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A piece of rainbow for [personal profile] astrangestorm Part 2

Jun is good at avoiding people, it’s a natural instinct. After jogging he comes home really late and successfully ignores Sho by going to the bathroom and taking two hours there. He knows Sho will at one point fall asleep, because he is predictable like that. And the next day he leaves before Sho does.

He also knows exactly which hours Sho works, so it’s easy to be home when he isn’t. And when he is, he heads to Nagase’s place. Or works extra-long.

It works for a few days, until…

Nagase is wearing a miniskirt and chin-length black hair when he throws a pillow at Jun who is working at his laptop. “You have a visitor.”

Jun blinks in surprise. Who can actually find him here? He follows Nagase to the door, curious about who is looking for him at such a place. It’s Nino. Of course, the overly smart and witty friend. “What did that idiot do!?” he blurts out without further introduction, throwing his arms up dramatically. “What!? He constantly keeps whining to me and is in a bad mood.”

“I have no idea,” Nagase says instead of Jun while he leads Nino inside and provides him with a drink. “Loverboy won’t tell me!”

With both men standing in front of him, arms crossed and a demanding expression on their faces, Jun does not see a way out anymore. “A few things happened,” he tries to say diplomatically.

“Is that so?” Nagase says cynically. “Who would have thought…”

Nino frowns. “Fine, then let me guess. You had sex.”

Jun stares at him in horror while Nagase spits out his drink through his nose, coughing violently. Then his eyes widen. “Is this true, pineapple-chan!? Oh my God, it is! Finally!!” He has a knowing expression on his face. “So that’s why, now you feel worried and uncertain, not sure about your feelings.” He takes Jun’s hand into his, patting it and ignoring Jun’s annoyed glare. “You are sad your fragile little feelings will be crushed by the power of love from Sakurai. Or maybe he is such a sex god that you feel embarrassed of the many kinky things he demands. But rest assured, you will find your own inner kink-queen soon. Or maybe it’s the other way round and he was so bad in bed? Oh, or don’t tell me you think it was a mistake to sleep with him? Oh, my sweet dramatic baby, it’s-“

“No,” Jun interrupts him before he can blab more embarrassing nonsense. “None of this! I don’t regret it! I-“ he blushes. “I enjoyed it and all.”

Nino tilts his head. “What happened?” he asks. “Come on, there is no use in hiding it anyways. I know something happened, because Sho-chan is beating around the bush constantly.”

“He gave me money,” Jun blurts out.

Nagase blinks. “What?”

“The day after we had sex, he suddenly approached me and handed me money. For compensation. Because I have to pretend my feelings and because I have to fake everything and all.” He pauses. “Maybe I’m overreacting,” he mumbles. “It’s just…”

“He is such an idiot,” Nino sighs. “No wonder he didn’t tell me what happened! Though he probably doesn’t even understand where he is going wrong!”

Nagase has been quiet for a moment then he lets out an annoyed grunt. “Sensitivity truly is not his strong point.”

“Neither is reading the mood!” Nino huffs.

“Lacks consideration.”

“And common sense.”

Nagase sighs. “Who in their right mind gives someone money after they had sex? Like if you choose the worst timing ever, this would be it.”

“I agree,” Nino sighs slightly. “But the thing is…” He raises his hands in defence when Nagase and Jun glare at him. “He probably doesn’t even get where he went wrong. He is not a bad person, but his trail of thoughts is weird sometimes, and he has problems reading the mood. He didn’t give you money because you had sex.”

“I know that,” Jun huffs. “But he still did it. Like it didn’t mean anything.”

“Did it?” Nino asks curiously. “To you?”

Jun blushes at his unconscious slip, not sure how to answer. But Nino beats him to it anyway. “You know what, just go to your place,” he says. “At least give him the chance to find you. Because we all know it’s impossible for him to realize where you stay. And he didn’t dare to call Oguri-san or Ohno-san. Give him a chance to try, please.”

Jun sighs, and nods in agreement, sick of running away and not knowing if Sho actually likes him or not.


When he is back in his own apartment he instantly realizes why he went to Nagase in the first place. It’s just so quiet and empty here, and over the last months he got so used to having Sho around, although they both work a lot. It’s still different, coming home to a shared apartment and feeling the warmth of a person even when the person isn’t there at the moment.

He goes to the kitchen, only boiling some rice, because obviously he has hardly any food at home, and doesn’t feel like cooking anyways. He is in the middle of preparing something to eat when the buzzing sound of the air conditioner suddenly goes silent. Thirty minutes later the temperature of the room is suddenly ten degrees higher. Sweat forms on Jun’s forehead and he goes to check on the air conditioner, realizing it’s not working at all anymore.

“Shit,” Jun curses. Now he doesn’t only need to worry about Sho and how to keep up the pretence in front of the press, but also call some handymen to work at his apartment. He can’t even go to Shun’s or Nagase’s place because he promised Nino to stay here. The best solution he can come up with for now is taking off his jeans and switching into the lightest t-shirt he has. He wouldn’t mind running around naked, but he is in the kitchen, and safety and hygiene come first.

He switches on the music to feel less lonely while he eats his rice standing next to the table. When the door rings, he hopes it’s one of the handymen who comes earlier than promised, but to his surprise and shock it’s-

“Sho-san?” he asks in disbelief.

“FINALLY!” Sho exclaims, there is sweat on his forehead and he looks stressed. “Please let me come in,” he blurts out.

Jun stares at him in astonishment before he eyes the corridor in worry. He would have let Sho in suspense longer but figuring how there might be people listening or watching, he pulls him inside.

“What are you even doing here?” Jun asks with a frown. “Didn’t you have an event to attend tonight?”

“You remember?” Sho asks, eyes wide.

Jun blushes. “Just coincidentally.”

“There is no way I’m going without you,” Sho states.

“But you can always tell the press that I’m busy,” Jun points out.

“That’s not it.” Sho frowns. “I don’t care at all for what the press thinks. There is no way I’m going to an event and have fun without you! It’s impossible to have fun without you.”

Jun’s mouth drops open. Just what the heck is this guy saying all the time? “You…” he blushes. “You should be more careful about what you say.”

“Why? It’s the truth,” Sho argues.


“Listen, Jun-kun,” Sho looks down at his fingers nervously. “I know you are upset about the money-thing. I didn’t mean anything bad with it. It’s just… you went out of your way from the first day on to help me, and I felt so guilty. Nino told me how it looked like giving you money after…” he blushes. “I didn’t want to pay you for sex or anything. I just felt bad for not giving you anything.”

“Mention the money again and I’m going to throw you out of my apartment,” Jun states firmly.

Sho shakes his head wildly. “I just, I want to explain.”

“I know,” Jun huffs. “But the reason I helped you out is because I wanted to help you. It was my decision. And I kissed you because I wanted to kiss you. And I slept with you because I wanted to.”

Sho’s eyes go wide. “Is this true?” he asks in surprise. “Really?”

Jun blinks before he realizes what he just admitted to. Jeez, Sho’s inability to think before he talks seems to rub off! “I mean, I…” he pauses, not sure how to continue.

“I’m so happy,” Sho blurts out to Jun’s surprise, a bright smile gracing his lips. “Because I also kissed you because I wanted to. And I’ve wanted to hold you in my arms for a long time already. I’ve had a crush on you forever!”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Jun snorts, though Sho’s words make him happy. “You even wanted to get married.”

Sho sighs. “Arranged.”


“Keiko and I were set up. And we went with it because we just felt like we would never find someone we like. Also I thought hitting on you would be useless anyway. I thought you and Ohno-san, well…”

“How come you think so much during such a situation, but not when you talk to someone?” Jun points out with a grin.

Sho ignores him. “Do you think there is a chance for us to not only pretend being a couple, but pretend and be one at the same time?”

“Well,” Jun chuckles. “Everyone knows already, so we wouldn’t even need to voice it out towards the press or in front of our families.”

Sho smiles brightly and wraps his arms around Jun to pull him into a hug. He is sweaty and his shirt sticks to his body, but Jun doesn’t mind at all, his heart jumping in happiness.

At one point Sho moves away, grimacing slightly. “How come it’s so hot here?” he asks all of a sudden while he rubs his forehead. Then he looks at Jun properly, apparently only realizing now that Jun is pretty much running around half-naked.

“The AC broke down,” Jun explains dryly.

Sho sighs dramatically. “Fine,” he says. “So we are stuck with being sweaty.” He grins. “But better sweaty than being alone.”

That’s true actually. Jun hands him a bowl with rice. “I didn’t have anything at home,” he explains, but he doesn’t need to worry because Sho is easy to please when it’s about food, and he doesn’t complain at all.

They both sit down on the floor in the corridor where there are no carpets or anything, trying to cool off on the cool floor.

“The last days were horrible. I cannot live without knowing where to find you,” Sho suddenly says, apparently he really has problems with filtering what he says in private life. “How about we install a device on your phone or tablet, so that I can always find you?”

“The hell I’m going to let you install some creepy as fuck stalking app on my phone,” Jun grumbles, feeling weirdly content by letting out so many curses at once. It helps sometimes, it seems.

“You know, you are hot when you curse?” Sho says with a grin.

Jun chuckles, bending forward to place a kiss on Sho’s lips. The latter sighs dramatically. “Why is it so hot? I want to make out with you!”

“Yes,” Jun nods mock-earnestly. “I would totally blow you now if it wasn’t so hot.”

“Well, you know what they say,” Sho answers casually. “It’s never too hot for a blow-job.”

Jun giggles. “No one says that!”

Sho laughs too, grabbing Jun by his shirt without further warning and pulling him into a heated kiss that leaves Jun breathless. “I can’t believe I’m officially allowed to do that,” Sho says happily.

Jun smiles warmly, Sho’s blunt and dorky side is something that can be difficult sometimes, but at the same time it provides him with moments like this when Sho just spills out what he wants to say and shows his affection. “I have always had a crush on you too,” Jun admits.

Sho’s expression of genuine happiness is worth the confession. “This makes me so happy!” he admits wholeheartedly.

For a second Jun considers blowing Sho off for real, but then a wave of heat washes over him again, and he decides to postpone it until his air conditioner is repaired. A good decision as he figures because ten minutes later there is another ring at his door, and he has to let the handymen inside.

They eye Sho with interest, probably well aware about the famous couple they are. And Jun is happy that they not only gave them further proof that they are together – because he is sure someone will spread it online or to the press, he is just in shorts after all – but because it is not just a farce anymore.


They stay in Jun’s apartment for the night, relieved when the temperature is normal again. They shower together, with Jun finally giving Sho his promised blow-job and Sho telling him filthy things about how he wants to feel Jun inside him, which happens immediately afterwards. Jun is amazed and happy that Sho opens up to him so much and even lets him fuck him. Sho’s bottom is one of the finest he has seen up to now, the muscles of his butt flexing when he bites into his left butt cheek softly.

When Jun feels Sho beneath him, his legs wrapped around Jun’s waist, fingers clinging to his back, and when he moans out Jun’s name and urges him to fuck him harder, Jun feels so thankful and happy and full of love. Sho likes to keep control after all, and he has only been with women before – at least that’s what he believes. Jun knows better, and he still remembers Sho’s body like it was yesterday.

“Sho-kun,” he says while they cuddle on his bed afterwards. “I… you know… when we first met each other because you wanted me to plan your first wedding?”

Sho nods.

“I remembered you from the past,” Jun bites down on his lips. “You truly don’t remember?”

Sho looks embarrassed. “I have forgotten a lot about my past,” he admits. He looks sad, so sad that Jun is scared to touch the subject further, just…

“You are not sick, are you?” he asks in worry.

Sho shakes his head. “I’ll tell you, I promise, I just need to find the right words to do so.”

Jun nods, he can live with that.

Sho smiles. “How about you tell me something about your past?” he says curiously. “I bet you were the perfect son.”

Jun laughs heartedly. “No way. I constantly went partying without being allowed to, snuck out of the house and threw secret parties. When I was 17."

“Really,” Sho chuckles. “You threw a secret party? When you parents were not home?”

“Yeah, they were on a business trip, but came home early. I got grounded for months,” Jun chuckles. “I was so rebellious as a kid. I guess you were the perfect son.”

Sho cracks a laugh. “Cute,” he grins. “Not at all. I was the most idiotic child ever. The phrase I heard the most while growing up was ‘Go to your room’, followed by ‘As long as you live under my roof…’

“We need to have a talk,” Jun adds, trying to go for a deep voice.

Sho chuckles. “If your friends jump down a bridge, are you going to jump too?”

“One day you will thank me for that,” Jun adds with a chuckle.

Sho grins. “Yeah, best phrase ever. Thank them for what? Being yelled at or punished?”

Jun laughs lightly. Suddenly it’s not important to him anymore that Sho can’t remember their past. They can create a new past for themselves now.


Jun almost slinks out of the office again when he sees Satomi leaning against the desk of her office and Aiba having his arm wrapped around her waist and kissing her more than a little passionately.

Jun clears his throat. “Excuse me.”

Aiba doesn’t even look embarrassed in the slightest. “Oh, hi Matsumoto-kun!”

Satomi straightens her blouse, trying to go for a professional expression. Jun tries hard not to grin. “How can I help you, Matsumoto-san?”

“I’m here to see Sho-kun,” he says casually. “He forgot his folder at home, and I was on my way back anyways.”

Satomi nods. “I’ll see where he is. Just wait here for a moment.” Jun watches her leave before the turns towards Aiba, pulling his eyebrows up.

Aiba just grins. “What?”

“Really?” Jun rolls his eyes. “Here at her office?”

“Anytime, to be honest,” Aiba points out. “Jeez, Matsumoto-kun, I’m so lucky, aren’t I? Did you notice how beautiful she is? And how smart? How did I even manage to win such a woman over?”

“Well, there obviously is something in you she likes,” Jun answers.

“Hopefully,” he chuckles. “I’m not going to mess that up!”

Jun nods contently, relieved that Aiba is indeed serious with Satomi and not just going for an affair. Before his thoughts can linger on the subject longer, Satomi comes back. “I’m so sorry, Matsumoto-san, but Sho can’t meet you at the moment.”

“Oh.” Jun blinks. Well, that’s unfortunate, but of course it can happen. “He is in a meeting, it seems?”

Satomi shifts around nervously, while Jun and Aiba eye her curiously. “He is not in a meeting?” Aiba asks curiously.

Satomi lets out a sigh. “I can probably lie to anyone but you, Matsumoto-san, after all your help. He is talking with Keiko-san at the moment.”

Jun blinks in confusion. With Keiko? Well, they are friends, aren’t they? And used to work together? “Is this in any way unusual?” he asks carefully.

“Yes,” she sighs. “To be honest, after they cancelled the wedding they hardly talked with each other. I think Keiko-san was more upset than she let anyone know.”

“Is he really such a shitty partner?” Aiba asks.

“No!” Jun calls out, blushing when they both look at him in surprise. “I mean,” he stutters, not sure if Sho wants him to make it already public that they are dating for real. “From what I encountered, he is just bad with choosing the right words and all. And reading the mood.”

Satomi seems to be convinced by his answer. “That’s true. You know him well, but I guess it comes from organizing all of his to-be weddings.”

Jun nods, trying not to look too uncomfortable. He is not a jealous person normally. And Keiko is Sho’s friend, although she might have been angry at him for messing up their relationship. Yet his stomach clenches weirdly when he thinks of these two meeting, in private – so private that he can’t even see him for a second to hand him the folder he forgot. He curses himself for being petty and jealous like this – it’s not right.


Nagase squeals while Ohno looks at Jun in horror. “No!” Ohno blurts out in disbelief. “Not him!”

Nagase however smacks Jun’s shoulder happily. “Finally you got laid and laid him. Way to go, my sweet seductive pineapple-chan! Thief of hearts!”

“How can you be happy about this?” Ohno whines.

“How can’t I be?” Nagase sighs dreamily. “If there was more sex and kissing in this world, it would be a more peaceful place.”

“If it were that simple…”

“It is,” Nagase says with conviction. “Hence my sweet heartbreak-chan did the right thing!”

“Why are you calling me that?” Jun intervenes. “I didn’t break his heart!”

“But you could,” Nagase points out randomly. “Because you have him in the palm of your hand.”

“I’m not so sure,” Jun admits, blushing slightly when both Nagase and Ohno look at him in sudden surprise.

“What do you mean?” Ohno asks with a frown. “What did he do?”

“Nothing, actually he is really nice and attentive,” Jun admits. “It’s just…”

“Just what?” Nagase asks curiously. “You know I will make you spill it, so just say it now and spare us the questioning!”

“He met Keiko-san today, privately, and hence didn’t want to meet me when I dropped by at his work place.” Jun frowns. “I mean, she is his friend, so it shouldn’t bother me.”

“But it does?” Nagase asks.

Jun can’t help a blush crawling over his cheeks. Like, damn it, since when is he jealous? Or possessive? He doesn’t own Sho. Sho can meet his ex-fiancée anytime, because they have been friends for so long. It’s like Sho if forbade him to see Kiko or Ryo or any of his old friends, because he sees potential danger in them. “It’s nothing,” he says with new-found determination. He is being ridiculous really. “I’m just being silly.”

It’s a lot later after he and Ohno left Nagase’s place and went for a few drinks and some plates of omurice with Kiko that Ohno picks the topic up again. “It’s because you don’t trust him,” he slurs while clinging to his drink.

Jun sobers up almost immediately. “What do you mean?” he asks in surprise.

“You don’t trust your Sho-kun. Because he can’t remember anything of the past, and he has had so many failed relationships.”

“That’s not true,” Jun stutters, glad that Ohno is drunk enough not to see his face getting pale. Because, maybe it is. Maybe he can’t trust Sho yet. Sho is nothing but sweet and supportive towards him, but he also sometimes says things which are so inconsiderate that Jun wonders if he really doesn’t mean them at that moment. And he was ready to marry his yearlong childhood friend and even dated her - did it really not mean anything to him?

“You think he is only with you because it gets him sympathy points from the community? For the elections?” Kiko asks, emptying her sake in one shot.

“No,” Jun answers immediately. He can’t really believe in Sho, because Sho might be a player and he isn’t sure if he really is in love with Jun, but he won’t just take advantage of someone. “He is silly. A silly but sincere and charming idiot.”

Kiko giggles. “You are cute when you are in love, Jun-chan~”

“Who is in love?”

Jun almost falls off his chair, when he hears Sho’s voice behind him. He looks at him in disbelief. “Sho-kun?”

Kiko giggles. “Jun here likes y-“

Jun presses his hand against her mouth to shut her up while Ohno giggles helplessly. “How did you know where I am?” he asks, trying to save his dignity.

Sho throws his hands into the air dramatically. “Since you are not capable to answer your phone-“ he looks at Jun like he wants to reprimand him, but then he breaks into a smile. Jun takes his phone, looking at it. Sho is right, he called him several times. “I had no other choice but to visit your friends. You won’t believe what I saw,” he whines.

He drops down on the chair next to Jun, thankfully accepting the drink Kiko offers him with a sympathetic smile. “First of all I went to your Oguri-san, but jeez, the baby cried all the time.”

“He tries hard,” Jun points out with a grin. “He is still adapting to being a stay-at-home dad.”

“And then I went to this Aiba-san just to see him eating up my secretary,” Sho continues, wearing an expression like he needs to see a therapist now. “And then I visited Nagase-san who groped my butt, and then said he approves of it and that it’s definitely good enough for you. Then he switched his personality completely all of a sudden, got scary and told me I should not hurt you or he would kick me into my apple-butt.”

Jun is not sure if he should laugh now or flinch in embarrassment. He goes for taking Sho’s hand. “Sounds like you went through a lot.”

Sho pouts. “I did, but eventually it led me to you.”

Jun smiles at him. “Do you want to stay here or go home?”

“Are you coming home with me?” Sho asks carefully. “If not, I’ll rather stay here and spend some time with you.”

Oh dear, he is so sweet. Jun smiles happily. “Of course I’m coming with you. I wanted to go home anyways. Let me just call a taxi for these two idiots.”

Jun successfully manages to pay the bill, call a taxi, squeeze Ohno and Kiko into it and give the driver the exact addresses of these two – all in only fifteen minutes. When he comes back into the now empty private room of the bar, he suddenly feels two surprisingly strong hands, grabbing him by his waist and pushing him against the wall, hungry lips ravishing his neck first before kissing him passionately. “Sho-kun,” Jun stutters when he feels Sho’s palm against his crotch.

“I don’t know how you do it,” Sho mumbles, lips now moving down Jun’s neck while his fingers unbutton his shirt. “But you have me under your spell. I just want you so badly.”

Maybe it’s the desperation in Sho’s voice and the straightforward want that make Jun shove his normally so rational mind aside, and decide to just go for it, not caring if they are in semi-public or not. The room is closed anyways.

He lets himself be swept along by Sho’s passion, hands on Sho’s shoulders to support his weight, while Sho pushes Jun’s trousers down and wraps one of Jun’s legs around his hips.

“You came prepared,” Jun says breathlessly when Sho opens a bottle with lube.

“I’m with you, and you are freaking hot, I always need to be prepared,” Sho answers, voice hoarse, sending tingles over Jun’s skin.

It goes so fast that his mind has problems processing everything. Sho’s slick fingers working his entrance, his body pressed against Sho’s. It’s almost a bit suffocating to be captured in between Sho and the wall, but it turns him on at the same time.

Jun grabs Sho’s neck, pulling him closer to smash their lips together right at the moment when Sho pushes into him. He gasps against his lips, the feeling of Sho’s dick filling him up, it’s slightly uncomfortable in this position, but the burning sensation makes place for something else soon, and he shifts his weight to lean against the wall while Sho supports his waist with his arm. Something inside Jun feels so incredibly proud and joyful that Sho wants him so much that he is fucking him in a bar. Okay, separate space with closed doors. Still.

“Sho-san,” he leans forward, and bites into Sho’s earlobe teasingly. “What are you waiting for? Make me yours.”

“Fuck, Jun,” Sho’s breath rattles at Jun’s words, and Jun can feel him picking up his pace, thrusting into Jun strong enough that his body jerks. He throws his head back, holding back a moan when Sho presses his hand against the wall, his palm right next to Jun’s head to support him, while his free hand finally takes Jun’s cock, stroking it in fast successions until Jun’s body shivers. He tenses around Sho’s cock, a shudder going through his body when he comes over Sho’s hand, Sho following by snapping his hips forward a few more times until his body shivers, and his head drops down against Jun’s neck.

They stay like that for a moment before Sho chuckles and kisses Jun’s neck. “You tease.”

“Wait a moment, Mr. President,” Jun snorts. “You are fucking me in a bar, and I’m the tease?”

“Yep,” Sho grins while he carefully slides out of Jun. “You are awakening my basic, animalistic instincts.”

“Way to go to make yourself the victim,” Jun sneers, stretching his stiff legs and shoulders. “Must be the politician inside you.”

Sho laughs and presses a kiss against Jun’s temples, making Jun’s heart race. Damn it, he could get used to that, really.

“Round two at home?” Jun asks with a grin, smacking Sho’s butt teasingly. “I want to get back to you for jumping me in a bar.”

Sho wriggles his eyebrows teasingly. “And I want to see you trying.”

“Is this a challenge?”



I want to make love to your onigiri!

Jun laughs when he reads Sho’s silly message. He has made a bento box for him today, amused by how excited Sho watched him prepare it and how happy he was once he received it. They both ended up late for their meeting because they had to make out like teenagers before leaving.

Jun grins. I would prefer it if you made love to me instead.

Oh baby, I can make love to you anytime *dirtygrin* Wait till I come home~

Jun’s heart makes a tentative jump. He can’t wait, really. He feels like a teenager all again with how much he is in love with Sho and how happy he is whenever he hears his voice or when he receives a message.

Are you free for lunch today? Jun asks.

I’m so sorry :-( I have a meeting today! I will probably come home very late. Please don’t be mad.

Cute. Jun chuckles. He feels like a teen again, but he certainly isn’t one anymore to be mad just because his boyfriend has work to do. No problem, as long as you come home and fulfil your promise :D

You just wait! *muhahaha*


Jun stares at the cover of the magazine. The one Toma unsuccessfully tried to hide from him when he met him and Shun for a brief baby-free lunch. “The grandparents are here and took Miki for a weekend,” Shun states, smiling happily. His happiness doesn’t last long though because soon separation anxiety takes over. “What if she can’t fall asleep? What if she needs her daddy to rock her to sleep?” He almost sobs into his glass of wine. “And I’m not there.”

“I’m sure Yu-san’s parents will look well after her,” Jun points out while Toma fills Shun’s glass again. He throws Jun an amused glance and both of them have a hard time not to giggle.

It’s then that Jun receives a call and Toma excuses himself to buy a few magazines for later. “I like gossip and fashion mags and alike,” he explains with a blush.

“Me too,” Jun says dryly. “Comes with my job.”

It’s Ohno who is calling him, concerning the cake for Kiko’s wedding. Fifteen minutes later when Jun comes back Toma and Shun seem to argue about something. Shun looks pissed, Toma confused. When they see him, Toma blushes and puts his plate on top of a magazine, like he wants to hide something.

Jun frowns. “What happened?” he asks.

“Nothing,” Toma stutters. “We were just talking about the weather, right Shun-kun?”

Shun nods very unconvincingly.

Jun shakes his head, reaching out his hand to grab the magazine Toma is trying to hide so badly. When Toma grabs the magazine and tugs at it to get it out of Jun’s hand, Jun just rolls his eyes. “Really? You know I could buy it everywhere, right?”

“He is right,” Shun agrees quietly.

With that Toma lets go. Jun just needs one glance to realize what it was that Toma wanted to hide from him. On the cover of the magazine are Sho and Keiko-san. Secret romantic dinner. Are Kitagawa Keiko-san and politician Sakurai Sho-san reconciling? At one corner of the cover there is his image too, and What does this mean for Sakurai’s relationship with up and coming high society wedding planner Matsumoto Jun-san?

Jun frowns, checking the image carefully. It indeed looks like a romantic dinner. Keiko is laughing and Sho looks so happy that it makes Jun’s head spin slightly. Still, he is about to just laugh it off – because gossip obviously – when he sees the date written in the article. Tuesday, 22nd. Two days ago. Jun’s eyes widen. This was the day Sho told him he wouldn’t be able to make it, that he would come home late, because he has an important meeting.

This isn’t a meeting. It’s a date – the question is just… is it a date between friends or a real date? Why did Sho lie to him? Why didn’t he just tell him he is meeting Keiko-san? Jun’s mouth feels dry all of a sudden.

“It doesn’t need to mean anything,” Toma stutters.

“You are his assistant,” Jun says after a while. “How often is he meeting Keiko-san secretly?”

Toma shifts around uncomfortably while Shun’s eyes widen. “What the heck…” Shun huffs. “What kind of game is Sakurai playing!?”

“How often?” Jun insists, his voice apparently desperate enough to make Toma look at him with guilt. “Please be honest.”

“I don’t know,” Tom admits, lowering his head. “But they meet frequently, and always tell me and Satomi to tell everyone it’s business or hide their meetings in general. Almost like at the beginning… when they started dating.”

“Jun,” Shun says after what seems forever. “Tell me… are you two, Sho-san and you, are you actually a thing?”

Jun stares at him in surprise. How did he figure it out? He just told Nagase and Ohno after all, and no one else.

Shun looks at Toma insistently. “Could you leave us alone for a moment?” he asks.

Toma nods. “I’ll go to the restroom meanwhile.”

Once he is away, Shun looks at Jun thoughtfully. “I know you like him, Jun, but the question is…”

“Yes,” Jun admits. He didn’t want to tell anyone else besides his two friends, but with what’s happening at the moment, he needs to talk to someone. And he knows he can trust Shun.

“He told you he wants you two to be a thing?” Shun wants to know.

Jun nods.

“The dates and kisses for the public were real?”

Again a nod.

“Did you two sleep with each other?”

Jun sighs. “Yes.”

“More than once.”


“Did he tell you he was meeting Keiko-san?”


“Fuck that asshole,” Shun hisses despite his normally so composed attitude. “And then he goes secretly meeting his ex-fiancée, and lies about it.”

Jun feels tears burning in his eyes because of Shun saying the inevitable so bluntly. At the same time he can’t help but wonder about all the things Sho said to him. “He always seems so genuine,” he mumbles.

Shun sighs. “I know, though let’s not forget how many broken relationships he had up to now.”

Jun looks down at his fingers. “I know,” he says after a while. “I might just be a number to him.”

“You need to ask him about it,” Shun advices. “Because it seems like Toma-kun and also Satomi-san don’t know anything. The only person who can tell you what’s truly going on is Sakurai-san himself.”

Jun nods tentatively. “I don’t know how to ask,” he says, his heart aching. He was so happy a few minutes ago, and now he feels so lost suddenly. He tried so hard to trust Sho, despite all the things he knew and heard and saw, but it’s getting more and more difficult.

When Toma returns Jun tries hard to act normal. He doesn’t want to ruin his friends’ day too. “What are you going to do now?” Toma asks in worry.

Jun sighs. “I don’t know. I have to attend an official political event with him tomorrow anyway, then I will consider what to do…”


“Are you feeling better?” Sho asks in worry while they drive to a villa at the far end of the city. There is a huge beneficial event going on, mainly with politicians and their partners. There is going to be a huge dinner, some important discussions and presentations, not only for Sho’s party but for representatives of all parties. “I was worried yesterday.”

“It was just a migraine,” Jun says, trying to smile convincingly.

Sho reaches out his hand, his thumb brushing over Jun’s temples. “Are you having that often?”

Jun has a hard time not to blush under Sho’s sweet gesture. “Sometimes,” he admits. “My eyesight isn’t perfect. And when I overstrain my eyes, when I'm stressed or the weather changes drastically I might get a migraine.”

“Next time tell me,” Sho says with insistence. “I’ll come and try to make you feel comfortable.”

Jun swallows. Jeez. Can this guy really be fake? How can he say such sweet things while he is secretly meeting Keiko?

Jun takes a deep breath. He needs to concentrate now and handle the evening well. He is worried that he won’t be able to keep up the façade.

To his surprise though he soon realizes that it’s not him having problems with handling the evening well but normally so professional Sho.


The dinner goes by fine, and when everyone gets up to go to the salon, Sho joins a group of politicians to discuss some economic issues Jun has no idea about. He is happy for a break though, and even happier to see Toma. “Thank God,” he sighs. “Someone I know.”

Toma grins. “I know that feeling.”

“But you handle it so well,” Jun sighs.

“Well, it’s my job,” Toma admits with a grin. “It would be sad if I couldn’t do it at all.”

“True,” Jun chuckles.

“Care for a drink?” Toma offers.


They both go to the bar, Jun orders a martini and Toma whisky. “Are you mad at me?” Toma says after a while.

Jun blinks. “Why should I be?”

“I didn’t tell you that Sho-san is meeting Keiko regularly, and that it’s weird.”

Jun sighs. “That’s true,” he mumbles. He stays quiet for a while, not sure what to answer. “To be honest,” he says after a while. “I was disappointed, but at the same time I can understand. Sho-kun is your boss after all, and we don’t know each other for that long. You don’t owe me anything,” Jun smiles slightly. “And I was thankful that you were honest when I asked you to tell me the truth.”

Toma nods in relief. “I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you anything before. To be honest, I didn’t know how.”

Jun chuckles. “I know.”

“What are you going to do now?” Toma wants to know.

“To be honest I don’t know,” Jun admits. He has no idea what he is supposed to do or believe now. Sho seems so sincere when he is with him, so he probably should just ask him about it directly. Maybe it’s just a misunderstanding. “I need to think about what to do.”

Toma smiles while pointing into Sho’s direction. “I think Sakurai-san is waiting for you to join him. He is looking in our direction all the time.”

Jun nods. Right, he is supposed to be here and act as Sho’s supportive partner after all. “You are right, see you later!”

When he approaches Sho, Sho looks weirdly grumpy, but Jun shrugs it off. Sho’s moods can be weird after all. The guys surrounding Sho however seem to be his closer colleagues and supporters of his ideas because they are very welcoming towards Jun. “It’s nice to finally meet you in person, Matsumoto-san,” an older guy says with a smile.

“I haven’t imagined you to be so attractive in person,” a younger guy jokes. He is obviously the type that seems to get away with every comment. Even Jun has to grin at that although he hates it when random people point out and comment his looks. “No wonder even Ikuta-san seems to like you.”

Jun chuckles. “Ikuta-kun and I are just friends. We have a common friend too.”

“I see,” the guy grins brightly. “That’s why he seems so comfortable with you.”

“I heard you can even cook?” another man says with interest. “Sometimes I see Sakurai-kun with a bento box. And we all know he can’t have cooked it himself.”

“Sho-san is good at making the perfect matcha tea though,” Jun points out, not wanting them to make fun of Sho too much.

The oldest men of them laughs lightly. “That’s young love,” he comments with a smile. “But really, judging from what I heard, there seems like there is nothing you can’t do.”

Jun blinks. “There is plenty I can’t do,” he comments dryly.

“Yes,” Sho nods earnestly, much to Jun’s surprise. “He can be pretty neurotic.”

“How so?” the young politician asks in interest.

“Like when the remote control of the TV is not in the exact position,” Sho explains. “Or when there is even the slightest piece of clothing lying around.”

“So, you like a tidy place?” the other man smiles.

“Tidy is an understatement,” Sho snorts and it gives a weird sting to Jun’s chest. He didn’t know it would annoy Sho so much that he likes to have things clean and tidy. “Even a tiny piece of dust makes him stop at the door, turn around, and leave again.”

The others laugh, and Jun laughs with them just to not lose his face, because why the heck is Sho embarrassing him in front of these men? He doesn’t get it. What did he do to him now that he is so mad? “Yes, tidiness is my weak point,” he admits, getting more nervous now.

“And your bonsai,” Sho says dryly.

Jun blushes. What the heck… His bonsai obsession is something he knows people will find weird immediately. Sho however always said he finds it cute. Did he lie to him when he said he finds him adorable when he talks to the little trees?

“What’s with the bonsai?” the others ask curiously.

“He spends a fortune on them, and talks to them,” Sho explains. “And last time one of them lost a leave too early, he was scared it would die and started crying. It’s like a pet for him, maybe because he can’t handle real animals.”

Jun’s eyes widen. He is not going to bring up his animal-phobia is he? Or rather animals’ Jun-phobia.

“What’s with animals?” one man asks.

When Sho starts explaining how once even a little kitten bit him, Jun has had enough. He doesn’t want to hear Sho list all the things that annoy him about Jun. He always thought that maybe to Sho these things aren’t important, and he can live with them, but apparently it’s not true. Maybe Sho can’t stand his antics at all. But even if he hates Jun’s quirky side, why does Sho need to lay out all of his weaknesses in front of men he has never seen before and doesn’t even know. If he wants to do it though, he can as well do it without Jun having to listen to it. “Excuse me,” Jun says and smiles at the other men dazzlingly, well aware it’s his fakest, but also his best-selling smile. He uses it on clients all the time. “I’ve something to discuss with Ishihara-san.”

“We hope to see you later, Matsumoto-san,” the oldest man says with a friendly smile. “It was nice to finally get to know you.”

“Thank you,” Jun smiles politely. “I’m very happy for the chance to get to know you too.”

He smiles at the others too before turning around and leaving. He pretends to look for Satomi, but once he is out of sight, he directly goes to the wardrobe to get his jacket. Something in his stomach seems to twist and jump in pain, like he is about to throw up. He can’t spend a minute longer here. “Jun-san, are you leaving already?” Toma asks in surprise.

“Yes,” Jun says annoyed.

“Why?” Toma asks in worry. “Did something happen? There is still dessert coming. And there will be a dance.”

“There could be the emperor coming and I wouldn’t care,” Jun bites out, not able to hide the hurt in his voice. “I for one am leaving.”


Jun avoids the press, taking the back entrance out again to not be seen and stays away from the main street. Instead he takes the back alley. It’s a cold night, gladly, because his body feels almost uncomfortably hot.


Jun blinks in surprise when he hears Sho’s voice, but continues to walk, keeping up his fast pace. Sho pants heavily once he caught up with him. “Can we stop and talk?” Sho begs.

“You can talk as much as you want,” Jun huffs. “But don’t count on me.”

“I’m so sorry for what happened in there,” Sho tries to keep up with his fast pace, gladly he is absolutely not sporty. “I’m just… when I’m getting nervous or annoyed, I can’t shut up. It’s… like a mental illness.”

Jun tries hard to blink the angry tears in his eyes away. “Being a jerk is not a mental illness!”

“I was jealous when you and Ikuta-kun laughed together,” Sho blurts out.

It does surprise Jun and he halts for a moment. “What?”

“You seemed so happy,” Sho says with a tiny voice.

“You are meeting your ex-fiancée frequently and lie to me about it, and yet you feel jealous when I talk with your assistant!?” Jun huffs, the hurt making place for anger. Sho looks at him in shock. “Did you really think I wouldn’t get to know it?”

“It’s…” Sho bites his lip. “It doesn’t mean anything.”

“If it doesn’t mean anything, why the heck did you hide it from me and lie to me?” Jun asks angrily. “You even told me you had a meeting. Going to a dinner with your ex-fiancée is not a meeting, Sho-san!”

When Sho keeps quiet, apparently not sure what to say. Jun decides he has had enough for tonight. “Do whatever you want,” he huffs. “I’m going.”

He continues his walk again, ignoring when Sho calls him.

“Macchan, wait!”

Jun halts instantly. What… He spins around. “How did you call me!?”

Sho blinks at him, his eyes suddenly going wide. “I…”

“You called me Macchan.” Jun feels sick all of a sudden, something in his stomach twisting.

Sho bites his lip. “Jun…”

“You remember?”

Jun looks at Sho in horror. “Jun…”

“So we both know there was only one time when you called me Macchan. And it was when we were 14 and slept with each other! You fucking remember!” He feels tears burning in his eyes, not holding them back this time. “How the hell could you hide it from me!? Just what kind of sick game are you playing?”

Sho stares at him helplessly and Jun decides he needs to leave before Sho can say or do anything, because seriously, he can’t stay there and face him even one second longer.

The first thing he does when he is at his own place is pack a few things and switch his phone off. He is not going to Sho’s place to gather his things because he doesn’t want to bump into him. Then he goes to his most trusted friend out of all.


Ohno merely looks up when he comes in. Apparently one look into his face was enough to tell him that further inquiries or questions are out of place. “Can I stay for a while?” Jun asks quietly.

“Of course,” Ohno just says casually. “Take the guestroom.”

Jun spends the whole day half-sleeping and half-overanalysing the situation, most of the time accompanied by being angry at himself for thinking about Sho all the time. Damn it.

For the next week he doesn’t go to his office, instead tells his assistant to do the office work while he meets his clients outside. It’s quite simple in his job to avoid your workplace. Jun is sure Sho or Satomi or whoever will find him when he goes there. He also knows that Ohno is such a private person that no one aside of Jun even knows his address.

He has underestimated someone though.

Ohno blinks in confusion when he opens the door and Nagase is standing outside, dressed in a simple dress this time and with a normal, shoulder-length wig.

“Jeez, pineapple-chan, it’s freaking difficult to find you.”

“Pine-what?” Ohno blinks.

“Not you,” Nagase snorts. “But my cute pineapple over there even switched off his phone. It was a challenge to find your place here. Had to break into your office and skim through your private mails.”

“You did what?” Ohno asks in disbelief.

Nagase shoves him aside and steps into the apartment. He waves a bottle with vodka. Jun has tears in his eyes almost instantly. It doesn’t need more than that for him to finally let it out. “He remembered who I am, but never told me.”

“Who?” Ohno asks in surprise.

“You are kidding!?” Nagase blinks.

“No, and he meets Keiko-san regularly, but hid it from me. And he couldn’t even tell me why they are meeting. I don’t mind that he meets his friends. But why hide it if it isn’t important?”

“We need to drink,” Nagase states after a while, throwing Ohno a glance. “You coming too, sleepy-kun?”

“Yeah,” Ohno says casually, grabs a bag with crisps and joins them on the sofa.

“He went to my place,” Nagase points out after a while.

“I thought so,” Jun admits.

“Yeah,” Nagase sighs. “I think he also went to your office several times. And to Shun-kun’s place. Toma-kun appeared too, seems he came on his own though.”

Jun sighs deeply. “I know I can’t hide forever.”

“Jun,” Nagase says carefully. “Don’t you think there might be a reason for all of it?”

“That’s what I believed first,” Jun admits. “But so many things happened at once, and he has given me no reason to really have faith in him. I mean, how many coincidences can there be?”

“I just mean-“

He doesn’t get to know what Nagase means because Jun’s work phone rings. It’s Kiko. Come to the Starbucks close to my apartment asap. I swear, you won’t regret it. You will even thank me, you silly cutey! And you will totally make Kanjani8 sing for me as a reward XD Let’s bet on it!

“Hm,” Nagase comments when he's read the message. “She seems to be serious.” He grabs Jun’s arm, pulling him up. “Let’s go!”

“What!?” Jun blinks.

“I want to know what she found out. It has to be something good,” Nagase grins. “She is too straight-forward and too simple to play tricks.”

Jun blushes. “But…”

“You can’t hide here forever, Jun,” Ohno says out of the blue. “I don’t even get half of the things you two talked about, but you have to face reality at one point. Why not start now?”

With both of them staring at him, Nagase with a begging expression, Ohno in his big brother mode with a firm one, Jun lets out a deep sigh. “Fine. I will just change my clothes. Give me five minutes.”

He needs twenty, but once he is finished his two friends basically drag him outside and into a taxi which Nagase apparently pre-called once he went to change. Ten minutes later he is at said Starbucks close to Kiko’s place. The first thing he sees is Kiko, waving at him enthusiastically, next to her a woman with long hair, a small face-

Jun feels the immediate wish to turn around and leave again, but Nagase keeps pushing him forward until they are at the table. “Jun-chan!” Kiko says excitedly. “You came! I promise you won’t regret it.” She points at the other woman. “You already know Keiko, I assume? We are friends.”

“Yes,” Jun says quietly.

Keiko looks at him beggingly. “Please sit down and listen to what I have to say.”

Jun openly admits that women are his weakness, probably because he is very close to his sister. He can’t deny a girl friend’s wish or be mean to a woman just like that. Hence he sits down with a nod.

“I’m not with Sho-kun,” Keiko explains immediately. “I told him he is an idiot for hiding our meetings. He is always stupid like that, and doesn’t think. The reason we were meeting was to talk about something in my private life.” She takes a deep breath. “I’m going to get married.”

“What?” Jun blinks in confusion.

She blushes. “You know DAIGO-san?”

“The famous rock musician?” Jun asks in confusion. “Of course, he is very popular.”

“Well, we met each other during a music event, and it kind of worked immediately, and I can’t even believe I’ve fallen in love with a musician, a star actually. It makes everything so complicated. But I did. I love him. And he loves me too.” Her eyes sparkle with happiness. “I’m going to marry him.”

Jun stares at her in surprise, until it’s out of all Ohno voicing a thought. “These are big news,” he says quietly. “I mean, he is almost like an idol, and you are a famous politician, I assume you won’t quit your work, which means you are both public figures.”

“I know.” She blushes. “I have no idea how this is supposed to work, but I know I want to try it. This is what I was discussing with Sho-kun. He is my best friend after all.”

“And why couldn’t he tell Jun that?” Nagase asks bluntly. “I mean, he could have said that you had a very urgent private matter to discuss. Or he could have just said that he's meeting you – without any secrecy.”

Keiko lets out a deep sigh, looking at Jun now. “You know, Matsumoto-san, Sho is… up to now he was always quite simple. I mean, yes, family-wise and with all his antics he is complicated, but when it’s about relationships and dates and feelings he is so simple-minded, no one would believe it’s the same guy who is normally showing his intelligence and common sense in TV and with other people. He is almost annoyingly simple. This is until he met you.” She sighs deeply. “He suddenly became so complicated. Probably because he has deep feelings for you. I told him hiding our meetings would be stupid, but as I said: When it’s about you, he turns into the most complicated idiot ever.”

Jun isn’t sure what he is supposed to say now. “This…” he pauses. “It’s… Thank you for telling me. But there is something else…”

“I figured as much,” she says. “Regarding that matter, I also told him to be honest. But he has a reason for it, I promise he does.”

Hearing something like that from a woman like Keiko makes Jun’s resolution waver. He wanted to leave Sho behind completely, but now with what she is telling him, he feels like he wants to at least hear his side of the story. “Fine,” he sighs. “I’ll talk to him, but if he isnt' honest and won’t tell me anything, he can go to hell.”

“Fair enough,” Keiko says dryly. She smiles brightly. “I hope you will organise my wedding, Matsumoto-san. After all, you are still the best.”

Jun returns her smile, suddenly feeling carefully optimistic. “Of course I will.”

Kiko grins brightly. “So… Jun-chan~” She looks at him through her huge puppy eyes.

“Fine,” Jun snorts. “I will give Ryo-kun a call and see if he can convince the other Kanjani guys to play at your concert.”

Nagase spins around. “Wait, you know Kanjani8?”

“Yes, I had a relationship with Ryo a few years ago. Didn’t work out for both of us. We remained friends though,” Jun explains dryly.

Nagase smacks him. “Why did you never tell me,” he whines. “That Ryo-guy is cute as fuck, and this Yasuda-guy looks sweet like a bag of candies! I like candy! Why did you hide these two pieces of delicious candy from me?”

Jun rubs his shoulder where Nagase hit him. “Didn’t know you were a fan,” he comments dryly while Ohno chuckles in amusement.

Keiko checks her watch. “Let’s change location.”

“Where to?” Kiko asks in surprise.

“Sho-kun will soon hold an important press conference. It’s important for the elections, and I really need to see it. Satomi-chan, Toma-kun and Ninomiya-kun are coming too. We always watch his important conferences together.”

“Sounds like fun,” Nagase grins. “I’m joining you.”

Keiko grins. “Fine with me. The more the merrier.”

Nagase wriggles his eyebrows and elbows Ohno. “Call your cute photographer and take him along too. Satomi-chan is there after all…”

“Why?” Ohno asks in surprise.

Jun’s eyes widen. “You haven’t realized!?”

“Realized what?”

“They have been making out in your office!” Jun says in disbelief.


“Just forget it,” Jun huffs. “Tomoya-kun is right, call Aiba-san and bring him along.”

“You are coming too?” Kiko asks happily.

Jun sighs. “I can’t believe I’m doing this… but yes.”


Jun had imagined the screening of the press conference to be like a private video night between friends, but it’s a lot more official than expected. They go to Keiko’s second apartment, the one she apparently keeps as an office only. As she promised Nino and Toma are there already, and a bunch of other guys Jun doesn’t really know but has seen before. Party members and closer friends to Keiko and Sho.

Toma lets out cry of happiness when he sees Jun. He clasps his shoulder. “I’m so happy to see you,” he says.

“I’m sorry for worrying you,” Jun says and means it. He likes Toma, and he probably went through a hard time thanks to his boss’ relationship.

Toma shakes his head. “I figured something was wrong during the beneficial meeting last week,” he admits quietly. “I acted too slowly. I should have stopped you and helped you immediately.”

“Did you tell Sho-kun I was leaving back then?” Jun asks curiously. He has wondered about this question for a while already.

“No, he apparently figured himself that he was being an idiot,” Toma whispers lowly, so that the others won’t hear it.

When Jun proceeds into the living room, he sees Nino immediately and… “Shun-kun!?”

“Don’t ask,” Shun whines. “Nino-kun and I wanted a simple daddy-daddy meeting without kids. And this is how we ended up.”

“I totally forgot we are having a screening,” Nino says dramatically. He looks at Jun for a while. “I…” he pauses. “I’m sorry he hurt you,” he says quietly. “He told me he did. And he is really miserable. Miserable enough for me not to insult him for ruining a relationship with someone he loves.”

Jun blushes. With someone Sho loves?

“It’s starting,” Satomi calls out, and the room goes quiet. Jun watches Sho standing on his lectern and skilfully answering questions from the reporters. He looks good, though a bit pale, and he has lost some weight. He probably doesn’t eat enough. Jun feels his stomach twist painfully when he sees Sho up there. He wishes so much to be close to him now, to have him back in his life.

“He is good as always,” the older politician comments. “But he lacks concentration today. I wonder why.”

Jun blinks in confusion. “He is?”

“Yes, he has difficulties dodging the uncomfortable questions,” the man explains to him.

“That’s true,” Keiko agrees with a frown. “He is normally really good with that. He has a lot of charisma when speaking – normally – but today he comes off as more tired.”

Jun looks back at the TV screen, watching Sho closely. They are right, he figures, suddenly feeling guilty. He probably should have talked to Sho earlier. But he was too hurt to do so, and to be honest he still isn’t sure if he wants to face Sho or not.

A young reporter rises from his seat, he is the next to voice a question. “Sakurai-san,” he says bowing politely. “Please allow me a more private question?”

“Yes, Koyama-san, go ahead.”

“Is it true that you and Matsumoto-san broke up? If yes, is it because you reconciled with your ex-fiancée?”

Sho looks shocked for a moment, and Keiko lets out an annoyed grunt. “The press caught up pretty quickly.”

“Why do you think that?” Sho asks immediately, sounding panic-stricken. “What gave you the idea?”

Koyama tilts his head. “Matsumoto-san has not been seen close to you, and apparently also not entered your apartment since the news about you and Kitagawa-san broke loose.”

“Shit,” Toma mumbles quietly. “Why the heck didn’t he dodge that question earlier?”

Keiko shrugs. “It was bound to happen anyways, better to have it out of the world immediately.”

Sho takes a deep breath. “I’ll tell you something,” he blurts out all of a sudden, leaving his lectern, taking the mic and coming forward. He looks pissed off and frustrated. “It’s for all of you, once and for all: I’m not in a relationship with my ex-fiancée. In fact she is going to marry a guy who is going to treat her a thousand times better than I ever did. I however have my own problems. I have to fight for the love of my life!”

“He isn’t doing what I think he is doing?” Toma asks, amazed. Jun stares at the TV in horror while Nino bursts into giggles next to him.

“Thanks to my wishy-washy attitude, my Jun-kun isn’t talking to me anymore. I can’t even reach him.” Sho glares at the camera. “As this will go viral anyways, I’m sure you will see this, Macchan.” He reaches out his hand in a dramatic gesture, a violet pendant in his hand. Like in a cheesy JRPG videogame where the hero finds some sort of stone of wisdom that will save the world. Like a hero who found the key to a hidden treasure.

Jun’s eyes however widen when he sees the stone of the pendant. That’s… It’s the charm Sho once gave him, and Jun kept it all this time. It’s still with his belongings at Sho’s place. Sho found it and… “I gave this to you when we were teenagers, and I promised to you that I will come back one day to get this back. I’m definitely going to find you, Jun, and once I do, I will ask you to stay together with me forever. I have the perfect marriage planned out anyways already!”

Jun feels how hot his face is. When everyone in the room looks and grins at him he almost wishes the ground would open up beneath him so that he can disappear. “What is he doing?”

“I can’t even watch this,” Ohno stutters.

“Yeah,” Aiba chuckles softly. “I feel embarrassed by just watching it.”

“Shut up, pineapples,” Nagase huffs. “This is better than any dorama. I want to hear all the details!”

Sho is standing right in the middle of the stage now, parts of the audience already applauding him. “What I want to say: I love you! I never meant to lie to you, I’m just bad with words and timing, you know that better than anyone else. There is a reason for all of it, I swear there is! So please come and talk to me, and let me prove to you how much I love you.”

“God is he cheesy,” Nagase says contently. “What a silly, cheesy hero. Aw, he is cute.”

Shun gasps. “You really deserve a medal for keeping up with him, Jun.”

“Yes,” Ohno whines like he is in deep pain. “I’m getting second-hand embarrassed. The mere imagination someone ever talked about me like this in public.”

“You don’t get it,” Satomi says, eyes gleaming. “He is so romantic!”

Aiba blinks in surprise. “What?”

Kiko folds her hands. “I agree. Wow, what a guy! If ever someone would do this for me.”

“Totally!” Nagase agrees. “He has some guts! To make such a scene on national TV, and get away with it! That’s some true superhero power. Who needs Iron Man if you can have Sakurai Sho, the super-politician with the cheesy romantic lines and the mouth that works faster than the brain!”

“I never thought he had this in him,” Keiko comments impressed. “I really underestimated him. That’s how you fight for your love, Sho-chan!”

The viewers who have watched the conference live get up on their feet, cheering Sho on.

“Yes, Sakurai-san! Go and get back your love!”

“Fight, Sakurai-san!”

“We believe in you, Sakurai-san!”

“Matsumoto-san will see your deep love!”

“Great,” the older politician grins and takes a sip from his drink. “That’s the old passion in him again. The fire. He will be the most unusual politician ever. Good move.”

“Just that it wasn’t planned,” Nino points out dryly.

“The best moves are the ones that aren’t planned,” the man comments with a bright smile. “Means they are honest. People adore scenes like that.”


“Are you stupid!?” Jun yells when Sho opens the door. He is still feeling deeply embarrassed by the scene Sho made at the conference, and very happy too.

“Jun!” Sho’s eyes widen, he hugs him immediately, arms wrapped around his waist so tightly like he is afraid Jun will simply disappear if he lets go. “You came!”

“People are going to see us,” Jun stutters helplessly, not able to resist Sho’s warm arms around him, instead he snuggles into his embrace.

“Who cares! After all I already embarrassed myself in public,” Sho says with a careful smile.

Jun chuckles. “But they just released your new public opinion poll. They are exploding. People love you.”

“I…” Sho looks at Jun seriously. “I’ve realized something important, Jun. I don’t mind if people love me or not. What’s important for me is if you love me… or not.”

Jun blushes. “You are being embarrassing again,” he stutters.

Sho takes his hand. “I just need a yes or no.”

“Yes, you idiot,” Jun huffs full of affection, his heart close to exploding with love. “Of course it’s a yes. But never mention my name during a press conference again, please.”

Sho’s eyes light up in joy. He grabs Jun’s face and pulls him into a soft kiss. Then he takes his hand again, leading him inside. “Come,” he says softly. “I want to explain everything to you.”

“You will answer all my questions?”

Sho nods. “Of course. I should have done it weeks ago already.”

Inside his apartment Jun sits down on the well-known sofa, noting that the apartment looks messier again. “You are really helpless without me,” he snorts.

“I am,” Sho answers seriously.

“It was supposed to be a joke,” Jun stutters his reply.

“But it’s true.” Sho hands him a glass with red wine. “I never want to lose you again, Jun-kun.” He pauses. “I was so jealous during this party when you talked to Toma-kun. It was petty to be jealous of him for making you laugh. I’m sorry for embarrassing you in front of my colleagues.”

“You wanted to hurt me, didn’t you?”

Sho looks embarrassed. “Yes, I think subconsciously I did.” He bites down on his lip. “I’m really sorry though. I only realized what I was doing when you left the group. I wished I had pulled myself together better. I’m such an idiot. It was a really low blow from my side, and I should have never done it.”

“Yes,” Jun says quietly. “You shouldn’t have.”

“Please forgive me.” Sho is about to go down on this knees and probably bow to him. Jun immediately stops him.

“Please don’t,” he whines. “I’ve had enough weird embarrassing scenes recently.”

“But I-“

“I know,” Jun interrupts him, taking a deep breath. “I… It’s just… Do you really hate these things about me? Because if you do, maybe I could change something about myself and-“

Sho hugs him immediately. “There is nothing about you that I hate,” he says softly.

“Now you are lying,” Jun mumbles.

“No, Jun-kun,” Sho kisses his neck. “Maybe there will be something that annoys me at one point or that will make me feel impatient, but there is nothing I hate about you. I’m mad at myself for making you feel insecure about these things now. I won’t be able to easily forgive myself fort it. I’m happy there is someone to look out for me, I love your cooking, and without you I would live in the middle of garbage. I find your bonsai obsession cute, and also how you are scared of animals.”

Jun’s chest swells in relief and happiness. “It’s the same for me,” he admits. “I don’t hate anything about, even if I want to kick you sometimes for being insensitive.”

Sho chuckles softly.

“It’s just…” Jun pauses. “I’m not sure if I’ll join you on such a gathering again though. Sho-kun, people there treat me like an accessory. I played along for your sake, but I’m not sure if I can do it forever.”

“Forever?” Sho’s eyes widen. “Does this mean you are going to stay with me? Because if that’s a yes, you won’t need to be my accessory. Believe me, I’ll make sure you are treated with respect. So, what do you say?”

“It depends on how you answer my next question,” Jun admits quietly.

“My meetings with Keiko-chan, right? It was stupid of me to hide them. First she surprised me and we just went out to talk. Then we met regularly to discuss how to handle her new relationship and announce her marriage and alike. I missed the timing to tell you. Keiko-chan was mad at me for it, and told me I should have told you. Satomi-san was mad too. I didn’t know how to tell you, and while I was still figuring out the press printed a picture of us…”

It’s a surprisingly stupid yet honest explanation. Jun rubs over his neck. “I think I understand,” he admits after a while. “I was an idiot too. I got jealous over nothing. But it’s not the question I wanted to ask you.” He looks at Sho nervously. “You remember the past?”

Sho lets out a deep sigh, looking down at his fingers. “I didn’t lie when I said I couldn’t remember,” he finally explains. “Shortly after you left I had an accident where I hit my head. I lost many memories back then, important family memories, friends, you. Some of them came back with time.” He bites down on his lip. “I remembered you and all our precious memories when you spent the first night in my apartment and I kissed you.” He pauses. “I didn’t know how to tell you that I suddenly remembered everything. Then all this stuff happened, with you having to pretend to be my new partner and alike. And I fell for you all over again. I guess I have been in love with you all this time.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Jun asks softly, feeling relieved to know that Sho just remembered recently.

“I didn’t want to rip open old wounds,” Sho admits, his voice shivering slightly. “I mean, I realized I hurt you back then when I said I couldn’t remember. Like all the wonderful experiences we made together as children and teenagers didn’t mean anything. We even had our first time with each other, and it meant the world to me back then. To imagine you would have been the one who couldn’t remember, and telling me you didn’t know who I am… I couldn’t imagine. I think it would have broken my heart. You even organized my first wedding, and plenty of my wedding-tries afterwards. Like… shit. And then Nino-kun and Satomi-san even made you agree on helping me out by pretending to be my boyfriend. I felt so guilty for not being able to tell you the truth. It’s just-“

“It’s okay, Sho-kun,” Jun interrupts him, pulling Sho into a tight hug. “You are an idiot, but I understand. I understand it all. I don’t know if I would have handled it better. I should have told you about our past, I was just running away from the truth. I should have faced you from the first moment on and ask you why you couldn’t remember. I blamed you for the past and for your messed up relationships, because it was the easy way out. And I shouldn’t have run away from you like that, without giving you the chance to explain.” He blushes, feeling slightly embarrassed for being so impulsive. “I’m sorry too.”

“You didn’t do anything wrong,” Sho says softly. “Anyone would have misunderstood the situation. I didn’t do any clarifying after all.” He laughs slightly all of a sudden. “So, that means the evening party we went to is the only thing you are still mad about?”

“You can bet I am,” Jun says mock-seriously, while deep inside he has already let it go. But Sho’s worried expression is too cute. He chuckles all of a sudden when Sho looks at him in deepest concern.

Sho raises his eyebrows. “To imagine you were once so shy and lacked confidence. You really changed a lot.”

Jun looks at him in worry. “Is this a problem?” he asks carefully.

“Not at all,” Sho smiles. “After all I fell in love with the current you even before I realized you were my Macchan. Guess it’s a double win for me.”

Jun rubs over his forehead. “The things you say sometimes. How come you are not feeling embarrassed by being so cheesy?”

“But it’s the truth,” Sho pouts. “You are sweet as lemon pie.”

Jun snorts. “Real lemon pie is sour, you know that?”

“Sweet and sour,” Sho grins. “Or maybe you are my perfect chilli chocolate? Sweet and spicy~”

Jun grins and pushes Sho away playfully. “Oh shut up,” he smirks. “You are just hungry and want me to cook. Let me guess. Sweet-sour chicken?”

They both laugh lightly, until Jun can feel Sho’s arms around him again. “I’m so happy to have you back,” he states.

Jun kisses Sho’s neck. “I’m happy to be back.”


Daylight is already tickling Jun’s nose but he doesn’t want to get up. He and Sho spent the whole night in bed, catching up on what they missed during the last days. Which was quite a lot.

Jun is glad he has taken some days off work. He has an excuse to stay in bed. He smiles happily when Sho wraps an arm around him and pulls him closer. “Awake?” Sho asks softly.

Jun nods.

“Jun,” Sho smiles at him, reaching out his hand to touch Jun’s cheek softly. When he pulls the hand away, Jun realizes he is actually holding something in his palm. He hands it to Jun.

It’s the pendant. The amethyst charm.

“You kept it for me,” Sho states, slipping closer and pulling Jun into a tight hug.

“I did,” Jun looks at him nervously while he holds the pendant towards Sho. “Do you want it back?”

“No.” Sho smiles and closes Jun’s fingers around the item. “Keep it for me.”

Jun nods, his heart fluttering in happiness.

“Jun,” Sho’s fingers brush through his hair. Jun looks up at him. “This time it’s both a promise and a question.”

Jun nods with a smile.

Sho smiles in relief. “Good,” he says. “I hope you will keep it forever then.”

Date: 2017-09-05 03:19 am (UTC)
astrangestorm: (Default)
From: [personal profile] astrangestorm
Thank you so much for writing me such a long, detailed story! Sakumoto - their love is so frustrating LOL! But I knew upfront that Sho was going to be a difficult little pineapple (to borrow one of the many Nagase-isms this story presented).

I'm glad that the Keiko-Sho meetings were perfectly innocent and I'm so happy we get a Keiko-DAIGO wedding out of it too. I love that couple :)

I was so frustrated with both Sho and Jun's jealousy - come on, guys, you're clearly both in love with each other! Ah, but Sakumoto is always a mess and a half when it comes to communicating. I'm so glad they had their big talk at the end so they could get on the same page and be honest and open with each other after all the miscommunication.

I will admit that I lean in the "secondhand embarrassment" column rather than the "public confessions are romantic" column, so Sho's big on-camera confession made me hide behind my hands a bit until it was over. But I suppose if it means Sho's approval rating is through the roof and everyone is cheering him on, it's not that bad. And Jun seemed to accept it in the end! So at least it worked out well for those involved :)

I'm glad the amethyst necklace came back (along with Sho's memories). I also liked that Sho really was able to fall in love with Jun twice - when he was young and as they met again before his memories had returned. It's all because Jun is such a good catch, neuroses and bonsai-love and all!

Thanks again for a fun story, and thanks for Sakumoto :D

Date: 2017-09-19 07:51 pm (UTC)
lilly0: (Default)
From: [personal profile] lilly0
Thanks so much for your two comments! I'm so happy you enjoyed reading it (and of course I just needed an excuse to add DAIGO ^^)
By the way, I'm totally in the secondhand-embarrassment department too, rather than in the public-confessions-are-awesome one ^^

It was a pleasure to write for you!! ♥

Date: 2017-09-05 08:10 am (UTC)
pluvie_27: (Default)
From: [personal profile] pluvie_27
Love this love this love this love this soooooo much!

Date: 2017-09-19 07:51 pm (UTC)
lilly0: (Default)
From: [personal profile] lilly0
Thanks so much for your lovely comment <3

Date: 2017-09-05 11:57 am (UTC)
darkilk: (Default)
From: [personal profile] darkilk
Awwww~ so cute these two. And the angst and all, but it comes with the territory of these two. Thanks for the too-fun ride with OTP. (^3^)

Date: 2017-09-19 07:52 pm (UTC)
lilly0: (Default)
From: [personal profile] lilly0
I'm so happy you liked it!! They needed a while to find each other, but eventually they did :D
Thanks so much for reading and commenting <3

Date: 2017-09-10 12:25 pm (UTC)
64907: (sho - h)
From: [personal profile] 64907
You got me with the fake dating concept, and I have to say that I felt really bad for Jun because this guy that he likes, oh my. He's not perfect (which is good because I love realism in fics), but I can't help being :( about him forgetting what he shared with Jun. I'm always affected when it comes to Sho and Jun and their shared youth.

I also got severe secondhand embarrassment over Sho's confession but I'm glad he made his feelings clear and he and Jun worked stuff out. I do love how Daigo had a mention in this because I kept wondering if he would and the story didn't disappoint.

Thanks a lot for sharing, anon. I enjoyed reading this. :D

Date: 2017-09-19 07:53 pm (UTC)
lilly0: (Default)
From: [personal profile] lilly0
Thanks so much for your comment!! ♥
I'm so happy you enjoyed reading this (and believe me, I also got secondhand embarrassment over Sho's confession while writing this *lol*)

Date: 2017-09-11 12:35 pm (UTC)
lapetit_chou2: (Default)
From: [personal profile] lapetit_chou2
Oh gods this was such a fun one to read!
I never thought I'd get secondhand embarrassment from reading a fic but Sho's very public and televised confession did it. And this Sho is such a horrible boyfriend, and he doesn't even know it. Poor thing needs to be dragged away from work, immediately.

And Jun being such a martyr. *sigh* But then it all ended well, didn't it? Yay!

Thank you anon-san.

Date: 2017-09-24 12:56 pm (UTC)
lilly0: (Default)
From: [personal profile] lilly0
Haha, sorry for the secondhand embarrassment through Sho's public confession (Jun feels with you, really :D I was embarrassed too while writing it^^) I think Sho has learned his lesson though, and will hopefully become a better boyfriend :-)
Thanks so much for leaving a comment on this story here!! ♥

Date: 2017-09-15 03:47 pm (UTC)
leiva21: (Default)
From: [personal profile] leiva21
I really really love this! Besides Jun and Sho's drama, your characterization of Nagase's is really funny and I cheer everytime he appears lols. All his nicknames for Jun make me laugh a lot. So cute!
I can't with Sho's confession! That was really something but I respect that kind of bravery lols.
I feel bad with Jun when Sho seems to forget him but it was explained in the end that it wasn't Sho's fault. I'm liking all the drama by the way and I really enjoy reading this!
Thank you!

Date: 2017-09-24 12:57 pm (UTC)
lilly0: (Default)
From: [personal profile] lilly0
Thanks so much for your lovely comment, my friend! ♥
I had a lot of fun writing this (and particularly Nagase's part with all the nicknames :D)
It seems we all agree that Sho's public confession was indeed a bit too embarrassing for poor Jun :-)

Date: 2017-09-17 09:54 pm (UTC)
learashi: (Default)
From: [personal profile] learashi
I wanted to comment during the exchange but if I drool over all the Sakumoto that isn't written by me then it's not hard to figure out what I did write. ☺
You broke my heart just like Jun's and then put it back together again. (Even though I kind of wanted to slap Sho on several occasions.)
Nagase is a precious jewel and I want to hug him and then buy him something shiny.

Date: 2017-09-24 12:58 pm (UTC)
lilly0: (Default)
From: [personal profile] lilly0
Thanks so much for reading it now, my friend <3
Yeah, I think, Sho would have deserved the one or other slap here, but I think he learned his lesson and will do better in the future :-)
Nagase's part was the most fun to write :D
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