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Title: Out on a Limb
Pairing: Ohno Satoshi/Ninomiya Kazunari
Rating/Warnings: NC-17. Contains explicit sexual situations, mild violence and blood and plenty of swearing.
Summary: Ohno, Aiba and Jun banded in a ragtag team of mercenaries. In a world where there were green lizards are walking around, a bar owner with bad fashion sense and vague heroic tendencies, Ohno and Nino learned that secrets don't last.
Notes: Dear Coolohoh, apologies for the possible cliche settings, I was compiling Arashi's CMs in my HD and this happened. I kinda took massive creative liberties and ran wild with it, sorry if it's confusing. I do hope I managed to satisfy your fantasy/adventure cravings and that enjoy it though!

"Aiba, get back here, you idiot!"

Ohno startled, eyes flicking towards the commotion and cursing himself for it when a huge scaly arm swung itself at him. Reflexively, he raised his arm to block it, narrowly missing the yellowish claw at the throat. His knees buckled a little at the sheer weight of the blow but the pain didn't come. It never did. Nevertheless, he groaned at the lost of the precious seconds he needed to get the same arm aimed at the Greenie before him. What a pain.

Turning the dial on his right elbow, he listened to the familiar hum of the machine right before he felt himself being jerked back by the recoil of the blast. Ohno looked down at the Greenie, or what was left of it, frowning. The calibration is off again. He sighed as he took off his goggles, there's nothing to salvage out of this body, it was shredded beyond pieces.

It was saying something, that after five years since the first national announcement, Ohno had finally made peace with his world. Gone was the time when he could just take up his fishing rods and go to the nearest bay. What used to be a metropolitan city was more just a barren land, peppered with ruins and dried up ground. His hometown, which used to be a modern, steel jungle was now nowhere to be seen. Instead of crowding on the streets, rushing to whatever work they were meant to do, people had now taken to shutting themselves indoor, of fear of contamination and of course, Greenies.

The first year the contamination hit, they speculated that some lizards lifeforms had finally succumbed to the mutation they had feared for the last decade. These lizards were huge in size, standing on their hind legs instead of crawling on their bellies. Their yellowish claws of nearly four inches long were the cause of the first casualties. The public were divided, some kept to themselves and lied low in the hope of waiting out whatever this apocalypse was. The others made fortunes of the situation. And Ohno? Ohno went mercenary.

"Ohno-san!" Jun called.

Jun, or Matsumoto Jun, was running full tilt towards Aiba, his stylish purple battle suit glinting under sun. Ohno had never seen it with so much of the speck of dirt, it was weird, especially with his slightly over-the-top fighting style. Aiba was sitting on the ground, clutching his side and with a grin that never seemed to fade.

"Are you alright Aiba-chan?" he asked as he reached the both of them.


Jun frowned even as he helped Aiba to stand up. "Will you stop calling him Leader?" he grumbled. "I never agreed about him being our leader."

Ohno nodded. "Neither did I."

But Aiba was not called persistent for nothing. Call me Aiba-chan!, he had exclaimed the first time they met. "Leader is leader," he said sagely, oblivious to Jun's eye-rolling and Ohno's resigned sigh. They did call him Aiba-chan after all.


"Shall we go back to town now?" Jun asked later as they set up camp.

The closeness of Jun's voice came as a shock to Ohno before he realised that he was dozing off, staring at the fire for the past half an hour. Ohno was sleepy, sleepier than what would have been normal for the amount of sleep he had the night before. But Ohno had not been normal for the past four years, did not think he would ever be again.

"Might as well," he shrugged, taking a small oval stone out of his pouch. It was one of the last three, half his palm in size and crimson red in colour. He took a second to examined it, always thought that the never-ending red swirls twinning against each other as pretty, especially so under the glow of the fire. "I need to refuel soon anyway."

"I'm still curious, where did you get these stones anyway? I've never seen anything like it!" Aiba asked as he took a seat beside him, handing over the bowl of soup he had been heating over. Ohno winced as Aiba drew his head close to look at the said stone, hot liquid dripping on his left hand. Apparently Aiba was more hazardous than a damn Greenie.

Ohno shrugged again. "They are custom made."

At that even Jun perked up a little from where he was grumbling about the lack of seasonings in his soup. "Who did it? Do you think I could order some custom jobs as well?" These stones were hard to come by. Nobody knew what exactly were they made of, what properties did they contain. Only that you could harvest them out of the Greenies bodies, usually a sickly greenish coloured, located right in their guts. Ohno had no idea how his came to be red in colour.

For the first time today, Ohno smiled. "I'm sure you could," he said, imagining a familiar twinkling laughter over the deal. Maybe he could try to get a middleman commission fee out of it. "For the right price that is."


It was late afternoon when they finally reached the lonely tavern. Tired and disheveled, they trudged to the small pathway towards the wooden entrance. The day had been a nightmare. A group of Greenies had come close enough to their camp by the time they woke up and that was before they came across a nest of them on the way. They managed to leave unscathed but Ohno had needed to use all of his stones. It was in the time like these that he wished he wasn't as proud as he was, when probably taking his damn arm and carrying it in his bag would have been better. Now, shoulder aching and head throbbing, Ohno was annoyed. He would start decking people soon if Jun keeps on talking.

"Like I said, this guy's good," Jun had said. "I knew him from a couple years back and he could fix almost anything!"

Aiba, nice and kind, Aiba-chan, who apparently would feel bad leaving a conversation unanswered. "Yeah?" Aiba mumbled.

"Yes, remember to keep an eye on your wallet though. Anything that can be taken easily goes to his piggy bank."


And so the one-sided conversation went on. Ohno nearly moaned in relief when he spotted the Sho's tavern. The battered place looked like something that came out of 80s cowboy movies, a stark difference from the rest of the world. Ohno could never decide if it was just Sho-kun's particular interest or if they had a deeper meaning behind. The last time he saw Sho polishing his cowboy hat, he had been leaning towards the first reasoning.

The place was empty save for a man, nursing his beer by the counter. He was decked in a full tight black suit, so dark it gleamed blue under the light. That his skin was pale enough to put such a contrast to the suits was at once bizarre and eye-catching. Upon hearing them, the man turned, a grin ready in place.

"Hey Jun-kun. Who's there with you?" The man asked cheerfully, swivelling a little on his round stool. His youthful face dotted with a couple of moles at and odd with the gigantic gun propped up against his seat.

"My associates for the time being." Jun replied calmly, gesturing to the two of them.

The man raised his eyebrow, eyes falling on Ohno, the last person of the group. "Oh? And who might you be, handsome?" he asked, lips widening into a grin. Any other day beside this, Ohno would have entertained him, just to see the unadulterated laughter he usually had after a prank well done. But tonight, he was grimy, achy and all sort of stuff.

"Nino, stop teasing him."

Jun's eyes bugged out but Nino only grinned wider.

"Ah, stop ruining my fun Oh-chan."

Ohno shrugged. "You don't need to deal with his bad mood afterwards."

Nino laughed. "And thank the gods for that. Well, what brought you guys here anyway?" He asked, gesturing them to finally come in. The three of them filed in obediently, dropping their packs and a week's worth of dust on the floor. "Just stopping for the night?"

"The usual. And I need to refuel."

"I see," Nino replied, raising his eyebrow.

Ohno smiled, happy at the sight of the smirk that's gracing the younger man's face. It's been too long. "I also haven't forgotten that I owe you a drink."

"It's two now - interest's a bitch."

Aiba took the opportunity to push through between his two mates, face excited despite all the soot and exhaustion. "Nino's the one who made those stones?" He asked excitedly, barreling towards the much smaller man. "Nino why did you never tell me!"

Nino grinned. "You never asked, Aiba-chan. And, why am I not surprised that you are in this too?" He graciously accepted Aiba's enthusiastic hug with a soft oomph, laughing when Aiba ruffled his hair. Poor Jun seemed to be torn between indignation, confusion and delight, but he was smiling by the time Nino came over to his side and kissed his cheek in welcome. "Anyway, come settle in guys. Sho-chan's in the back, trying to not burn down the kitchen."

"Sho-chan can still hear you!" Came the shout from the door behind the counter. It was followed by a loud crash a second later, prompting everyone to bowl over in laughter.

Ohno smiled. "Nice to see you again, Kazunari."

"Likewise," Nino whispered against his lips.


The night went on for a couple hours, all five playing catch up, trying to make sense of all the connections they had between each other. They were the only people inside and Ohno wondered not the first time how did Sho made money over this business. Apparently Nino and Aiba went way back to their school days, old mates who used to take trains together, back when they were still around. Jun met Nino four years ago on a gig that required Nino's specific expertise. Neither of them willing to comment much of the incident. Sho was Nino's childhood friend, their parents having been friends before they were born.

Ohno floated through the chatter, a smile kept in place and nodding at various pauses in the conversation. He was halfway asleep when he heard a sudden intake of breath from Nino followed by fingers grabbing his chin to turn his head to the side.

"Old man, you can't even lift your arm anymore can't you?" Nino asked, glaring dangerously. Ohno tried to shrug in response, because these things always happen. He noticed the sudden silence around him but paid no heed to it.

Nino made a noise of frustration. "Sho-chan, I'm calling it a night! See you bastards tomorrow!" he declared, before grabbing his gun at his feet and stomping towards the staircase at the corner, climbing up without a backward glance.

Sho rolled his eyes good-naturedly, cringing a little at the sound of a door slamming from somewhere upstairs. "So, I guess you guys need some rooms for the night? Or have you settled them already?" He asked, finally putting down the cowboy head that Nino had been poking fun of the whole night.

"A room would be nice, thank you." Jun said, a sheepish smile on his lips. The other alternative was to make a trek down the road for another hour and Jun knew that Sho knew about it.

Sho chuckled. "No worries, you can have the first two rooms on the second floor. Let me just find you the keys," he said as he bend down to rummage behind the counter. "Satoshi-kun, I assume you will be staying with Nino?"

Ohno nodded in response.

"He's staying in his usual room, if you still remember."

"Thanks," he said, shouldering his pack as he too went towards the stairs.


Ohno did not look surprised when Nino threw a handful of stones towards him as he close the door behind him. He had trusted Ohno to follow him up to his room and the older man did not disappoint. It was his permanent room in the establishment, something that he and Sho had decided without any verbal agreement. It was small and pretty bare. Clean despite the small piles of clutter that were made of bits and bops he usually used to make game console, a bed and a guitar. It was undoubtably his and Ohno was his only guest ever.

"Use them now," Nino growled, arms folded over his chest, as if daring Ohno to refuse. This idiot. Ohno obediently did it, practiced hand tinkering with his right arm, keeping his eyes on Nino the whole time. Nino watched wordlessly, his skin tingling under the smouldering gaze. When Ohno took a step towards him, Ninoo met him halfway.

Nino would have like to say that he was not a kinky guy. He liked sex, all kind of sex. And that did not mean he liked getting tied and spanked. But when his body shuddered in anticipation over the feel of the cool metal on his heated skin, that he thought maybe, just maybe, that he was a kinky fucker after all. It was always a study in contrast whenever he saw Ohno in an aroused state. The sleepy eyes that always looked they were going to close at any moment now sharp and focused. It was like Ohno finally snapped awake after a long state of daydreaming, and he woke up horny. 

The feel of their lips meeting was like a jolt. It had been too long indeed. Nino brought his arms to Ohno's neck, fingers grasping the other's hair. "Oh-chan," he breathed, panting as he felt that mechanical hand traveling south.

Ohno's eyes, dark with lust, lingered on his lips. Nino bit back his moan, he was so turned on. "Off," Ohno growled, fingers tugging at the collar of Nino's suit. Nino nearly tripped himself trying to comply, swearing for the millionth time that tonight would be the last time he'd ever wear anything that tight. Not that he would buy a new one soon, suits were expensive. Maybe if he could get Sho to buy him a new one. His sex life depended on this.

He was totally bare when he they managed to get it off. Nino moaned when he felt that cool touch everywhere. On his chest, the back of his thighs, against his budding nipples. It felt amazing and he wanted more. Ohno, still fully clothed, was crowding him against the wall, lips set into a determined line. Nino nearly jumped when he felt the other's hand on his cock, teasing. Ohno pumped him slowly, smiling wider with each moan. Nino gasped when he felt the ridge of metal catching the underside of his cock, it bit in the most delightful way ever. He was slowly losing his mind, his arms around Ohno's neck the only thing holding him up. When Ohno angled his hand in a way that made him feel tiny pricks on his dick, Nino let go with a loud moan.

It was later, much later, when the silence was broken. Nino was lying on his back, breathing deeply, shivering every now and then as Ohno trailed his metal fingers over the skin of his chest, creating invisible pattern on the sweat-slicked skin. It was therapeutic in a way, following the graceful movement of what was an extremely rigid machinary. Every now and then those fingers would linger on the old scars on his arms, caressing them gently. Ohno never asked where were they from. Nino would like to keep it that way as long as possible.

"You actually don't mind, huh?"

It took Nino a second to break out of his trance, he was too engrossed at just existing. "What do you mean?"

"This." Ohno mumbled. "Me."

It was so tempting to be obtuse because self-consciousness was never a good look on Ohno. Instead, Nino rolled to his side, "Was there any indication in the past an hour and a half that I'm bothered with that?" Ohno shrugged, a sheepish smile on his face. "Think again, maybe during that time when you held me up with one arm?" Nino muttered, fingers caressing said arm.

"I don't know. You did look kind of uncomfortable back then."

"Because you wouldn't let me come!"

"Okay, okay I get it," Ohno grinned. "No more talking about this."

Nino sniffed. "That would be great. Now come here and give the cuddle like you were supposed to."

Sleep took a long time coming. Even in their preferred position, limbs tangled impossibly close together, Nino was wide awake. He stared at the ceiling then, thinking back about what Ohno was asking. Idiot, he had wanted to say. Nino had no right to be bothered, none whatsoever, not when he was the one cut the arm in the first place. Idiot.


Jun and Aiba had gone to town by the time Ohno went downstairs for a cup of coffee. He was usually an early riser but the warmth of Nino's body plastered against his was temptation enough to cuddle for a while more. Sho was behind the counter brewing a fresh batch of coffee when he settled on the stool. The owner of the tavern made a pretty picture in the morning light, at ease fussing over the coffee machine despite the ridiculous cowboy get up and a red apron.

"Good morning, Satoshi-kun," the other greeted with a wide smile as he put a steaming cup in front of him. Ohno nodded his reply, sipping the coffee. Sho, despite his failings in the kitchen, made phenomenal coffee. "Is Nino coming down soon?"

"Maybe," Ohno said. "He was still all snuggled up when I woke up."

"Sounds just like Nino," Sho said with a sigh. "Would like some breakfast in the meantime?"

The prospect of food made him perked up. Ohno was about to nod enthusiastically when he got reminded of a certain food poisoning incident not so long ago. It seemed the memories made it past on to his face as Sho mumbled blandly, "Don't worry Aiba-chan made some Chinese fried rice before he left earlier." Clever, clever Aiba-chan.

Ohno gave a sheepish smile. "Sorry, Sho-kun."

"No worries, Aiba's fried rice is much more tastier after all. Although, I did make some toasts if you'd like? They are a bit black but I think...“"

"The fried rice would be enough, thanks!"

Nino came down half an hour later, all suited up with a gun ready on his back. Ohno and Sho just looked at him and he shrugged. "I have to follow up on a client since I managed to get his items. Would have done it last night," he said. "But you lot suddenly came." Not that Nino would have had it any other way, so he just grinned without a word. He dug into his satchel as Nino inhaled through his coffee, teasing Sho about his burnt toasts and came up with his loots over the past two months.

"So how much can I get for these again?" He asked showing Nino the pouches full of Greenies' stones. These were his portion of the loot, the rest being split between Jun and Aiba. Maybe it's time to change specialty, he thought absently. Greenies' stones were such overpriced commodities, especially when no one knew what were they exact use. Processing them for power took so much expenses for such little yield and so everyone stopped doing that. Ohno wondered how much were those blood red stones would fetch if ever sold.

"400 dell," replied Nino immediately. He was already pawing through those pouches.

He should have known better. Ohno made a grab for them even as Nino kept them away. "What? I should get at least a thousand out of these!"

"Sure, but I took my cut for the service rendered," Nino said with a wink, putting those in his own pack. "Besides, I need to buy some supplies."

From behind the counter, Sho frowned. "Wait, Nino, if you have to take money from customers, I'd rather you have these instead."

Nino beamed at him, looking positively angelic and lovely. Ohno wondered if there would ever be a time where he's not affected by that particular look. His future looked kind of bleak at the moment. "Aww, Sho-chan that was definitely unnecessary," he said in a grin. "But I'll take it anyway." Sho blinked when the pouch of money on his hand disappeared in a swipe of Nino's hand.

"See you later guys! Bye Oh-chan!" He kissed Ohno's cheek, before leaving the two men to stare at his back as he went through the door.

Ohno looked at Sho sullenly, mumbling, "I told you, you've been spoiling him too much."

Sho rolled his eyes and went back to the kitchen, whispering something about pot and kettle.


Ohno went to town in the afternoon, carrying what was left of his loot that Nino didn't touch. He could probably find a much better price here anyway. It was a sleepy little town, with most buildings turned into ruins or boarded up, abandoned. What was left of the busy business district was now a simple market place. People went about rushing in their shopping for groceries and daily necessities, too afraid to get caught by the Greenies and other unmentionable on their way. Ohno regretted that he never really took the time to explore the city he used to live in before it was turned into this.

Jun was haggling with a store owner when Ohno managed to find him at the town. It was a trinket shop, and Jun was trying to pass his share of Greenies' stones as a rare jewelry centrepieces. It took Jun's sarcastic but sound argument and Ohno's considerable puppy eyes to get a good price on them. Jun left the store with a smile and a much heavier pockets, nodding his thanks towards Ohno.

"Where's Aiba-chan?" Ohno asked, looking around for the guy.

"He said he'll be going to Hall first."

The Hall was something of gentlemen's club, a rowdier version that was a reminiscence to the time in the past. Ohno never liked the place. It was a mercenaries den, brimming with sickening swagger and exaggerated testosterones most of the time. He always thought it looked Godfather-ish. Apparently people used to watch too many movies.

"Oi, Matsumoto!"

"What's up MatsuJun!"

It was during time like these that Ohno wondered what made Jun wanted to team up with him and Aiba before. The guy had more than enough friends and acquaintances around. They found Aiba chatting lively with two those friends now, gesturing wildly as he chattered on. They were seated at a table at the end of the room, giving enough vantage of the main entrance. Toma greeted them with a smile while Shun just grunted in acknowledgement, making space on their table.

"What are you guys up to now?" Toma asked when pleasantries were traded. The three of them exchanged glance. It was the main reason for them in being at The Hall in the first place.

Ohno took a sip of his ale. "What have you got?"

"A simple retrieval job," Shun offered in hushed voice. "This one merchant was attacked on his way here and was forced to leave wares. Place was infested with Greenies but seems relatively safe." Where Toma always had a myriad of expressions on hi face, it was always near impossible to guess Shun's. Ohno was intrigued, the job sounded easy enough. It would be good money for all of them if not for one tiny little problem: Ohno did not trust anything that comes easy.

"Why aren't you guys taking it then?" Jun asked, a slight frown marring his face. "The two of you should be enough to do that job."

Toma pouted as Shun pointedly rolled his eyes in his partner's direction. "This moron," he said with feeling. "twisted his goddamn leg falling down the stairs this morning." Burying his face in his hands, Toma grumbled, "I already said I was sorry!"

"I could do it alone, but we have stopped doing solo work without any backup." At that Toma grinned and cuffed his partner at the shoulder in affection. Aiba cooed at them adoringly and Jun laughed.

"Alright, we'll take it," Ohno said with a grin. "When's the deadline?"


Nino was back at the tavern by the time they reached the place, supplies lugged between the three of them. He was ranting angrily towards Sho who looked worried. Both of them immediately halted the conversation when they heard the rest coming in. Nino turned to them then, a smirk on his face. "The three musketeers have returned!"

Jun rolled his eyes but said nothing as he slid onto the stool beside Nino, glancing surreptitiously at the smaller man. Aiba went straight to the loo. And Ohno, Ohno was staring at the large bruise on Nino's cheek. He strode to the other side of his lover, frowning. Nino was about to say something when those fingers he loved so much grabbed on his chin and turned his head left and right. Eyes capturing every little detail on youthful looking face, Ohno asked, "What happened to you?"

Nino wrenched back his head out of the grip forcefully and sighed theatrically. "Listen to this Oh-chan! The fucking client refused to pay me on the goods I retrieved."

"You mean that you stole."

Nino sighed even deeper. "Don't argue about semantics with me now Satoshi," he grumbled. "Yeah, okay I stole. Retrieved. Whatever it was, I did it for him. And he refused to pay for them!"

Out of the corner of his eye, Ohno saw Jun leaning forward, intrigued despite the worried look on his face. Sho was just looking panicky. He sighed in relief anyway. "How did you get the bruise then?"

"Well, he wasn't going to pay me so I went on about dickless guy who skimped on payment for things he was too chickened to do himself," Nino whined.

"No wonder he decked you," Ohno muttered, horrified at the image.

Nino sulked even further then. "No, no. Nobody decked me. The crowds were hooting at him by then 'cause I was a little loud. I guess he got embarrassed, so he just threw his coin pouch to my face."

Jun snorted. "So you managed to get paid in the end after all," he drawled lazily.

"Come on J. I would never let someone cheat me on my money. You know me better than that."

"Nino-chan! Did you know your bruise looks like a mushroom from this angle? How did you do it?" Aiba exclaimed, looking as if he wanted one too.

The thought came in as a whim, Ohno was still upset about Nino's bruise, not liking how it marked the pretty face, when he blurted out, "Why don't you join us this time, Nino?" They were telling Sho and Nino about their latest offer on the table then. Sho looked happy that they managed to get an easy job while Nino just looked skeptical.


"Just join us tomorrow. It will get done faster with an additional member and we'll split the pot with you," he explained.

Jun made a sound of protest. "Ohno-kun, please be serious. It will be dangerous for him." Nino nodded his agreement enthusiastically. Safety was important after all. As much as Nino was a glorified thief, fast and nimble, he was not experience in fighting against a seven foot tall mutant lizards after all.

"It'll be okay," Ohno said, stubbornly.

Aiba looked worried, as did Sho now, but he let out a weak chuckle. "Well, it will definitely be more fun if you join us Nino-chan." He was already chattering about the snacks that he would bring and what an interesting field trip it would end up being, ignoring Nino's betrayed expression.

Jun snorted in disgust, standing up to go to his room. "Whatever. It's your responsibility then, Ohno-san."

Ohno stared at Jun's retreating back, mind jumbled with how he just got demoted to -san now. He debated over running after the younger guy and try to explain himself, but Aiba put a stop to the thought with a hand on his shoulder. "Don't worry about it too much, Leader. MatsuJun is just worried about Nino."

"I am worried about Nino," piped Nino sulkily from his side.

"He really doesn't like me, does he?" Ohno asked softly. He briefly wondered if tomorrow was going to be the day when Jun would say that he's leaving the team. It was something that had been on the back of his since the first time they worked together as a group. He was an incompetent leader after all, a leader in nothing but title.

Aiba smiled at him kindly, shaking his head. "He loves you, trust me. MatsuJun is just kind of constipated in regards to showing his feelings. You need to be the one who takes the first time, Leader." Aiba left then, following Jun up the stairs, doubtless to annoy the man until he smiles. It was only Nino now, Sho went to the back room with a pointed cough.

"As much as I hate how I became the cause of this little tiff, I agree with Aiba-chan. Jun-Kin just needs some time and a little TLC," Nino grumbled. He stared at Ohno for a moment, as if trying to figure out his lover. "Is this really because of the bruise?" he asked.

Ohno shrugged. "I'd love to have you with us tomorrow."

Nino looked resigned. He sighed dramatically and decided to let it go. Stubborn might just be Ohno Satoshi's middle name after all. "How did you guys become a team anyway? I didn't know you guys even knew each other."

"I saved Jun when he was a kid, during the first bout of Greenies' appearances. He was such a cute tiny kid back then. Met him again between my jobs a couple of months back. He was working with Aiba, who I knew because I used to go to his family's restaurant before."

Nino hummed in response, leaning against Ohno's shoulder as he yawned. "Such a ragtag team," he drawled.

It was. But it was Ohno's ragtag team.


Things couldn't have gone any worse. Nino swore under his breath even as he parried knives with one of the millionth bandits. Growling in anger, he managed to kick the other guy's knife out of his hand. The guy blinked in shock for a second before rushing forward hands grappling for Nino's own. Fuck this. The splatter of blood that sprayed from the stab in between the eyes had Nino grumbling even further, but at least he got the fucker and his stinking breaths out of his hair. 

It was just his luck that his first collaboration with Ohno's team ended up with some false information. Heads definitely will roll, he swore. Even if he needed to do it himself. Nino looked around for the rest of the guys, body still on alert. They seemed to be coping okay despite the number of bodies lying on the ground. He saw Ohno crushing a guy's head with his right arm, flimsy helmet and all and Nino internally cheered.

The job went amazingly well at first. They exterminated a three Greenies in no time and located the small abandoned cart. The goods seemed intact save for the damage from the afternoon heat. Nino had an uneasy feeling then, everything went too amazingly well after all. That's why when a dozens of bandits as they tried to secure the goods suddenly appeared, all of them groaned collectively.

"I knew the world just can't be this easy!" whined Aiba.

It was how Nino found himself in this situation, darting between rubbles to retrieve his gun that was kicked away earlier on. He was sweaty, tired and his suit was nearing its limits. The black suit that he modified was nearly invincible, blocking every damage it taken. But it did have a limit, and looking at the little droplet that oozed out of the knob on his chest, he'd say it would reach it soon. He just grabbed on the gun when he heard a shout. Aiba's.


Jun who had been keeping up with his opponent had been blindsided. With three of them going against him now, he was quickly brought to his knees. Aiba was running towards him when a gigantic blast came blasting above Jun's head. Nino whipped his head in Ohno's direction, mortified as he saw the guy he was battling with shot Ohno's right above his artificial arm.

The blast had depleted the metal arm of its fuel, making the arm a deadweight that Ohno could barely lift. He was out of luck and stamina. The barrel of the gun was pointing between his eyes when the guy's head suddenly blasted off his neck. From the blast direction, Nino came running, face pale with fear.

Ohno heard Nino groaning from above him before he even realised that he was horizontal. When did that happen? His shoulder was burning like mad, it felt like getting stabbed at the exact same spot a thousan times. He moaned.

"Shit, shit, shit!"

Ohno struggled to keep his eyes open, but his vision kept blackening from the pain. "Oh-chan, do you still have any fuel left with you?" he heard Nino asked, frantic. It's been a while since he heard Nino sounding like that. He was like this last time too.

"Come on, Satoshi! Hang in there, you seriously need a stone, your arm is infected!"¨
"Just.. cut it off," gasped Ohno. "Not the first time..."

"Fuck you. I'm not doing that!" Nino shouted angrily, eyes tearing in frustration. "Don't make me do it again," he pleaded.

 Ohno shook his head. "Please."

He didn't realised that he had closed his eyes until he opened them, the lessening pain came as a jolt to his system. His head was swimming and his vision still stubbornly darkening. The last thing he saw was Nino's face in worried concentration. And blood. Lots and lots of crimson red blood.


"Right, it's time for me to go off now. Thanks for the drinks, Master." Ohno nodded towards the owner behind the counter. He was a weird looking guy, friendly smile and extremely handsome face made the cowboy hat on his head looked even more ridiculous. Ohno wondered if there was a reason behind it other than an outstandingly bad fashion sense.

It was the first time he'd been in the rundown tavern and he reckon it would probably be his last. No one was around despite it being dinner time save for a lone guy that was sitting at the corner near the entrance. Ohno nodded again to the owner and went towards the exit, veering in the last minute in the direction of the young looking man.

"Do you mind giving them back to me now? I need to go." asked Ohno calmly.

The guy looked up in surprise from his weird console game he was playing with. He looked like a seventeen year-old kid but Ohno knew he would probably be only a few years younger than himself. Those eyes were not kid's eyes, no matter how beautiful they are against his pale skin. "What are you talking about?"

Ohno gestured towards him. "My purse in your back pocket, obviously."

They stared at each other for a minute, not saying a word before the guy sighed dramatically. "Here," he mumbled, putting Ohno's money pouch on the table.

Ohno grabbed onto his arm before he could take it back. "The rest of the money too, please."

"You... are not angry?"

Such a weird thing to ask. "No, but I do need these to pay tonight's room," he said softly.

The man grinned then. "You should just stay here then! We rarely rent them out, but there are lots of rooms upstairs," he exclaimed excitedly, finally standing up. "Sho-chan!"

An audible sigh was heard from behind the counter. "Yes, yes," the owner, Sho-chan apparently replied in a sigh, already bending down to rummage behind the counter.

"I will then... Thank you."

"The name's Ninomiya Kazunari." Nino nodded magnanimously, as if granting him a favour. He was grinning the whole time.

"Ohno Satoshi."

Ohno noticed that Nino never returned the rest of his money.

"His arm is nothing but pieces of metal melded together." Ohno blinked awake at the sound of Nino's voice. He frowned internally, Nino sounded exhausted and small.

"That doesn't make sense," he heard Jun reply. "His arm had been metal the whole time. Why did it suddenly get infected?"

"Maybe they put something in the bullet? I don't know Jun-kun,"Nino sighed tiredly.  It seemed Jun wanted to argue more but a loud crash from downstairs cut him short.

"Damn it, Aiba!"

The room was silent for a moment and Ohno realised that he was back at the tavern, specifically in Nino's room, on Nino's bed. He opened his eyes and tried to peek at the corner of the room. Jun had left the room to tend to whatever mess Aiba had made. Sho and Nino were staring each other.

"Explain it again to me," Sho said, voice strained and hard.

Nino sighed. "Like I said, his arm is just a piece of normal metal put together," he said looking down at his hands. Ohno noticed that Nino had fresh bandages on his fore arm. Was he hurt badly? "When... when Ohno depleted all the stone's energy, it turn back into a piece of junk metal. And metal is not something you can just embed into your flesh, you know this," he mumbled, tired and defeated.

Sho nodded. "How come Satoshi-kun never had this infection before?"

Nino rubbed his eyes. "I put a failsafe in the stone, he never actually flatlined before. When the stones nearly run out, I rigged them to stop giving out energy to save a minimum to just be functional."

"Alright. So did anyone actually see you making them?"

"I don't know... The bandits were all gone by the time I was done. Jun and the rest only see my bloodied arm and they thought I got cut during the fight."

Ohno had never seen Sho this worried before, the scene making his heart beat faster. What is happening? Did Nino really got cut? "Kazu... Please be careful. I know you know this too, but please, please be more careful next time," whispered Sho painfully. "We didn't come this far just to get caught."

Nino just hung his head. "I'm sorry, Sho-chan. I lost it when I saw him fall. He... he asked me to cut his arm again," he sobbed, voice breaking little. "I couldn't do it, I just couldn't." Sho gathered Nino in his arms then, clutching Nino as hard as the smaller man was clutching him.

"I know. I'm glad you saved him, I truly am. Just... just be more cautious next time."

Feeling his lids getting heavier, Ohno was forced to close them. Sleep was lulling him back, but his mind was whirring, full of dread and a horrible realisation of what just transpired.


Ohno was fully functional the next day. It was weird to actually be fine so soon after, but it was what it was. He made a point to never question a good thing. He woke up and went down in hopes of coffee and breakfast and was greeted by an exhausted Sho.

"Good morning, Satoshi-kun," greeted Sho. He almost sounded normal.

Ohno decided to be normal too. Normal was good. Normal did not make him feel like the shittiest person on earth. "Yeah, morning Sho-kun," he replied. "Sorry for all the trouble."

"Not at all, good to see you are okay again. Please do that again, I think I aged ten years over the last few days," joked Sho.

"How long was I out for?"

"Three days," came the answer from behind him. Nino was leaning against the wall, smiling lazily despite the angry glint in his eyes. "Why are you walking around when you're supposed to be in bed, Oh-chan?" he asked sweetly.

Ohno shrugged. "Hungry."

"I see."

Sho apparently decided not to comment and just put down two plates of pasta on the counter. It seemed Jun had taken over the kitchen this morning. The food was good, as expected of Jun in a properly outfitted kitchen. Nino and Ohno ate in silence. Ohno realised that Nino had not meet his eyes even once. Twenty minutes later, they both thanked Sho for the breakfast and wordlessly went upstairs together. Closing the door behind him, Ohno was the first to break the loaded silence.

"Were you ever going to tell me?"

Nino did not turn around, instead he was staring at the window, fingers fumbling against the lace curtains. Ohno hated that curtain, he made a mental note to buy a new one soon. "Tell you about what?"

Ohno decided to cut to the chase. "That you've been cutting yourself up to use your blood to create those bloody stones for me," he mumbled softly, despite the turmoil in his head. Why did he not realised it until now. The exaggerated worry Sho displayed over a bruise caused by an unfortunate scene by a client. All those scars that kept reappearing, kept increasing. The way Nino looked whenever he touched them. He hated himself for not noticing it earlier. Hated himself more for the inkling that he was fooling himself in this rose-tinted world of his to ignore the scars that he noticed. Was that why he never asked about them?

Nino turned around then, face unreadable. "Don't concern yourself over it. It was my decision after all."

Ohno held his ground. "You should stop doing this. You shouldn't hurt yourself for me."

"Oh, stop making yourself sound more important than you actually are," Nino sneered. "I can do whatever I want, it's either I use them for you or a random guy on the street."

The idea that Nino would give those stones to random people and jeopardise his safety made Ohno bristled. Because he understood, painfully so, of what was going to happen to Nino if anyone ever found out about it. He understood Sho's concern. He now understood why Nino reminded him to keep it to himself every single time. He understood that he's not worth this.

"I want you to stop."

Nino laughed bitterly. It sounded broken to Ohno's ears. "Us sleeping together doesn't give you the right over me. You are not my boyfriend," he sneered, making his way towards him now.

"Then let me be one."

Nino stopped on his track, eyes impossibly wide. "Wait, what?"

"You heard me, let me be your boyfriend. Apparently you need a keeper," Ohno replied calmly. It took everything that he had to not just grab Nino and make him submit. Instead he slowly brought his hand to cup his lover's head, mashing their lips together insistently, stubbornly.

Nino struggled to breathe, hands weakly pushing Ohno away. He gasped when Ohno pulled back, chest heaving. "What the hell are you doing?" He asked, frowning when he couldn't pull his head away. Ohno had his right hand on his hair, it was impossible to budge.

"I'm convincing you," Ohno whispered against his lips. Nino stared and he saw something in Ohno's gaze that he'd never seen before, the raw desperation and hunger.

He whispered back softly, "You are doing a good job of it, although you might want to work on the talking bit."

Ohno shrugged. "You are a stubborn brat."

Nino chuckled despite himself. "Yeah, yeah. Like I said, huge room for improvement."


The sounds of sex was loud in the confined room. Nino moaned for what seemed like the millionth time as he pressed his face against the sheet. He dazedly wondered if he gave in too easily. After nearly five years of keeping it a secret, to just readily agreed when Ohno took a rare initiative. He would have continued that thought, but Ohno cocked his hip just so and Nino outright wailed at the feel of the older man's cock pressing hard against his prostate.

"Oh-chan, please"

"No." Ohno kept his hand on Nino's back, keeping him still and noticing the change in Nino's breaths when he pushed harder. With Nino on his hands and knees, chest pushed down and ass up high, he could do nothing but feel. Ohno deep inside him, his prostate that was getting pounded roughly, the cool hand on his back, ridges scratching his skin every so often. It was impossible to move. Nino did not want to move, he wanted to this go on forever.

He squealed when Ohno suddenly pulled out and grabbed his thighs to turn him over, his legs was splayed wide, cock standing hard against his belly. He had come earlier but another seemed to be building in. Nino cried out, bereft for the seconds that it took Ohno to turn him. "Satoshi!“"

"No," Ohno said, bending to kiss him deeply. He then started fucking Nino in earnest, going harder and deeper, making a point to keep pressing against Nino's prostate. He kept Nino's right leg on his shoulder, the angle that he knew the younger loved. When it became to much and Nino squirmed to get away from all this overloaded sensation, Ohno just tightened his grip. He kept going and going, more turned on than he ever had before, collecting all the different cries and gasps that Nino uttered. Nino came for the second time soon after, body taut and quivering. He was mewling the whole time as his cock spurted out strips of cum, stark against the dark bed sheets. Ohno fucked him through his orgasm, and kept going minutes after Nino was done, leaving him a sobbing, gasping mess.

Ohno gathered him close when he finally came, biting at the pale shoulder. Nino's legs went limp, depleted of strength, but Ohno kept his grip as he pulled out, delighting in the protesting whine all the while. He immediately replaced it with his fingers. Nino was still wet and relaxed from Ohno and he squirmed even as his cock twitch with interest once more. Ohno easily pressed his fingers against the abused prostate, massaging it. It was too bad that he could not feel Nino around those fingers, how warm and tight he must had been.

Nino jerked and wailed, too weak to even move much. The ridges and knobs of those metal were pressing against his insides, a feeling that had not failed to spur him on no matter how many times he had experienced it. Without replacing his fingers, Ohno bent down and took Nino into his mouth. It was wonderful, it was painful, it was still something that Nino never wanted to end. He mewled as Ohno worked him inside and out, keeping a steady rhythm that Nino could anticipate. When Ohno suddenly inserted a fourth finger, Nino jerked so hard and he came for the third inside that warm mouth. And even then Ohno kept going.

"Let me rest," Nino sobbed as he futilely tried to twitch away from him.

"No," Ohno repeated, crooking his fingers. "I have a lot of convincing to do after all."


Life seemed good for a while, with Ohno and Nino both agreeing to disagree. Ohno had taken to refuse any stones while Nino had taken to sneakily refuel his arm anyway in the middle of the night. They were at a stalemate. What was phenomenal was the rest of it, now that Nino had an excuse to be extremely cuddly in front of everyone, Ohno seemed to resigned himself having a permanently attached boyfriend on his hips.

"You guys are disgusting," Jun said with a roll of his eyes.

"Don't be jealous Jun-kun," Nino sing-songed cheekily. "I'm sure that your one true love is waiting for you over the yonder too."

"Ohno-kun wasn't waiting for you, he came to the tavern first."

Nino nodded sagely and shrugged. "I know that not everyone can be as perfect as me. Don't give hope yet, darling," he replied sadly, complete with a sympathetic pat on the shoulder. Jun huffed and walked away in disgust. Aiba just giggled.

Yes, life was good. And that's why a few days later, Nino went into this state of disbelief when he woke up tied to a chair and behind the bars.


Ohno just came back from a short security gig when he was welcomed by an overwrought Sho. The man looked like he was short of pulling his hair off. Ohno went to him, and was surprised to see the look of devastation on his face. "It's Nino," he whispered. "He hadn't been back for a day." Any other person but Ohno would just shrug and tell him to wait it out calmly but this was Nino. Nino and Sho had this thing going on where they would inform each other whenever they were going to be even a minute late. It was something that Ohno found amusing when he first found out about it years ago, but had now come to appreciate it for the caution that it was.

"Where did he say he was going?"

Sho wrung his hands in distress. "He just said he's going to town to meet a new client to get his assignment, he should be back hours ago." It was nearly midnight now, with Jun and Aiba out on their respective jobs. Ohno was about to rush back out and start looking when Aiba and Jun came barrelling in.

"Leader, Sho-chan! Nino's in trouble!" Aiba cried out, looking like he was going to cry.

"What's going on, Aiba-chan?" Ohno asked even as he tried to keep calm.

"Toma said he saw Nino getting kidnapped by those bandits we encountered a few weeks ago."

Ohno nearly stopped breathing. It finally happened. The one thing everyone was so afraid of. Nino.
Behind him, he heard Sho gasped painfully. "Did– did Toma see where have they taken him?"

Jun nodded. "Yeah, but it doesn't look good Ohno-kun. The place is like a fortress, Toma tried to sneak in but it was heavily guarded. And from the amount of weapons that they have, they don't seem to small time bandits making a play for ransom." Jun looked solemn, but the frown on his face and his mussed hair that must had come from him wracking his fingers over it belied his worries.

"That does not matter. I'll go find Toma now."

Everyone seemed to snap out of this trance and immediately stopped him then.

"Wait! Leader you can't"

"Ohno-kun, you can't actually go now!"

Everyone was shouting at the same time, but it was Sho's calm collected voice that actually stopped him, angered him. "Don't be stupid, Satoshi-kun," Sho said. That had Ohno turning, he whipped his head towards Sho glaring with rage. His every cell wanted to run as fast as he could, to save his Nino. To stop whatever the must had been doing to him at the moment.

"Stupid? How is it stupid wanting to save him?" Ohno snarled, body shaking in fury.

"You are being rash and will probably jeopardise his safety more. I can't let you do that."

"Why are you so calm about this? So much for being a childhood friend," sneered Ohno. What the fuck are they waiting for? An fucking engraved invitation from the kidnapper?

Sho banged the counter, making everyone jump in surprise. "Shut the fuck up," he snarled in reply. "You just shut the fuck up. I've been taking care of him long since before you came into the fucking picture." He seemed to be battling with his own rage and Ohno felt chastised. He wondered what kind of life both of them had before he met them. How did they spend their lives in hiding. Ohno hunged his head, anger subsiding, leaving him with full, adulterated dread.

"How do you think he lasted this long?" Sho continued on. "Despite his sarcastic mouth, Nino's got a fucking bleeding heart, as you very well know. Saving people left and right," he muttered bitterly. The jab made Ohno felt a thousand times worse. He gasped at the tight feeling in his chest.

"What are you guys talking about?" Jun asked, frowning deeper.


It took them the better part of the hour to properly explain, both Sho and Ohno agreed that they would be in much better advantage with everyone in the know about the situation. Aiba and Jun looked increasingly worried as they went on. There was a loaded silence when they were both done explaining, heavy with knowledge of what Nino could do, what he had done to Ohno and what Sho had done in return to keep him safe all these years.

Aiba was the first to break the quiet. He hesitated for a moment before saying, "Leader, you might want to stay behind this time." That nobody else responded immediately to that made Ohno believe that they were all thinking about the same thing.

"...You're joking, right?" Ohno asked, bewildered. "All of you are."

"Well, but you're running out of fuel aren't you? I know for a fact that arm of yours weighs a ton." Aiba looked so apologetic, as if he was waiting for Ohno to deck. He almost did anyway.

Wordlessly, Ohno took off his arm. The thing had been getting heavier by the minute anyway. He was counting on Nino on refuelling or just taking it off, regardless of what Nino said. The fucking irony that he finally was able to take it off did not escape Ohno. He smiled bitterly. "Well? I only got this arm because of Nino and his stubborn-ness anyway," he said with a shrug. He looked at each one of them, challenge in his eyes.


"Leave it Aiba-chan. He's probably still better than all of us even limbless," Jun sighed. "He's our leader after all."

Sho stood up then, climbing up the stairs without any word. He returned a minute later carrying a gun wrapped in a cloth. "Then you should take this Satoshi-kun," he said, smiling. It was a smaller replica of Nino's gun, bluer than the original sleek black. "No matter how much he argued about your arm, he was quietly making this for you for when you actually take it off."

Ohno was humbled, his throat a little dry. He felt like bursting with all the pent up feelings inside, the love for the his smaller boyfriend, the gratitude, acceptance from his mates. There was a choked noise that sounded suspiciously like a sniffle, but none of them said anything to that. If they all suddenly found a reason to squeeze Aiba's shoulder or arm, everybody seemed to have agreed on keeping mum.

"Alright guys, let's do this!"


"The end," Nino declared with grandiose and then he did little mock bows to the left and right.

Chinen spluttered in disbelief. "Wh... what! That couldn't be the end! What happened afterwards?" he asked hotly, standing up and shaking Nino's shoulder. Nino just giggled, clucking his tongue. He grabbed Chinen's shoulders, and turned him towards the kitchen.

"It's the end. Now you should save Sho-chan from getting lit up by the stove."


"No buts! Go on, kiddo." Chinen shuffled dejectedly to the kitchen, following the sound of Sho's distressed squeal. Nino smiled at him. Maybe he would continue the story someday, if Chinen was curious enough.

"You should stop teasing him, Nino," came a sleepy drawl from the stairs. Nino grinned at the voice, turning. Ohno was leaning against the wall, had been for a while it seemed. He walked towards Nino, carrying the painting that he just finished in his arm. "One of these days, he'd cry and then quit working here," he reprimanded.

Nino shook his head. "That kid loves you too much to ever quit, Oh-chan," he countered. "One of these days, I'd need to take up my gun again just scare him away from you." Ohno chuckled, still steadily approaching him. It was such a pleasure to see the difference in Ohno now. Since he had taken up painting and given up on his mercenary wayward days, he had become calmer, more laid back. Sleepier too, Nino mused. But Nino loved Ohno's slept rumpled state, all soft and warm and inviting, he was definitely not complaining. Dragging his hand up on his Ohno's one arm before settling it behind the other's neck, he whispered against Ohno's lips, "What are you going to do when he keeps me away from you, hmm?"

"Never going to happen."

"Jesus, you guys are disgusting," Jun said, stopping in his track before doubling back through the entrance he had just taken. "You guys better not show anything inappropriate by the I get home later," he grumbled. He, Ohno and Aiba had permanently moved into the tavern, making it their home base. Ohno had taken art as a living, unexpectedly successful after his painting of a half-crushed fish, titled, 'Devastation' got some publicity. Jun had taken over the tavern as their chef, letting Sho handle the business end of it. 'ARASHI' or what they called the tavern now, has grown in business, thanks to Jun's famously tasty dishes, Nino's strict book-keeping and Sho's marketing. Aiba-chan was now running experiments on the Greenies' stones, trying to replicate the effects that Nino's had. He thought they would have a breakthrough soon. Luckily for everyone Nino had kept the arm save all this while, polishing it every now and then for such a day.

"We love you too, J!" shouted Nino happily.

Ohno had put down the painting at their feet. His latest masterpiece, titled, 'My Life as a Bread'. Nino was not knowledgable in art, but he swore he had never seen a more lovingly drawn loaf of bread. He got even more confused when Ohno claimed happily that Nino was his muse for it. This current Ohno was now crowding him against the wall, eyes dark and intense. Even after all these year, they still never failed to get him hot and way more bothered than Nino would ever admit.

"I want to fuck you," Ohno growled. What a fantastic idea. Nino kissed his neck in agreement, skin already tingling in anticipation. Ohno ground his hips against his, capturing the moan Nino let out against his lips. "I may be one arm short, but I can still make you cum plenty." With Ohno's tongue licking long wet strips on the side of his neck, Nino was inclined to agree.

"Yes, please."

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