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A piece of rainbow for [personal profile] astrangestorm Part 1

: Runaway Groom
Pairing: Sakumoto, past!Sho/Keiko, Aiba/Satomi, plenty of guest appearances by the other Arashi-guys, Shun, Toma, Nagase, Kiko, Satomi etc.
Rating/Warnings: R to NC-17. (very soft NC-17 though)
Summary: Sho is a rising young politician. With the support of the LGBT community and out of a powerful, rich family, he has all the doors open for him. But unfortunately no matter how often he tries, he can’t tie the knot, because he lacks sensitivity and can’t read the mood. Famous wedding planner Jun has organized all his attempted weddings up to now. After a misunderstanding by the press and rumour that Sho is dating Jun, the both of them decide to go with the pretence. Sho because he needs to finally provide the public with a successful relationship, and Jun because he remembers Sho from their shared past as teens. Sadly though Sho has forgotten all about him…
Notes: Dear [personal profile] astrangestorm, I was so happy to get you as my assignment, because I love all of your prompts. Somehow the fake relationship prompt and the wedding planner one got me, so I mashed them together. I hope the outcome is to your liking!
Also a huge thank you to my lovely beta!

Jun has tears in his eyes when he looks out of the window of the car. His father sent his chauffeur to pick him and his mother up, and take them to the airport. They are going to live in Taiwan - for how long he doesn’t know. He has spent the first 14 years of his life here, and parting with everything now is so hard.

On top of that his best friend, favourite senpai and something-like-boyfriend didn’t make it to say goodbye to him. He didn’t show up before Jun left, although Jun waited until the very last moment, dragging out their departure as much as possible. But no, Sho was nowhere to be seen, although he promised Jun they would be friends forever and that nothing would change between them although they will be miles away from each other.

Jun is about to give in to his gloomy feelings when he can hear a well-known voice yelling his name. His head perks up, eyes widening when he sees the figure running after their car, stumbling here and there and waving desperately. “STOP!” Jun yells, unbuckling his seatbelt, and when the shocked chauffeur halts the car, he jumps out of it.

“Jun, what are you doing?” his mother calls after him. She doesn’t follow him though when she sees who it is that Jun made the car stop for.

Sho is panting heavily when he reaches Jun. “Here!” he says, and holds out his hand. “I almost didn’t finish it.”

Jun’s eyes widen. The necklace is made out of leather, it looks like Sho made it himself, and dangling from it is a beautiful stone. Sho’s treasure, at least he called it that when he was still a child. A small amethyst he once found while hiking. He told Jun he would never give it to anyone because it’s his good luck charm. Tears fill Jun’s eyes when he realizes what Sho is giving to him here.

They have been neighbours for as long as Jun remembers, and although Sho is just one year older than him, he has always watched out for Jun. They have done everything together, spent their holidays with each other, went to school together, met almost daily. Sho studied with him when Jun needed help, they lied for each other and at one point they kissed, and Jun even lost his virginity to Sho.

“But Sho-chan,” Jun’s lips quiver. “This is your good luck charm. I can’t…”

“You can,” Sho says firmly. “Macchan, I want you to take it and keep it for me. I’m just lending it to you,” he states firmly. “You have to bring it back one day! Or I’m coming to get it from you.”

Jun wraps his arms around Sho’s waist, leaning his head against his chest. “I will,” he promises while Sho pats his hair. “I will come back. Let’s be together then.”

“I will be waiting for you,” Sho says seriously. “I will always wait for you!”

Jun nods earnestly. When his mother calls him from the car, he walks back, sits down again, and allows them to continue their drive. He looks out of the window, happy about how Sho runs next to the car for a while, waving and calling out promises. At one point he has to stop though and just proceeds to wave. Jun waves back at him eagerly, his hand clutched around the necklace Sho gave him, his heart full of promises and hope.

20 years later:

Jun can almost hear the sound of Keiko’s hand colliding with Sakurai Sho’s cheek even before her palm actually cracks across it and Sakurai’s head is whipped to the side. Jun flinches inwardly by the sound of it alone. Sho rubs over his cheek but doesn’t do anything to stop her from stomping off.

No, no, no, no, no~ Jun feels like burying his head in his palms, kneeling in a corner and pouting. Not again!

“You know what… forget it,” she yells from the doorway. “We are calling the whole thing off!”

Again! Jun sighs in exasperation. Freaking again. They are obviously breaking up again. It’s the third time since he is organising this wedding, or the attempt of it. Three times within four months Sakurai, the famous young politician, and his wealthy fiancée have broken up with a huge drama, just to get back together again. This time they actually approached the wedding date by a week – they have never been so close before.

But it’s not only with Keiko-san. You could say that Sakurai Sho is his regular customer – Jun has already organized his first wedding for him – twice actually – with the first wife. They got divorced. Then he organized his wedding with his fiancée – the other one, before Keiko – twice. Now it’s Keiko. Or not.

Jun walks to the kitchen, grabs a towel and wraps it around an ice bag – he is prepared, it’s not the first time these two are having a dramatic break-up and Sakurai’s cheek ends up red and sore.

“Thank you,” Sho says meekly when Jun hands him the towel and he presses it against his face. He feels so obviously embarrassed by the whole scene that Jun does feel sorry for him. Good looks, good job, great income, horrible love life. To imagine that this is the same Sakurai Sho who built sand castles when they were five and who was scared of ghosts. “I’m sorry, Jun-san. You have gone through all these troubles again, made all our wishes come true just to have it cancelled again.”

“Please, don’t apologise,” Jun answers politely. “It’s nothing.” Haha, nothing, who is he kidding? He just has to cancel the deal with the Kyoto zoo again, they won’t need the elephant next week. Not to mention that he hasn’t slept in almost a week because of searching an original Australian native didgeridoo player and the random photographer Keiko saw on Instagram and just needed to have for her wedding. That dude was on a Himalaya trip when Jun called and booked him. Just saying…

“It’s not nothing.” Sho lowers his head. “I know the hassle you went through. Please tell everyone I will of course pay for everything and offer compensation.”

Jun takes his glasses off, rubbing the bridge of his nose. “Come, Sho-san, let’s have a piece of the gluten free, low-carb cake that just arrived.”

“I hate low-carb,” Sho mumbles quietly while he follows Jun obediently.

“I know,” Jun says, an apologetic smile on his lips when he waves at Ohno who is just preparing the cake and plates to show the couple the final version he came up with. He has gone beyond his skills to make the cake look like the perfect piece of art the both of them wanted it to be.

When their eyes meet, Ohno grunts in obvious annoyance and throws the low-fat fondant roses in the dustbin, before grabbing a knife and cutting into the cake. “Free cake for everyone,” he yells through the hallway. “Whoever wants some, grab a fork and a plate. Treat is on Sakurai-san!”

Jun blushes slightly at Ohno’s little stabbing words directed at Sho. He is well aware though that Ohno is more than a little upset about Sho’s weird wedding antics, and the fact that they all go beyond everything to organize things, just to have them called off again. To Ohno it doesn’t matter if someone is an important politician like Sho or a famous model or an idol… he can’t stand it when his work is in vain, and he won’t hold back his opinion.

Sho’s face is red like an overripe tomato when he apologizes to Ohno who just hands him the best piece of the cake with the groom and bride placed on it and clasps his shoulder.


“Maybe we can reconcile,” Sho says hopefully.

“With that handprint she left on your cheek?” Ohno grunts.

Jun tries to remain professional and not react to Ohno’s words, but yes, he is right. Keiko and Sho had three breakups up to now, and each one worse than the previous one. Jun eyes Sho secretly. He has not much in common anymore with the young teen he was in love with once – or so it seems. The Sho he knew was funny and silly, and could get upset and angry over miniscule things. When Jun met Sho again after years he had quite a hard time to wrap his mind around how much Sho changed. Still, he seems to be a decent enough guy, he looks good, still has those pouty lips, a pretty face and his eyes are a bit near to each other. However, it gives him a sophisticated look, makes him attractive. He has a good education, good family background, successful job but-

“It has to be so nice to be gay,” Sho says bluntly, with a look towards Jun. “You are so lucky, Jun-san. No problems at all.”

-but kind of a shitty personality?

Ohno almost chokes on his drink, while Jun thanks his fast reaction and recovery that he doesn’t say anything snarky to this stupid remark. Yes, lucky that he had to face all the prejudices, the insults, and the fight for his rights. Ohno seems to think the same, because he scratches his head, eyeing Sho reproachfully. Sho seems to catch the awkwardness. He blushes. “I said something insulting or inconsiderate again, didn’t I? I’m so sorry!”

“You do have problems,” Ohno points out mercilessly. “Hey, don’t look at me like that, Jun-kun,” he adds when Jun throws him a warning glance. “It’s the third time I’m being left with masses of low-carb, gluten free cakes which no one wants to eat! Don’t forget how his first wife wanted to have sugar free tartes out of dragon fruit jelly! Dragon fruit!”

“She liked dragon fruit,” Sho says with a small voice.

“And I like fish! Do I add it to every cake? No. Do I make fish-cake? I don’t.” Ohno’s rant goes on for a bit longer, but Jun switches his mind off, knowing Ohno well enough that he just wants to let out his frustration for having someone mess with his cake-art.

“The question is,” Jun lets out a deep sigh, and orders another round of mojito for them. “What am I going to tell the photographer?”

“The Himalaya guy?” Ohno wants to know.

“Yes, he is coming to Tokyo tomorrow.” Jun rubs his head. “He cancelled his trip just for this job.”

“I will pay him of course!” Sho intervenes immediately.

Jun throws him a long glance, wondering if Sho really doesn’t understand. Yes, he comes from a wealthy background and maybe it made him become ignorant to such things as personal growth and making it on your own. But Jun comes from a wealthy background too, and he does understand. Sho probably thinks that he can solve everything with money.

Funny enough though, despite Sho’s ignorance and weird comments, Jun doesn’t hate him. He just can’t bring himself to dislike him, because all the weirdness aside he is a decent guy. And Jun might even be something like a friend to this dude, even though his views on certain topics are off sometimes. They have always been if Jun is honest, even when they were kids. Just that as kids he was insecure and more lenient towards Sho.

“It’s not always about the money, Sho-san,” Jun answers sharply. “I will meet him tomorrow and think of a way to compensate his struggles.”

Sho looks down on his hands, nodding meekly. He looks surprisingly remorseful. “I am sorry, Jun-san,” he finally says. “I sometimes lack the ability to read the mood.”

Ohno snorts. “You don’t say,” he teases.

“You know,” Sho states when Ohno has left them alone and went home. “I know it sounds mean and selfish, but…”

“But?” Jun asks when Sho stops.

Sho blushes. “Aside from my private problems with Keiko-san, there is something else that worries me about this whole issue.”

“And what’s that?” Jun asks curiously.

“Please don’t judge me for being honest now,” Sho says quietly. “Because it’s… work-related. Please don’t think I don’t truly respect Keiko and am personally sad about what happened, but aside of that I also finally need to provide the public with a successful relationship. Let’s be honest, I suck at relationships. I mean, the public opinion on me is good, and I have the support from some communities, but I’ve failed every relationship up to now. I’m divorced. Plus, I already had an almost-wedding with my previous fiancée, this is my second one that’s going to fail.”

“Do you think it will fail?” Jun asks, a sudden wave of sympathy washing over him. Difficult character or not it has to be hard to be left behind by your fiancée. Besides, Sho might be an annoying prick, but somehow Jun cares, against his better knowledge. Even now Sho is still his weak point, although Sho has forgotten about him completely, and can’t remember anything that happened in their past.

“I think so,” Sho says quietly. “Keiko-san is a wonderful woman. We have been friends for a long time before we started dating. Maybe it’s not meant to be,” he states, and sounds sad all of a sudden. “Maybe I’m meant to be alone. Seems like I can’t make anyone happy.”

Jun orders another round of drinks for them and some food.

“The soba noodles are good,” Sho says, and Jun could swear he has tears in his eyes.



“The wedding got cancelled!?” The photographer, a young man with light brown hair and a beard he obviously forgot to shave, looks at him with wide-opened eyes.

“I’m sorry for putting you through so many troubles,” Jun says, bowing to the man. “I know, Aiba-san, that you cancelled your trip just for this job. Sakurai-san offers you compensation of course, but I would feel bad for you to go through so many troubles without any outcome.” Jun rubs the bridge of his nose. “Your style does not really go with my company, however my business partner and friend owns a very renowned cake shop and looks for a new approach for his upcoming ads. He agreed on meeting you.”

Aiba’s eyes widen. “You are offering me a job?” he says breathlessly. “But I’m a freelance photographer! An insta-influencer, not a real photographer.”

Jun shrugs. “If you don’t want to take the offer, you can always decline, Aiba-san. Besides I’m not offering you a job, I’m offering you an opportunity. What you make out of it is your decision.”

“Are you kidding!?” Aiba’s eyes go wide, and he clasps his cheeks excitedly, blinking in surprise when his hand meets his beard. He touches it in surprise. “Is this my face?”

“Well, I most certainly hope it is,” Jun states, not sure if he should find the guy amusing or weird or annoying - probably all of it.

“I’m so sorry,” Aiba blurts out. “You must think that I’m the biggest weirdo in the universe, appearing at a job, looking like I didn’t shave for a month, which is true, because you know, in Tibet I lost my shaver, and when I wanted to borrow one I suddenly got imprisoned because the Chinese police thought I was a smuggler or something like that.” He pouts. “Just because of my clothes.”

Jun stares at him, not sure how to react. “Is that so?” he finally asks, wondering why this guy here is kind of unsettling yet charming.

“Yes,” Aiba continues his story. “I also almost lost my passport. Good thing I found it and they realized I’m really just a photographer. I was so stressed throughout all of this that I didn’t even realize I have started to look like a hobo.”

Jun blinks, then he snorts. “It’s okay,” he says with a smirk. “I think you and Ohno-san, my friend, would work together quite well.”

“Does he also forget he is dressed like a hobo?” Aiba asks with a grin.



Jun and Shun sit back to back, legs crossed, back straight while moving their hands upwards. “You are kidding me,” Shun says after Jun told him everything. “The wedding got cancelled again? I’ve read it in the tabloids, but didn’t believe it would be true.”

“It is,” Jun sighs. “I swear I’m going to be so relieved when Sakurai finally ties the knot.” Much to his surprise it sounds sincere. It’s been long ago that Sho appeared in front of him again – coincidentally – and couldn’t remember Jun at all. Since then Jun came a long way to accept that maybe for Sho he wasn’t important enough. He is almost a bit proud of himself that he can wish him happiness and success, full-heartedly, without any bitter feelings from the past.

They straighten their legs, following the instruction from Jun’s favourite yoga instructor on YouTube. She has just released a new video, and Jun immediately called Shun to drop by. Shun is a stay-at-home dad, author and Jun’s friend from college. “I mean,” Shun continues. “The guy looks so good, he comes from one of the most prestigious families, his name weighs a lot, a successful young politician, even popular with the minorities and outsiders.”

“I know,” Jun agrees, moving away from Shun and going into the bridge. “The fact that he won the LGBT community over and fights for women’s right and minorities shows that he is a decent guy. He has to face a lot of criticism in parliament, but they are all scared to death by his family.”

Shun giggles. “Yes, funny how they don’t even dare to say anything against his views. He can do almost anything. Didn’t he even come out as bisexual?”

Jun nods, going into the child’s pose, stretching his back. “He did,” he mumbles into his fitness mat. “The fact that he still has a career is remarkable at least.”

“But he can’t keep a woman at his side,” Shun points out.

Jun sighs deeply. “You know, I’m really torn about this. It’s not my business, but at the same time it worries me that his failing relationships might be his downfall. He told me himself that he needs to provide the public with a successful relationship for once. I would hate to see him fail, he does more for the communities that are important to me than anyone else.”

Jun moves into doing the splits, while Shun does a shoulder stand. “I know what you mean,” Shun scrunches his nose. “Take him out for dinner and see if you can make them reconcile or at least check on how things with Keiko-chan continued? I don’t want to ask her.”

Jun blushes all of a sudden. “I’m sorry, Shun-kun.”


“I forgot she is your cousin, you for sure are not happy about the outcome.”

“I don’t care that much,” Shun states casually. “Keiko is a grown woman, she has a career and she has always known what she wants. If she doesn’t want to marry Sakurai, then so be it. I’ll check on her later to see how she is doing.”

Jun wants to say more about this, but a high-pitched scream rips the silence around them apart. Shun lets out a dramatic sigh. “Miki-chan is awake it seems,” he pouts.

Jun chuckles and gets up. “Just continue with the workout,” he says with a smile. “I’ll go and check on her. She is so adorable.”

“You just say that because you can hand her back anytime you have enough of her,” Shun complains, but the fondness in his voice betrays his complaint. “I, however, have to keep her.”

“Wait till she is older and you will be her hero,” Jun grins.

“Yes,” Shun whines. “Until she's sixteen and starts dating, oh my God. Just imagine her meeting someone like Sakurai! I will never let her go out, I swear!”

Jun laughs and hurries to check on the baby.


Shun’s advice rings in his mind all day long. He has a few business meetings and begins organising a wedding for a business mogul who is going to marry a female idol. And then there is another wedding to think about…

“Please!” Kiko clings to his waist and squeezes him. She has never respected any personal boundaries. “Pleeeeeeeeeeeease~”

“No,” Jun says, trying to peel her off his body. But she is persistent.

“Don’t forget I’m technically your ex-girlfriend,” Kiko states firmly.

“We only had sex with each other once, after I drank tons of tequila and you accidentally smoked weed!” Jun snorts. “May I remind you how you always used to say, banging me would be like banging your brother? And how you went into a crisis and ate five chocolate bars, a bag of crisps and a whole cake after you found out we actually had sex?”

Kiko frowns. “You are too hung up on details.”

“I’m not,” Jun grins.

“What’s going on?” Ohno’s voice can be heard from behind. He brings a few cakes for Kiko and her soon-to-be-husband to try. The poor guy hides somewhere in the background and keeps shooting Jun apologetic glances.

“Jun will make Kanjani8 play at my wedding.”

“No, he won’t,” Jun says dryly.

“But I love them,” Kiko pouts. “They are such adorable dorks. And didn’t you sleep with one of them? You have contacts.”

“I didn’t have an affair with one of them. He is actually my ex-boyfriend, silly,” Jun sighs.

“But you are still friends!” Kiko urges.

“Maybe, but I’m definitely not calling him to tell him to come play at your wedding! Why would they do that?”

“But my fiancé is an actor too,” Kiko argues.

“Great,” Jun answers with a grin. “Then he can ask them to play.”

Her fiancé grins slightly, and turns away before she can see it. Jun is happy about that, he is a decent guy that doesn’t mind his fiancé to have guy-friends, and doesn’t mind that he and Kiko actually had a thing together once.

Ohno clears his throat behind them. “So, should I take my cakes back to the shop?”

“No!” Kiko squeals, letting go of Jun – finally – and turns her attention towards the cakes. Her eyes widen. “Wonderful,” she whispers.

Jun sighs in relief, carefully backtracking to his office. He closes and locks the door behind him. Jeez, what a day. When he checks his phone, he sees a message from Shun. Met Keiko. She says, she still appreciates Sakurai, but they would kill each other in a relationship. Says, he just can’t read the mood and can be super-insensitive.

Jun rubs over his eyes. Just as he thought. Skimming through his emails he finds a message from Sakurai who asks him for a meeting, concerning the wedding. Jun massages his neck, and writes back swiftly, asking him to meet in a restaurant to talk about the outcome and compensations and alike. He tries to stay away from words of pity and encouragement, and keeps it professional, knowing that most people who call off their weddings appreciate that over anything else.


“She told the press that our wedding was just an experiment, a distraction, that we were part of a project or something alike. I don’t even understand how she came up with this. Then she told them she likes someone else, and that I was so kind to help her with everything because she wasn’t ready to go public yet.” Sho looks at his fingers miserably. “She made me be the good guy, you know. While I’m not. She saved my image. I mean… how… she didn’t even have a reason.”

“She doesn’t hate you,” Jun says softly, remembering Shun’s message. “You were friends before, and once everything calms down, I’m sure you can be friends again.”

“You know my best friend?” Sho has ordered a huge plate with sushi and tempura while eyeing Jun’s bowl with interest. “What are you eating, Matsumoto-san?”

Jun chuckles. “Rice with fish.”

“Looks good,” Sho comments dreamily, apparently already planning on his second course. “So, do you know him?”

“You mean, the IT-guy? The programmer?” Jun asks more out of politeness, because Sho is well-known enough that everyone knows his friends and family. Sho’s best friend is the most unusual friend of a politician Jun has ever encountered. He was supposed to be the best man for each of Sho’s weddings. Smart guy, only attended the first meeting, probably knew it wouldn’t work out.

Sho’s head perks up. “Yes!” he exclaims. “His fourth child was just born. I’m its godfather.” Sho angles for his phone, skimming through the photos before showing one to Jun. Jun has to hold back a snort, because seriously Sho can be so weird and silly sometimes, showing a random guy photos of his godchild.

“Congratulations,” he says. The baby is cute, all babies are. Shun and that friend of Sho are so lucky. “So, what is with him?”

“He told me I need to work on my personality if I want to ever marry successfully.”

“Ah,” Jun tilts his head, his interest now awaken. “And what is his suggestion?”

“He has many, starting from not putting my work first to doing something for my health, spending time with my fiancée and not just sending her a gift or my assistant when I can’t attend her birthday party...”

“You didn’t!” Jun interrupts him. “You sent your assistant to Keiko-san’s birthday party instead of attending yourself?”

Sho blushes. “I had a meeting,” he stutters.

“Hm,” Jun makes.

Sho looks at him helplessly. “You are judging me, aren’t you?”

“Yes, but continue.”

“He also told me I need listen more to her, to actually try to understand.” He pauses. “I want to work on myself step by step,” he finally says. “Starting with looking out for my health more.” He looks at Jun hopefully. “You look like someone who would mind a lot how he looks and spend time on his appearane. Maybe you can help me?”

Jun narrows his eyes, feeling slightly upset. “Are you implying that I’m vain and living off the reflection of my image in the mirror?”

Sho’s eyes widen, a blush crawling over his cheeks. “I didn’t mean it like that,” he stutters. “I mean, you are probably working out and living healthy and alike.”

How the hell did he manage to become a politician!? “Just how?” Jun asks sharply. “How were you able to get such a career?”

“The LGBT community kinda supports me,” Sho says meekly before his eyes light up. “So, you basically!”

Jun frowns. “No, they. I prefer to be communityless.”

Sho nods tentatively before he picks up their talk again. “I want to work out more. They say a healthy mind lives in a healthy body, and I want to have both!”

Well, that’s not the worst plan Sho had up to now. Other than that one time he wanted a water ballet for his wedding and a Chinese underground singer to perform who was just put into jail. Jun orders a few drinks for them, surprised by how nice it is to chat with Sho normally and how smart he actually is. He is an interesting and fun person to talk to, and Jun didn’t expect that. He thought Sho might have lost this adorable side when he grew up.

After a few drinks Sho however is a bit too drunk, giggling silly sometimes, before he goes into a stage of depression, talking about Keiko and how he couldn’t make her happy at all. “She was always unhappy,” he says sadly. “I mean, what kind of guy am I that I can’t make anyone happy?”

“Sho-san…” Jun mumbles.

“You know what else Nino said?”

“Nino?” Jun wants to know.

“My best friend.”

Ah, so his name is Nino. Jun didn’t know that. “What did he say?”

“He said that the problem is that I don’t love her. That I didn’t love any of my fiancées which is why I couldn’t make them happy.” Sho pauses, tears brimming in his eyes. “I didn’t love them,” he admits quietly. “I didn’t love Keiko-san. And in the end she even saved my political ass. Fuck.”

Something inside Jun clenches painfully. “You are too hard on yourself,” he says softly.

“Jun-san,” Sho mumbles. “She held this press conference, she is hurting too. Still, she shoved her feelings aside to save a guy who didn’t even treat her well, who was a horrible partner and fiancé.”

Jun frowns in worry, looking around carefully. The last thing he wants is people to start looking and maybe listening to what Sho says. He doesn’t even know why he still cares, he just knows he does. “Maybe we should change location?” he asks carefully.

Sho nods meekly, apparently understanding Jun’s intention. “I’m sorry, at the moment I just mean trouble.”

“Still didn’t answer my question,” Jun teases.

Sho chuckles all of a sudden. “Let’s go to my apartment,” he offers. “I have a good bottle of wine there, also the last documents and checks you need are there.”

Jun tilts his head. Is this a good idea? Something inside his mind tells him, he should better consider Sho’s suggestion twice. But then they can’t stay here either, and he doesn’t want to let Sho alone in this state. So… why not?


Sho’s apartment is huge, just like Jun thought it would be. His own isn’t too bad either, but Sho’s place basically reeks of politician and power and money. He could do with some decoration though.

“Styling is not your forte,” Jun analyses dryly.

Sho nods, surprisingly not taking Jun’s words as an insult. “True. I have no idea about which curtains, carpets or vases to use.”

“Ever thought of flowers?” Jun asks.

“In my apartment?” Sho blinks, obviously confused.

Jun chuckles. “I see.” How can someone with Sho’s intellect not understand the basics about life?

When Sho leads him to the living room, Jun however has to take a deep breath to hold back his shock. Sho blushes. “I’m sorry for the mess,” he stutters. “My cleaning lady is sick, and Keiko… well…”

“Cleaning up yourself didn’t cross your mind?” Jun asks calmly.

Sho blushes. “I don’t quite have the hand for it.” Jun’s glance falls on the many cups of empty instant food. “And I don’t quite have the hand for cooking either.”

“So basically you suck at housekeeping?” Jun summarizes in amusement.

Sho pouts. “Is this how you talk to a customer?” he complains.

Jun grins. “Well, special treatment for my regular.”

He wonders if his joke was a step too far, but gladly he read the mood correctly because Sho bursts into a laugh. “Fine,” he giggles. “In a way I’m special then.”

“Good,” Jun smirks, feeling a bit bolder than usual, probably thanks to the five tequilas he had. “And while you bring us a drink, we can clean up here.”

“Now?” Sho asks in surprise.

“Yes, because tomorrow I might not be here,” Jun points out. “And the chaos will be even bigger. So where are your cleaning supplies?”

Sho blushes.

“I see,” Jun states, slowly getting amused by how helpless a man like Sakurai Sho can be. He is nothing like the young angry teen he once was. “You go and prepare the drinks, I’m going to find your cleaning supplies.”

Jun roams the apartment for a while, until he finds everything he needs in a cupboard next to the bathroom. At least Sho seems to have bought everything he might potentially need. Two hours later Sho’s apartment looks decent again, and it was surprisingly fun to clean up because Sho showed more humour and motivation than Jun thought he would.

“You know,” Sho states while they are having a midnight snack. “I like working in the apartment and the house, but I don’t know how, which is why… I don’t do it at all.”

Jun smiles. “That’s an interesting take on it,” he comments, leaning back against the table. He and Sho have sat down on Sho’s carpet in the living room, having a bottle of beer and a package of edamame they found in Sho’s freezer. They were maybe a bit too casual around each other than Jun would have normally allowed .

“Do you think I’m a bad person?” Sho asks all of a sudden.

Jun shakes his head. “No.”

When he looks up again, Sho is suddenly a bit closer to him than before, looking into his eyes directly. “You have beautiful eyes,” he says quietly. “Deep eyes.”

Jun blushes, not sure what he should make out of this. “You are drunk,” he stutters.

Sho ignores his intervention. “Deep eyes,” he mumbles, slipping closer. “So deep. They remind me of someone.”

Jun blushes, his heart races like crazy. Could it be? He swallows nervously when Sho reaches out his hand, his eyes slightly clouded, but Jun doesn’t push his hand away. Sho touches his cheek carefully, and then he is suddenly even closer, their lips touching. Jun blames it on the alcohol that his head feels dizzy all of a sudden, and that he doesn’t push Sho away and instead kisses him back. He is surprised by how soft Sho’s lips feel, and how warm his kiss is, and gentle. Sho gives off this business vibe, which is why it takes Jun by surprise that he is a good kisser. Their kiss grows more heated, and at one point Jun feels a warm hand under his shirt, feeling his skin and muscles, and then suddenly there are lips sucking at his neck.

Jun’s stomach feels fuzzy, and it’s not from the alcohol. He wishes it was, because it’s not good. This feeling is not good, it’s not supposed to happen, he is not supposed to make out with Sakurai Sho again after so many years. Still he can only purr slightly when Sho pulls him into an embrace, pressing a warm kiss against his head. Between Sho’s kisses and the warm embrace Jun falls asleep at one point.

He wakes up a few hours later, wincing at the pain in his back when he realizes he has been sleeping on the floor. His gaze shifts to the side, eyes widening in horror when he realizes he is lying in Sho’s arms. Oh my God, it wasn't a dream!

“Jun-san,” Sho mumbles. “You are awake?”

Jun stares at Sho in horror. “We… we kissed!”

“Yes.” Sho smiles, looking pretty comfortable with the situation. “You are really beautiful, Jun-san, you know that?”

“I… what?” Jun blinks in confusion, not able to grasp how Sho can be so relaxed about this situation. Then he goes for a calm, superior smile. “You are just confused, Sho-san. Your fiancée left you and you drank too much.” He gets up, stretching a bit. “Let’s just forget everything.” Sho looks like he wants to say something but before he can do so, Jun interrupts him – he has no intention at all to discuss this here. Not with Sho! Not with someone he shares a past with, and who can’t remember how much he once loved him. “Just bring the rest of the documents to my office tomorrow,” Jun says casually, like everything is perfectly fine, and his head is not playing rollercoaster.

He needs to talk to someone immediately, like fuck… what did he do? He kissed his client! Worse: He kissed Sakurai Sho. Worst: He kissed his teenage love who forgot him completely.


Jun wants to slap himself for letting himself be engulfed by Sakurai Sho’s charm! Like damn it, he's not only his client, but he also just had an awful breakup, and they have a secret, shared past which Sho doesn’t remember! As he can’t slap himself, he asks the only person who will. “Tomoya-kun, hit me!”

Nagase is wearing a wavy brown, shoulder-length wig, thick eyelashes, and a sparkly blue eye shadow, tons of blush and a pink lipstick. He is about to shoot a YouTube video, talking about the newest make-up he purchased. Nagase just looks up for a moment when Jun asks him to slap him and without hesitation his palm collides with Jun’s cheek, leaving a burning sensation there. Jun winces. “That hurt more than expected,” he mumbles, rubbing his cheek. “Where were you last night when I needed you?”

“Last night?” Nagase crosses his legs elegantly. “Last night, baby, I went out with the girls. And now tell me why I had to hit you, sweetheart?”

Jun does not really hang out with a lot of drag queens, but he has some transgender and transsexual friends. “I made out with someone I shouldn’t have.”

“That’s all?” Nagase snorts. He grabs Jun’s chin, turning it and poking his sore cheek. “I hit too hard,” he states. “Jesus fucking Christ. I need to be careful when I smack one of my guys.” He frowns. “Good thing I could practice with you. So, what’s the problem with the kiss, honey?”

“It’s Sakurai Sho.”

Nagase gasps, letting go of Jun’s chin, mouth dropping open. “The hot politician? The one you are planning his wedding for?” He pauses. “He is gay?”


“Why did I not know that his pineapple-butt is free and bisexual?” Nagase complains. “He is hawt.”

“He just broke off with his fiancée,” Jun mumbles. “I took advantage of someone who had his heart broken.”

“Oh God,” Nagase rolls his eyes. “I forgot I’m talking with you, sweetie. Drop the drama act.”

“I’m not being dramatic,” Jun complains.

“Baby, you are a bigger drama queen than I am.” Nagase grins. “Besides you are a hot pineapple yourself, so that Sakurai is pretty lucky.”

“Just be serious for once, Tomoya-kun,” Jun complains.

“I am! You are the one acting like Jesus, or a 16-year-old virgin, or worse a 37-year-old dorama heroine.” Nagase pokes into a piece of cake with his long fingernails, scratching some chocolate of it and eating it. “So, who kissed who?”

Jun sighs, knowing how Nagase will react. “He kissed me.”

Nagase almost spits the chocolate out again. “I should slap you again, my apple pie! You are here, whining, because he kissed you!? Who are you? Virgin Mary? It’s not even you who assaulted him? So, what did he say before that?”

“He said my eyes are beautiful,” Jun explains.

“Oh, yes they are, that man has good taste.” He grins, reaching out his finger and pulling at Jun’s turtleneck. “Oh look at that, he left a hickey. Naughty boy.” Nagase grins. “Better go for a scarf. Everyone knows you find turtlenecks too last century.”

Jun rubs his forehead tiredly. “It was not professional to make out with him and stay at his apartment and-“

“Woah, one moment please, virgin Mary-chan.” Nagase raises his eyebrows. “You stayed at his place? Don’t tell me you got down on Sakurai-junior-san? Is he as big as I hope he is?”

“I did not have sex with him,” Jun points out. “We just made out. And then I fell asleep.”

Nagase leans back, eyes scanning Jun from head to toe. “Do you like him?” he says.


“You heard what I asked,” Nagase says earnestly. He is not using any nicknames now, which means he is serious. “You never let your guard down, we both know that, yet you slept at his place. Why?”

“I don’t know,” Jun mumbles. “It’s just… Shit…” He hides his head in his palms, wondering what the hell he is supposed to do. He has been having feelings for Sakurai Sho for as long as he can remember. The infamous politician who has never made a relationship work, and who – bisexual or not – apparently wants to provide his family with a daughter-in-law. The same Sho who has completely forgotten Jun’s existence when they met again years after they got separated as teens. Who even forgot he took Jun’s virginity, and that he meant the world to Jun.

Nagase pats his head softly. “You know what they say, my boy, nothing is as dark as it seems.”

That sounds plausible. But he is wrong. Jun knows how wrong he is when he hears the bell of his apartment ring the next day.


Jun blinks when he opens the door of his apartment. There is a young woman standing outside, wearing glasses and a pencil skirt. She bows politely. “Matsumoto Jun-san?”

“Yes?” Jun blinks.

“I’m Ishihara Satomi, Sakurai-san’s secretary.” She looks at him insistently. “Please allow me to bring you to a secret meeting place. We are facing a problem.”

Jun looks at her feeling flabbergasted, his senses telling him to run and hide and not meet Sho again, but he knows he can’t. He is pretty sure there is a valid reason for her to be here and ask for him to come. “Matsumoto-san,” she starts again, when Jun has grabbed a few things and followed her to the huge car waiting outside. The windows are bullet proved and mirrored.


“Did you tell anyone you were at Sakurai-san’s place yesterday?” She wants to know.

“Just one of my best friends,” Jun admits in confusion. “Why?”

“Could you call him and ask him if he could join us?” She continues, not answering his question. “I will send a car to pick him up.”

Jun nods, still feeling confused. Nagase however reacts a lot more casual than he does when he calls him, ready to come, and in for some excitement. To be honest, Jun feels almost glad that one of his friends can join him… wherever they are going.

The car drives through Tokyo and then towards a suburban area. Jun is more than a little surprised, where are they going? He side-eyes the woman next to him… maybe this was a bad idea? Are they going to abduct him? So, if he opened the car door now, and jumped outside, would they kill him… maybe if he ran fast enough, he could survive? Like, he would need to roll out of the car, not jump, to not hurt his legs, and then try to get up as fast as possible, and just run! Towards the next populated area, and then-

“We are here,” Satomi says. Here means a small cottage in the mountains, right next to a lake. Jun blinks. “Sakurai-san’s private property,” she explains with a smile. At the door he can see Sho waiting for them.

Jun nods meekly. Well, seems they didn’t abduct him.

When Jun gets out of the car the first thing he notices is that Sho looks tired. “What happened?” he asks before he even greets Sho. He frowns, looking from Sho to Satomi. “No, seriously, what happened?”

“Let’s go inside first,” Sho offers.

Jun furrows his brow. What did Satomi ask before he called Nagase? “Is this because I spent the night at your place?” Jun asks sharply.

Sho’s eyes widen in surprise, probably shocked that he understood the situation so fast. “It’s not your fault,” he says immediately.

“But nothing even happened there,” Jun blurts out, before blushing. “Well…” Almost nothing. He shoots Sho a careful glance. Sho smiles slightly, and nods.

“Nino-kun is here too,” Sho states. “I told him about it before the press got the news. And I heard your friend is coming too, Jun-san.”

“The press?” Jun asks dumbfounded.

Satomi sighs and takes a newspaper out of her bag. It’s the pre-print version. “It’s going into print tomorrow,” she says quietly.

Jun takes the paper into his hand, staring at the picture in horror. It’s him and Sho, getting out of Sho’s apartment. The article that follows is about how they went out together and how he stayed in Sho’s apartment the whole night… “But this is…” Jun rubs his head. “There is nothing wrong about hanging out with a friend.”

Satomi sighs deeply. “In general you are right. However.” She points at the title. Are famous wedding planner Matsumoto Jun and cabinet member Sakurai Sho a thing? Is this the reason for the fake-marriage with Kitagawa Keiko?

“The problem is not you,” Sho says quietly while he leads them inside.

“That’s true.” A guy is sitting on the sofa, looking up when they come inside. “The problem is you, Sho-kun.”

“That’s Nino,” Sho introduces half-heartedly.

“What do you mean, the problem is Sakurai-san?” Satomi wants to know.

“He has been playing around too much,” Nino points out. “Too many failed attempts to marry. Too many women in his life, too many breakups. The public is getting curious and nosy out of obvious reasons. Then he suddenly hangs out with the beautiful event planner, who is known to be part of the LGTB community. Of course they are speculating!”

Jun is surprised by how sharp this Nino’s mind is. He has probable just hit the nail on the head.

“Listen Jun-san,” Sho says softly. “This is not your fault. Nino is right, it’s mine. We are just waiting for your friend to settle for one version we’ll tell the press.”

“But what about the elections?” Nino urges. “You can’t risk a scandal now! Jeez, Sho-chan, your enemies are awful. They've just been waiting for you to make a mistake like this. I don’t like this…”

Jun listens to their exchange for a while, something in his chest is hurting. He doesn’t want to see Sho fail or get any backlash. He didn’t do anything wrong. Okay, they kissed, but nothing more, and it’s no one’s business. Jun bites his lip. It’s just as much his fault as it’s Sho’s. He knew it wasn’t a good idea to go to his place, he felt it in his bones, but he got sentimental and went with Sho, and now? “And if we say it’s real? Would that be better?”

Three pairs of eyes stare at him. “What did you just say?” Satomi ask in surprise.

Jun blushes, surprised by his own suggestion. “I think… I would feel bad for Sho-san to take all the blame. So…” He turns to look at Sho. “You said you need to provide the public with a successful relationship. And Keiko-san already told the press that your wedding was just a ploy to hide her real relationship…”

“We could tell them that the same goes for you,” Satomi says carefully. “And that you are in a relationship with Matsumoto-san. It would save your face and-”

“That’s not okay!” Sho blurts out. “Jun-san should not be involved in this!”

“Are you sure?” Nino asks sharply. “Because seriously, you need the help.”

Jun listens in silence, wondering what he just got himself into. Something inside his stomach is clenching, like a warning… they would just be pretending, to deceive the press and help Sho. And in the end he will be the one who gets hurt, he knows that, he will get hurt, because after a while Sho and his secretary and assistant will find a way to resolve the issue and stage a break-up. And he will be left behind and forgotten by Sho again.

“For a while, if you could just go with it for a while,” Satomi suggests. “Meanwhile we can think of something.”

“Satomi-san!” Sho huffs. “He and I are literally nothing! How do you imagine us to pretend something?”

Jun flinches at Sho’s words. Exactly like he thought it would be. He is so stupid, what is he even thinking?


Jun sits outside on the garden swing while Satomi and Sho are still discussing everything. To his surprise Nino approaches him. “I’m sorry,” Nino says with a sympathetic smile, offering Jun a cigarette.

When he takes one himself, Jun raises his eyebrows. “Sho-san told me you have four kids, shouldn’t you stop smoking?”

Nino grins. “If I did, my nerves would go crazy.”

“Demanding kids?” Jun asks curiously.

Nino smiles fondly. “Well, they are kids.”

“How old are they?”

“Ririn is a few months old, Yukihiro three, Taku four and Yuri is twelve.”

Jun looks at him in surprise. Nino is probably Sho’s age as they were in school and college together, at least that’s what Sho told him. So, that means Nino is around 31 or 32.

“Well, Yuri-chan wasn’t planned,” Nino says with a chuckle. “We were young, reckless and irresponsible, but, you know, she still is a gift. Planned or not, who cares, the moment she opened her eyes and looked into mine I knew I would give my all to protect her.”

Jun nods fondly. “That sounds right.” While he is looking at Nino, checking his youthful face, he finds wrinkles and signs of age there. There is more to what meets the eye, he thinks with a smile. A thought strikes him though. “Why did you apologize?”

“For pulling you into this mess,” Nino explains. “Sho is my best friend, and I want to save his ass, even if it means sacrificing an innocent guy like you for it.”

“You are not sacrificing me,” Jun says quietly.

Nino throws him a long glance. “We both know that’s not true,” he says, lips tugged into a crooked, apologetic smile. Jun decides not to say anything more.


“What!?” Nagase squeals. “You didn’t even have sex, but they got a picture, and you have to pretend you are in a relationship? I told you, you should have laid him, Maria-chan!” He takes one of the shrimps Satomi is offering him, grinning at her. “But the food is splendid, darling.”

Sho still hasn’t quite recovered from the sight of Nagase in his fishnet tights and hip-length, blond wig. “So, you and Jun-san are friends?” he asks carefully. “And who is Maria?”

“Jun is my baby,” Nagase explains while ignoring Sho questioning the new nickname he made up for Jun, squeezing Jun’s cheeks between his fingers. “And just to set this straight.” He puts an arm around Jun’s shoulder. “He is my favourite little pineapple, you better treat him well, Mr. Politician. You hurt him, I come and kick your butt, no matter how cute and gropeable it is.”

Nino almost chokes on his drink.

Sho raises his hands. “I didn’t even want to involve Jun-san, I swear.”

“Everyone knows that already,” Nino points out heartlessly. “So, how will this here continue?”

Satomi steps forward. “First of all I will leave you here, and go and pick up your other friends.”

Jun blinks. “Why is that?”

“I’m going to make it look like a party thrown by you for your friends. A family and friends gathering if you want so. I will also go and pick up Sakurai-san’s sister. We’ll pretend everything is normal, and then release the official statement later tonight.”

“You will sell this story to the magazine?” Nagase asks knowingly.

She nods. “Better to have them on our side,” she points out. “The other reason to invite your friends is to have them play along.”

Jun sighs slightly, thinking of Ohno and the others. “So, everyone has to lie with us?”

Sho steps forward, taking Jun’s hand. “I know, Jun-san, we are asking a lot of you,” he says earnestly. “I will try my best and make it up to you, I promise. Meanwhile I’m asking you to help me become a better person who can make someone happy. Will you help me work on myself?”

Jun nods meekly. How can he say no to Sho’s huge puppy eyes, his pouty lips and his so straightforward plea.

The others are silent, then Nagase grunts. “Jesus, this guy is cheesy.” He takes Nino’s and Satomi’s arms, leading them to the next room. “Come sweeties, let’s give the two cutie-pies room to talk.”

Jun wonders where his peaceful life – at least up to now – went wrong. What did he do, to suddenly be stuck with this here? “Sho-san,” he says nervously. “I will stand by my word and not let you take all the backlash from the press, but I don’t know what to do.”

“You are cute like this,” Sho chuckles.

Jun frowns. “Like what?”

“Nervous,” Sho points out with a bright smile. “I only know you confident and stoic.” Before Jun can pull his hand away, Sho grabs it tighter. “I meant what I said though. I really want to become a better person. I want to realize where I went wrong, and I want to know how to make someone else happy.” He pauses. “I don’t want to do it on all costs though. If it pressures you or gets you into a tight position, I will-“

“It’s alright,” Jun hears himself say, his heart swelling with warmth. The heck with it. Even if it’s just for show, it means he at least can spend some time with Sho and maybe get to know him better. He knows he might get his heart broken, if he goes to deep into this, but he also knows he can’t keep Sho hanging like this. It’s his Sho after all, although Sho can’t remember.

“You know, when I said we are nothing, I meant…” Sho pauses.

Jun takes a deep breath. “You don’t need to explain anything to me,” he says calmly, deciding he should at least try and save his dignity. He got himself into this shit, he will keep up/save appearances and help out a friend, and try not to get too emotionally attached.

Sho looks somewhat frustrated, but doesn’t say anything further.


“Why are there so many babies?” Ohno mumbles in shock.

“Don’t you like kids?” Aiba asks with a giggle. He has landed the job offered by Ohno, providing him with the first photographs for his new ad. Despite looking so lacklustre and giving a careless image Ohno is actually pretty nit-picky when it’s about ads. But apparently Aiba can handle nit-pickiness of the kind ‘Why is there a leave in the background’ or ‘Let’s do it all from scratch, I don’t like the idea anymore’ pretty well.

Ohno scratches his head. “Not when they are in my shop. Or too close to me like now.” He smiles. “But I brought cake!”

Jun blinks in confusion. “Cake?”

“Yes, to celebrate!”

Jun looks at his friend thoughtfully. “Celebrate what?”

“Isn’t it your birthday?” Ohno wants to know.

Jun snorts. As expected from his oldest friend. “Satoshi-san, my birthday was three months ago.”

“Then it’s Sakurai-san’s birthday,” Ohno states.

“I’m sorry,” Sho chuckles. “But my birthday is in four months.”

Ohno frowns. “Then why are we here?”

Shun laughs slightly. “You are really something, Ohno-kun.” He is rocking Miki in his arms, while approaching them. Miki put her finger up Shun’s nose first before grabbing Satoshi’s cake, gurgling happily once she has a huge handful of it, smearing it across her face. Shun pulls her hand away, and Miki bursts into a high-pitched scream.

Shun looks slightly embarrassed like the typical helpless dad he is sometimes when his baby cries or throws a tantrum, while the grin of amusement on Aiba’s face is so wide he could stuff a whole muffin into his mouth. Ohno however looks like the impersonation of a Nazgul or Deatheater staring at the little girl and his now messed-up cake. He opens his mouth to say something, probably to gurgle words of darkness, when Aiba jumps in, taking Miki from a very relieved Shun.

“Aren’t you a cute princess,” he squeals, mocking a baby voice and rubbing his nose against her tummy.

She stops crying and gurgles happily.

“Wow,” Satomi says in surprise. “You sure have a hand for kids, Aiba-san.”

Aiba looks up, eyes lightening up in sudden interest when he takes in Satomi’s form. She is an attractive woman, Jun has to admit as much. “Kids are the windows to our souls,” Aiba says blissfully.

Jun frowns. Jeez, he can’t believe Aiba is that much of a flirt, playing it cool and saying cheesy things in front of the woman he finds hot. Nino approaches them, making slight gagging sounds. Jun chuckles.


“Jun-kun,” Ohno takes a glass with wine and sits down next to Jun on the terrace. Inside, Nino’s Yukihiro and Taku are running around like they lost their minds, yelling and making a mess while Ririn and Miki are playing on the carpet. Both of them already threw up once. “Is this really okay?”

“What? The kids?” Jun blinks. “You know I don’t mind them. Don’t be such an old grump.”

“That’s not what I am talking about,” Ohno states.

Jun sighs. “I know.”

“Why did you agree to it? You are not obliged to do anything for Sho-san,” Ohno stretches his back a bit. “Furthermore agreeing to such a farce might just end up hurting you.”

“But you know,” Jun stutters. “When we were kids…”

“Jun,” Ohno says earnestly. “Sho-san can’t remember. Don’t forget how shocked you were when you met him again and he didn’t recognize you. He has forgotten all about you.”

“I agree,” Nagase’s voice comes from behind. He joins them, sitting down on the last free chair. “It has catastrophe written all over it.”

Jun sighs deeply. He has only ever told Nagase and Ohno about his past, when he was a kid and loved Sho so deeply. And about the shock when they met each other again and Sho didn’t even know him.

”Sho-san”, Jun’s eyes widen when his assistant leads him into his office. He knows Sho is a politician now, but to see him here. Did he want to visit him?

Sho blinks in surprise. “Do we know each other, Matsumoto-san?” His eyes widen. “Please allow me to apologize if I don’t remember. I’m meeting so many people and sometimes it happens that I can’t remember properly.”

Jun stares at Sho in shock. How the hell can it be? They basically spent their childhood together. They kissed. Sho was the first person he got intimate with. How could he forget? For a moment Jun is inclined to believe that maybe it’s not the same Sho, not his Sho, but it’s just a straw he clings on to because he knows he would recognize those eyes everywhere, and theose pouty lips. Sho changed, but not that much that he didn’t look anything like before. Maybe it was Jun who changed? But then, Sho knows his name and… “Did you live in Kyoto when you were younger?” he asks, hoping Sho will shake his head and say he has always lived in Tokyo all his life or somewhere else.

But Sho nods. “Yes,” his eyes light up. “Do we know each other from school maybe? Wow, how come you still remember me? I’ve forgotten so much about my childhood! I’m sorry I can’t remember you. Were we in the same class?”

Jun’s heart clenches, but he can’t allow himself to show it to Sho. He needs to save his dignity and pride. “It’s not important,” he lies, ignoring the way his chest clenches further. “What can I do for you?”

“I’ve heard you are the best wedding planner in the whole country,” Sho says with a broad smile. “I would like you to organize my wedding!”

“Dude has some nerves,” Nagase complains. “Is your ex-boyfriend and then comes waltzing into your office and asks you to plan his wedding.”

Jun looks down at his fingers. “The thing is, he can’t remember anything,” he mumbles. “First I thought he was just being an ass, or I don’t know, really can’t remember because I wasn’t important to him. But there are a lot of things he can’t remember. Like when his sister fell into a cleft in a rock while playing outside and broke her leg. It was a huge fuss back then, because she was missing and everyone was searching for her. I swear, our whole neighbourhood was looking for her, and Sho cried so much because he was scared for her. When he booked me to plan his first wedding I asked him once about how Mai-san is and if her leg healed well, and he looked at me like I lost my mind.”

“Do you think he is sick?” Ohno wants to know.

Jun shrugs. “I don’t know.”

“Whatever,” Nagase intervenes. “I agree he is not a bad guy. He does a lot for our community, and seeing him in person, he is a decent guy. Still…”

“I know,” Jun lets his head drop back, looking at the evening sky. “But I can’t leave him hanging. It’s my fault too, I went with the flow that evening and went home with him, I allowed him to kiss me, I shouldn’t have done that.”

“Just be careful,” Ohno says with a deep sigh.

“Or go all in and make him fall for you like crazy,” Nagase points out.

Ohno throws him a glare. “You are not helping!”

“And you are really like an old man,” Nagase argues.

Jun is glad they get engulfed in their bickering and leave him out of it. Gives him time and room to think and wonder what he actually got himself into.


It just so happens that he has no idea what he got himself into until the press conference. Jun is not present, relieved that it’s not usual for the spouses and fiancés of public figures to be present during such events, but he watches it via Sho’s huge flatscreen. He has moved into Sho’s apartment for now, at least he is staying there most of the week, just so that no one gets suspicious.

Sho is an eloquent talker, a high contrast to how clumsy and silly he is in private, and how he tends to blurt out insulting things here and there without realising someone might get upset. But when he speaks in front of an audience, in public, it’s like a button gets pressed, and he is professional, witty, believable, charming. In such a way that it makes Jun’s heart flutter slightly. Damn it.

Jun still hasn’t grasped it entirely until he leaves the apartment a week later and a horde of reporters are waiting for him.

“Matsumoto-san, since when are you and Sakurai-san dating?”

“Matsumoto-san, look into this direction!”

“Matsumoto-san, is it true that you are old friends?”

“Matsumoto-san, when did you fall in love with Sakurai-san?”


“Matsumoto-san, when will you marry?”

“Matsumoto-san, does it not worry you that Sakurai-san has so many failed relationships?”

“Matsumoto-san, do you think your relationship will last?”

Jun is used to being in public, he is used to handling people, it comes with his job, and he has been featured in a few magazines, but this is an entirely different level. He tries not to panic being surrounded by so many people who come dangerously close to him, while at the same time trying to not answer anything, and be as wishy-washy as possible. He just shoots them a smile here and there, knowing that a distant yet polite behaviour will work the best. To his relief Satomi saves him.

“Please, let Matsumoto-san go to work,” she says firmly, eyes glinting dangerously while she and Sho’s bodyguards lead him away from the masses. “If you have any questions, send them to Sakurai-san’s office and we will release an official statement. For now please respect Matsumoto-san’s privacy.”

Jun lets out a sigh of relief when he is in the car. “Thank you, Satomi-san.”

She smiles sympathetically. “After all you're doing for us, Matsumoto-san, this is really the least I can do for you.”

“Are you driving into the same direction?” Jun asks when they set off. He has an appointment with Ohno and Aiba for the next wedding. There is still Kiko’s wedding after all, and he has to deal with an as-secret-as-possible marriage for two idols.

“Yes, I have something to do in the same area,” she answers, blushing slightly.

Ah, Jun grins, but doesn’t say anything to to embarrass her, but it seems like she has a sudden interest in a tall photographer who seems to be able to handle kids well.


Jun can hear Sho before he even comes into the kitchen. “I’m home,” he calls out.

Jun smiles slightly. “Welcome home,” he answers, before it strikes him how intimate they already are with each other. What the heck is he thinking to let his guard down so much.

Sho approaches him carefully, sniffing slightly. “Food,” he squeals blissfully.

Jun blushes. “Don’t expect it every time,” he stutters. “I was just home early and-“

“It looks so good,” Sho blurts out, eyes wide in joy.

Jun blushes further, angry that his face gives away just how happy he is about Sho’s praise and open joy. “It’s nothing,” he tries to play it down. “Just some tempura. Fried rice. And miso soup.”

Sho’s eyes go even wider. “Homemade miso soup?” he whispers in awe. “Why am I so lucky!?”

To distract from his embarrassment Jun shoves Sho towards the living room. “Like how old are you? Set the table,” he orders firmly. “We want to eat in half an hour.”

Sho gives him a salute. “Yes, sir,” he chirps.

When he finally left the kitchen, Jun rubs over his forehead with his arm, letting out a shaky breath. He really needs to hold it together or Nagase and Ohno will be more than right with their warning.


“One display of affection,” Satomi says, looking at Jun apologetically. “I’m really sorry to ask this from you, but as the press is still wondering if it’s fake news…”

Jun nods tentatively. “I understand.”

“But this is too much!” Sho blurts out.

Jun winces slightly at his fierce denial of Satomi’s request. Does it really feel so horrible for him to kiss Jun? After all he was the one to initiate their kiss the last time, drunk or not, he was the one! “If it makes you feel uncomfortable, we might find another solution,” he says calmly, trying to maintain his professionalism. There is no use in sulking about Sho not finding him attractive.

Sho blushes. “That’s not it,” he stutters, probably trying to make him feel better and not like he just rejected him. “We are already asking way too much of you! That’s why.”

“The press won’t leave Matsumoto-san alone though,” Satomi points out. “We need something, a picture might help for a while, but then they will crawl out of their caves again. A display of affection is the simplest way to shut them up.”

Sho looks displeased, but after a while he nods reluctantly. “There is going to be the beneficial gala soon.” He looks at Jun. “I wanted to ask you anyway if you want to accompany me. But if we want to show them that we like each other, this would be the perfect opportunity.”

Jun rubs his hands against his trousers nervously. “Yes, of course,” he agrees, trying to sound as confident as possible.

Later that night he can’t sleep, no matter how hard he tries. It still feels weird to sleep in Sho’s apartment, although it’s huge and the bedroom he got is beautifully decorated and with the best furniture. Satomi told him that Sho deliberately asked some handyman to set up the room as perfect as possible.

Jun kicks the blanket aside, getting up. There is no use in trying to sleep now. Hence he goes to the kitchen, his tablet in his hands. He browses through YouTube for a while until he finds some recipes and DIYs he has wanted to try for a while already. Baking and cooking has always helped him to soothe his nerves and calm him down.

When Sho pads into the kitchen a few hours later to get his Sunday morning coffee, Jun has already prepared it for him, plus a bunch of pancakes, muffins, and different kinds of freshly baked bread.

Sho’s mouth drops open. “When did you do that!?” he asks in disbelief.

“Couldn’t sleep last night,” Jun says with what he hopes looks like a casual smile. “I guess I ate something too heavy last night.”

Sho stares at him for a while, and for a moment Jun wonders if he is too tired to process Jun’s words, but then Sho suddenly approaches him, pulling him into a very surprising hug. Jun is too dumbfounded and too surprised to even react properly. Sho’s arms feel warm. “I’m so sorry,” Sho says, voice hoarse.


“No way, José!” Nagase blurts out. “You are kidding?”

“No,” Jun chuckles, amused by Nagase’s reaction.

“You are supposed to snog him?” Nagase asks bluntly. “In front of everyone?”

Jun nods.

“Hot!” Nagase exclaims, before he takes Jun’s hand into his. “But remember what I told you, my little pineapple.”

“I know, I know,” Jun says absent-mindedly.

Nagase squeezes his hand. “Jun,” he says. “I really mean it, be careful.”

Jun is more than a little surprised. Nagase never ‘Juns’ him. He hasn’t called him by his name for years, in fact there are times when Jun wonders if Nagase actually really remembers his name. Instead he keeps calling him by his weird nicknames, to which Jun got so accustomed that he doesn’t even question them anymore. For Nagase to actually call him by his first name means something.

“I’m trying to,” Jun answers honestly. “But it’s difficult.”

“You like him,” Nagase states.

“I don’t even understand why,” Jun mumbles helplessly, realizing there is no denying it. “He can be such an idiot sometimes, and he can be so inconsiderate. But then he is also clumsy, and fun to be around, and caring. I don’t get him…”

Nagase pats his hand, eyebrows furrowed in worry. “Oh my little cute butterfly, just don’t let yourself get eaten up. I mean literally.” He pauses. “You know, this world is evil. And you are cursed with a soft heart, my little sheep. There are wolves in this world that like pretty lambs like you and-“

Jun snorts. “Tomoya-kun, thank you, I know the story about the bees and the flowers. And I’ve already had sex with Sho when we were teens. I know he can’t remember, but it already happened.”

Nagase sighs slightly. “You always smile mine and Ohno-san’s concerns off, pretending like everything is alright. Meanwhile you are screaming inside. You need to let it out more. If you are angry, tell him. If he is hurting your feelings, tell him too because he might not realize. I still stand by what I said: He is a decent guy, and he seems to mean no harm, but you never told him what happened between you in the past, you never asked him about it, and now that you are living together I take a wild guess that you'll never try to show him any weakness.”

“Don’t worry, Tomoya-kun. I am…” Jun pauses, not sure how to continue.

“Alright?” Nagase helps out. “If I get a penny every time you say that, I could finally travel to New York, meet Anna Wintour and tell her my opinion on her last Vogue cover decisions!” He pauses. “Be honest,” he finally says. “Be honest with yourself first, and then with Sho-san.”

“It’s hard,” Jun says quietly. What does it even mean to be honest with himself? He knows that he is messed up. He is scared that when he lets his emotions out, he will end up as a desperate bundle of nerves and emotions on the living room floor, worst in front of Sho. And then? Sho will think he is a lunatic, a liar who made up a story about how he loved him in the past.

Nagase clasps his shoulders. “While you battle your self-doubts go and do something to relax! When was the last time you joined your hot daddy-friend for yoga?”

“You mean Shun-kun?” Jun tilts his head. “You are right, I could join him and Miki-chan for swimming class. He is always so desperate when he has to go, says every single mother and father hits on him.”

“Well, hanging out with a drooling baby wasn’t my original idea of relaxing, but whatever floats your boat or moves your Tardis, sweetheart.”


“Wait, I'll help you,” Sho chuckles when he fixes Jun’s tie before they get out of the taxi. Jun himself is so nervous that his fingers are shaking.

Jun feels embarrassed. “I’m sorry, Sho-san. This isn’t even the first gala I go to, but…”

“I know.” Sho bows deeply before of him. “Thank you for keeping up with my mess, Jun-san.” He takes Jun’s hand and squeezes it. “I will never forget how much you helped me out of this.”

“Stop thanking me,” Jun chuckles. “I think the first thousand times you said it, were enough.”

“That’s the right spirit,” Sho grins. “Just be yourself and don’t overthink it. Just imagine we are two normal guys. Everyone would wonder then how a normal-looking guy like me got a hot model boyfriend.”

Jun rolls his eyes. “Like you aren’t considered handsome.”

Sho chuckles, and pulls Jun with him out of the car, his hand still grasping Jun’s firmly. Jun smiles slightly when he looks down at their fingers, for once allowing himself to feel happy. He knows it’s just pretence, but Sho’s hand feels warm, and when he leads him over the red carpet and past the press, all Jun can do is look at Sho, a blissful smile on his lips. They stop for a short moment at the entrance, posing for the photographers, before Jun smiles sneakily and kisses Sho’s cheek swiftly. Sho looks surprised for a moment, before he smiles dazzlingly.

They agreed on not overdoing anything and jumping each other in front of the press, but that little signs of affection would be better. It’s not hard for Jun to fake anything, because his feelings for Sho returned like they never spent 15 years apart.

Their table is right next to a window. “Hopefully the food is good,” Sho says with a frown after their food was served.

Jun grins. “Always your top priority, it seems!”

“Of course!” Sho exclaims, a goofy smile on his face. He takes a bite of his tofu, moaning slightly. “Have some of this,” he squeals.

“I don’t like tofu much,” Jun argues.

Sho grins, picking up a piece of his tofu with his chopsticks and moving it towards Jun’s mouth. “Don’t be a picky eater, Jun-chan. One bite for mommy~”

Jun laughs and lets Sho shove the tofu inside his mouth.

“Good?” Sho asks hopefully.

Jun nods with a smile. “Not bad.”

Sho chuckles, reaching out his hand to touch Jun’s cheek softly. Jun knows it’s for show and all, but again he decides for today he won’t mind. He will pretend like this dream is reality, and allow himself to show his feelings. It’s only natural for him to lean forward and peck Sho’s lips. Sho smiles warmly in return and before Jun can pull back, he grabs his neck and surges forward to kiss him affectionately. They deepen their kiss, tongues fighting for dominance. Jun’s head is spinning and something inside his stomach flutters.

Only when they hear a cough next to them do they pull apart. “Yo guys,” Aiba grins. “Didn’t want to disturb you, but the presentation is starting soon. Thought I should warn you.”

Sho blushes. “What are you doing here, Aiba-san?”

“I have a date!” Aiba exclaims, and grins cheekily before he throws an air-kiss towards Satomi.

“When did this happen?” Sho states in disbelief, probably wondering how his serious secretary ended up with a goofball like Aiba. “I mean she is so serious, and you are so silly.”

Jun snorts. “Yeah, I wonder what someone serious would want to do with someone silly…”

Aiba laughs lightly, while Sho blinks in confusion.

Later that evening when Jun is on the way to the restroom he bumps into a person he hasn’t expected. “Keiko-san,” he stutters, wondering why the hell he feels nervous in her presence now. Of course she was bound to be here too. But then, she is Sho’s ex-fiancée, and broken up or not it doesn’t matter. It also doesn’t matter that he and Sho are faking their relationship, still she has to feel like they are rubbing it into her face. Jun bows deeply to her. “I’m so sorry,” he says genuinely. “I am so sorry.”

Keiko smiles. “What are you apologizing for Matsumoto-san? Satomi-chan and Shun told me what happened. In fact I’m really thankful that you save my ex-fiancé’s butt.”

“Still, I feel so insensitive,” Jun points out. “I just organized your… you know…”

“Wedding?” Keiko helps him out with a grin.

Jun blushes. “Yes, and now you have to see me and Sho…”

“Making out?” She helps again. Jun feels nervous all of a sudden. Is she joking or being serious? Is it all just a trick and she is actually mad? She seems to catch on with his feelings though. “Matsumoto-san,” she says with a genuine smile. “I've known Sho-kun since forever. Since right after the accident. We have been friends for many years, and worked together, at one point when none of our relationships worked I think the both of us thought maybe we should try it with each other. To be honest when our engagement failed, I was mad at him. He can be such an idiot sometimes, but you know, I wasn’t fair… I didn’t love him either,” she says earnestly. “I realized it because I finally fell in love with someone.”

Jun looks at her in surprise. “You fell in love with someone?”

She nods with a bright smile. “It’s not public yet, so please excuse me for not telling you. I guess the public first needs time to digest your and Sho’s relationship, then I can bother them with mine.” She smiles. “Matsumoto-san, Sho is an idiot sometimes, he can be insensitive and doesn’t read the mood well, he is a workaholic and he lacks understanding sometimes, but he is a genuine guy. I know he will treat you well, so please treat him well too. And if you feel like he is being an ass, just tell him.”

Jun stares at her in shock. “But Kitagawa-san, you know that he just pretends to be with me, don’t you?”

Keiko smiles slightly, and pats his arm, not answering. When she leaves and approaches a group of grey-haired politicians, Jun shakes his head in disbelief. What was she even talking about? Telling him to be good to Sho? Talking about a secret relationship of hers?

Jun frowns when he is about to continue searching the restrooms. Wait… what kind of accident was she talking about? He wants to ask Sho later, but when he finally finds the restroom and goes back, he meets Aiba and Satomi and chats with them, and then there is Sho’s assistant Toma. He has met the guy a few times already because he is Shun’s and Keiko’s friend too. Jun found him interesting because he is into life-action-roleplaying and he has seen him at a medieval festival once.

When he returns to their table, Sho pouts, complaining almost half an hour how lonely he felt and engulfing Jun in a silly discussion about children's books he bought for Nino’s kids.


“No!” Nino exclaims in horror when they approach the swimming pool. He is carrying Ririn on his arms. Shun and Toma are already waiting for them, waving. “Let me run!”

“No,” Jun chuckles. “Come on, Ninomiya-kun! It’s going to be fun.”

“When I said I need to hang out more with other dads, so that my kids won’t turn socially awkward like myself, this isn’t what I had in mind!”

“But you won’t find a more casual dad than Shun-kun,” Jun points out.

Nino rolls his eyes dramatically. “Okay, that might be true. Still, baby-swimming!?” When they approach the other three, his eyes disapprovingly move from Shun’s six-pack to Toma’s bicep to Jun’s abs. “You three need a love-life!” he exclaims in annoyance. “You obviously have too much free time.”

“Oh, don’t worry,” Shun smiles happily. “Yu-san and I are very much in love.”

“And I’m free and single,” Toma grins. “Found a girl during the last medieval festival though. She likes elves too.”

“Good for you,” Nino grumbles cynically, glaring at Jun. “And you have your politician.”

Toma grins. “But he is your friend too!”

“He doesn’t find me hot though,” Nino points out. “Thank God. Sho is way too much work for me.”

“Yeah, just like Jun would be too much work for me,” Shun points out.

Jun narrows his eyes. “If you want me to help you with Miki-chan, you better watch your complaints.”

Shun looks at him in panic. “What I originally wanted to say is…. Every pot has its lid.”

Jun frowns. “Just don’t say anything at all.”

“So how does this work?” Nino frowns. “I assume we aren’t throwing the babies into the water and watch from outside.”

“No, you have to go in too,” Toma explains with a bright smile. “It’s fun actually.”

Jun agrees, only until they all get into the water though, because Ririn and Miki do not approve of their plans for today. The moment Nino gets inside, Ririn’s high-pitched scream fills the whole area, shortly followed by Miki’s cries. They try to soothe the babies, get them accustomed to the water, Toma and Jun taking the little ones for a while to give their fathers are break, but half an hour later they give up. Shun and Nino are both blushing with embarrassment when they hurry past the other people in the swimming pool while Jun and Toma are doubling over with laughter. “Best swimming-trip ever,” Toma squeals.

“Totally,” Jun giggles. “I need to tell Sho-kun about this! I wished he was there too, he would have had so much fun! He loves kids…” He blushes. “Sorry, of course you know that as you work together with him.”

Toma shakes his head with a bright smile. “I’m glad my boss has you around!” He grabs his towel and dries his skin. “He looks so much happier recently.”

Jun blushes. “Is that so?”

To raise the poor dads’ spirits they go for ice-cream afterwards, which Miki and Ririn seem to enjoy much more. “I wish Sho would see the kids more often,” Nino muses. “They really like him, and I know he enjoys spending time with them too.”

“Why don’t you drop by once in a while?” Jun asks.

“With Sho’s awesome ability to cook and to have something edible at home?” Nino grins.

Shun laughs. “But he has Jun around now. He is a hobby-cook. He even bakes bread, and when he is particularly motivated he makes soba noodles himself.”

“Really?” Nino asks in surprise.

“Also he has a cleaning fetish,” Shun points out.

“Yeah,” Toma agrees. “Last time I dropped something off there, I was surprised not to stumble over half of Sakurai-san’s clothes.”

Jun blushes. “Don’t make me sound neurotic guys!”

“Neurotic or not,” Nino chuckles. “Sho needs someone who pushes him to look after his apartment.”

“I could cook for you and your family,” Jun offers.

“Homemade food!?” Nino exclaims. “Count me in!”


“Is this really okay for you?” Jun asks in worry while he sets the table. “I’m sorry I just decided it without asking you before.”

Sho grins. “Yes, how dare you to invite my best friend with his kids over, whom I haven’t seen in forever, and cook for them. What a bad person you are!”

Jun chuckles. “Silly!”

“I’m just saying you could have considered my feelings and at least ordered in some ramen instead of making it yourself” Sho teases.

Jun laughs.

The smile Sho shows him makes Jun’s head feel dizzy. He has no idea what it means, but he just knows that he wishes Sho would look at him like that always, and forever.

Sho is even helping him in the kitchen though he has no talent at all, but he can’t do much wrong when cutting vegetables. Jun doesn’t care if they look like a mess or not, they won’t be visible in the soup after all. And Sho seems to be so genuinely happy to help out and cook with him that he can’t break his heart by telling him it’s less work to cook alone.

Actually, it’s fun to be with Sho.

“I made the potatoes,” Sho says proudly.

Nino grins. “If you had asked me beforehand to guess what you made, that would have been the thing I'd point out!”

Sho pouts. “It doesn’t matter how they look! They need to taste good.”

“This is so good, uncle Jun,” Yuri says with a bright smile towards Jun. She is Nino’s oldest daughter, and a rather quiet girl.

“I’m happy you like it, Yuri-chan,” Jun says with a smile. She blushes, and Sho grins slightly.

“Another one on the list,” he teases.

Jun blinks. “What do you mean?”

Sho just chuckles. “Yuri-chan, what do you want for your birthday?”

“That we all go to the amusement park,” she exclaims. “And I will be having a party with my friends.”

“Yes,” Nino sighs dramatically. “Guess who has to bake a cake.”

Yuri frowns. “You are ordering it anyways! I would like a self-made cake…”

“Really?” Jun blinks. “That’s your wish? I could make one for you. What theme would you like?”

“Gudetama,” she stutters. “But… I… I didn’t mean to…”

“I haven’t baked since forever,” Jun muses. “I hope I can still make it look decent. Might need some advice from my best friend. He owns a cake shop.”

“Really?” Nino asks in surprise before his eyes light up. “Oh, that Ohno-san, right?”

Jun nods. “He is actually only catering weddings and huge galas, but if you need something like pastries or alike, he will make an exception, I’m sure.”

“He will make the cake for your and uncle Sho’s wedding, right?” Yuri asks excitedly. “I can’t wait!”

Jun looks at her in shock. When he eyes Sho and Nino he can see an equal expression mirrored on their faces. None of them probably thought how much this fake relationship might influence those around them, especially those innocent ones like children.

“So, a gudetama cake, huh?” Nino saves the moment. “Let’s see if uncle Jun finds the time to make it.”

Jun nods with a nervous smile, still feeling uneasy by the sudden revelation. “I’ll try to make a great cake.”

Later on, Yuri helps Jun with preparing the desserts. “Dad says, he will buy me a new dress for my birthday,” she states. “Because I’m going to be a teen then.”

“That’s sweet of him,” Jun smiles, surprised that Nino seems to be so generous towards his kids, but stingy with everything else.

“Yes, but he has no idea what fits me,” she whispers. “Fashion to him means an anime shirt and jeans.”

Jun grins brightly. “Just like for your uncle Sho,” he whispers back.

She giggles.

Sho coughs from behind them. “Are you two gossiping?” he scolds, crossing his arms in front of his body, pretending to be mad.

Jun chuckles and winks towards Yuri. “We were just analysing your interesting sense of styling.”

“What styling?” Nino snorts from the living room where he is still trying to make Yukihiro eat his vegetables.

“Like you are so awesome,” Sho shouts at him.

“Better than you are,” Nino grins.

Jun chuckles. “You know,” he offers, winking towards Yuri again. “If Yuri-chan needs a new dress, I could go with her. I was planning to go shopping with Aiba-san anyways. We could take her along!”

“Yes!” Sho exclaims. “This solves my birthday present problem. Take my credit card and buy her whatever she wants.”

Yuri’s eyes go wide. “OH, YES, PLEASE!” She clings to Nino’s back. “Let me go with uncle Jun and Aiba-san! Please~” She showers his cheek with kisses, until he gives in.

“Can’t say no to my princess,” he pouts but smiles when she hugs him.

Jun smiles brightly, his chest feeling warm all of a sudden. He could get used to a family life like this.


“You know,” Sho teases when they finished cleaning the dishes after Nino and his kids have gone home again. “It seems like I have a lot of competition.”

“What do you mean?” Jun asks in amusement as he takes a sip from his glass of wine.

“You are a little witch,” Sho smirks. “Enchanting those around you with your deep longing eyes and your charming smile.”

Jun blushes helplessly. “Stop saying such irresponsible things,” he complains half-heartedly, but his heart betrays him by beating like crazy.

“Once in a while I want to be irresponsible,” Sho whispers softly and steps closer. “And it’s still the truth.” He is so close to Jun all of a sudden that it takes Jun’s breath away. “Let me be irresponsible,” he mumbles, his breath hitting Jun’s neck.

“Sho-kun,” Jun’s hand seems to move on its own, suddenly brushing over Sho’s arm. “I want to be irresponsible too.”

Sho’s lips twitch before he surges forward, kissing Jun heatedly. It’s nothing like their shy first kiss or the affectionate kiss they shared during the gala. It’s hungry and desperate and full of want, and Jun can’t do anything else but let himself fall into it.

Sho’s hands work swiftly, opening his tie first, throwing it to the side before he opens his shirt. Then he tugs Jun’s shirt out of his pants, working his pants open, and pushing them down together with his underwear, all the while kissing him demandingly.

Jun’s pants and underwear are lying somewhere on the floor while Sho drags him to his bedroom, pushing him towards his bed. Jun lies on his back, noting with embarrassment that Sho isn’t undressed completely, but just opened the buttons of his trousers and pushed them down a bit. His hands grip Jun’s upper thighs, rubbing over them and lifting them. Jun reaches forward, grabbing Sho by his shirt and pulling him forward to kiss him again.

Then Sho pulls back, rummaging in his bedside drawer before he throws a bottle with lube and a package with condoms on his bed. It goes so fast that Jun has not time to wonder about what’s happening and why they are doing it. Sho is sucking his neck first, before his tongue moves down his chest, sucking at his nipples, and then moves downwards to lick his dick. His slick fingers are inside Jun, preparing him, and it just feels so overwhelming that he willingly spreads his legs wider.

Sho opens the package of condoms with his teeth, his free hand stroking Jun’s cock, the sensation strong enough to make Jun’s head spin. And then Sho is suddenly inside him, stretching him open almost painfully. Almost. Jun gets adjusted to the intrusion fast, wrapping his legs around Sho’s waist and pushing against him.

“More,” Jun demands, enjoying the effect his words and action have on Sho. “Sho-kun, faster!”

Sho moans in response, his hips snapping forward. Jun lets go of Sho and stretches his hands back to grab the bedrest, when he feels how Sho’s hips pounding him pushes him backwards. And he doesn’t want to hit his head and make excuses for bruises at work, thank you very much.

“Jun,” Sho moans, “You are so wonderful, Jun.”

“You too,” Jun whispers, wrapping his legs tighter around Sho and being thankful that he is more experienced than Sho. He pushes back against him roughly, tightening his muscles. Sho closes his eyes, his body tensing. Jun lets go of the bedrest, one hand reaching to grab Sho’s neck and pulling him downwards. “Come,” he whispers, and bites into his ear softly. “Come.”

Sho growls, grabbing his wrists and pinning them back with one hand, his other starts working Jun’s dick again. The sudden display of dominance makes Jun’s stomach twist in excitement, allowing himself to fall into Sho’s demand. His body tenses almost painfully before the pressure gets released and he comes all over Sho’s hand. Sho just snaps his hips forward a few more times before he comes too.

He has his eyes closed, his forehead sweaty, and he looks so hot that Jun wonders if he can ever forget the sight. Sho moves out of him carefully, discarding the used condom and dropping down on his back next to Jun.

He takes a few shaky breaths before wrapping his arm around Jun and pulling him closer. Then however he groans. “My clothes are ruined. There is no way I can explain that to the cleaning salon.”

Jun casts a glance at Sho’s messed up and stained clothes, and laughs. “That’s why you undress before you fuck someone,” he teases.

Sho pouts. “Should have told me beforehand.”

Jun raises his eyebrows. “Excuse me, Mr. Politician, you were basically ripping my clothes off! There was no time to warn you.” Sho blushes and Jun smiles brightly. “But it was hot.”

“Really?” Sho asks blissfully.

Jun nods, nuzzling his nose into Sho’s neck.

“You know, it’s the first time I did this with a guy,” Sho admits.

Jun tries not to wince at his statement. But then it’s semi-true, because when they slept with each other as teens that one time it was Jun being on top of Sho. Jun decides not to bother too much with Sho’s words for once.


The next morning starts perfectly. Jun wakes up with his back aching – which to be honest isn’t perfect, but what led to it was. Sho fusses over him like crazy, making Jun feel embarrassed and happy at once.

A shower, a joined breakfast and some happy chatting later, Jun finds himself on the sofa with a book in his hands, wondering how this is going to continue now. Are he and Sho a thing now? Was it just a one-time thing? Should they talk about it? What the heck did it mean to Sho? Jun just knows that to him it meant the world!

With every passing minute he gets more nervous, but the real breakdown comes in the evening. Sho approaches him with an envelope in his hands. He looks at Jun earnestly. “This is for you, Jun-kun,” he says. “As a compensation for all you went through.”

Jun’s warning bells ring when he hears the word compensation, but hoping he is wrong he looks into the envelope just to have his fears confirmed. His eyes widen in horror first before anger washes over him. “What is this?” he hisses.

Sho seems to realize that he is upset. “You went through a lot these last months, you even met my friends and all. It would feel wrong to me not to… And you even kissed me, and…” His voice is soft, like he is talking to a scared animal.

“Get that envelop back into your bag,” Jun huffs, his voice vibrating slightly, and he is so pissed off, he can’t guarantee for his actions if Sho doesn’t stop what he is doing. He has to fight hard not to punch him right now. “Or I swear I’m going to hit you!”

“Jun-kun,” Sho says, voice nervous. “I didn’t mean anything bad. I-“

“Are you stupid!?” Jun takes a deep breath, feeling how wrath fills every part of his body. “I cannot believe you sleep with me, and then hand me money not even twelve hours later!” he yells. “What do you think I am!?”

He turns away from Sho before the latter can approach him or say anything else, grabbing his running shoes and hurrying outside. He puts on his shoes in safe distance to the apartment complex and starts running with high speed immediately to make his anger cool down. Once it does though he feels incredibly sad and hurt, tears burning in his eyes when he realizes what this whole fake relationship probably means to Sho. It’s business. A service he pays for.

He is so stupid, it’s unbelievable. How could he think there was more between them?


Date: 2017-09-05 02:31 am (UTC)
astrangestorm: (Default)
From: [personal profile] astrangestorm
Such a huge cast in this story! All their friends and extended families! Thanks for including so many people from my sign-up and so many fun pairings! Protective BFF Nagase is sassy...but caring and I love how he wants nothing but happiness for Jun.

I'm glad that Keiko pretty much gave a huge hint that there's a reason why Sho forgot Jun - I can't imagine anyone forgetting the person they slept with for the very first time! Interested to learn more about this accident.

And because Sakumoto is gonna Sakumoto, they FINALLY get together after all their flirting and kissing...and then Sho screws up again. Oh Sho, what's wrong with you????!

Let's see what happens! I'll comment again on part 2!


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