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Hello lovely participants!

I'm going to start posting any minute! There are a lot of awesome fics, and I can't wait to post them all for you! (I will go for 2-4 fics each day, depending on how much stress I have on a day, and on the length of the submitted fics :-) )

I'm still waiting for a very few more fics to appear in my inbox - but I'm positive that I will receive them all very soon (or until the specific date we set)!

So, stay tuned for the start of posting period - TODAY! \^_^/

Here is just a reminder for the rules! Please read carefully:

1) Don't forget this is still anonymous. So, please don't answer any comments to the fic you wrote. You can do that (and repost the fic you wrote) once reveals are out.

2) Please leave a comment on the fic written for you as soon as possible. And, though I think that's quite clear, leave a longer comment than only 'Luved it. Thx'. After all someone put a lot of effort and energy into this for you.

3) There are places for concrit. This here isn't. We only accept words of love and praise. No negativity or wank! Always remember: Someone else put a lot of effort into the fic written for you. It's like a gift someone is giving you. So, plz, be thankful.

4) If - out of whatever reasons - you can't comment within a few days, tell me, so I can tell your author that you'll come later. Don't underestimate how crushing and frightening the silence of the internet can be. Someone's waiting for your comment after all.

5) However, EVERYONE MUST HAVE COMMENTED UNTIL REVEALS ARE OUT. If you can't remember the time table anymore: reveals will be out one week after posting ended.

6) I can reassure you that we have a lot of very very good fics for this exchange. So, if you read something, leave a comment - even if it's not the fic written for you. I bet the author will be happy. This also goes for those who are only participating as readers, not as writers. <3

So, with that said:

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Hello lovely participants!! \^_^/

Checking on you to see how you are doing! I hope everything goes well for you guys! We are slowly approaching our deadline. No worries, there is still almost all of August left ;-)
Don't forget our deadline is the 26th of August, so if you haven't yet, better start writing soon. :D

Don't hesitate to contact me for questions! I will do all I can to help you with questions and problems, so that we won't be left hanging in the rain XD

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Sign-up Post:

Before you sign up, please read the rules

If you have any questions, write us a PM or an email to

If you signed up and realize that you forgot something, please edit your comment or answer to your original comment. Don't make a new comment thread.

If you are not sure what to include in your sign-up, we'll advise you not to be too vague. Better be more detailed than to leave an almost empty sign-up post. Give your assigned writer some options when filling in the sign-up form.

And don't forget, if you request MatsuJun with anyone, anyone might be Aiba, Chinen, Edward Cullen or Justin Bieber. ^_~

Pinch-hitting means to write a fic last minute if the original author dropped out.

Just to remind you: Try to provide at least two pairings between Arashi members. If you really only like one pairing, you can still sign up. We'll see what we can do then. Other than that you can go wild with cross-overs too.

*for Lj-users: post your Lj-name as the comment subject! And link to your Lj-account in your sign-up!

The sign-up should look like that:
Fic Journal/Archive:

Pairings you want to write:
Pairings/People you DON'T want to write:
I would like to write (prompts/kinks etc.):
I would NOT like to write (prompts/kinks etc.):

Pairings/People you want in your fic:
Who do you NOT WANT:
What do you want to read in your fic (situations/kinks/genres):
What do you NOT like to receive (situations/kinks/genres):
Preferred rating (written and received):

Could you pinch-hit?
Could you beta?
Anything else you want to say?

Sign-up form for you to copy:

<b>LJ Name:</b>
<b>Fic Journal/Archive:</b>

<b>Pairings you want to write:</b>
<b>Pairings/People you DON'T want to write:</b>
<b> I would like to write (prompts/kinks etc.):</b>
<b> I would NOT like to write (prompts/kinks etc.) </b>

<b>Pairings/People you want in your fic:</b>
<b>Who do you NOT WANT:</b>
<b>What do you want to read in your fic (situations/kinks/genres):</b>
<b>What do you NOT like to receive (situations/kinks/genres):</b>
<b>Preferred rating (written and received): </b>

<b> Could you pinch-hit? </b>
<b> Could you beta? </b>
<b> Anything else you want to say?</b>

- Sign-ups begin: May 20th
- Sign-ups end: 17th of June
- Fics due: August 26th
- Fic posting begins: September 3rd
- Reveals: One week after posting

HAVE FUN!!!! ^______________^


Sep. 20th, 2016 07:33 pm
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Hello everyone!!

We did it!! We wrapped up this exchange! And once more I would like to thank you for participating and for making this exchange so awesome!!!!!!!! *throwsconfetti* There were so many awesome fics posted! - thank you to all of you for putting so much work into your stories!

A huge thank you also to our great beta-readers [ profile] arashiforyou, [ profile] shardaunei, [ profile] yoru_no_hikaru and [ profile] renchan27. Also a big thank you to our lovely pinch-hitters [ profile] zeon_avalanthe, [ profile] yukitsubute, [ profile] inaudible_d and [ profile] lilly0.

I hope all of you had a great time and I hope to see you all again next year!! ♥

Without further ado, here are the reveals!!!!!~

Click to lift the curtain )

With the reveals out now, feel free to flail, brag and repost the fic(s) you've written! ^_^/ You can also talk to your author/recipient openly now!

We hope you had fun and will join us again next year!!
We hope to see you again!

Yours Isa
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Hello lovely participants,

this is just a reminder that I'll post the reveals tomorrow. It's exactly one week after posting then, and about time to lift the curtain!
I'll post the reveals around afternoon (Central European Time)  So, please, if you haven't yet, don't forget to comment on your gift fic :-)

See you tomorrow!!
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Hello lovely participants!

I'm sorry I couldn't drop you a line yesterday, but unfortunately my internet connection was bitching at me ><  However, as you might have noticed:

(In the unfortunate case that I forgot your fic, please drop me a line ASAP!)

And don't we have awesome fics this year again!? We have! All of you did such a good job, and the fics are just GREAT! So, thanks to all of you who participated and wrote a fic or participated as readers. Also a big thank you to our beta-readers (names to be mentioned in the reveal post next week)

Please - in case you haven't read your fics yet - read your gift fics and don't forget to drop a comment for your author. Reveals will be in around a week (or a little earlier, depending on my work schedule)

See you in a few days! Until then, please still hold anonymity :D

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A piece of rainbow for [ profile] akhikaru Part 1

Title: Billowing Sails of Black, freedom is Mine
Pairing: Matsumoto Jun/Sakurai Sho
Rating/Warnings:  NC-17. Contains explicit sexual situations, mild violence and blood and plenty of swearing.
Summary: For years, Navy Captain Sakurai Sho has proudly commanded the course of the cargo ship, The Daylight, across the Asian Pacific, so when the stunning captain of a certain pirate ship offers him another life, Sho comes to question the difference between reality and illusion, leaving him confused as to what he really wants.
Notes: Dear akhikaru, I do not know how many of your requests I fulfilled with this one, but I really do hope you like it nevertheless. I really enjoyed writing this Pirate AU – though you did not ask for such a thing specifically – despite it becoming a lot longer than I had first anticipated.

Billowing Sails of Black, freedom is Mine 1/5 )

Follow the link for part 2
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A piece of rainbow for [ profile] spacewhistler

Title: The Gentleman's Word
Pairing: Sho X Ohno
Rating: PG
Summary: Sho made a life-long promise to Satoshi and he was determined to keep it.
Notes: Dear [ profile] spacewhistler, although your prompt made me the most excited to write that I've felt in years, I still couldn't come up with anything special or original. Still, I wanted to thank you and feel that I am fortunate to write for you. I couldn't make up my mind and in the end I just hope that you enjoy it if even just a little bit.

The Gentlemans Word )
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A piece of rainbow for [ profile] lilly0 Part 1

Title: It Might Be You
Pairing: Juntoshi, Sakumoto; plus random side pairings
Rating/Warning: PG-13
Summary: Ohno Satoshi wants to be a well-renowned photographer in architecture and interior designs, so when his cousin, the chief editor of a prominent design magazine assigned himt o follow up-and-coming interior designer, Matsumoto Jun, he took the chance. However, Matsumoto Jun proved to be difficult-as Ohno had expected.
Note: LillyO, I know you said you want a Sakumoto as the lead pairing, but Ohno wouldn’t let go of Jun no matter how I tried. He kept popping up in the story than Sho as the lead. I hope it’s okay and you still enjoy the story anyway. Talk to me after the reveal and let’s discuss how I can make it up. hahaha.

It might be you 1/8 )

Follow the link for part 2


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