed, so everything goes.

2) [community profile] ohnoexchange 
Brandnew, starting this year! Obviously centered around Ohno :D

Well, that's it!
Until Sunday ;-)


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