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A piece of rainbow for [livejournal.com profile] xdestroying Part 3

It has been a week since the first date. Jun still can’t agree with Sho about whether it’s their first date or the third because they have spent the other Saturdays before together anyway. Jun insists it’s the first because the other two were just him inviting Sho for dinner.

Sho doesn’t agree, saying that those two are counted as house dates. And that Jun was the one who invited him first.

The only thing they agree on is that the sex they had wasn’t a casual one and that the both of them want to take their relationship on a more intimate level than a friendship with casual hookups.

Jun still thinks that it’s too fast for the both of them, though. They’ve only known each other for less than a month, and even though they live next to each other, that doesn’t mean they have known each other enough.

There isn’t anything that Jun isn’t thrilled to know about Sho, but on the other hand, he isn’t thrilled with what he still hasn’t revealed to Sho. Jun still hasn’t told Sho about his hobbies of watching gore movies, because the topic hasn’t really come up.

And because of that, Jun can’t yet reveal to Sho about why he likes to watch those movies. That is going to lead to a discussion about how Jun sometimes loses control of his emotion, and it isn’t a conversation Jun feels comfortable to tell Sho.

At least not yet for now. Jun knows he has to tell Sho about it, sooner or later, before Sho actually receives a blow that he doesn’t intend. Jun doesn’t want to scare Sho off like his past partners.

But since Jun can’t exactly tell Sho about those, he has to agree when Sho tries to assure him. Sho admits that it might be too fast for them, but he’s willing to make it work for the two of them.

The gesture actually makes Jun feel warm and cared for, and so he has no other choice. He makes a promise to himself that he will try to meet Sho in the middle.

And he will let Sho knows about his problem when he’s ready to talk about it.


When Jun told his two best friends about the development of his relationship with Sho, the two cheered for him.

Jun told them about it over lunch, when their lunch break time was almost over, so the two of them won’t get the chance to nag Jun about it. He feels unsure enough about it without his best friends saying anything that might add to his pile of insecurities.

Well, all they might say would probably be something around the fact that he’s been alone for too long that it’s good for him that he find someone now, and that’s actually where his insecurities come from.

Jun worries that it’s just because he’s been alone for too long that he’s so eager to have sex with Sho after only three nights of them eating together and talking. The fact that they live next to each other doesn’t help to ease his mind because that’s also the sole reason why he feels comfortable with letting Sho into his house and into his mind.

It’s so easy to fall for Sho. Too easy, even. And it freaks Jun out a little bit. He won’t be so terrified if the attraction only comes from the physical because at least he knows that he won’t get hurt later when something goes wrong.

The problem is, it doesn’t. Even though Jun practically saw Sho almost naked before they started talking, it’s still how Sho is as a whole person that draws him in. Jun finds everything about Sho intriguing, and he wants to know more.


Jun watches idly as the tomato sauce on his pan bubble up nicely.

It’s Saturday, and Saturday is the day when he cooks. Sho is out of town for a business trip, and so Jun has to eat his food alone. After three consecutive Saturdays that he spent with Sho, Jun is actually thankful to have this weekend for himself.

It helps him unblock his mind a little bit.

But his solitude won’t last for too long, though, because Sho will be back tomorrow morning, and they have planned to move their Saturday dinner to a Sunday lunch for this week. And so that’s why Jun doesn’t only cook for himself today.

Jun doesn’t really like frozen food, but he doesn’t like waking up too early in the morning just to cook more. So he decides to cook the food today and store it in the fridge.

From his stories, Sho always gets too tired after a business trip that he doesn’t even bother to choose what he eats. Jun wants to make Sho eat something nice, at least. He also plans to buy some shellfish in the supermarket tomorrow, to eat with the pasta.

The sauce starts to change color to a bolder one, a sign that it has begun to be fully cooked. Jun watches with excitement; it’s always nice to see the result of his hard work.

That’s when Jun hears the so familiar sound from the next door. Sho’s working music. Jun refers the hip hop music as that ever since he found out that it’s the music that accompanies Sho working.

But it’s impossible, Jun thinks. Sho is not home, won’t be until tomorrow. Jun’s heart beats faster. Could it be that Sho just said so because he doesn’t want to spend his Saturday with Jun? But why must he lie?

Well, there’s only one way to find out, Jun thinks, turning the stove off. He takes an old baseball bat he’s been keeping for an emergency with him, in case a burglar broke into Sho’s house.

Jun opens his door and locks it before walking to Sho’s door and knocks. If it’s a burglar inside Sho’s house, he doesn’t want the risk of his house being broken into too.

The music is still playing, and Jun balls his fist tight before banging on Sho’s door.

There’s no response from the inside. Jun knocks harder and calls out, “Sho?”

Still nothing. “Sho? I know you’re inside. Will you open the door? If you don’t, I’ll break in,” Jun calls again.

If it’s the burglar who’s inside, Jun needs to break in before he runs away.

“Sho?” Jun calls one last time. “Sho that’s it, I’m going in, okay?”

Jun takes some steps backward. He puts the baseball bat down, then he gets himself ready to break in. Just when he’s about to barge in, the door flings open, revealing a concerned Sho.

“Oh, Jun! I’m sorry I didn’t hear you because of… the music,” he chuckles, “Wanna come in?”

Jun raises his eyebrows, frowning. He looks at Sho with suspicion. “You said you’re out of town.”

“Um? Oh yeah, I did say that. I’m sorry. They sent me home a day earlier, and I was sleeping in for the whole morning. Then I woke up and remembered that there’s something I haven’t done. So I put the music to start working,” Sho notices the look on Jun’s face.

“I’m.. I’m really sorry. It totally slipped my mind to tell you. I was so tired I headed straight up to bed.”

Jun takes a deep breath. “I was worried. I thought a burglar broke in or something.”

“I’m sorry,” Sho reaches out to caress Jun’s face. Jun leans into the touch, sighing in relief.

“Well that’s okay,” Jun says finally. “You still working?”

“Yeah,” Sho doesn’t pull his hand away. Instead, he moves to brush Jun’s fringe away from his forehead, looking a little bit sad that he has to work.

Jun smiles. “I’m in the middle of cooking right now. What do you say I finish that, and you continue working? I will bring the food here so you can eat after,” Seeing the worried look on Sho’s face, Jun quickly adds, “Only if you’re okay with that, of course.”

Sho blinks a few times, seems like he’s weighing his options. “You sure it’s not too much work bringing the food here?”

Jun shakes his head while throwing Sho an assuring look. “It’s fine.”

Sho looks hesitating for another moment, then, “Okay then. I will continue working while you continue cooking. Um.. do you mind the..,” Sho lifts his hand and makes a circling motion, “The music? I really can’t work without it.”

“I don’t mind,” Jun smiles, “Don’t worry. I’m not the one who needs to get more sleep.”

Sho smiles, “Thank you for being so understanding,” he pulls Jun’s face and kisses his cheek.

“No problem,” Jun replies, “I’ll go back to my place now, then. See you later.”

“See you later,” Sho finally pulls his hand back.

Jun waits until Sho closes the door until he returns to his own place. He goes back to the kitchen to resume his cooking. There’s something weird about Sho’s story, something that feels amiss for Jun, but he doesn’t really want to point it out.

It’s completely understandable that he passes out before he remembers to tell Jun. And it’s also understandable that once he remembers there’s something he hasn’t done for work, he goes straight to do it and forgets anything else.

If there’s one thing Jun can conclude for the conversations they’ve had, it’s that both he and Sho are workaholics. They take pride in their job even though they don’t play a significant role for both companies they work for.

So Jun tries not to think about it as he continues his cooking, bopping his head to the music every now and then. He can get used to it, he thinks. It was annoying at first because the timing is always inappropriate. But they can discuss it, and Sho can play music when Jun is also being productive. That might actually solve the problem.

Jun smiles. He can’t wait to tell Sho about it later. He comes with an idea of compromise, and he can’t help but be proud of himself. The Jun of the past won’t even try to think about it, he’ll probably snap and shout the moment he hears Sho blasting music again after he promised not to.

It’s actually terrifying how Jun can be so considerate when it comes to Sho. It’s a good thing, but Jun isn’t used to it. Not a lot of people who come to his life can make him feel this way.

And when they do, they don’t usually choose to stay when they’re given the option.

Half an hour later, Jun finishes cooking. He puts the pasta in a big container and the sauce in a slightly smaller one then brings them both to the dining table. He takes his phone out and texts Sho to let him know that he’s coming over. He waits until Sho reply before moving to go out.

When Jun opens his door, he sees Sho waiting on his threshold, head popping out to the hallway. Jun brings both containers out of his place and gives them to Sho. He tells Sho to hold the door as he returns to his place. Sho nods and keeps the door opened, walking inside to put the containers somewhere.

“Close the door behind you and latch the chain later please,” Jun hears Sho telling him before he locks his own door.

Jun does as he’s told later; making sure the door is shut and latching the chain over it. Jun turns around to see the inside of Sho’s apartment, and that’s when he realizes it; he’s never been in here before.

Well, he did see the inside of the apartment once when he also saw almost naked Sho clad only in his shorts, but that was from the outside.

From the inside, Sho’s place looks the same size as his apartment, but it’s slightly less tidy. The types of furniture Sho keeps inside his apartment are different than what Jun has too. For one, there’s the huge ass boombox set sitting beside the TV in the middle of Sho’s living room.

Jun takes the view in for a moment, from the untidy coffee table in the living room probably because of Sho’s work, to the empty kitchen save from the fridge that’s covered with post-its and various kinds of magnets.

Jun hears Sho cackling, and he throws Sho a look. He’s standing in his dining room, not moving anywhere after putting Jun’s food on the table.

Sho shrugs at him. “I’m sorry for the state of this place. I know compared to yours this is some horrible mess.”

“Oh,” Jun just realizes that he has been staring for quite a while, “Sorry. I don’t mean to judge or anything. This place actually seems comfortable.”

Jun doesn’t lie, the place does look comfortable. It needs some tidying up, yes. But if that arrangement is what makes Sho feel most comfortable living in, then he can’t do anything about that, can he?

Okay, the place needs some organizing, maybe, and Jun will be glad if Sho allows him to help.

But he doesn’t need to tell Sho that now. There’s something else more bothersome for him.

“The music,” Jun winces, “is louder here than it sounds from my place.”

Sho laughs, “Oh. Oh, that. I’m really sorry!” Sho points to the dining chair he’s been standing beside the whole time. “You can sit here and wait while I’m working. I just need a very short time to finish. Just, give me ten, fifteen minutes, probably?”

Jun walks straight to the dining room, mumbling ‘excuse my intrusion’ when he passed the doorway.

“I have a better idea,” Jun tells Sho, “Where do you keep your plates? I can make the table while you finish whatever it is you’re working on.”

“Oh. Yeah. Great. It’s there,” Sho points, “Inside the drawer under that island.”

“And the forks and spoons?”

“I keep everything inside there,” Sho smiles sheepishly. “I don’t have so many of those. You’ll just be taking everything from there if you make the table for the both of us.”

Jun hums his acknowledgment before gets on moving.

“I’ll go back to work then,” Sho shuffles, moving out from the kitchen.

“Go,” Jun ushers him. He opens the drawer. Sho wasn’t lying. There’s only a pair of each utensil. Jun takes them all and brings them to the table.

When he’s done laying down everything on the table, he pulls a chair and sits down. Sho looks at him when he does, Jun supposes Sho hears him pulling the chair.

“Gonna be right there in a minute,” Sho tells Jun, and he nods.

Jun watches as Sho stands up to pull all the scattering papers to one place and closes his laptop. He observes as Sho takes them off the table and puts them inside his bag. His eyes not leaving Sho’s as Sho walks to the dining table finally. Sho smiles, and he asks what Jun will have to drink.

“Whatever you’re offering me,” Jun replies, “you’re the host.”

Sho makes a chuckle, one that Jun has been so fond of. He retrieves some cans of beer and puts it on the table. “I hope you’re not against drinking booze at this time of the day.”

Jun shakes his head, “Beer is hardly booze. And it’s evening already anyway, Sho.”

Sho smiles, his face quirks up in amusement. “I like you, Jun.”

“Yeah you’ve said that,” Jun replies, avoiding Sho’s eyes because he can feel himself blushing again. He takes off the containers’ lids to shift his focus.

Their dinner, this time, feels different for Jun from all they have so far. For once, they’re having it in Sho’s place, not in Jun’s or in any other place outside. And besides that, they have started talking about something more personal.

Sho tells Jun about his family; he comes from a five-person family, he has a younger sister and a younger brother. They live in Tokyo too, but on the other side of the town. Sho comes home sometimes when his family gathers to celebrate something. Sometimes he goes home because he feels like without any special occasion, though.

Sho doesn’t say anything when Jun, with his face, refuses to reciprocate on telling a story about his family. Jun likes that Sho respects that boundary. Most people he met will expect him to tell stories about his family once they told theirs, and Jun just can’t explain that he doesn’t want to.

In return, because Jun wants to tell Sho something equally personal, Jun tells Sho about Nino and Aiba. He tells Sho how they’ve been friends for a long time, and they are basically people Jun are closest with.

Jun doesn’t mention about his past with Nino, though. He doesn’t know what Sho will say about that, and he doesn’t want to start a petty fight about a friend that’s also his ex.

Sho tells Jun about his friend too after that, which he refers affectionately as Satoshi-kun. He’s a guy from the bakery next to Sho’s office who became his friend because of his frequent visits.

Sho admits the frequent visit part with a slight blush on his face, and Jun finds it really cute.

“Do you visit the shop frequently for that Satoshi-kun or for the bread?” Jun wriggles his eyebrows.

Sho groans, “You’re making fun of me.”

“I am not! I’m honestly curious! Is this Satoshi-kun good looking? Do you like him? Is that why you keep visiting the bakery?” Jun puts on a mock-serious face.

Sho laughs, “See? You’re mocking me! Of course I’m there for the bread! Satoshi-kun is amazing at making them. It’s always fresh every day. You should try their soba bread sometimes.”

Jun nods, “Probably I will sometimes. But are you sure, Sho? You find everything delicious.”

“Stop that!” Sho whines, his face red from all the blushing.

Jun smiles. He stands up and takes both Sho’s plate and his, bringing them to the sink. Behind him, he hears Sho following, probably carrying the container with him.

“I’m going to do the dishes if that’s alright with you,” Jun tells Sho without looking, his hand moves to turn the faucet.

“Okay,” Sho answers. He shifts restlessly behind Jun; Jun can tell from the sound of his footsteps, moving a lot but not to anywhere.

“What do you usually do when I’m washing the dishes?” Sho asks finally. Jun chuckles. Seems like Sho can’t stand not doing anything while Jun keeps himself busy.

They’re not so different from each other, after all.

“I usually dry the plates,” Jun answers.

Jun hears Sho hums as a response. He assumes that Sho will take a dry napkin to start helping Jun. But then, two arms sneak around his waist, holding him in place.

Jun jumps in his place, he almost turns on his heels but Sho holds him. “What are you doing?!”

Instead of receiving an answer, he feels Sho’s body flushed behind him. Then, he feels Sho’s breath tickling under his ear.

Jun feels Sho shifts his head a bit on his neck, and then he hears Sho whispers directly to his right ear, “Too bad, I prefer them air dry. Now what should I do to keep myself busy while you’re occupied?”

Jun sucks a breath. Sho’s whisper sounds thick and husky, a far cry from the guy who whined earlier because he was teased for liking some pieces of bread a little bit too much.

But he gains control soon. Sho surprises him, and he doesn’t like it, he needs to tell Sho that. “I don’t like to be approached from the back like that,” Jun murmurs, “Don’t do that again.”

“I’m sorry Jun,” Sho whispers, keeping his husky voice. He doesn’t sound apologetic at all, “I won’t do that again.”

Sho bites Jun’s earlobe with the last whisper. Jun shivers involuntarily. He hears Sho hums, then he feels Sho planting a kiss on the right side of his neck. He bites his lips to stop a moan from escaping.

“It’s just, you’re doing something,” Sho returns to his ear, “It’s only fair if I’m doing something too.”

Jun sighs. He doesn’t expect Sho to be this… touchy-feely with him. He certainly doesn’t seem like the type. But probably it’s because they’re together right now. Jun can like this, he thinks. Although he really needs to do this chore properly.

“I won’t be able to wash your plates properly if you’re distracting me like that, Sakurai,” Jun warns him, using his intimidating tone.

Sho is licking a line from the spot near Jun’s shoulder along the side of Jun’s neck to under his ear when Jun scolds. Apparently, Sho isn’t immune to that intimidating tone because Jun feels him stop doing his ministration.

“You can be so scary sometimes,” Sho sulks. Jun imagines the pout adorning Sho’s face, and he can’t help but smile from the cute mental image. “Okay. I will just watch,” Jun feels the dull tip of Sho’s chin on his shoulder.

“You will just cling to me like that?” Jun chuckles while he reaches to turn the faucet off. He takes the sponge to scrub the plates with the soap.

“I love your shoulders,” Sho mumbles instead, “They’re so broad and sturdy. Not like mine.”

Jun smiles. Sho is being so cute that had he not been washing the dishes, he’d have Sho pinned on the kitchen table and kissing him senseless. “I like your shoulders, though,” Jun continues scrubbing, “They’re cute.”

“Really? Oh well if you said so, then,” Sho buries his face on Jun’s neck after that. Jun can hear him inhaling.

“Sho? I’m not done yet,” Jun reminds him. He starts the water again, rinsing the plates clean.

He can feel Sho pulling away from his neck to take a peek, then he puts his head back on where it was, buried in his neck. “You’re almost done,” Sho murmurs against his neck.

Jun tries his best to rinse the dishes as fast as he can, seeing that there’s no way he can stop Sho from doing whatever he’s doing right now. He focuses on getting the dishes done so he can participate more actively in whatever Sho has in mind for them.

Although, for now, Sho seems content with just inhaling Jun in. He hasn’t tried to do anything else since he has his face buried in Jun’s neck. Well, aside from pressing his lips on the skin occasionally.

It’s honestly distracting Jun so much, the tickle on his neck and Sho’s body pressing behind him. He can feel Sho is already half hard now against his ass. It makes his blood starts to pool on his groin too.

Jun finally finishes rinsing the last piece of cutlery. He puts it on the rack with the others, letting it air dry because Sho said that he prefers that. He washes his hands clean under the faucet. Taking a deep breath, Jun places both of his hands on the edge of the sink. “I’m done, Sho. You’re not sleeping, are you?”

Sho shakes his head against Jun’s neck in response. He pulls his head and resumes his previously pending ministration. He plants a kiss on the back of Jun’s neck before trailing kisses down to the jaw.

Jun shivers at how Sho’s tongue feels warm against his skin. He wants to turn around, to feel that tongue inside his mouth, but this feels so good he doesn’t want Sho to stop.

Sho lifts his hand to tilt Jun’s head to the side. Jun can feel Sho’s tongue tracing his jaw, getting closer to his mouth. A moment later, Sho kisses him. Jun breathes in relief as he feels Sho’s mouth on his, his tongue poking, trying to get in. Jun lets him in, and he moans almost instantly. He meets Sho’s warm tongue with his own, mapping every ridge on the surface.

The hand on his hip isn’t strong enough to hold Jun in place, but Sho pushes him with his body so Jun is trapped between Sho and the kitchen sink. Jun tries to turn around, but even his strength can’t fight Sho’s will to keep him in place. The effort sends Jun bucking his ass to Sho’s hips instead, and Sho moans to their kiss.

When they pull apart from the kiss, Sho has his eyes focused on Jun’s lips. “Oh, there’s three on here,” Sho mumbles. He leans to kiss around Jun’s lips. Jun then realizes that he must be talking about his moles. Sho isn’t the first person to do that, and even so, Jun always find it so arousing to see someone so attracted to him that they’re taking notes of his body marks.

Sho lets go of Jun’s face, returning his hand to hold Jun’s hips in place. He moves, bringing his head back to Jun’s neck.

“There’s three on here too,” Sho mumbles before pressing his lips to Jun’s neck.

Jun tilts his head to the left to give Sho better access. He closes his eyes, focused only on the feelings of Sho’s lips pressed on his neck now that he isn’t doing anything else. Sho’s hand move to pull the end of his hair up, checking for that part of his neck too. Jun honestly doesn’t know if he has a mole on that part too, but then Sho puts his hand back on Jun’s hips.

“Hm? There’s nothing on here,” Jun hears Sho says, his tone close to a complaint. Then he feels Sho’s tongue tracing a line on his nape, and Jun ducks his head. Sho trails a line so slowly that Jun can feel everything, and he shivers so hard his hands tremble.

Sho pulls his head when he reaches the other side, and Jun tilts his head to the right in response. Jun hears Sho’s amused ‘ooh’ before feeling Sho’s lips pressed against his skin. Sho lingers there for a moment, and Jun can feel that Sho’s grinning.

Jun can feel Sho’s chin on his shoulder again. Sho chuckles, which reverberates on Jun’s body.

“Where else do you have those little marks on?” Sho asks.

It’s Jun’s turn to laugh. “I’m not sure,” he drags his voice, “But I think I have one on my nipple.”

“Oh really?” Sho inquires, “Which one of the nipples. The left one,” Sho’s hand slips under Jun’s shirt to pinch on Jun’s left nipple, “Or the right one?” Sho moves his hand aside to pinch the right nipple.

Jun arches at Sho’s sudden intrusion. He laughs breathlessly. “I don’t know, Sho-san,” Jun tilts his head to look at Sho, “Why don’t you check for yourself?”

Sho pulls his head back and moves it to the other side of Jun’s head. Jun can feel Sho getting closer to his ear and then he hears Sho whispers. “Is that a challenge?”

Jun moans. Sho’s husky voice is something he never thought will arouse him that bad. He tries to keep himself together, and then he replies. “What if I say yes?”

The hands on Jun’s hips tightens, and Jun has to keep his balance when Sho pulls him, turning him around. Sho presses his body closer to Jun, keeping him trapped. Jun can feel Sho breathing in his space, as he’s sure he also does in Sho’s space.

It’s Sho who leans in to kiss Jun. Hot, hard, and relentless. He slips his tongue inside when Jun moans in surprise, eliciting another moan from Jun as he suddenly feels Sho’s tongue inside his mouth. Jun moves his hand to grip on Sho’s ass, then he feels Sho chuckles into his mouth.

Sho’s still being able to laugh when they’re kissing only makes Jun bolder. He sucks on Sho’s tongue, squeezes Sho’s ass hard, and grinds his hips to meet Sho. Jun tries to move forward, wanting to flip their position, but Sho’s grip on his hips is unrelenting. The action only gets Sho pressing his body closer to Jun.

“Don’t,” Sho pulls away as he breathlessly tries to get some words out, “It’s my house, Jun, my rules are what applied here.”

Jun sucks a breath. Sho really dares to use his words against him. He kisses Sho again, with more heat and intensity this time, trying to get Sho moans harder every time as he swallows them all. He kneads Sho’s clothed ass harder as he pulls Sho’s closer to grind on his crotch.

Sho retaliates that by gripping on Jun’s hips harder Jun’s sure there will be bruises. They pull each other closer by the hips like there’s still space between them. Both of them are fully hard right now, Jun can feel Sho’s erection pressing on his own.

They continue their movement for a while, kissing and grinding against each other. Sho is the one who pulls away some moments later. Jun pants as he looks at Sho’s eyes, definitely much darker than they were before.

“Hey,” Sho blinks, “I was in the middle of something. You were distracting me.”

Jun feels overwhelmed and stupid because of the arousal. Sho’s words don’t make sense at all for him right now. “What?” he asks in frustration.

Sho answers by moving his hands up to hold on the edge of his shirt, and then pulls it higher. Jun helps taking it off by raising his hands. The shirt gets thrown out somewhere on the kitchen floor, Jun is thankful that it’s not one of his best ones.

With Jun’s naked chest bared in front of him, Sho takes a moment to pause and just stares at it. Jun is about to scold him because it embarrasses him to be stared at like that, but then he feels Sho’s soft kiss against his left collarbone.

“There’s one on here,” Sho murmurs, and Jun blushes. Sho pays so much attention to him and even though Jun was often put in the spotlight by his previous partner, no one has been as affectionate and appreciative as Sho.

Sho pulls away from Jun’s collarbone after licking a line on that, then he presses another kiss to the top of Jun’s left upper arm. “Wow there’s even one on your arm,” he informs Jun, who by now just feels more and more aroused by what Sho’s doing.

Jun feels a soft caress on his upper arm, on the part where Sho kisses him, and he hisses. Sho drops other kisses on three spots around his right clavicle, and Jun shivers.

“Oh!” Sho exclaims when he pulls away to look at Jun’s chest again. “You didn’t tell me that you have the mole on both your nipples.”

Jun doesn’t get to answer on that because Sho kisses his mole while pinching the nipple above him just when Jun opens his mouth. Instead of words, Jun lets out a gasp, and he can feel Sho’s lips curving into a smile on his skin.

Then Sho moves, trailing his tongue, leaving wet on Jun’s skin to reach the other nipple. He gives this one an open-mouthed kiss, sucking the skin right beside Jun’s nipple and Jun hisses at the sensation. Sho teases him with no mercy and the only thing stopping Jun from pushing Sho to the kitchen counter across the sink is that he doesn’t want Sho to stop.

Jun never knew that being teased in such manner could feel so hot for him. Sho shifts his mouth, now sucking on the nipple instead of the mole and Jun moans. He doesn’t even care to prevent Sho from hearing it.

Sho does an incredible job with his mouth on Jun’s skin, and Jun wants to let him know just that.

Jun steals a glance down to see Sho, and he’s met with Sho’s face looking at him, lust apparent in the dark eyes. Jun swallows, the sight of Sho so hot and so lustful making his throat dry.

Sho lets go of Jun’s nipple to lick a line to Jun’s stomach. He pauses to press some more kisses on Jun’s abdomen. Jun has lost count of how many of his marks Sho has found, yet Sho keeps going, mapping them like he doesn’t want an inch of Jun’s body left uncharted.

There’s one kiss Sho drops on the patch of skin near Jun’s waistband, and then Sho drops himself to kneel before Jun. He looks up to Jun, eyes asking for permission. Jun nods, giving Sho the answer without opening his mouth.

Sho lowers Jun’s sweatpants, along with his underwear. He sighs in relief when he feels the chill air hitting his hard cock.

It’s not what Jun expected when he feels Sho kissing the tip of his cock, next to the slit. “I can’t believe there’s one on here too,” Sho tells him, lifting his face.

Heat creeps up on Jun’s face. Even now, with Jun completely naked in front of him, Sho still carries with him the mission of learning every surface of Jun’s body. It floods Jun with a warm feeling of flattery, knowing that Sho does it to such extent for him.

Sho doesn’t break the stare he has on Jun when he slowly teases the slit with his tongue. There’s precome pooling on there, and Sho laps it clean. Then he moves to the side, licking a line along the shaft, circles around the base, and back up the shaft.

Jun can’t hold the moan from escaping his lips as he watches Sho taking the time to lick his cock. He doesn’t put it in his mouth, just licking around it like a kid licking on a popsicle.

“Sho,” Jun bucks his hips, trying to tell Sho to just suck him because he needs to feel Sho’s warm mouth around his cock, but Sho puts a hand on the side of Jun’s hips to stop him.

Sho pulls his head back, looking at Jun, and lick a line along the shaft again. Jun’s cock twitches at the sight of Sho, not hiding the lust in his eyes, but keeping his movement just to tease Jun. Then Sho moves lower, taking Jun’s balls inside his mouth and suck them, and Jun is reduced to a string of curses.

Sho still doesn’t stop moving. He pulls Jun’s legs apart, fumbling Jun’s balls with his hand, and then he moves his head lower and his hand higher. Sho licks on the perineum at the same time as he starts squeezing Jun’s cock.

Jun’s breath hitches, as he lets out a moan that’s close to a sob. Sho’s other hand moves to caress the inside of his thigh, and Jun brings a hand to his mouth to muffle his ragged moan.

Everything that Sho does at the same time makes Jun lose his sense of anything else. Sho’s wet tongue teasing on the sensitive skin, his hand stroking the length of his cock, and his other hand caressing his inner thighs up and down. Jun throws his head back, taking in the feeling of pleasure.

Then Sho moves to suck on his balls hard while tracing his tongue over the skin. Jun snaps his eyes shut, profanities coming out of his mouth. Sho’s grip on his cock becomes harder and relentless.

The hand moves faster up and down, with Sho snapping his wrist every now and then. The other hand still caress his thigh gently, softly, that the mixed sensations make Jun almost screams in pleasure.

When Jun feels Sho’s mouth around the head of his cock, his eyes snap open. He looks at Sho, who looks back at him with wild eyes. Sho moves lower to take all of Jun’s length inside his mouth, making Jun curses.

Sho’s hand shift to fumble with his balls, alternating between featherlight touches and light squeeze. Jun tries his hardest not to fuck Sho’s mouth. He takes a deep breath, tightens the muscles on his stomach to try and get a grip on himself. He has one hand on the edge of the counter and another one fisting his mouth.

The gentle caress on his thigh still doesn’t stop. Even though it’s almost the complete opposite of what Sho is doing with his mouth. Jun can feel the heat of Sho’s mouth around his cock, moving up and down.

Sho gives a hard suck, hollowing his cheeks, and teasing the slit with his tongue at the same time, and Jun finally loses it. He moves his hand to the back of Sho’s neck, gripping at the base of the hair.

Jun pulls on Sho’s head and pushes him deeper in, using Sho’s mouth to his own rhythm. Sho is only too willing to comply, letting his mouth open wide as Jun fucks his mouth Jun’s sure that his jaw hurts.

Sho hollows his cheek in time with Jun’s movement, and his hand still fumbles with Jun’s balls. One hard suck when Jun is buried deep inside, combined with a squeeze on his balls is what makes Jun come. He spurts inside Sho’s mouth, screaming Sho’s name, as Sho takes it all in while sucking the cock, help Jun milking his orgasm.

Jun whines and gives Sho’s head a pull when it feels too much for his over sensitive cock. Sho lets him out, and then he stands up, leveling his eyes with Jun.

Sho’s hand holds Jun’s face in place as he’s swallowing everything, licking his lips to clean everything. The sight makes Jun moans, and he pulls Sho to kiss him. Jun can taste himself on Sho’s mouth, but it only feels hotter for him as he moans again to Sho’s mouth.

Then Sho lets go almost too abruptly, a thin thread of saliva drags between their mouths.

“Wait here,” Sho orders with his husky voice before he leaves. Jun is too dazed to realize what’s going on, he doesn’t even have the brain to ask where Sho’s going.

Not three minutes later, Sho returns. He’s naked, much like Jun now, and he brings a bottle of lube and a pack of condoms with him. Then he orders Jun to turn around, hands on the counter, and Jun scrambles to obey. The thought of Sho fucking him against the kitchen counter sends Jun hard again within seconds.

Jun looks over his back as Sho approaches him. Sho lands a hand on Jun’s ass, kneading softly. He puts the lube and the condom on the counter beside the sink and his hands on Jun’s waist.

Sho doesn’t do anything for a moment, just holding Jun like that, and Jun can feel his impatience building inside. He opens his mouth to call Sho, but then he feels Sho’s lips pressing on his right scapula. Sho kisses once on the top right, near his shoulder, and once on the lower left.

Jun feels Sho licks a line down to his spine, making him shiver. Sho kisses a spot somewhere on his spine.

“Hm? There are not as many back here,” Jun can hear Sho pouts. Sho must have kissed his moles, again, that guy, and Jun finds himself amused and annoyed at the same time. His body is trapped to the sink, lube and condom beside his hand, a promise of something, yet Sho decides it’s the best time to map the moles on his back.

“Are you getting impatient?” Sho whispers to his ear. He wonders if he’s that transparent or Sho can actually read minds, both options are not thrilling. “Do you want me to do something about you, aside from holding you against the counter and appreciating your body?”

The husky voice sends a chill on Jun’s spine, and he shivers. “Yes,” Jun answers.

“Oh is that so?” Sho lets the hold on his hips go to reach the bottle. Jun can hear the sound of it being uncapped, and he imagines Sho squeezing it to get some on his fingers. Then Jun sees Sho’s hand putting the bottle back on the counter.

One hand returns to his hips, holding him still, and Sho whispers in his ears again. “What do you want me to do, Jun?”

Jun whimpers. He tries to think of an answer, but he doesn’t know what he has to say to get Sho moving. He knows what he wants, he knows how he wants it, but he doesn’t want to say it without it sounding like a beg.

Which is pretty hard to do, since he has his cock hard again already from arousal. He wants Sho to fuck him hard.

“Don’t think too much,” comes Sho’s whisper again. “Here, let me help you.”

With that, Sho uses his clean hand to part Jun’s ass cheeks. Jun waits in anticipation for what’s about to come, if Sho’s going to just shove his fingers in, but instead, Sho reaches for the ring muscle and presses lightly.

“Is this helpful enough? Have you decided what you want me to do to you?” Sho squeezes Jun’s ass and presses around the hole.

Jun keeps his silence. Sho is teasing him, he doesn’t want to give in and beg that easily.

Sho hums at Jun’s stubbornness. “You still don’t want to say it?” Jun feels the pressure on his ass increased, and then a finger pushes in. Jun moans, biting his lips to prevent the sound getting out, but he’s too late, Sho already hears him.

A sigh, then, “Oh look at you, moaning in pleasure because of one finger inside you. Are you sure you’re still not saying what you want?” Sho presses around the hole with one finger, then he’s pulling and pushing back, getting deeper every time.

Silence follows Sho’s question, Sho still patiently moves one finger inside of Jun. Jun clenches, and suddenly he feels another finger going in.

Jun’s breath hitches, no, he thinks angrily, he’s not going to beg for this. He has pride, he doesn’t want it tattered just because he needs to feel Sho’s cock inside of him. He doesn’t want to give Sho the pleasure of hearing him begging.

“What are you thinking about, Jun?” Sho teases, chuckling a little. “Have you finally found out what you want? Are you going to say it finally?”

The two fingers inside Jun starts to scissor, but not touching his prostate. Jun thinks Sho must have done it deliberately, prolonging his teasing just to make him beg. Then a finger pushes in, directly moves to touch his prostate.

Jun bucks his hips back out of reflex, and it makes Sho laughs at him. Sho uses all his fingers to massage his prostate so fervently that Jun can’t stop moving his hips back to feel more of the friction.

When Jun tries to move his hand from the counter to reach for his cock, Sho stops him.

“No, Jun. Don’t touch yourself. You can’t touch yourself until you tell me what you really want,” The last sentence has Sho whispering in his ear, and Jun has to clench both his hands to fists to try gaining control of himself.

Jun’s breath becomes more ragged for every push that Sho makes against his prostate, and seems like Sho notices it. He keeps moving his fingers like that, all so slow and gentle but so teasing that Jun almost can’t take it.

Then Sho moves faster so suddenly, his grip on Jun’s hips tightens, and he starts whispering to Jun’s ear. He tells Jun about how he’s going to have Jun against the counter, and then again, probably, if they’re up for it, with Jun on top of it. Sho says how he’ll thrust into Jun fast and hard and relentless, how he won’t stop even if Jun begs him to.

“And, because I’m a generous man, Jun, after that, I will let you take me here, against the kitchen counter. You can have me as how you want it, how you like it,” Sho continues, his fingers pistoning inside Jun.

“You can even try to break me, shove my face down the counter as you ram so hard inside me I won’t be able to sit down for days.”

That sends Jun moans so hard he’s sure that he’d have been able to hear it from his own bedroom had he been there.

“You like it, don’t you?” Sho whispers, “I know you want it, Jun. All you have to do is tell me.”

Sho’s fingers don’t stop moving inside Jun, and Jun is so close to coming without his cock being touched that he starts to see stars before his eyes.

“What do you want, Jun?” Sho asks finally, breathing in Jun’s ear.

“Please, Sho,” Jun whimpers. He chokes on a sob. “Please fuck me.”

Jun’s plea comes out in a whisper, but apparently, it was enough for Sho to hear. Jun feels Sho pulling out his fingers slowly, making Jun aware of the emptiness inside him.

Sho takes the condom on the counter with the hand he had on Jun’s hips, then Jun hears the sound of the wrapper being torn. Sho probably uses his teeth to rip it open, and Jun shivers as he imagines it.

The hand returns to the counter to take the bottle of lube. Jun can hear the sound of Sho slicking himself, and then, as the hand puts the bottle back on the counter, Jun finally feels the blunt head poking on his hole.

Sho parts Jun’s legs wider with his hand. Jun sucks a breath when he feels Sho pushing inside him. Sho moans behind him, voice so desperate like he was the one being teased the whole time. Jun decides he likes Sho making that sound, so he reciprocates Sho’s movement by moving his hips lower.

It took some time for Sho to get himself fully sheathed in Jun, but he’s there, finally. His balls snug on Jun’s ass, his hands gripping his hips for leverage.

Jun rolls his hips experimentally, and it drives Sho moaning hard.

“Stop. Wait,” Sho grips Jun’s hips tighter. “Don’t. You’re so tight around me. I won’t last if you move like that. Wait.”

Jun can’t help but chuckle at that, and it sends vibration on his body, down to his ass. He clenches his ass for effect. Sho moans again, and it spurs Jun even more.

Sho moves now, slowly inching out and back inside Jun. He moves with a rhythm that drives Jun impatient, so Jun meets him back faster. Jun can hear Sho hitches a breath, and he keeps going.

Jun’s constant movement apparently makes Sho unable to hold it in anymore, and the next moment Jun knows, Sho moves hard and fast into him. Sho is ramming on Jun’s hole, his rhythm sloppy.

Jun meets him back thrust after thrust, feeling himself getting closer, and when he moves his hand to reach his cock, Sho stops him. Sho moves one hand to Jun’s cock, pumping it in time with his thrust.

It doesn’t take long for Jun to be there, just right there, and one stroke can make him come all over Sho’s kitchen sink, when he hears Sho moaning his name and comes, cock twitching inside Jun. Sho rides it through his orgasm, still stroking Jun’s cock as he does, and that’s when Jun comes for the second time that night.

Jun feels Sho’s weight against him, as he holds himself not to fall forward to the sink. A moment later, Sho pulls out of Jun to discard the condom to the trash. He leaves Jun without saying anything, and Jun almost freaks out, but apparently Sho just leaves to take a towel.

Jun watches as Sho opens the faucet on the sink, puts the towel under it for a moment, then he turns it off. Sho brings the towel to clean Jun’s cock and thighs, and Jun winces, feeling his skin still so sensitive after the orgasm.

Sho presses a kiss on Jun’s temple. It feels so warm and loving that Jun wants to just melt into that.

“Do you want to lie down?” Sho asks, “There’s the sofa if you want to—”

Jun doesn’t hear what Sho has to say, he knows where the bedroom is; the plan isn’t different from his place, after all. So he pulls up his pants, invites himself and walks to Sho’s bedroom. Yes, he needs to lie down. No, a sofa won’t be sufficient.

What Jun sees when he reaches Sho’s bedroom, however, isn’t something that he has expected. Jun calls out for Sho, who is apparently already behind him.

Jun points at the thing lying beside Sho’s bed. “Is that—is that a body bag?”

Follow the link for part 4

Date: 2016-09-08 11:57 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] xdestroying.livejournal.com
Oh Sho... Oh dear.
I like the development in this part; how Jun finds himself cooking in Sho's kitchen, how it is Sho who tops this time (honestly, I do prefer it like that, though equality definitely is a huge plus).

I'd like to praise you for also having Jun wanting to take things slow. Jun and Sho are known to be the rational ones in the group, and thus, I cannot imagine them being the kind of people to rush into a relationship. I also would not put it past Jun to be the really overthinking type, so I think it fits really well.

THAT SCENE in the kitchen. After their dinner.. I am such a sucker for domestic kitchen scenes and when you then choose to top it off with Sho fucking Jun against the counter, you have me VERY happy. That was very hot.

I like the aspect of Sho being cunning enough to talk his way out of Jun's suspicions, and maybe his unwillingness to make Jun even more suspicious has him letting Jun into his apartment.. In the end, that might've been quite a stupid choice, giving what Jun now finds ..

Thank you again for this interesting story, and sorry for me reading this in quite a slow pace, I hope you don't mind too much :3


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