Sep. 17th, 2017

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Hello everyone!!!!

I know this year was not a good year for exchanges, which is why I'm more than happy that so many of you participated and made this exchange possible!! Thanks for participating and handing in so many beautiful fics! Thanks for putting so much work into your gift fics! <3

So: First of all I want to thank all of you! This year the whole process of organising this exchange was particularly smooth, and it's all thanks to you guys! I love holding arashi-exchange each year, which is why I would love to know from you, if you were happy with Dreamwidth as a platform? As a mod I can tell you that it was fairly comfortable here (everytime I had to log in on Lj, I battled several advertisments plopping up and the messed up tags), but I wonder if you felt comfortable here too?

Before opening the curtains and revealing everything, I would like to thank [personal profile] yukitsubute  and [personal profile] reveetoile  for pinch-hitting! Thank you, you were awesome!! <3

Also a huge thank you to all the readers who supported this exchange by commenting and reading fics!

So, before I continue with my ramble, let me lift the curtains :D Click on the cut to find the reveals: 


With the reveals out in the open now now, feel free to flail, brag and repost the fic(s) you've written! ^_^/ You can also talk to your author/recipient openly now!

I hope you had fun during this exchange, and I hope to see you all next year!

Thank you!

Yours Isa


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