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A piece of rainbow for [personal profile] yoru_no_hikari

On Nino’s Understanding of Love through Sex
Pairing: Nino/Jun
Rating/Warning: NC-17. Possibly PWP.
Summary: Nino has been contented with what he has with Jun. However, when Jun gives him a gift that seems to suggest something meaningful, Nino has to step back and think about what it all means.
Notes: Dear [personal profile] yoru_no_hikari, sorry to keep you waiting! I take your Matsumiya prompt and tweak it a bit. It ends up containing more NC-17 scenes than plot (what can I say? Matsumiya is too irresistible!) I hope you still find this story to your liking. Biggest thanks to our dearest ArashiEx mod for being incredibly patient with me <3

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A piece of rainbow for [personal profile] eiko_lotus 

: Is it the tail?
Pairing: Juntoshi
Rating/Warnings: NC17. Crack. Mermaid Sex (oh god)
Summary: Jun is a merman and he tells Satoshi first.
Notes: eiko_lotus gave me way too much freedom XD For the prompt of a magical creature falling for a normal human being. Tbh, this started really with the thought ‘Satoshi really likes fish…doesn’t he?’ A bit cracktastic, but I hope you still like it <3

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A piece of rainbow for [personal profile] xdestroying 

Pairing: Sho/Jun
Rating/Warnings: PG-13. Making out, mentions of nudity.
Summary: Can I come over to your place now? We need to talk.
Notes: Hello there, [personal profile] xdestroying ! I hope you enjoy this little thing I wrote for you! I'm afraid I couldn't get the rating up in the end (I owe you that part). Special thanks to the two certain people who had to bear with me while I was writing this, and to the mods for their patience.

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A piece of rainbow for [personal profile] reveetoile 

Title :
The Baker Who Fell in Love
Pairing : Ohmiya, Matsumiya (broken up), mentioning Ikuta x Jun. Sakuraiba (friendship)
Rating : G
Warning : Uhm… nothing? Just… I hope you'll like it
Summary : Baker Ohno falls in love with a man he has never spoken too, but only sees everyday at a café on his way to work. Until one day, they meet and Ohno immediately knows that this man is the love of his life. However, the man's troubled past catches up with him in the form of a good-looking guy.
Notes : Dear @reveetoile I’m sorry if it's not what you expected… I didn't quite know what to write actually, because I was lacking ideas even though you had some good situations in your description. This is my first time to join this kind of fanfic exchange. /bows & cries/
Beta-read by @makitachibanana (LJ)

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A piece of rainbow for [personal profile] himekohimura 

Title: Keep Each Other's Company
Pairing: Juntoshi/Ohmiya/Matsumiya
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: Ohno Satoshi, a 1000-year-old elf who possessed great power, a kind heart and strong leadership was a King of the Akatsuki, the last elven clan on Earth. The clan lived peacefully in a hidden forest. They thought that there was no other clan left outside the forest, until one day, when Ohno's arrow hit an intruder...
Notes: Dear Himekohimura, it's been forever since I wrote a fantasy fic and I hope this meet your expectation, please forgive me if it's not. Fantasy is not my forte, but I enjoyed writing this one ^_^. I am sorry that I can't write bottom Ohno as you requested, but I tried to combine your request for Juntoshi, Ohmiya and Matsumiya pairing, I hope you like them.

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A piece of rainbow for [personal profile] 64907 

Title: Courting a hero
Pairing: Sakumiya
Rating/Warnings: NC-17
Summary: Engineer Nino has to face a trial forced by the national Starforce after disobeying direct orders from a leading officer and saving hundreds of lives in the process. Good thing that one of the leading defendant lawyers, Sakurai Sho, has been called to his trial.
Notes: Dear [personal profile] 64907 , I have to apologize, I brought a medical condition into the story. I did not plan to do it when I started writing and I honestly did not remember that you did not want that kind of thing in the story later. I only saw it when I came back to check for the rating and by then the story was close to finished. I am truly sorry about this, I do hope you can enjoy the story despite Nino’s character suffering from OCD.

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A piece of rainbow for yume-no-ai

Title: I'll Be There
Pairing: JunBa; Aiba/Ryo (friendship)
Rating/Warning: NC-17
Summary: Jun's been dumped again. Aiba decides to cheer him up
Notes: yume-no-ai[profile] yume_no_ai, I hope you enjoy this. According to google, Kappabashi Street is the place to go in Tokyo for tableware and cooking things.

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A piece of rainbow for [personal profile] learashi Part 1

Title: Shine in Summer’s Glimmer
Pairing: Sakurai Sho/Matsumoto Jun
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 (but you really gotta wait for it). Please note: story includes a character with depression; brief mention of suicide; mentions of cheating/infidelity; sex; adult language; misunderstandings and miscommunication
Summary: A month at a guest house along the Chiba coast. Beachy days, quiet nights. And an attraction Sho simply can’t shake.
Notes: An extremely slow burn Sakumoto romance for learashi. I’m sorry I couldn’t manage to write any of your specific requests, and this ended up working best as Sho’s POV, but I really enjoyed embracing a soft, summery feeling. This is a Sakumoto dynamic I truly loved writing. Title comes from Summer Splash.

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A piece of rainbow for [personal profile] fishydotlove 

Title: Love so sweet
Pairing: Ohmiya
Rating/Warnings: NC-17, blowjobs, sex
Summary: Nino is a cook and Ohno is a baker, they live together and are a couple since a few years now. Nino always supported Ohno with everything Ohno wanted to achieve even if it made him unhappy. Now it’s Ohno’s turn to help Nino find his happiness.
Notes: Dear [personal profile] fishydotlove, I really hope you like this story. I had fun writing it at least :). As you can see I used a few of your prompts and hope that I didn’t totally mess it up. Be aware of many fluffy moments between Ohmiya. I wanted them to argue but they didn’t really agree with me.
Thanks a lot to my beta reader for helping me out alot and also for all the other people who helped me with this story and made sure that it made sense in the end ;)
Also a big thanks to the mod! It was fun being in this exchange for the second time.
In this story I used the term Kaiseki once because I didn’t find a proper English term. I think I explained it in the story but here is the explanation again: It is a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner that is analogues to haute cuisine. It is small servings and 14 courses in a certain order.

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A piece of rainbow for [personal profile] akhikaru  Part 1

Pairing: Jun/Sho
Rating/Warnings: NC-17. Enemies to lovers, lots of plot and worldbuilding, slow burn, sexual tension, some injuries (not life-threatening) sustained by some characters, rimming, eventual barebacking, felching. 140k words.
Summary: Exiled to his enemy’s home planet, Crown Prince Matsumoto Jun must conceal his true identity, prevent an impending war, and reclaim his throne.
Notes: For [personal profile] akhikaru. I tweaked your Star Wars prompt and ended up with a space opera inspired by the Captive Prince trilogy by C.S. Pacat. No need to read it; just know that when I finished it, I thought “I’m going to space!Sakumoto that shit,” so a couple of elements from there are in here. Since it’s a long read, here’s your spoiler: it ends happily. I retained the Japanese honorifics despite them speaking in made-up languages. I hope that doesn’t cause confusion in any way. Thank you to my betas who did the hard work, to my awesome cheerleaders, and to the mod for being patient. Any mistakes left are mine.

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A piece of rainbow for [personal profile] phrenk 

Of Tea and Novels
Pairing: Nino/Aiba, implied Ohno/Sho
Ratings/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: Nino, a poor young lad wants to get out of his debts from a loan shark. When he was about to sell his mother’s most valuable necklace, a guy sleeping on top of garbage bags asked for his help. Two servants appeared, and the man claimed that he’s a noble and he would help Nino clear the debts under one condition…
Notes: To my dear recipient: I hope you’ll love this story. I hope you are fine with all the cliché stuff I mixed to form this fluffy slush! Sorry, I was still in Kizoku Tantei high when I wrote this but I really enjoyed taking some elements of your prompts to form this story.
Thank you so much to my Beta K (you are awesome!) and to our Dear Mod, who is so considerate to me. To everyone else, please enjoy!

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A piece of rainbow for [personal profile] ladyc2 

Title: When love comes to life
Pairing: Aiba Masaki/Kamenashi Kazuya
Rating/Warnings: PG-15
Summary: It’s strange when you find your shop’s mannequin with different clothes each morning. And when this strange new guy appears in the bar, Aiba’s life turns upside down.
Notes: Dear ladyc2. I really hope you’ll like this story. I had so much fun writing AibaKame <3. Thanks to my lovely beta. <3

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