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Title: ARA5HI
Pairing: General Arashi Friendship (A bit of Ohmiya and Sakuraiba if you squint. Like, really really hard.)
Rating: PG
Summary: The good thing about being a sensate is that you have caring teammates who can act on your behalf. Like, literally.
Note to readers: There's roughly a 'current' timeline plus a 'past' timeline (aka flashbacks) that's going on in parallel, with the 'past' being all jumbled up. Hopefully it's not too confusing... :P
Note to recipient: Warning! Character death! Nah just kidding. Erm so... I hope you still have not watched Sense8 because you know what? Before receiving your prompt I haven't the slightest clue what on earth Sense8 is. I just erm, read a few pages of wiki and ran along with it... And this is the result. This fic brings a lot of firsts for me... (My first supernatural/super powers fic, first one shot that's so long too, at least the longest I've written in a long while...) Was quite a struggle to write at first but I'm pleased with the end result, I hope that you'll like it too! Now on to the story.



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